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Carlos Goncalves c4faac25de Add Python 3.7 support
In order to support Python 3.7, pylint has to be updated to 2.0.0
minimum. Newer versions of Pylint enforce additional checkers which can
be addressed with some code refactoring rather than silently ignoring
them in pylintrc; except useless-object-inheritance which is required to
be silented so that we stay compatible with Python 2.x.

Story: 2004073
Task: 27434

Change-Id: I52301d763797d619f195bd8a1c32bc47f1e68420
4 years ago
Jacky Hu 649b33d247 Add license for empty
This also fix build-openstack-sphinx-docs, there was a change introduced
in sphinx 1.6.6:

If the size of is less than 2, then the module would be
skipped which will cause the sphinx consistency checking failing later.

Change-Id: I9d8764b6e907aceed8bb8a9b04711145d0eb32ad
5 years ago
Ganpat Agarwal 8eae7aac23 Updated the function name with "get_remove_vip_subflow" to fix the typo
Change-Id: I3b2deecd9db4b206b0283f41bd8bb2cd4ed141a1
Story: 2001483
Task: 6205
5 years ago
Monty Taylor 967edebe0c Change how path munging works for sphinx docs
The 'import tools' line is fragile as it depends on how things are
executed as to whether or not '.' is in the python path.

Do the sphinx path munging before importing it.

Also, remove reference to modules/autoindex which does not exist and
thus causes sadness from warning-is-error.

Moves documentation requirements into doc/requirements.txt

Depends-On: Ib121961c5a953a434e7b333cd70f7838a2671f69
Change-Id: I23691aa1d0ea038ec1215e6199015529ddd92de4
6 years ago
Michael Johnson 7b1621789c ACTIVE-ACTIVE: Initial distributor driver
This patch is the initial implementation of a distributor driver for
Octavia Active/Active topology support.

This patch is a decompostion of the following patch:

Story: 2001288
Task: 5836

Depends-On: I97b52b80efb33749647229a55147a08afa112dd2
Change-Id: I65e4a533caee692e1c98e8c6586c2e2132f2e34c
Co-Authored-By: Valeria Perelman <>
6 years ago