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Gregory Thiemonge df0ba06c1e Fix house keeping graceful shutdown 3 years ago
Adam Harwell b0c2cd7b4c Fix urgent amphora two-way auth security bug 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 05f5257075 Fix a few nits from the main volume-based patch 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 78b1263237 Add long-running provider agent support 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 09efc2a423 Add get method support to the driver-agent 3 years ago
Michael Johnson afa917a3de Change amphora logging to dedicated socket 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 06ce4777c3 Fix multi-listener load balancers 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 48371c98ee Add warning log if auth_strategy is not keystone 3 years ago
German Eichberger 686303e79d Amphora logging 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 80ddbaeef4 Align logging in the amphora 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 0ab16921ae Create Amphora V2 provider driver 4 years ago
Adam Harwell 5b831f2a5b Force amp-agent communication to TLSv1.2 4 years ago
Carlos Goncalves c4faac25de Add Python 3.7 support 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 8997def2b5 Updates Octavia to support octavia-lib 4 years ago
akhiljain23 c60931f4b4 Add framework for octavia-status upgrade check 4 years ago
Tatsuma Matsuki ad69363fc7 Separate the thread pool for health and stats update 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 5021e0f547 Enable oslo_config mutable configurations 4 years ago
Doug Hellmann 0322cbc5c3 fix tox python3 overrides 4 years ago
huangshan 7128d732bc Add exception handling for housekeeping service 4 years ago
Adam Harwell 344967a0c1 Let healthmanager process shutdown cleanly (again) 5 years ago
Michael Johnson 8e2f7512c2 Improve Health Manager error handling 5 years ago
Jacky Hu 649b33d247 Add license for empty 5 years ago
Adam Harwell f9dafb9a7a Overhaul HealthManager update threading 5 years ago
Adam Harwell 4dc1f63df2 Healthmanager health_check timer config fix 5 years ago
Jude Cross 7663430f06 Fix health_manager to exit without waiting 5 years ago
Michael Johnson 5744872c94 Fix health monitor DB locking. 5 years ago
Adam Harwell c764abc355 Allow operators to disable v1 or v2.0 api endpoints 6 years ago
e dc882e9d27 Remove log translations from octavia 6 years ago
Adam Harwell 9027154a5a Removing dependency on eventlet and oslo.service 6 years ago
Jude Cross f37e776eb3 Fix house_keeping daemon to use Event.wait() 6 years ago
WangBinbin 039395f7ee Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 6 years ago
Michael Johnson 7fdc8a1e06 Update for new pep8 rules E402 and W503 6 years ago
Michael Johnson eebd2d4e33 Fix active/standby under python3 6 years ago
Adam Harwell bf8aac5561 Amphora-agent should log to a distinct location 6 years ago
Dustin Lundquist 126ec9701e Properly format IPv6 bind address strings 6 years ago
Lubosz "diltram" Kosnik 867b350988 Remove CONF.import_group 6 years ago
zhangyanxian 4ced93b005 Modify variable's using method in Log Messages 6 years ago
Adam Harwell 48a1e7cbe9 Run amphora agent with gunicorn 6 years ago
Nir Magnezi 12d2a0f01b Amphora agent refactor to classes 6 years ago
Yang Li eff96e6a5e We should set status to be 1 if get nothing from socket 6 years ago
Elena Ezhova d73df70d85 Cleanup deleted load balancers in housekeeper's db_cleanup 6 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan 632ab41a03 [Trivial] Remove unnecessary executable privilege 7 years ago
Lingxian Kong 2e379269fb Add WSGI support for octavia api 7 years ago
Carlos D. Garza c84021ac27 Implementing EventStreamer 7 years ago
caoyue 1f5031fedc Remove unused logging import 7 years ago
Brandon Logan 4a6e5a3f21 Make Consumer an oslo_service 7 years ago
Sherif Abdelwahab 58cda714ba Amphora Flows and Drivers for Active Standby 7 years ago
minwang 19c7f93882 Add cert tracking and rotating in Housekeeping 7 years ago
Bertrand Lallau d5e0811926 Add Guru Meditation Report feature 7 years ago
Cedric Brandily 6f16648bcf Improve logging in octavia.cmd 7 years ago