112 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matthew Thode c84d4924ef
Add gentoo support 2 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius a14dcc8489 Resolve btrfs backing store variable inconsistency 3 months ago
  Jonathan Rosser 5351d7dc87 Fix ansible deprecation warnings 4 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 952353bc72 cleanup: remove rocky-only upgrade code 4 months ago
  Jimmy McCrory 296f428b9c Stop creating duplicate lines in lxc config files 5 months ago
  Jonathan Rosser 959a56eb6b Convert lxc2 to lxc3 config keys dynamically 7 months ago
  ZhijunWei 65598063b0 use include_tasks instead of include 8 months ago
  melissaml f1a47766f5 Remove the duplicated word 8 months ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard b2020d5c10 Fix usage of "|" for tests 9 months ago
  zhulingjie 9d89be45a7 Remove the unnecessary space 9 months ago
  zhulingjie caddce3cc5 Remove the duplicated word 10 months ago
  Jimmy McCrory c9d55cd0fb Don't recurse when creating bind mount directories 10 months ago
  Andy McCrae 7794e23cc0 Use attribute for sort 10 months ago
  Andy McCrae 4c8c76e4e1 Ensure container configuration is sorted 10 months ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 62eff6ca2a Add Bionic testing 11 months ago
  Kevin Carter 3b1b5a34bf
Add missing "delegate_to" 11 months ago
  Kevin Carter e9726bf252 Add task to regather facts after run 11 months ago
  Kevin Carter 25478e9b4e
Enable quota system and set qgroups 11 months ago
  Logan V e58699c1bd Remove veth wiring check for machine-id 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 72a16fd9e5 Add container journal linking 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 846b4f9ed2 Allow deployers to define the container type 1 year ago
  Logan V 59f326b63e Collect physical host facts if missing 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter a2fc120d06 Use hostnamectl to set the container hostname 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter a372183af9 Add lxc.haltsignal to container configs 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 774aef5472
Correct cgroup access on older kernels 1 year ago
  Markos Chandras 49309c4a92 Always create containers with fixed MAC addresses 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 815ece7454 Unify container network interfaces with networkd 1 year ago
  Major Hayden 0aa5ae5290
Change include: to include_tasks: 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 01fc5fa643 Generate a unique machine-id 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter c51afbee20
Correct mac generation block 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 82c1dfa68f Fix container mac generation and remove extra tasks 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 7350566566 Clean up container create task files 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 28c66bee59
Add functional tests for our different backendstores 1 year ago
  Markos Chandras 311bfc2a8c tasks: lxc_container_create: Check for 'lxc-info' failures and retry 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 270743d042
Add machinectl backend store options 1 year ago
  Markos Chandras 99687ef5cb SUSE: Remove lxc-1.X.X workarounds 1 year ago
  Jonathan Rosser bd46a48064 Add ZFS backing store to the container create role 1 year ago
  Markos Chandras e448b57891 tasks: lxc_container_create: Retry LXC start on failures 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 3c22200109 Update the LXC container create role 1 year ago
  Logan V c82c7a60e9 Fix the bind mount options to match integrated repo 2 years ago
  Markos Chandras ef8e1b7da0 tasks: container_create: Retry if sysctl-container service failed to start 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard bb76ea23f5 Ensure that sysctl can be applied on containers 1 year ago
  Markos Chandras b8026ad402 tasks: container_create: Use lxc-clone as fallback to lxc-copy 1 year ago
  Nolan Brubaker c744a4bfaf Add option to recreate containers 1 year ago
  Nolan Brubaker e311cb657e Write MAC addresses to local facts folder 1 year ago
  Jimmy McCrory 8ded80fdc9 Use connection plugin instead of delegating 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 64261a0c19 Add variant local fact 1 year ago
  Markos Chandras ce700c1fad Add SUSE support 2 years ago
  Markos Chandras 389d631500 Fix logic for installing a routing file 1 year ago
  Logan V 4f4fca7507 Use wait_for_connection instead of wait_for to check container 2 years ago