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wangxiyuan d62189366c Tags support for lb resources
Add tags support for all lb related resources. It includes:
load balancer, listener, member, pool, L7rule, L7policy
and health-monitor

Change-Id: Ib33a002b3b59820db29897454e9d4303c73310b2
Story: 2003890
Task: 26757
5 years ago
Jude Cross 487750a877 Add filtering and field selection to API
This patch implements API filtering based off of
query parameters passed to the Octavia API. Additonally
this patch implements field selection for the Octavia

Change-Id: I9fe26abe37f464d9c028b8c476485007143d3b5c
6 years ago
Carlos D. Garza 9bfa58af9f Implement sorting and pagination for octavia
Use glance sorting and pagination from inside the SQLAlchemy query
to handle the sorting and pagination for octavia.

Change-Id: I5489c5c89691b8871e32caf3f85ab1978bc3618c
Co-Authored-By: Adam Harwell <>
Co-Authored-By: Lubosz "diltram" Kosnik <>
Closes-Bug: #1596628
Closes-Bug: #1596625
6 years ago
Adam Harwell fb0da76c27 Add support for single-create for APIv2
Still need to fix the entry-points for each individual type, but that
wasn't even in the original spec. Not sure if we even want that.

I think this may not do things EXACTLY how the old one did it, we'll
need to look into whether it matters, as we never published docs for it
and I don't think it ever actually worked properly in neutron-lbaas.

Also closing a few bugs that are only peripherally related, because we
(possibly me) forgot to tag them on the individual CRs, but I'm
considering them closed as of this patch. See below for my reasoning on
each individual bug, and feel free to post counter-arguments.

For #1673546 (single-call create): This is the obvious one!
For #1673499 (lb return pool object): Rolled into this patch as a matter
of course, abandoned the original fix as it is no longer relevant.
For #1544214 (root tags): All existing resources now have root tags. Any
new ones will also need root tags, but I would consider this bug closed.
For #1596636 (tenant facing API): Every object is now creatable via the
v2 API, so I would consider this to be complete. Quotas and some
additional work is being finished, but it's not necessary for this IMO.
For #1665446 (hm id): This was resolved in the HM patch, I just forgot
to close it, and including it here will ensure it is release-tracked.
For #1685789 (listener quota): Just shoving it in here as I do the
single-create quotas.
For #1685827 (hm quota): Same as listener quota.

Closes-Bug: #1673546
Closes-Bug: #1673499
Closes-Bug: #1544214
Closes-Bug: #1596636
Closes-Bug: #1665446
Closes-Bug: #1685789
Closes-Bug: #1685827

Depends-On: I3d86482a2999197a60a81d42afc5ef7a6e71e313

Change-Id: I4ff03593e1cfd8dca00a13c0550d6cf95b93d746
6 years ago
Adam Harwell ed8867692f Purge more tenant_id references that I missed
Change-Id: I3adfeec5d4512bba9e7a640653346addb5eb3d19
6 years ago
Adam Harwell 7f6c1b5016 project_id should remain in the response for v2 objects
Also, finally completely remove tenant_id!

Change-Id: I435ace4d2bffdf323238b57499eba39e03de90f3
6 years ago
Sindhu Devale fd5c800ff9 Align Octavia API to n-lbaasv2 for L7Rules
The endpoint are as follows:

- /v2.0/lbaas/l7policies/
- /v2.0/l7policies/

GET all - /<policy-id>/l7rules/
GET one - /<policy-id>/l7rules/<rule-id>
POST - /<policy-id>/l7rules/ {<body>}
PUT - /<policy-id>/l7rules/<rule-id> {<body>}
DELETE - /<policy-id>/l7rules/<rule-id>

Partially Closes-Bug: #1616701
Co-Authored-By: Shashank Kumar Shankar <>
Co-Authored-By: Adam Harwell <>

Change-Id: I247988a2ea19a92f827756504a0ee46679bbc53b
6 years ago