Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) for OpenStack
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# This policy.yaml will revert the Octavia API to follow the legacy
# admin-or-owner RBAC policies.
# It provides a similar policy to legacy OpenStack policies where any
# user or admin has access to load-balancer resources that they own.
# Users with the admin role has access to all load-balancer resources,
# whether they own them or not.
# Role Rules
"context_is_admin": "role:admin or role:load-balancer_admin"
"admin_or_owner": "is_admin:True or project_id:%(project_id)s"
# Rules
"load-balancer:read": "rule:admin_or_owner"
"load-balancer:read-global": "is_admin:True"
"load-balancer:write": "rule:admin_or_owner"
"load-balancer:read-quota": "rule:admin_or_owner"
"load-balancer:read-quota-global": "is_admin:True"
"load-balancer:write-quota": "is_admin:True"