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OpenDev Sysadmins 7768676413 OpenDev Migration Patch
This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.
2019-04-19 19:36:14 +00:00
Jesse Pretorius 8dd77ff2c5 Implement base configuration for OpenStack-CI
This patch includes the following:

 - Base configuration for OpenStack's CI Infrastructure.
 - Base documentation build configuration.
 - A Vagrantfile for local testing.
 - A base test configuration in order to execute the standard tests.
 - An updated README, added LICENSE file and a CONTRIBUTING file.

Change-Id: I47a4b15e43fdc554d1bee203f2df34752fe786f6
2016-03-16 15:39:18 +00:00