Tools used by OpenStack Documentation
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OpenStack Validation tool


openstack-doc-test [options]


openstack-doc-test allows to test the validity of the OpenStack documentation content.


General options


Special handling for api-site and other API repositories to handle WADL.

--build-file-exception BUILD_FILE_EXCEPTION

File that will be skipped during delete and build checks to generate depenencies. This should be done for invalid XML files only.


Try to build books using modified files.


Check that deleted files are not used.


Check that linked URLs are valid and reachable.


Check the niceness of files, for example whitespace.


Check the syntax of modified files.


Run all checks (default if no arguments are given).

--config-file PATH

Path to a config file to use. Multiple config files can be specified, with values in later files taking precedence.


Enable debug code.

--file-exception FILE_EXCEPTION

File that will be skipped during niceness and syntax validation.


Force the validation of all files and build all books.

-h, --help

Show help message and exit.

--ignore-dir IGNORE_DIR

Directory to ignore for building of manuals. The parameter can be passed multiple times to add several directories.

--language LANGUAGE, -l LANGUAGE

Build translated manual for language in path generate/$LANGUAGE .

--only-book ONLY_BOOK

Build each specified manual.


Build books in parallel (default).


Print list of files that are not included anywhere as part of check-build.


Setup content in publish-docs directory for publishing to external website.


Verbose execution.


Output version number.


Reads the file doc-test.conf in the top-level directory of the git repository for option processing.

Building of books will generate in the top-level directory of the git repository:

  • a directory publish-docs with a copy of the build results.
  • for each book build a log file named build-${book}.log.gz.