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@ -124,6 +124,53 @@ msgid ""
"to create asynchronous web applications. Used extensively in horizon."
msgstr "用于客户端建立异步web应用的web开发技术。在Horizon项目中用到。"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in April "
"2012, the fifth release of OpenStack. It included Compute (nova 2012.1), "
"Object Storage (swift 1.4.8), Image (glance), Identity (keystone), and "
"Dashboard (horizon). Essex is the code name for the fifth release of "
"OpenStack. The design summit took place in Boston, Massachusetts, US and "
"Essex is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
"算服务nova 2012.1对象存储swift 1.4.8镜像服务glance身份验证"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in February "
"of 2011. It included only Compute (nova) and Object Storage (swift). Bexar "
"is the code name for the second release of OpenStack. The design summit took "
"place in San Antonio, Texas, US, which is the county seat for Bexar county."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in the fall "
"of 2011, the fourth release of OpenStack. It included Compute (nova 2011.3), "
"Object Storage (swift 1.4.3), and the Image service (glance). Diablo is the "
"code name for the fourth release of OpenStack. The design summit took place "
"in the Bay Area near Santa Clara, California, US and Diablo is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
"算服务nova 2011.3对象存储swift 1.4.3和镜像服务glance。Diablo"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in the fall "
"of 2012, the sixth release of OpenStack. It includes Compute (nova), Object "
"Storage (swift), Identity (keystone), Networking (neutron), Image service "
"(glance), and Volumes or Block Storage (cinder). Folsom is the code name for "
"the sixth release of OpenStack. The design summit took place in San "
"Francisco, California, US and Folsom is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A high availability system design approach and associated service "
"implementation ensures that a prearranged level of operational performance "
@ -133,16 +180,53 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A list of permissions attached to an object. An ACL specifies which users or "
"system processes have access to objects. It also defines which operations "
"can be performed on specified objects. Each entry in a typical ACL specifies "
"a subject and an operation. For instance, the ACL entry ``(Alice, delete)`` "
"for a file gives Alice permission to delete the file."
msgstr ""
"作。对于实例文件的ACL条目``(Alice, delete)``给Alice删除这个文件权限。"
msgid ""
"A mechanism that allows IPv6 packets to be transmitted over an IPv4 network, "
"providing a strategy for migrating to IPv6."
msgstr "一种可以在IPv4的网络中传输IPv6包的机制提供了一种迁移到IPv6的策略。"
msgid ""
"A mechanism that allows many resources (for example, fonts, JavaScript) on a "
"web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which "
"the resource originated. In particular, JavaScript's AJAX calls can use the "
"XMLHttpRequest mechanism."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A minimal Linux distribution designed for use as a test image on clouds such "
"as OpenStack."
msgstr "在云环境例如OpenStack中用于测试镜像,按照最小的Linux发行版来设计。"
msgid ""
"A model that enables access to a shared pool of configurable computing "
"resources, such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services, "
"that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort "
"or service provider interaction."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A network protocol used by a network client to obtain an IP address from a "
"configuration server. Provided in Compute through the dnsmasq daemon when "
"using either the FlatDHCP manager or VLAN manager network manager."
msgstr ""
"用FlatDHCP manager或VLAN manager network manager时在计算Compute中提供。"
msgid ""
"A number of periodic processes run on the OpenStack Image service to support "
"caching. Replication services ensure consistency and availability through "
@ -153,6 +237,14 @@ msgstr ""
"务保证集群中的一致性和可用性。其它周期性进程包括auditors, updaters, 和 "
msgid ""
"A package commonly installed in VM images that performs initialization of an "
"instance after boot using information that it retrieves from the metadata "
"service, such as the SSH public key and user data."
msgstr ""
msgid "A packaged version enables you to use yum to install the package:"
msgstr "一个打包的版本可以使你能够使用 yum 来安装包:"
@ -161,10 +253,35 @@ msgid ""
msgstr "一部分软件通过网络可用于另外一部分软件。"
msgid ""
"A platform that provides a suite of desktop environments that users access "
"to receive a desktop experience from any location. This may provide general "
"use, development, or even homogeneous testing environments."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A project that is not officially endorsed by the OpenStack Foundation. If "
"the project is successful enough, it might be elevated to an incubated "
"project and then to a core project, or it might be merged with the main code "
msgstr ""
"一个尚未被OpenStack 基金会正式认可的项目。如果项目足够成功,它可能会被提升到"
msgid ""
"A project that ports the shell script-based project named DevStack to Python."
