Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) for OpenStack
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Zuul 7afe043a74 Merge "Fix task_flow.max_workers with persistence in amphorav2" into stable/wallaby 3 months ago
jinja Fix weighted round-robin about UDP and SCTP listener 6 months ago
tls_utils Fix new pylint errors 1 year ago
__init__.py Add license for empty __init__.py 4 years ago
base_taskflow.py Fix task_flow.max_workers with persistence in amphorav2 4 months ago
clients.py Fix neutron subnet lookup ignoring endpoint_type 1 year ago
config.py Make /healthcheck cache results 6 months ago
constants.py Fix pool ALPN compatibility with older amphora 6 months ago
context.py Fix new pylint errors 1 year ago
data_models.py Add ALPN support for TLS-enabled pools 8 months ago
decorators.py Update Octavia docs for documentation migration 4 years ago
exceptions.py Introduce an image driver interface 1 year ago
keystone.py Fix new pylint errors 1 year ago
policy.py [goal] Deprecate the JSON formatted policy file 6 months ago
rpc.py Fix oslo messaging connection leakage 3 years ago
service.py Set neutron client logging to INFO 2 years ago
stats.py Refactoring amphora stats driver interface 1 year ago
utils.py Fix pep8 errors 7 months ago
validate.py Add ALPN support for TLS-terminated HTTPS LBs 1 year ago