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  Jesse Pretorius f9414ff0cb Delegate the database schema import to monasca_db_setup_host 7 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 4f08a80f0a Use a common python build/install role 7 months ago
  fpxie f6ee455f2b Do not log passwords 1 year ago
  Kaio Kassiano Moura Oliveira 800324d599 Revert "Use group_names to check a host belongs to group" 1 year ago
  Cuong Nguyen def3818792 Use group_names to check a host belongs to group 1 year ago
  Flávio Ramalho b884927071 Monasca role refactoring[+docs] 1 year ago
  Donovan Francesco (drifterza) 57e026fccd Fix linting issues for ansible-lint 3.4.1 2 years ago
  Donovan Francesco (drifterza) 524a052417 Refactoring Monasca role to align more with OSA. 2 years ago