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25 Commits (8ae82a47e1928f99dd32f08785f876b3d1d9c3cb)

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Hervé Beraud 6cce3a72ae Use unittest.mock instead of mock 3 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 79464c0e04 Update hacking for Python3 3 years ago
Brian Haley f6b957e8ee Remove all usage of six library 3 years ago
zhulingjie ff50886d79 Update hacking version to latest 4 years ago
Michael Johnson ff1e933eef Improve local hacking checks test coverage 4 years ago
Doug Hellmann 0322cbc5c3 fix tox python3 overrides 5 years ago
Michael Johnson 5af7133a02 Align logging on oslo_log 5 years ago
Michael Johnson 8b94afd4ec Creates provider driver base class and exceptions 5 years ago
Jacky Hu 649b33d247 Add license for empty 5 years ago
Michael Johnson c3754dbf5a Fix a bad revert method and add hacking check 5 years ago
Michael Johnson 93c8e006ce Update Octavia docs for documentation migration 6 years ago
Adam Harwell 49d0085f57 Add check O346 to disallow backslash line continuation 6 years ago
Michael Johnson e86414bb76 Add some hacking checks borrowed from neutron 6 years ago
e dc882e9d27 Remove log translations from octavia 6 years ago
WangBinbin 039395f7ee Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 6 years ago
Tin Lam 8d0b16292d Add hacking check to ensure not use xrange() 7 years ago
zhang.lei de41db2755 Replace deprecated LOG.warn with LOG.warning 7 years ago
Bo Wang 15fdc0ea7b Fix hacking rule of assert_equal_or_not_none 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau 88a62cfecb Use assertIs(Not)None instead of assert(Not)Equal 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau 76e1e02e15 Removes the use of mutables as default args 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau 456a07f60a Update HACKING.rst to reflect real syntax checks 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau f7a540b156 Set Hacking rules to check some tests assert 7 years ago
Adam Harwell e6de970a38 Adding Python 3.4 Compatibility and Tox Check 8 years ago
minwang 321bc765ae Fix Octavia complexity issues 8 years ago
Doug Wiegley 941c302757 Oslo incubator updates 8 years ago