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44 Commits (d9e029960d34b451c492cea35a46e2e05fcc6f8b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dawson Coleman d47f164a60 Add ability to specify TLS cipher list for pools 3 years ago
Dawson Coleman cd176e55c5 Add ability to set TLS cipher list for listeners 3 years ago
Michael Johnson cccd47e05a Fix multi-listener LB client auth/re-encryption 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 3c05ce1297 Fix listeners with SNI certificates 3 years ago
Brian Haley e9b2bcd04e Do not set log format when 'no log' is set 3 years ago
Ann Kamyshnikova 42df031e89 Fix building configs for multiple listeners 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 06ce4777c3 Fix multi-listener load balancers 3 years ago
Michael Johnson 83af850ec2 Fix TCP listener logging bug 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 80ddbaeef4 Align logging in the amphora 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 811ec10f32 Make sure the expected codes list is sorted 4 years ago
ZhaoBo 44833d5d5e Support Host header inject for healthmonitor HTTP 1.1 health check 4 years ago
ZhaoBo 25fb7e4c32 Support L7policy redirect http code 4 years ago
ZhaoBo acf6c36633 Amp driver support sni option to send the hostname to backend 4 years ago
ZhaoBo e0e9af3b51 Add boolean tls_enabled option into Pool 4 years ago
ZhaoBo 7aa115a553 Add 2 new fields into Pool API for support re-encryption 4 years ago
ZhaoBo aa7ac7ab73 Pool support sni cert for backend re-encryption 4 years ago
ZhaoBo f77d7d0220 L7rule support client certificate cases 4 years ago
ZhaoBo 20509e2337 Add crl-file option for certification 4 years ago
ZhaoBo 7a8eb3ce22 Add an option to the Octavia V2 listener API for client cert 4 years ago
ZhaoBo 0cc546a7c7 Add client_ca_tls_container_ref to listener API 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 9b6aa47c03 Fix an upgrade issue for CentOS 7 amphora 4 years ago
sapd 62192dba3a Support REDIRECT_PREFIX action for L7Policy 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 53772f5320 Set some amphora driver optimizations 4 years ago
Michael Johnson 294e0fc128 Fixes unlimited listener connection limit 4 years ago
German Eichberger 1e4155f8ed Add a config to surpress amphora logging 4 years ago
Mohammed Naser 852191feb2 Allow using spaces for primary common name in SSL certificates 5 years ago
Adam Harwell c6ff8596db Create disabled members in haproxy 5 years ago
Adam Harwell bb0447e98b Expose timeout options 5 years ago
Adam Harwell e819e4521a Allow members to be set as "backup" 5 years ago
Jacky Hu 649b33d247 Add license for empty 5 years ago
Dao Cong Tien 189e79ee8e TrivialFix: remove redundant import alias 5 years ago
Michael Johnson b9f5c47d63 Fix PING health monitor for old amphora 5 years ago
Adam Harwell 897214a4ff SSL Health Monitors didn't actually ... check very much 6 years ago
cheng 594a5935e8 Add monitor address and port to pool member 6 years ago
cheng 7100872ddb Add new PROXY protocol to lbaas pool 6 years ago
Sindhu Devale fd5c800ff9 Align Octavia API to n-lbaasv2 for L7Rules 6 years ago
Stephen Balukoff ae5a3a99fb Update haproxy logging configuration 6 years ago
Paul Glass ef11747a56 Switch HAProxy health check timeout to seconds 6 years ago
Stephen Balukoff 5eb294e3fb Set fullconn parameter in haproxy backends 6 years ago
ptoohill1 b3a97e3887 Allowing for a host amphora configuration 7 years ago
Kobi Samoray 2194758bcf Implement custom header support for Octavia 7 years ago
Stephen Balukoff 2fabcabc4e Add L7 jinja template updates 7 years ago