Ann Taraday 9c13499d21 Jobboard based controller
Introduce TaskFlowServiceController which uses taskflow
jobboard feature and saves jobs info into persistence backend.

Jobboard could be operated via RedisTaskFlowDriver or
ZookeeperTaskFlowDriver, that could be set via the config.
RedisTaskFlowDriver is intoduced as default backend for jobboard.
Usage of jobboard allows to resume jobs in case of restart/stop
of Octavia controller services.

Persistence backend saves state of flow tasks that required in
case of resuming job. SQLAlchemy backend is used here.

Bump taskflow version to 3.7.1 and add dependency to
SQLAlchemy-Utils (required for taskflow sqlalchemy
backend support).

Story: 2005072
Task: 30806
Task: 30816
Task: 30817

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2020-04-08 19:53:09 +04:00
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