37 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Brian Haley f31cfb2ef9 support image registries with authentication 5 months ago
Gage Hugo 22e50a5569 Update htk requirements 1 year ago
Thiago Brito 5a0ba49d50 Prepending library/ to docker official images 2 years ago
Andrii Ostapenko 1532958c80
Change helm-toolkit dependency version to ">= 0.1.0" 2 years ago
Mohammed Naser c7a45f166f Run chart-testing on all charts 2 years ago
Andrii Ostapenko 8f24a74bc7 Introduces templates linting 3 years ago
Andrii Ostapenko 731a6b4cfa Enable yamllint checks 3 years ago
Gage Hugo d14d826b26 Remove OSH Authors copyright 3 years ago
Tin Lam c199addf3c Update apiVersion 3 years ago
Steve Wilkerson b50fae62a4 Update kubernetes-entrypoint image reference 3 years ago
Steve Wilkerson c9acad238c Update Kubernetes version to 1.16.2 3 years ago
Evgeny L b77385c82f Uplift nfs-provisioner 4 years ago
caoyuan 040edeb79a Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs 4 years ago
Roy Tang (rt7380) 85bd731562 Expose Anti-Affinity Weight Setting 4 years ago
Pete Birley 2abf62ff4d OSH-Infra: Add emptydirs for tmp 4 years ago
Steve Wilkerson 84f30ec103 Add release-annotation to pod spec, add missing annotations 4 years ago
Chris Wedgwood 0c4e37391f 'NOP' cleanup for more consistent white-space use in charts 4 years ago
Pete Birley bb3ff98d53 Add release uuid to pods and rc objects 4 years ago
Jean-Philippe Evrard bf069b2311 Revert "Update OSH Author copyrights to OSF" 4 years ago
Matt McEuen 178aa271a4 Update OSH Author copyrights to OSF 4 years ago
Seungkyu Ahn a430533e6a Quoting node_select_value in Ingress Controller 4 years ago
Pete Birley b6a51fb57f Use current kubernetes API version 5 years ago
Sean Eagan f402171e42 Move to v0.3.1 of kubernetes-entrypoint 5 years ago
Steve Wilkerson e166432a98 Add manifest for image_repo_sync job 5 years ago
Steve Wilkerson aaffc4caf0 OSH-Infra: Update labels for chart components 5 years ago
Pete Birley b9336ca613 Helm-Toolkit: Kubernetes Entrypoint, simplify image dependencies 5 years ago
Sean Eagan db15b5e30b Support pod dependencies 5 years ago
Chris Wedgwood 3a8c00764c yaml cleanup: trim multiline strings 5 years ago
Pete Birley 3c101a6324 dependencies: move dynamic common deps under a 'dynamic.common' key 5 years ago
Pete Birley e0c688d7ee dependencies: move static dependencies under a 'static' key 5 years ago
portdirect 515494ca98 RBAC: Include release name in cluster roles to prevent collision 5 years ago
Sean Eagan 641c79c902 Add deep merge utility to helm-toolkit 5 years ago
Tin Lam 628fd3007d RBAC: Consolidate serviceaccounts and restrict rbac 5 years ago
portdirect dae9b82918 NFS-Provisioner: Add support to back NFS with volume claims 5 years ago
intlabs 8d290a20f5 NFS: RBAC rules 5 years ago
intlabs 436845541b Image local repo jobs and multiple namespace support 5 years ago
intlabs fd683f4241 Chart Runner: Add NFS provisoner and Docker Registry 5 years ago