31 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dmitriy Rabotjagov 1d316057a0 Set default address to wait for 2 weeks ago
  Mohammed Naser ca2f31bc43 handlers: check for default IP instead of 2 weeks ago
  Kevin Carter 62d9f9c10d
Cleanup files and templates using smart sources 8 months ago
  Kevin Carter 7fc3f62c73 Add tasks to remove legacy files 6 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 280f3e062a Make the memcache flush optional 6 months ago
  rexredinger afc0e5b1ce Add memcache flushing handler on db migrations 6 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 0fbba8a708 Drop Admin API from Keystone 8 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 49ddbfd635 Use a common python build/install role 1 year ago
  zhulingjie a8081d658d Remove the unnecessary space 9 months ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 24369fc6e8 Fix usage of "|" for tests 9 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 8367e44230 Use the venv contents instead of a git source for templates 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter fbf7ab1c4a Convert role to use a common systemd service role 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) 30612195ab Revert "Convert role to use a common systemd init role" 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter b42eef0dc4 Convert role to use a common systemd init role 1 year ago
  Logan V 5e23c765b3 Add external LB management handler hook interface 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 84af640aa0 Switch to using Nginx/uWSGI by default 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius aad8144bfb Implement serialisable rolling upgrade 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 64a01c573b Use command instead of debug for handlers 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 05d206fabb Ensure that policy file has correct group/mode 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 94293c86c2 Perform an atomic policy file change 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae 6a6e377853 Remove Trusty support from os_keystone role 2 years ago
  Kevin Carter 6a96998fff
All handlers should be tagged "config" 2 years ago
  Jimmy McCrory 04737f5dbd Implement zero downtime upgrades 2 years ago
  Marc Gariepy bc00f07c33 Fix bare variable in handler 2 years ago
  Steve Lewis db7248bdc1 Isolate mod_wsgi from Apache install 2 years ago
  Steve Lewis 4edb378b1e Install and configure Nginx 2 years ago
  Kevin Carter 0de819e92a Implement CentOS 7 support in os_keystone 2 years ago
  Steve Lewis 9082c793cc Install and configure uWSGI 2 years ago
  Steve Lewis b1c2f9c00f Isolate Apache components 2 years ago
  Miguel Grinberg 17ac571e7a Keystone Federation Service Provider Configuration 3 years ago
  Kevin Carter 9f68cf8781 Convert existing roles into galaxy roles 4 years ago