Tools used by OpenStack Documentation
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OpenStack Doc Tools

This repository contains tools used by the OpenStack Documentation project.

For more details, see the OpenStack Documentation wiki page.


Apache Maven must be installed to build the documentation.

To install Maven 3 for Ubuntu 12.04 and later, and Debian wheezy and later:

apt-get install maven

On Fedora:

yum install maven3

This package needs a few external dependencies including lxml. If you do not have lxml installed, you can either install python-lxml or have it installed automatically and build from sources. To build lxml from sources, you need a C compiler and the xml and xslt development packages installed.

To install python-lxml, execute the following based on your distribution.

On Fedora:

yum install python-lxml

On openSUSE:

zypper in python-lxml

On Ubuntu:

apt-get install python-lxml

For building from source, install the dependencies of lxml.

On openSUSE:

zypper in libxslt-devel

On Ubuntu:

apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev

Updating RNG schema files

The repository contains in the directory os_doc_tools/resources a local copy of some RNG schema files so that they do not need to be downloaded each time for validation of XML and WADL files.

Please see the README.txt in the directory for details on where these files come from.

Publishing of books

If you run the openstack-doc-test --check-build, it will copy all the books to the directory publish-docs in the top-level directory of your repository.

By default, it outputs a directory with the same name as the directory where the pom.xml file lives in, such as admin-guide-cloud. You can also check the output of the build job for the name.

Some books need special treatment and there are three options you can set in the file doc-test.conf:

  • book - the name of a book that needs special treatment
  • target_dir - the path of subdirectory starting at target that is the root for publishing
  • publish_dir - a new name to publish a book under

As an example, to publish the compute-api version 2 in the directory publish-docs/api/openstack-compute/2, use:

book = openstack-compute-api-2
target_dir = target/docbkx/webhelp/api/openstack-compute/2
publish_dir = api/openstack-compute/2

Note that these options can be specified multiple times and should always be used this way. You do not need to set publish_dir but if you set it, you need to use it every time.

Also note that these are optional settings, the logic in the tool is sufficient for many of the books.

Release notes


  • openstack-doc-test: Fix handling of ignore-dir parameter.
  • autohelp-wrapper: New tool to simplify the setup of an environment
  • Generates a listing of the configuration options changes that occured between 2 openstack releases.
  • add the 'dump' subcommand


  • openstack-doc-test: Output information about tested patch, special case entity files for book building. Remove special handling for high-availability-guide, it is not using asciidoc anymore.
  • New script in cleanup/retf for spell checking using the RETF rules. patch.
  • Fix entity handling in openstack-generate-docbook.


  • openstack-auto-commands: Improved screen generation and swift subcommand xml output.
  • openstack-doc-test: Warn about non-breaking space, enhance -v output, special case building of localized high-availability guide, fix for building changed identity-api repository.
  • New command openstack-jsoncheck to check for niceness of JSON files and reformat them.
  • openstack-autohelp: Update the default parameters. The tables are generated in the doc/common/tables/ dir by default, and the git repository for the project being worked on is looked at in a sources/ dir by default.


  • extract_swift_flags: Correctly parses existing tables and improve the output to ease the tables edition.
  • openstack-generate-docbook handles now the api-site project: Parameter --root gives root directory to use.
  • Remove obsoleted commands generatedocbook and generatepot. They have been obsoleted in 0.7.


  • openstack-doc-test: Handle changes in api-site project, new option --print-unused-files.
  • openstack-autohelp: Handle keystone_authtoken options.


  • Add --publish option to openstack-doc-test that does not publish the www directory to the wrong location.
  • Improvements for generation of option tables.


  • Fix openstack-doc-test to handle changes in api-site repository: Do not publish wadls directory, *.fo files and add api-ref-guides PDF files to index file for docs-draft.
  • Many improvements for generation of option tables.
  • Improvements for openstack-auto-commands: handle ironic, sahara; improve generated output.


Fixes for openstack-doc-test:

  • openstack-doc-test now validates JSON files for well-formed-ness and whitespace.
  • Create proper chapter title for markdown files.
  • Ignore publish-docs directory completely.
  • Do not check for xml:ids in wadl resource.
  • New option build_file_excepetion to ignore invalid XML files for dependency checking in build and syntax checks.

Fixes for autodoc-tools to sanitize values and handle projects.

Client version number is output by openstack-auto-commands.


Fixes for openstack-doc-test:

  • Fix error handling, now really abort if an error occurs.
  • Avoid races in initial maven setup that broke build.
  • Add --parallel/noparallel flags to disable parallel building.


  • Fix openstack-doc-test building of image-api.
  • Fix publishing of api-ref.
  • Improve markdown conversion.


  • Improved openstack-auto-commands output
  • Fix script invocation in openstack-doc-test.


  • Fix openstack-doc-test niceness and syntax checks that always failed in api projects.
  • Fix building of image-api-v2


  • openstack-doc-test:

    • Fix building of identity-api and image-api books.
    • Add option --debug.
    • Generate log file for each build.
    • Do not install and in /usr/bin, use special scripts dir instead.
    • Allow to configure the directory used under publish-doc
  • generatedocbook and generatepot have been merged into a single file, the command has been renamed to openstack-generate-docbook/openstack-generate-pot. For compatibility, wrapper scripts are installed that will be removed in version 0.8.


  • Fix python packaging bugs that prevented sitepackages usage and installed .gitignore in packages


  • Test that resources in wadl files have an xml:id (lp:bug 1275007).
  • Improve formatting of python command line clients (lp:bug 1274699).
  • Copy all generated books to directory publish-docs in the git top-level (lp:blueprint draft-docs-on-docs-draft).
  • Requires now a config file in top-level git directory named doc-test.conf.
  • Allow building of translated manuals, these need to be setup first with "generatedocbook -l LANGUAGE -b BOOK".


  • New option --exceptions-file to pass list of files to ignore completely.
  • Major improvements for automatic generation of option tables.
  • New tool openstack-auto-commands to document python command line clients.


  • Fixes path for automated translation toolchain to fix lp:bug 1216153.
  • Validates .xsd .xsl and.xjb files in addition to .xml.
  • Fixes validation of WADL files to validate properly against XML schema.


  • Enables local copies of RNG schema for validation.
  • Enables ignoring directories when checking.


Initial release.


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