msgstr "一个项目将DevStack从shell脚本移植到Python。"
msgid ""
"A standalone service whose purpose is to receive requests, process data "
"operations such as copying, share migration or backup, and send back a "
"response after an operation has been completed."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A subset of API calls that are accessible to authorized administrators and "
"are generally not accessible to end users or the public Internet. They can "
@ -174,12 +291,40 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A system by which Internet domain name-to-address and address-to-name "
"resolutions are determined. DNS helps navigate the Internet by translating "
"the IP address into an address that is easier to remember. For example, "
"translating into All domains and their "
"components, such as mail servers, utilize DNS to resolve to the appropriate "
"locations. DNS servers are usually set up in a master-slave relationship "
"such that failure of the master invokes the slave. DNS servers might also be "
"clustered or replicated such that changes made to one DNS server are "
"automatically propagated to other active servers. In Compute, the support "
"that enables associating DNS entries with floating IP addresses, nodes, or "
"cells so that hostnames are consistent across reboots."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A worker daemon that creates and terminates virtual machine instances "
"through hypervisor APIs. For example:"
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A worker process that verifies the integrity of Object Storage objects, "
"containers, and accounts. Auditors is the collective term for the Object "
"Storage account auditor, container auditor, and object auditor."
msgstr ""
"用来验证对象存储对象、容器和帐号的完整性的 worker 进程。在这里,审计是对 "
"Object Storage 的帐号审计、容器审计和对象审计的总称。"
msgid "ACL"
msgstr "ACL"
@ -207,6 +352,14 @@ msgstr "API版本"
msgid "ATA over Ethernet (AoE)"
msgstr "ATA以太网(AoE)"
msgid ""
"AWS CloudFormation allows AWS users to create and manage a collection of "
"related resources. The Orchestration service supports a CloudFormation-"
"compatible format (CFN)."
msgstr ""
"AWS CloudFormation 允许 AWS 用户创建并管理一个相关资源的集合。Orchestration "
"服务支持 CloudFormation 兼容格式CFN。"
msgid "Accepts Image API calls for image discovery, retrieval, and storage."
msgstr "接收镜像API的调用诸如镜像发现、恢复、存储。"
@ -292,6 +445,38 @@ msgstr "亚马逊机器镜像(AMI)"
msgid "Amazon Ramdisk Image (ARI)"
msgstr "亚马逊内存盘镜像(ARI)"
msgid ""
"An IP address that a project can associate with a VM so that the instance "
"has the same public IP address each time that it boots. You create a pool of "
"floating IP addresses and assign them to instances as they are launched to "
"maintain a consistent IP address for maintaining DNS assignment."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An Identity API v3 entity. Represents a collection of projects, groups and "
"users that defines administrative boundaries for managing OpenStack Identity "
"entities. On the Internet, separates a website from other sites. Often, the "
"domain name has two or more parts that are separated by dots. For example, "
",,, or Also, a domain is an "
"entity or container of all DNS-related information containing one or more "
msgstr ""
"一个身份验证服务API v3 实体。代表定义了管理OpenStack身份验证实体的管理边界的"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage component that provides account services such as list, "
"create, modify, and audit. Do not confuse with OpenStack Identity service, "
"OpenLDAP, or similar user-account services."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An Object Storage worker that scans for and deletes account databases and "
"that the account server has marked for deletion."
@ -300,6 +485,26 @@ msgstr "对象存储维护者从数据库中查找并删除账户,账户的服
msgid "An OpenStack core project that provides object storage services."
msgstr "OpenStack核心项目之一提供对象存储服务。"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack grouped release of projects that came out in the spring of "
"2011. It included Compute (nova), Object Storage (swift), and the Image "
"service (glance). Cactus is a city in Texas, US and is the code name for the "
"third release of OpenStack. When OpenStack releases went from three to six "
"months long, the code name of the release changed to match a geography "
"nearest the previous summit."
msgstr ""
"在 2011 年春发布的一组包括多个项目的 OpenStack 版本。它包括 Computenova、"
"Object Storageswift和 Image 服务glance。Cactus 是位于美国德克萨斯州的"
"一个城市,它被用来作为 OpenStack 第三个发行版本的代码。在 OpenStack 的发行周"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack-native REST API that processes API requests by sending them to "
"the ``heat-engine`` over :term:`Remote Procedure Call (RPC)`."
