103 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dmitriy Rabotjagov e2bda32b23 Use oslo_cache.memcache_pool as cache backend 2 weeks ago
  Kevin Carter 28a0c5abbf Correct fernet token sync race condition 2 months ago
  Kevin Carter b40f4b5e1a Correct notification driver 2 months ago
  Kevin Carter 9f71342186 Update deprecated option 6 months ago
  Andy Smith cdf1c02364 Update messaging configuration 7 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 0fbba8a708 Drop Admin API from Keystone 8 months ago
  Kevin Carter ac9d598d33 Add systemd journal logging to the service config 9 months ago
  Andrew Smith ddc2f41c5e Add rabbit driver ssl config option 10 months ago
  Andrew Smith 2b7eb22a89 Update to use oslo.messaging service for RPC and Notify 1 year ago
  Markos Chandras 1460a23423 Add support for using distribution packages for OpenStack services 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter fbf7ab1c4a Convert role to use a common systemd service role 1 year ago
  Russell Tweed 6f6fe28fc5 Add memcache setup to shibboleth2.xml 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) 30612195ab Revert "Convert role to use a common systemd init role" 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter b42eef0dc4 Convert role to use a common systemd init role 1 year ago
  Mohammed Naser 5173d0f1fc Add ability to configure NGINX to show correct IP in logs 1 year ago
  Major Hayden 943b5c560b
Skip logging for haproxy health checks 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 32ce88c523 Remove caching from keystone template 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard ab66ca247e Fix memcache caching w/ multiple cache servers 1 year ago
  Jimmy McCrory 8019b5c190 Remove keystone_token_driver variable 1 year ago
  Matthew Thode 81a28142a0 Add security headers to web accessable services. 1 year ago
  Major Hayden 08f879649b
Add extra headers for Keystone 1 year ago
  Jimmy McCrory 1b8a085b79 Include init_systemd taskfile once 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 84af640aa0 Switch to using Nginx/uWSGI by default 1 year ago
  ZhongShengping 0b24181253 Deprecate rpc_backend option 1 year ago
  ZhongShengping 2a08919aef Deprecate rabbit_use_ssl option 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius fc0ae60d81 Reduce init restart/kill times 2 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius ffcdaf0c92 Source template files from git or deploy host 2 years ago
  Kevin Carter 329a7819e4 Ensure the components are isolated from the system 2 years ago
  Kevin Carter cf72bd07f1 Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2017-02-13 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae bbb6f5a6e0 Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2017-01-19 2 years ago
  Matt Thompson 672b69ea63 Disable WSGIScriptReloading 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae f80f78bf63 Allow Apache ports to be specified per VHost 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae 7b8b435e94 Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2016-12-23 2 years ago
  Travis Truman b82d81c054 Include fernet config block only when fernet tokens are used 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae 6a6e377853 Remove Trusty support from os_keystone role 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae 9f7c2f096c Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2016-11-18 2 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius 56b547eb2d CentOS: Only install Federation IDP/SP Packages when necessary 2 years ago
  Travis Truman a74af47939 Address ansible_ssh_* var deprecation 2 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius 2fd095b68b Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2016-09-08 2 years ago
  Lance Bragstad f0ed20dbeb Re-activate service catalog caching 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae fbd9535221 Add credential_setup for keystone 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae 42cef50e5f Fix nginx SCRIPT_NAME uwsgi_param 2 years ago
  Andy McCrae 38dbd423d6 Fix apache + uwsgi for keystone 2 years ago
  Steve Lewis 52b1a71759 Configure Apache to proxy for Uwsgi 2 years ago
  Steve Lewis 4edb378b1e Install and configure Nginx 2 years ago
  Kevin Carter 0de819e92a Implement CentOS 7 support in os_keystone 2 years ago
  Steve Lewis 9082c793cc Install and configure uWSGI 2 years ago
  cloader89 8d046aa91c Update the keystone WSGI application locations 2 years ago
  Kevin Carter 866c15301e Disable stderr logging 2 years ago
  Travis Truman 2d8fa3dad9 Fix bug in RPC config that broke Rabbit SSL support 2 years ago