Ansible playbooks for deploying OpenStack.
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Frank-ZhangXin 856b731da2 Add example host confd file for barbican 1 year ago
conf.d Add example host confd file for barbican 1 year ago
env.d Fix cinder_volumes is_metal override example 3 years ago
openstack_user_config.yml.aio Octavia scenario 2 years ago
openstack_user_config.yml.aio.j2 Octavia scenario 2 years ago
openstack_user_config.yml.example log_hosts should be optional 2 years ago
openstack_user_config.yml.pod.example Support cidr_networks in L3 network environments 2 years ago [DOCS] Add ceph production example configuration 2 years ago Remove Ceilometer API Service 3 years ago
openstack_user_config.yml.test.example [DOCS] Internal/External VIP should be different IPs 3 years ago
user_secrets.yml Remove trove_regular_user 2 years ago
user_variables.yml Improve proxy vars in user_variables.yml 2 years ago Merge "Revert "Add ceph_mons to ceph example"" into stable/pike 2 years ago [docs] Provide example configurations 3 years ago
user_variables.yml.test.example [docs] Add http public endpoint example 3 years ago