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Ghanshyam Mann 3ee3d309f1 Cleanup the retired repo 2 years ago
Andy McCrae d7f838df9c Revert "Revert "Retire openstack-ansible-security"" 5 years ago
Andy McCrae fe39a30c98 Revert "Retire openstack-ansible-security" 5 years ago
Major Hayden ea9b39d723
Retire openstack-ansible-security 5 years ago
Major Hayden b97de6d748 Add retirement warnings to security role 6 years ago
Major Hayden c09763ecca Adjust readme/meta for Ansible 2.3 6 years ago
Major Hayden 1bd5dcc694 Correct minimum Ansible version in readme 6 years ago
Joshua Hesketh 8424eb468c Replace github with git.o.o 6 years ago
Major Hayden 4cdf533565 [Docs] More cleanup 6 years ago
Travis Truman ff07803042 Add support for Xenial and CentOS 7 to the Vagrantfile 7 years ago
Travis McPeak ac1093f98d Adding Vagrant setup for deploying security-ansible 7 years ago
Eric Brown 13a2e169aa Bump minimum required version of Ansible 7 years ago
Jesse Pretorius 58ac7a8a7a Enable role testing and make structure ansible-galaxy compatible 7 years ago
Major Hayden bfcf6c7423 Initial import of openstack-ansible-security role 7 years ago