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The openstack-ansible security role applies security hardening configurations
from the [Security Technical Implementation Guide(STIG)](
to systems running Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7, and Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 7.
The role is part of the
[OpenStack-Ansible project](,
which deploys enterprise-grade OpenStack clouds using Ansible. However, the
role can easily be used outside of an OpenStack environment to secure hosts,
virtual machines, and containers.
For more details, review the
[openstack-ansible-security documentation](
This role can be used with or without the OpenStack-Ansible role. It requires
Ansible 1.9.1 or later.
Role Variables
All of the variables for this role are in `defaults/main.yml`.
This role has no dependencies.
Example Playbook
Using the role is fairly straightforward:
- hosts: servers
- openstack-ansible-security
Running with Vagrant
This role can be tested easily on multiple platforms using Vagrant.
The `Vagrantfile` supports testing on:
* Ubuntu 14.04
* Ubuntu 16.04
* CentOS 7
To test on all platforms:
vagrant destroy --force && vagrant up
To test on Ubuntu 14.04 only:
vagrant destroy ubuntu1404 --force && vagrant up ubuntu1404
To test on Ubuntu 16.04 only:
vagrant destroy ubuntu1604 --force && vagrant up ubuntu1604
To test on CentOS 7 only:
vagrant destroy centos7 --force && vagrant up centos7
Apache 2.0
Author Information
For more information, join `#openstack-ansible` on Freenode.