Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) for OpenStack
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Michael Johnson 51b93c0022 Workaround broken pyroute2 0.5.13 2 years ago
amphora-agent Workaround broken pyroute2 0.5.13 2 years ago
certs-ramfs Use LUKS1 for certfs-ramfs for all distributions 2 years ago
disable-makecache Stop "dnf makecache" in the amphora images 2 years ago
haproxy-octavia fix(elements): fix nf_conntrack sysctl param names 2 years ago
ipvsadmin Introduce ipvsadm to the amphora image 4 years ago
keepalived-octavia Stop supporting CentOS 7 controllers and images 2 years ago
no-resolvconf Fix dhclient enter hook path on RHEL-based amps 3 years ago
rebind-sshd Switch to ubuntu-minimal for default amphora image 4 years ago
remove-default-ints Remove unnecessary interface configurations 3 years ago
remove-sshd Add flag to disable SSHD on the amphora image 5 years ago
root-passwd Add Amphora base image creation scripts for Octavia 8 years ago
sos Add sos element to Red Hat family images 4 years ago