Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) for OpenStack
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# default target endpoint type
# should match the endpoint type defined in service catalog
target_endpoint_type = load-balancer
failover = update/failover
# possible end path of API requests
# path of api requests for CADF target typeURI
# Just need to include top resource path to identify class
# of resources. Ex: Log audit event for API requests
# path containing "nodes" keyword and node uuid.
amphorae = amphora
availabilityzones = availabilityzone
availabilityzoneprofiles = availabilityzoneprofile
config = None
defaults = None
failover = None
flavors = flavor
flavorprofiles = flavorprofile
healthmonitors = healthmonitor
l7policies = l7policy
listeners = listener
loadbalancers = loadbalancer
members = member
pools = pool
providers = None
quotas = quota
rules = rule
stats = None
status = None
# map endpoint type defined in service catalog to CADF typeURI
load-balancer = service/load-balancer