26 Commits (6b669e8778046799713268755c758e173b3f6304)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  KATO Tomoyuki dfe59880be [cli-ref] cleanup osc cli reference tools 5 years ago
  Percila c050836a8f doc-tools unit tests 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 69746f4982 [cli-ref] add rmdir to cleanup working directory 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 96e45d62c7 [cli-reference] remove oslo.log installation 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 2915229e0b [cli-reference] Remove Cue project 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 8e2d482e26 [cli-ref] Remove keystone CLI support 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki c6d39996ac [cli-ref] Support DeprecationWarning for version number 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 9d75f8393c [cli-ref] Add osprofiler installation for --profile option 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki faaee70a62 Change Git message got cli reference update 5 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 704370e8db Remove tuskar handling 5 years ago
  venkatamahesh 41a1197124 Add Topic tag in cli-reference generated script 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki a25b753af2 Update CLI Reference generation tool for RST 5 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 62fb731deb Install optional cliff dependency 5 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 3b8080fb90 Update osc plugins 5 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI 29ca62215f Update python-xxxclient for python-openstackclient 5 years ago
  Mark Vanderwiel 58136d49f4 Add additional openstack client plugins 5 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI bf38181d21 Add python-openstackclient required plugin package 5 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI 7737eb87db Update virtualenv, pip and git existent check in cli-ref tool 6 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI f193ca03f0 Fix cli-package name check 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 5a119705a7 [os_doc_tools] fix cli-reference generation for gnocchiclient 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 0c651591ac Fix generated commit message for python-openstackclient 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 4d20fc2776 Use python2.7 for doc-tools-update-cli-reference 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 562179013d Add wrapper script to update CLI references 6 years ago