27 Commits (2d535d5f5ec8a2d9c619f02a2a7cbdfbd4d92f15)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Carter 2d535d5f5e Update Master SHAs - 17 Jan 2016 4 years ago
  Jimmy McCrory 8540dc41a4 Default values for enabling services in ceilometer 4 years ago
  You Wei Wang 393b0f1d30 Trivial: Remove vim header from source files 4 years ago
  Jenkins cfc6d5d497 Merge "Add ceilometer messaging_url for each service..." 4 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius 67bf8d349d Include extra conf file updates when updating SHA's 4 years ago
  Miguel Alex Cantu 323061a1bd Add ceilometer messaging_url for each service... 4 years ago
  Kevin Carter 237590286f Fixes playbook runtime issues with ldap 4 years ago
  Miguel Alex Cantu 0bd43c3d76 Add libvirt-python to ceilometer hosts 4 years ago
  Jenkins 68afc0e95c Merge "Added ceilometer-polling upstart jobs" 4 years ago
  Miguel Alex Cantu c21e929d34 Add documentation for HA ceilometer 4 years ago
  Miguel Alex Cantu e6976a3ec1 Added ceilometer-polling upstart jobs 4 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius b51c300edd Implement tunable Ceilometer workers 4 years ago
  Steve Lewis 6265a38c67 Replace invalid references to Glance 4 years ago
  Major Hayden c2f889ae1d Enable encryption for all RabbitMQ connections 4 years ago
  Kevin Carter 08a046d696 Implement shippable venvs 4 years ago
  Matt Thompson 853748e63f Standardise ownership of *_venv_bin directories 4 years ago
  Jenkins 17b604ae87 Merge "Seperated out Telemetry Alarming (Aodh)" 4 years ago
  Kevin Carter 92001ae7c6 Implement ceilometer venv support 4 years ago
  Miguel Alex Cantu 7511b91c41 Seperated out Telemetry Alarming (Aodh) 4 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius c5d9bb4b2d Switch from MySQL-python to PyMySQL 4 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius edfd735b63 Allow pip extra arguments to be passed to playbooks 4 years ago
  Jenkins cd353a232c Merge "Compartmentalizing RabbitMQ" 4 years ago
  kevin 8a1095a2cd Compartmentalizing RabbitMQ 5 years ago
  kevin 92735e0355 Adds the config_template to OpenStack Services 4 years ago
  kevin a9afd9e4c4 Replaced the copy_update module 4 years ago
  Ian Cordasco 13cb0e5f2c Upgrade the Keystone library to use v3 5 years ago
  Miguel Cantu b2251e12be Implement Ceilometer 5 years ago