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Adam Harwell 8ae6bc3697 Availability Zone admin API
Adds the ability for admins to create/manage availability_zones
and profiles for use with upcoming functionality. Works like flavors.

Change-Id: I468d9fdf8c9d0898f9e30f04ac233510a10a53fc
4 years ago
Michael Johnson 1afeeb95d3 Add provider driver capabilities API
This patch adds an API that allows operators to query a provider driver
for the list of supported flavor capabilities.

Change-Id: Ia3d62acdc3b1af2e666f58d32a06d2238706dee6
4 years ago
Michael Johnson 6349976cde Implement provider drivers - Cleanup
This patch addresses the following:
Fixes some unit tests.
Cleans up some code from the parent patches,
Adds a release note for the provider driver support.
Adds the "List providers" API.
Adds a document listing the know provider drivers.
Adds a provider driver development guide.

Change-Id: I90dc39e5e9d7d5839913dc2dbf187d935ee2b8b5
Story: 1655768
Task: 5165
5 years ago