Tools used by OpenStack Documentation
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Release notes


  • Fix doc-tools-check-languages to handle all repositories and setups.


  • openstack-doc-test: Don't always build the HOT guide, add new option --check-links to check for valid URLs.
  • openstack-dn2osdbk: Allow single files as source.
  • Imported and improved doc-tools-check-languages (recently known as tools/ in the documentation repositories).
  • Added a virtual build and test environment based on Vagrant.


  • Added support for *-manage CLI doc generation.
  • openstack-dn2osdbk: Converts Docutils Native XML to docbook.
  • openstack-doc-test: Handle the upcoming HOT guide.
  • Provide our own sanitizer.
  • Use the oslo sample_default if available.
  • openstack-doc-test: Correctly handle SIGINT.
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements.


  • Fix includes of rackbook.rng to unbreak syntax checking.


  • openstack-doc-test: Fix handling of ignore-dir parameter.
  • autohelp-wrapper: New tool to simplify the setup of an environment.
  • Generates a listing of the configuration options changes that occured between 2 openstack releases.
  • Add the 'dump' subcommand, include swift.
  • Add public API.
  • Added tool to generate a sitemap.xml file.
  • Added script to prettify HTML and XML syntax.


  • openstack-doc-test: Output information about tested patch, special case entity files for book building. Remove special handling for high-availability-guide, it is not using asciidoc anymore.
  • New script in cleanup/retf for spell checking using the RETF rules. patch.
  • Fix entity handling in openstack-generate-docbook.


  • openstack-auto-commands: Improved screen generation and swift subcommand xml output.
  • openstack-doc-test: Warn about non-breaking space, enhance -v output, special case building of localized high-availability guide, fix for building changed identity-api repository.
  • New command openstack-jsoncheck to check for niceness of JSON files and reformat them.
  • openstack-autohelp: Update the default parameters. The tables are generated in the doc/common/tables/ dir by default, and the git repository for the project being worked on is looked at in a sources/ dir by default.


  • extract_swift_flags: Correctly parses existing tables and improve the output to ease the tables edition.
  • openstack-generate-docbook handles now the api-site project: Parameter --root gives root directory to use.
  • Remove obsoleted commands generatedocbook and generatepot. They have been obsoleted in 0.7.


  • openstack-doc-test: Handle changes in api-site project, new option --print-unused-files.
  • openstack-autohelp: Handle keystone_authtoken options.


  • Add --publish option to openstack-doc-test that does not publish the www directory to the wrong location.
  • Improvements for generation of option tables.


  • Fix openstack-doc-test to handle changes in api-site repository: Do not publish wadls directory, *.fo files and add api-ref-guides PDF files to index file for docs-draft.
  • Many improvements for generation of option tables.
  • Improvements for openstack-auto-commands: handle ironic, sahara; improve generated output.


Fixes for openstack-doc-test:

  • openstack-doc-test now validates JSON files for well-formed-ness and whitespace.
  • Create proper chapter title for markdown files.
  • Ignore publish-docs directory completely.
  • Do not check for xml:ids in wadl resource.
  • New option build_file_excepetion to ignore invalid XML files for dependency checking in build and syntax checks.

Fixes for autodoc-tools to sanitize values and handle projects.

Client version number is output by openstack-auto-commands.


Fixes for openstack-doc-test:

  • Fix error handling, now really abort if an error occurs.
  • Avoid races in initial maven setup that broke build.
  • Add --parallel/noparallel flags to disable parallel building.


  • Fix openstack-doc-test building of image-api.
  • Fix publishing of api-ref.
  • Improve markdown conversion.


  • Improved openstack-auto-commands output
  • Fix script invocation in openstack-doc-test.


  • Fix openstack-doc-test niceness and syntax checks that always failed in api projects.
  • Fix building of image-api-v2


  • openstack-doc-test:

    • Fix building of identity-api and image-api books.
    • Add option --debug.
    • Generate log file for each build.
    • Do not install and in /usr/bin, use special scripts dir instead.
    • Allow to configure the directory used under publish-doc
  • generatedocbook and generatepot have been merged into a single file, the command has been renamed to openstack-generate-docbook/openstack-generate-pot. For compatibility, wrapper scripts are installed that will be removed in version 0.8.


  • Fix python packaging bugs that prevented sitepackages usage and installed .gitignore in packages


  • Test that resources in wadl files have an xml:id (lp:bug 1275007).
  • Improve formatting of python command line clients (lp:bug 1274699).
  • Copy all generated books to directory publish-docs in the git top-level (lp:blueprint draft-docs-on-docs-draft).
  • Requires now a config file in top-level git directory named doc-test.conf.
  • Allow building of translated manuals, these need to be setup first with "generatedocbook -l LANGUAGE -b BOOK".


  • New option --exceptions-file to pass list of files to ignore completely.
  • Major improvements for automatic generation of option tables.
  • New tool openstack-auto-commands to document python command line clients.


  • Fixes path for automated translation toolchain to fix lp:bug 1216153.
  • Validates .xsd .xsl and.xjb files in addition to .xml.
  • Fixes validation of WADL files to validate properly against XML schema.


  • Enables local copies of RNG schema for validation.
  • Enables ignoring directories when checking.


Initial release.