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Joshua Hesketh 5e8714cf03 Replace github with git.o.o
Change-Id: Iddb0ea1bb1315606fa31e59691366d09ee21bf14
(cherry picked from commit 8424eb468c)
7 years ago
Major Hayden 4cdf533565 [Docs] More cleanup
This patch cleans up various parts of the security role docs:

* Updates README files
* Uses jinja2 includes rather than sphinx includes (faster builds)
* Adds sphinx refs for each STIG control and implementation status
* Adds ToC's to pages that didn't have them
* Updated getting started and special notes guide
* Makes deviations more clear

Change-Id: I1eed2705c64a857bd94577dbe735f2516ca87732
7 years ago
Travis Truman ff07803042 Add support for Xenial and CentOS 7 to the Vagrantfile
Added additional documentation on Vagrantfile
usage for all platforms.

Change-Id: If8941308f96313bfd71c9252c9508b6b68ab457e
7 years ago
Jenkins eff6435ced Merge "Adding Vagrant setup for deploying security-ansible" 7 years ago
Travis McPeak ac1093f98d Adding Vagrant setup for deploying security-ansible
This commit adds an initial Vagrant setup that will run the
security ansible tests in check mode against a clean Ubuntu
Trusty 64 image.

Change-Id: If5499dd111c66b9888d3fbc0772c568ef08954f5
Co-Authored-By: Rob Clark <>
Co-Authored-By: Eric Brown <>
7 years ago
Eric Brown 13a2e169aa Bump minimum required version of Ansible
Prior to Ansible 1.8.3, the sysctl module had a bug where improperly
tries to use lower() on an int value.

Change-Id: I8866fce3c20dbf91f6c79dcda2e34ecf6ae5084c
7 years ago
Jesse Pretorius 58ac7a8a7a Enable role testing and make structure ansible-galaxy compatible
This patch adds the bits needed to implement automated syntax/lint
role testing. It also moves the role into the base repository so
that the role becomes fully compatible with ansible-galaxy to
improve the role's consumability.

Change-Id: Ia79cd5dedbbe50dfdf46688830a989ff0897832a
8 years ago