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  Jean-Philippe Evrard b9e3deb8c2 Remove subprocess call 2 weeks ago
  Mohammed Naser 21ead44381 gate: drop sphinxmark 2 weeks ago
  cloudnull de92efc0f9 Add the manila service to OSA 4 weeks ago
  Jesse Pretorius 48266cefb5 Add panko to integrated build 3 weeks ago
  Mohammed Naser c0db5c423b repo: stop using repo_build + pip_install 3 weeks ago
  Dmitriy Rabotjagov 4f9e923ee6 Added Openstack Masakari role for the deployment 1 month ago
  Mikael Loaec 65b1f90a94 Adding Note on SELinux for CentOS 7 1 month ago
  Nicolas Bock 3289f62e79
Some small spelling fixes 3 months ago
  kaiokassiano 2fc7aac54f [DOCS] Fix user guide to source admin openrc 4 months ago
  Maxime Guyot 0b2b7c99ae Update doc to use chrony instead of ntp 4 months ago
  Michael Johnson 8fdcd5fd59 Add os_octavia to the list in the deploy guide 4 months ago
  Jonathan Rosser a9d422151a Move bionic jobs to voting, add release note. 7 months ago
  Florian Haas 6e8904062f Update docs & upgrade scripts for Stein 7 months ago
  Markos Chandras 2da59eeabc [docs] Add documentation for 'install_method' variable 8 months ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 447049070a Set kernel logging to 'quiet' in AIOs 8 months ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 8913620375 Do not install linux-image-extra by default 9 months ago
  wangqi 40771a06c0 Replace deprecated library function os.popen() with subprocess 11 months ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard e44dc6666f [Docs] Fix links to figures 11 months ago
  ZhijunWei da956a0622 Fix the credentials file name 11 months ago
  ZhijunWei 0aaeffec02 Fix the appropriate kernel modules path 11 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius ca49f4121e Ensure that RDO/SUSE series repo instructions stay up to date 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 5a8e199ca1 [Docs] Simplify docs configuration 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard d99c1d3469 [Docs] Include OpenStack-Ansible Manifesto 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 62bbe0f38e [Docs] Adapt the wording for disk requirements 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 9be2fe792c [Docs] Uniform image on top 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard c49b5efa66 [Docs] Change heading in target hosts 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 8bfc32399e [Docs] Simplify overview page 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 7b4989d104 Point to Queens as previous branch 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 99f4f17751 [Docs] Guide users more 1 year ago
  wangqi cfae99d913 Replace http with https in app-resources.rst and delete useless url 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard f1a7525570 [Docs] Migrate security into user guide 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard b6eb92beca [Docs] Move limited connectivity to user guide 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard eb89fa513a [Docs] Centralize Inventory documentation 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 99ca16e85e [Docs] Move network architecture into reference 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard d27e329a5a [Docs] Move Ceph example to user guides 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 73c45a8108 [Docs] Move more examples to user guide 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 3d76d5e2e2 [Docs] Include test scenario as a new user story 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard dc8d6256ce [Docs] Move AIO to first scenario 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard ba7e064ef9 [Docs] Merge advanced configuration into reference 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 152da42e4b [Docs] Unhide the ssl user story 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 29cefd5da3 [Docs] Remove duplicate hardening content 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard b83ffe3680 [Docs] Introduce next steps 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard cc9bb3e249 [Docs] Less scary landing page 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 25407b3999 [Docs] Link to the AIO 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard f391d52e2f Bump upstream SHAs 1 year ago
  Jimmy McCrory c5551f2c8c Move inventory files to folder in root of repo 1 year ago
  Amy Marrich (spotz) 923f3c31e2 Update overview-osa for new supported Operating Systems 1 year ago
  Amy Marrich (spotz) dc78aff654 [DOCS] Add alternative URL for cloning repo 1 year ago
  Amy Marrich (spotz) ffbb2321de [DOCS] Update links from pointing to developer-docs 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard d5773de2a8 [Docs] Clarify ceph production example. 1 year ago