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  cloudnull 8151224987 Add manila service to openrc file 1 month ago
  Jesse Pretorius 838100cf26 Add default for openrc_os_domain_name and update example 6 months ago
  Kourosh Vivan 93dc5f50df Add OS_AUTH_TYPE env var in openrc file 9 months ago
  Jimmy McCrory db09d4c96e Add defaults for keystone insecure variables 1 year ago
  Jason Hedden 428e7c55f6 Update file and directory permissions 1 year ago
  Tim Laszlo c6dec23ba1 Define region name variables in openrc and clouds. 2 years ago
  Travis Truman 38ef6fc90c Correct filename of clouds.yml to clouds.yaml 3 years ago
  Byron McCollum 0cd1a41a6b Implement OpenStack client clouds.yml configuration file 3 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius c190c7622d Enable all services to use Keystone 'insecurely' 3 years ago
  Kevin Carter 34b5861a86 Convert existing roles into galaxy roles 4 years ago