Role os_neutron for OpenStack-Ansible
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Mohammed Naser 668fb5a054 Add privsep-helper to neutron sudoers file 2 weeks ago
plugins Use the new services names for sfc 2 months ago
bgp_dragent.ini.j2 Add the BGP dynamic routing neutron plugin 2 years ago
dhcp_agent.ini.j2 Provide support for "force_metadata" in dnsmasq 6 months ago
dnsmasq-neutron.conf.j2 Adds ability to set no-resolv for dnsmasq. 4 months ago
felix.cfg.j2 Update Calico Felix to v3 1 month ago
l3_agent.ini.j2 Enable functional deployment of FWaaS v2 2 months ago
lbaas_agent.ini.j2 Fix LBaaSv2 config and package requirements 1 year ago
metadata_agent.ini.j2 Change deprecated nova_metadata_ip option 1 year ago
metering_agent.ini.j2 Use full path for metering_agent interface_Driver 2 years ago
networking_bgpvpn.conf.j2 add ml2 config for networking bgpvpn 1 year ago
networking_ovn_metadata_agent.ini.j2 Adds networking-ovn support 8 months ago Add SELinux contexts for neutron log directory 1 year ago
neutron.conf.j2 Add neutron-rootwrap-daemon 1 month ago Fix bashate violations 3 years ago
sudoers.j2 Add privsep-helper to neutron sudoers file 2 weeks ago