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export VIRTUAL_ENV=$(pwd)
export ANSIBLE_SSH_CONTROL_PATH=/tmp/%%h-%%r
# TODO (odyssey4me) These are only here as they are non-standard folder
# names for Ansible 1.9.x. We are using the standard folder names for
# Ansible v2.x. We can remove this when we move to Ansible 2.x.
export ANSIBLE_ACTION_PLUGINS=${HOME}/.ansible/plugins/action
export ANSIBLE_CALLBACK_PLUGINS=${HOME}/.ansible/plugins/callback
export ANSIBLE_FILTER_PLUGINS=${HOME}/.ansible/plugins/filter
export ANSIBLE_LOOKUP_PLUGINS=${HOME}/.ansible/plugins/lookup
# This is required as the default is the current path or a path specified
# in ansible.cfg
export ANSIBLE_LIBRARY=${HOME}/.ansible/plugins/library
# This is required as the default is '/etc/ansible/roles' or a path
# specified in ansible.cfg
export ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH=${HOME}/.ansible/roles:$(pwd)/..
export ANSIBLE_SSH_ARGS="-o ControlMaster=no \
-o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null \
-o StrictHostKeyChecking=no \
-o ServerAliveInterval=64 \
-o ServerAliveCountMax=1024 \
-o Compression=no \
-o TCPKeepAlive=yes \
-o VerifyHostKeyDNS=no \
-o ForwardX11=no \
-o ForwardAgent=yes"
echo "Run manual functional tests by executing the following:"
echo "# ./.tox/functional/bin/ansible-playbook -i tests/inventory tests/test.yml"