26 Commits (master)

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  Jesse Pretorius d599e19610 Set container_name as host_var in test inventory 6 months ago
  ZhijunWei b4d340c857 use include_tasks instead of include 8 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius e29af51efe Remove httplib2 install from tests 8 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 62dfbc77bd Execute service setup against a delegated host using Ansible built-in modules 9 months ago
  fpxie 0c9be87746 Trivial: Fix the pep8 warning 11 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 006a47e3dd Remove tests-repo-clone.sh 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 362efeeeb0 ansible-role-requirements: Use systemd_service role from openstack namespace 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 6040066ffb ansible-role-requirements: Add common python_venv_build role 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius e7943265ca ansible-role-requirements: Add common systemd_service role 1 year ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 68403e07be Updated from OpenStack Ansible Tests 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 9990de8551 Initial OSA zuul v3 role jobs 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius bad9c32845 Fix role gate tests for Ansible 2.3 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter d355447d75 Remove deprecated ansible_ssh_host variable 2 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius 32ab702bbf Use centralised test scripts 2 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius 79aec1112c Force Ansible to use dynamic includes 2 years ago
  Travis Truman 8926a4008f Ansible 2.1.1 role testing 2 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius 833d62c9fe Rename package lists (and related vars) appropriately 2 years ago
  Travis Truman 35cde17905 Adding simple functional testing for the role 2 years ago
  Jimmy McCrory 0b0a94d8ab Remove openstack_hosts from test requirements 2 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius 1ebe79c997 Clean up container cache prep in tasks 2 years ago
  Jimmy McCrory 498c422263 Remove pip_lock_down dependency 2 years ago
  Travis Truman 6c79f1cde1 Adding role convergence test 3 years ago
  Jimmy McCrory 592eab69a8 Remove dependency on the Keystone admin auth token 3 years ago
  Jesse Pretorius 8dd77ff2c5 Implement base configuration for OpenStack-CI 3 years ago