94 Commits (6b669e8778046799713268755c758e173b3f6304)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  KATO Tomoyuki dfe59880be [cli-ref] cleanup osc cli reference tools 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 0d9c027183 [cli-ref] remove deprecated Block Storage API v1 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki b4e93467e7 [cli-reference] use Image API v2 as default 5 years ago
  Percila c050836a8f doc-tools unit tests 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 7bb9269ee4 [cli-ref] split glance_property_keys.rst into another file 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki ddad5f86b5 [cli-ref] update warning message 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 05314e1822 [cli-ref] Concatenate the command options with '-' 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki a99849e700 [cli-ref] add work around for long command option 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 3d11ccd7d8 [cli-ref] Use Identity API v3 instead of v2 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 6d5e723ffb [cli-ref] Use Image API v2 at first 5 years ago
  Christian Berendt cec83cebf4 [cli-ref] add heat deprecation note 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 8e2d482e26 [cli-ref] Remove keystone CLI support 5 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 52fb24a51e [cli-ref] Added support for 'help' and 'version' 5 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 5034807430 [cli-ref] Add support for multiple clients 5 years ago
  Peter Stachowski ca8b9e9c6b [cli-ref] Fix non-deprecated cmds being skipped 5 years ago
  Peter Stachowski 79ef2bbd84 [cli-ref] Fix wrong delim splitting subcommands 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 77924b1856 [cli-ref] Remove work around for checkniceness 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki b0bc2a42ee [cli-ref] Change heading level for subcommands from 2 to 3 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki bdea520a1b [cli-ref] Switch Block Storage API usage order 5 years ago
  venkatamahesh 360f159de8 [nova-cli-ref] Adjust long line for check niceness 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 028dcd0c02 Change help category markup 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki a12917dab0 Add option pattern to cli ref tool 5 years ago
  venkatamahesh 30afce8fe5 Fix two word spellings 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki a25b753af2 Update CLI Reference generation tool for RST 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 7f0b19d16e Mark Block Storage API v1 as deprecate 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 3e539d3f67 Insert property keys section into glance chapter 5 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI 02b8df904c Fix for getting glance command list 5 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI 5143dbae01 Add bash-completion/complete selection for command list parsing 6 years ago
  Gauvain Pocentek 9ab08e33ca commands: add a stderr redirection 6 years ago
  Gauvain Pocentek 5dea03b26f Use a more pythonic syntax 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt b4510448eb commands: set extra_params to '' if value is None 6 years ago
  syed ahsan shamim zaidi 704dc90d9a Change in openstack CLI keystone-warning message 6 years ago
  Deepti Ramakrishna 1623a2ab09 Fix oversight in patch 221559 6 years ago
  Deepti Ramakrishna 97c0faba7a Generate openstackclient subcommands from setting identity API to v3 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 92dda518f4 openstack-auto-commands: fix issues with python-glanceclient 1.0.0 6 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI 1e5d305514 Fix XML file generation error for cli-reference in murano case 6 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI dba8e4ac01 Fix mis-option identification for doc-tools-update-cli-reference 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 83ee2ec45d Python 3: Fix os_doc_tools/commands.py 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger bb3d68fba8 Drop python 2.6 workaround 6 years ago
  Ekaterina Chernova 17c1e9fa26 Support 'murano' in openstack-auto-commands 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt fcfe1f6af3 Further improvements for openstack-auto-commands 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 1e32726db2 Improve openstack-auto-commands 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 2af10c9992 Use parameter instead of option 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 11b7494d90 Capitalize project names correctly 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 1d99c0725c [commands] add a deprecation note for python-keystoneclient 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt d1a9fc4f90 [commands] extract correct version string when client is deprecated 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 60fae1d6e9 [commands] use --os-auth-type token only for python-openstackclient 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 25847ba82c [commands] fix generator for latest python-openstackclient 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 8d64912609 Add ironic to the list of supported commands in os_doc_tools.commands 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 84dd23854d Add sahara to the list of supported commands in os_doc_tools.commands 6 years ago