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Lubosz "diltram" Kosnik 867b350988 Remove CONF.import_group
Remove unneeded import_group lines which are not doing anything and just makes
code harder to understand.

Change-Id: I673dd04dd31ae9771e6af982d184eee0e9cbf2d4
7 years ago
Paul Glass e291a88210 Stop using bandit-baseline
bandit-baseline finds *new* issues introduced in a commit, by comparing
results between two git commits. If the git repository has uncommitted
changes, bandit-baseline refuses to run.

This switches over to using plain bandit instead of bandit-baseline,
and resolves or stifles existing bandit errors so we have a clean run.
These updates apply to bandit running as part of `tox -e pep8` or `tox
-e bandit`.

* Have bandit runs from tox ignore the octavia/tests directory
* Resolve several instances of `B701 jinja2_autoescape_false`
* Stifle several instances of `B303 md5`
* Resolve two instances of `B104 hardcoded_bind_all_interfaces`
* Stifle one instance of `B104 hardcoded_bind_all_interfaces` (see

Closes-Bug: #1621251
Related-Bug: #1489963

Change-Id: Iad3cbe5762949a6311bdd361b1f12c5a24c40633
7 years ago
ptoohill1 025ec0024b Allow user-data on amphora creation
Currently, Amphora configuration data is being sent as personality
files as considered by Nova and some providers have limitations
and must use cloud-init user-data.

This patch introduces a new config option to enable user-data.
If enabled the files that were built, such as the amphora config
and certificates for the agent, will be templated into a cloud-init
user-data script that loads the files as expected. After this we
need to restart the agent as cloud-init happens at a higher level
than service scripts. This does increase the boot time.

This is configurable so there is no impact if it's not needed.

Change-Id: I60fa87722302eee9d3d1fd6ff1b5b5b697a2406e
Closes-Bug: #1541231
7 years ago