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Monty Taylor 967edebe0c Change how path munging works for sphinx docs
The 'import tools' line is fragile as it depends on how things are
executed as to whether or not '.' is in the python path.

Do the sphinx path munging before importing it.

Also, remove reference to modules/autoindex which does not exist and
thus causes sadness from warning-is-error.

Moves documentation requirements into doc/requirements.txt

Depends-On: Ib121961c5a953a434e7b333cd70f7838a2671f69
Change-Id: I23691aa1d0ea038ec1215e6199015529ddd92de4
6 years ago
ptoohill1 025ec0024b Allow user-data on amphora creation
Currently, Amphora configuration data is being sent as personality
files as considered by Nova and some providers have limitations
and must use cloud-init user-data.

This patch introduces a new config option to enable user-data.
If enabled the files that were built, such as the amphora config
and certificates for the agent, will be templated into a cloud-init
user-data script that loads the files as expected. After this we
need to restart the agent as cloud-init happens at a higher level
than service scripts. This does increase the boot time.

This is configurable so there is no impact if it's not needed.

Change-Id: I60fa87722302eee9d3d1fd6ff1b5b5b697a2406e
Closes-Bug: #1541231
7 years ago