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Add Networking Guide release notes for Newton.

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@ -101,6 +101,41 @@ Installation guide
* Created `cookiecutter <http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/installguide-cookiecutter/>`_
tool to ensure project specific guides have a consistent structure.
Networking guide
* Completely restructured the guide.
* Reorganized and rewrote the deployment examples using "building blocks" to
improve usability and understanding. After choosing either the Linux bridge
or Open vSwitch mechanism driver, the audience can deploy increasingly
complex architectures that build on prior simpler examples. Also reduced
duplication of content.
* Added service subnets.
* Added service function chaining.
* Added RBAC.
* Added subnet pools.
* Added address scopes.
* Added BGP dynamic routing.
* Added DPDK for Open vSwitch.
* Improved security groups.
* Improved address scopes.
* Improved SR-IOV.
* Improved DNS resolution.
* Improved high-availability for DHCP.
Operations guide