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27 Commits (d9e029960d34b451c492cea35a46e2e05fcc6f8b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dawson Coleman d47f164a60 Add ability to specify TLS cipher list for pools 3 years ago
Dawson Coleman cd176e55c5 Add ability to set TLS cipher list for listeners 3 years ago
Brian Haley f6b957e8ee Remove all usage of six library 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 49036845c1 Remove the dependency on the "mock" package 3 years ago
Yang JianFeng 47e0ef31bc Add listener and pool protocol validation 3 years ago
Adam Harwell d115644d3e Adjust for new octavia-lib LB signature 3 years ago
Austin Russell cf90153967 loadbalancer vip-network-id IP availability check 3 years ago
Carlos Goncalves f3b48bc2f7 Add VIP access control list 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 05f5257075 Fix a few nits from the main volume-based patch 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 8577b3af6f Move to using octavia-lib constants 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 09efc2a423 Add get method support to the driver-agent 3 years ago
melissaml 3ee0f52151 Rename to 4 years ago
Adam Harwell 254d4d4d86 When SG delete fails on vip deallocate, try harder 5 years ago
Jacky Hu 649b33d247 Add license for empty 5 years ago
Adam Harwell b10668a21a Add unit tests for neutron utils, add model/util for floating_ip 5 years ago
ZhaoBo 51f6f7258b Extend api to accept qos_policy_id 5 years ago
Bar RH da9ab7a958 Improve Neutron driver _get_resource() 5 years ago
Adam Harwell f46d992640 Move loading the network driver into the flows 5 years ago
johnsom 412fb302a6 Fix a bug where ports may not be deleted 6 years ago
Adam Harwell e1ec15c9a8 Allow to create vip in lb-mgmt-net 6 years ago
Adam Harwell 2ec4460cd9 Add network_id to VIP to match neutron-lbaas 6 years ago
Nir Magnezi c00488143d Fix the amphora image support for RH Linux flavors 6 years ago
Bharath M ecfca34890 Fix admin-state-up 7 years ago
Michael Johnson c7f88bb435 Updates the failover flow for active/standby 7 years ago
Brandon Logan 969f811bd4 Rename tenant_id to project_id 7 years ago
Trevor Vardeman 7349002a9b Update VIP to subnet id to match neutron-lbaas API 8 years ago
Brandon Logan 85838dbb4c Added neutron allowed address pairs network driver 8 years ago