msgstr ""
"一个OpenStack本地 REST API ,发送API请求到heat-engine通过远程过程调用(RPC)。"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack-supported hypervisor. KVM is a full virtualization solution for "
"Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-"
@ -317,6 +522,14 @@ msgid ""
"for OpenStack."
msgstr "一个集成的项目目标是为OpenStack编排多种云应用。"
msgid ""
"An integrated project that provide scalable and reliable Cloud Database-as-a-"
"Service functionality for both relational and non-relational database "
"engines. The project name of Database service is trove."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An operating system configuration management tool supporting OpenStack "
@ -414,12 +627,40 @@ msgstr "块存储 (cinder)"
msgid "Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)"
msgstr "边界网关协议(BGP)"
msgid ""
"Both Image service and Compute support encrypted virtual machine (VM) images "
"(but not instances). In-transit data encryption is supported in OpenStack "
"using technologies such as HTTPS, SSL, TLS, and SSH. Object Storage does not "
"support object encryption at the application level but may support storage "
"that uses disk encryption."
msgstr ""
msgid "CMDB"
msgstr "CMDB"
msgid "CentOS"
msgstr "CentOS"
msgid ""
"Certificate Authority or Certification Authority. In cryptography, an entity "
"that issues digital certificates. The digital certificate certifies the "
"ownership of a public key by the named subject of the certificate. This "
"enables others (relying parties) to rely upon signatures or assertions made "
"by the private key that corresponds to the certified public key. In this "
"model of trust relationships, a CA is a trusted third party for both the "
"subject (owner) of the certificate and the party relying upon the "
"certificate. CAs are characteristic of many public key infrastructure (PKI) "
msgstr ""
"证书授权中心Certificate Authority 或 Certification Authority。在密码学"
msgid ""
"Checks for missing replicas and incorrect or corrupted objects in a "
"specified Object Storage account by running queries against the back-end "
@ -428,6 +669,13 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Checks for missing replicas or incorrect objects in specified Object Storage "
"containers through queries to the SQLite back-end database."
msgstr ""
msgid "Chef"
msgstr "Chef"
@ -437,6 +685,14 @@ msgstr "CirrOS"
msgid "Client"
msgstr "客户端"
msgid ""
"Collection of Compute components that represent the global state of the "
"cloud; talks to services, such as Identity authentication, Object Storage, "
"and node/storage workers through a queue."
msgstr ""
"代表云全局状态的 Compute 组件的集合。它会通过队列和其它服务(如 Identity 验"
"证、对象计算、节点/存储 worker进行交流。"
msgid ""
"Collects event and metering data by monitoring notifications sent from "
@ -453,6 +709,11 @@ msgstr "公司租用特定的应用程序,以低成本的方式,为业务和
msgid "Conceptual architecture"
msgstr "概念架构"
msgid ""
"Configuration setting within RabbitMQ that enables or disables message "
"acknowledgment. Enabled by default."
msgstr "RabbitMQ内启用或禁用消息确认功能的参数设置。默认启用。"
msgid "Create a volume"
msgstr "新建卷"
@ -476,6 +737,15 @@ msgstr "DHCP代理"
msgid "DNS"
msgstr "DNS"
msgid ""
"Data that is only known to or accessible by a user and used to verify that "
"the user is who he says he is. Credentials are presented to the server "
"during authentication. Examples include a password, secret key, digital "
"certificate, and fingerprint."
msgstr ""
msgid "Database"
msgstr "数据库"
@ -494,6 +764,16 @@ msgstr "基于OpenStack组件设计。"
msgid "Desktop-as-a-Service"
msgstr "桌面即服务"
msgid ""
"Determines whether back-end members of a VIP pool can process a request. A "
"pool can have several health monitors associated with it. When a pool has "
"several monitors associated with it, all monitors check each member of the "
"pool. All monitors must declare a member to be healthy for it to stay active."
msgstr ""
msgid "Diablo"
msgstr "Diablo"
@ -524,6 +804,18 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. A network protocol that configures "
"devices that are connected to a network so that they can communicate on that "
"network by using the Internet Protocol (IP). The protocol is implemented in "
"a client-server model where DHCP clients request configuration data, such as "
"an IP address, a default route, and one or more DNS server addresses from a "
"DHCP server."
