14 Commits (8a38c1a82b84b3312fe24e4efdbfc8d10622f2c7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
chimeng 7c96e455a9 Fixed a bug: replace 'startwith' with 'startswith' 2 years ago
Lingxian Kong b54f373cac Fix getting user neutron client 2 years ago
Lingxian Kong a33d42fa59 Validate resource access when creating loadbalancer or member 2 years ago
sapd 93b509cfe5 Support create amphora instance from volume based. 3 years ago
e dc882e9d27 Remove log translations from octavia 5 years ago
German Eichberger e58721c4e0 Adds a new config for soft-anti-affinity 5 years ago
Lubosz "diltram" Kosnik 076e016bb2 Backend Keystone authentication 6 years ago
ZhaoBo 1896dfed5c Update nova api version to 2.1 6 years ago
Bharath M f4da51c27d Add CA Cert file config option to validate against SSL endpoints 7 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka fb53fe2340 glance: support relying on tags to extract image id 7 years ago
German Eichberger 22097dc88f Adds a parameter to specify endpoint type 7 years ago
Trevor Vardeman 240931610f Add endpoint override conf option for neutron and nova 7 years ago
Brandon Logan 4c96356030 Add service name conf option for neutron and nova 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau 0ab265ff41 Added support of multi-region environment 7 years ago