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Martin Kopec 18f796ad6a Add tempest cleanup support 2 years ago
Jesse Pretorius fea608bbf7 Switch compute to use different inventory_hostname 4 years ago
Andy McCrae 9b7b6ba267 Move tempest to Ansible 2.1.1 and central testing 6 years ago
Andy McCrae 76eee2fa7e Ensure tempest runs independently in testing 6 years ago
Andy McCrae a467fcf9dc Fix interface configuration for tempest gate 6 years ago
Michael Gugino e94e30da0a Add additional test coverage 6 years ago
Matt Thompson ccc4dc5a51 Fix breaking typo and add functional test 7 years ago
Kevin Carter 7ee029afe9 Implement base configuration for independent repository 7 years ago
Kevin Carter 9ef429971c added role to pin packages 8 years ago
Kevin Carter eaa4d69958 Convert existing roles into galaxy roles 8 years ago