357 Commits (master)

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  Guilherme Steinmüller 430b776854 Rename flat-db network for trove 2 weeks ago
  Mohammed Naser 9f1eb39936 rally: add empty rally.yml.aio file 3 weeks ago
  cloudnull de92efc0f9 Add the manila service to OSA 1 month ago
  Jesse Pretorius 48266cefb5 Add panko to integrated build 3 weeks ago
  Mohammed Naser b1f0ba9260 metal: sync all containers to add is_metal 3 weeks ago
  Mohammed Naser 574e550a11 swift: move to br-storage always 3 weeks ago
  Dmitriy Rabotjagov 4f9e923ee6 Added Openstack Masakari role for the deployment 1 month ago
  Ilya Popov 21a6601942 Fix connectivity between octavia and amphorae. 1 month ago
  Andy Smith 35777b93ef Add qdrouterd role for rpc messaging backend deployment 4 months ago
  Guilherme Steinmüller 5b9b6d4b76 Add support to deploy mistral 1 month ago
  Jonathan Rosser c73091967d Add http proxy test scenario 4 months ago
  James Denton df43c5119d [docs] Apply provider network config on per-group basis 2 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 52f37cdac0 nspawn: use mv-flat for host_bind_overrides 2 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 8de5d35d2d nspawn: add container_network config 2 months ago
  James Denton 8d9c0336ec Make container_interface optional for provider network 3 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 74fc795eac Remove the log container in the AIO config 5 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius e29bc2203f Document how to use the utility container for service setup 4 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius ada265c844 Implement AIO changes to allow test usage by roles 5 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 74bebf5d57 Ensure AIO container_tech/install_method vars are namespaced 5 months ago
  Damian Cikowski 80c7c23a68 Add extra volume types to AIO 1 year ago
  kaiokassiano a6d8c79be4 Docs: Fix VLAN bridge interface in example setup 5 months ago
  Taseer Ahmed df54583ca7 Integrate Blazar with OpenStack Ansible 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter 4a07e2612e Minimal(ist) network config for nspawn gating 8 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius cad69ee25e Add missing congress_oslomsg_rpc_password 7 months ago
  Frank-ZhangXin d65906c486 Add aio host conf for barbican role 9 months ago
  melissaml 1c260fa636 Remove the duplicated word 8 months ago
  Markos Chandras 2da59eeabc [docs] Add documentation for 'install_method' variable 8 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 41191f49d7 Remove the molteniron service from the integrated build 8 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius 9b13d416bd Remove all MQ vhost/user and DB create tasks 9 months ago
  Markos Chandras 4603188934 Add support for using distribution packages for OpenStack services 9 months ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard f2a3c8ed69 Prevent incorrect credentials 9 months ago
  Mohammed Naser 153831dbbe Disable keepalived ping tests by default 9 months ago
  Jesse Pretorius bd64bf7372 Move MQ vhost/user creation into role (glance) 9 months ago
  Frank-ZhangXin 708b51d6d3 Add example host confd file for barbican 10 months ago
  Amy Marrich (spotz) e72136e6e2 Remove IP range from doc examples 10 months ago
  German Eichberger 13ce4e0837 Adds the certificate client key password to user_secrets 1 year ago
  Andrew Smith 929aaf1482 Support oslo.messaging services for separate RPC and Notification 1 year ago
  Adam Strawson bead62e455 log_hosts should be optional 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 115e1d691c Remove Octavia from translations scenario 1 year ago
  Jonathan Rosser 55e8240b86 Add IP addresses to infra node br-vxlan in the examples 1 year ago
  Jonathan Rosser 1b39f3b8a6 Use a sensible vlan range in the example configs 1 year ago
  Jonathan Rosser ff6e0ad9f7 remove unused tunnel_bridge from all example configs 1 year ago
  Taseer Ahmed eee6c77180 Integrate Congress with OSA. 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter beb36b8ab9 Remove the "is_ssh_address" option from inventory 1 year ago
  Logan V c700fdba0d Ceph RadosGW integration 1 year ago
  Kevin Carter fd9cda8df9
Add nspawn container driver 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard e09216aa4e Implement a scenario with no containers 1 year ago
  Jesse Pretorius 604e8217a9 Remove placement_database related options/code 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard d5773de2a8 [Docs] Clarify ceph production example. 1 year ago
  Logan V 33836d3d5e [DOCS] Correct secret uuid in Ceph example 1 year ago