msgstr ""
msgid "Easily scalable for future growth"
msgstr "针对于未来的增长,可轻松扩展"
@ -663,6 +955,16 @@ msgstr "IaaS"
msgid "Icehouse"
msgstr "Icehouse"
msgid ""
"If a requested resource such as CPU time, disk storage, or memory is not "
"available in the parent cell, the request is forwarded to its associated "
"child cells. If the child cell can fulfill the request, it does. Otherwise, "
"it attempts to pass the request to any of its children."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Impassable limits for guest VMs. Settings include total RAM size, maximum "
"number of vCPUs, and maximum disk size."
@ -951,6 +1253,16 @@ msgstr "OpenStack 邮件列表"
msgid "OpenStack project that provides a dashboard, which is a web interface."
msgstr "提供web接口的仪表盘的OpenStack项目。"
msgid ""
"OpenStack project that provides an application catalog service so that users "
"can compose and deploy composite environments on an application abstraction "
"level while managing the application lifecycle. The code name of the project "
"is murano."
msgstr ""
"提供应用程序目录服务的 OpenStack 项目为用户提供了在管理应用程序生命周期的同"
"时,在应用程序抽象层上组合并部署复合型环境的功能。这个项目的代码名称是 "
msgid "OpenStack project that provides compute services."
msgstr "OpenStack核心项目之一提供计算服务。"
@ -970,6 +1282,14 @@ msgid ""
msgstr "启动模板和提供给API消费者回馈事件。"
msgid ""
"Organizes and stores objects in Object Storage. Similar to the concept of a "
"Linux directory but cannot be nested. Alternative term for an Image service "
"container format."
msgstr ""
msgid "Overview"
msgstr "概览"
@ -1118,9 +1438,26 @@ msgstr "RabbitMQ"
msgid "Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)"
msgstr "红帽企业Linux(RHEL)"
msgid ""
"Reducing the size of files by special encoding, the file can be decompressed "
"again to its original content. OpenStack supports compression at the Linux "
"file system level but does not support compression for things such as Object "
"Storage objects or Image service VM images."
msgstr ""
msgid "Routes information between the Block Storage processes."
msgstr "在块存储的进程之间路由信息。"
msgid ""
"Runs on a central management server and determines when to fire alarms. The "
"alarms are generated based on defined rules against events, which are "
"captured by the Telemetry Data Collection service's notification agents."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Runs on a central management server to poll for resource utilization "
"statistics for resources not tied to instances or compute nodes. Multiple "
@ -1246,6 +1583,17 @@ msgstr "镜像文件的存储仓库"
msgid "Storage types"
msgstr "存储类型"
msgid ""
"Stores and retrieves arbitrary unstructured data objects via a RESTful, HTTP "
"based API. It is highly fault tolerant with its data replication and scale-"
"out architecture. Its implementation is not like a file server with "
"mountable directories. In this case, it writes objects and files to multiple "
"drives, ensuring the data is replicated across a server cluster."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Stores and retrieves virtual machine disk images. OpenStack Compute makes "
"use of this during instance provisioning."
@ -1292,6 +1640,14 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "The Block Storage service consists of the following components:"
msgstr "块存储服务通常包含下列组件:"
msgid ""
"The Border Gateway Protocol is a dynamic routing protocol that connects "
"autonomous systems. Considered the backbone of the Internet, this protocol "
"connects disparate networks to form a larger network."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Compute service can send alerts through its notification system, which "
"includes a facility to create custom notification drivers. Alerts can be "
@ -1471,6 +1827,14 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The OpenStack project that implements clustering services and libraries for "
"the management of groups of homogeneous objects exposed by other OpenStack "
"services. The project name of Clustering service is senlin."
msgstr ""
msgid "The OpenStack stack uses the following storage types:"
msgstr "OpenStack堆栈使用下列存储类型"
@ -1505,6 +1869,15 @@ msgid ""
"plug-in agent."
msgstr "常见的代理L3(3层)DHCP(动态主机IP地址),以及插件代理。"
msgid ""
"The daemon, worker, or service that a client communicates with to access an "
"API. API endpoints can provide any number of services, such as "
"authentication, sales data, performance meters, Compute VM commands, census "
"data, and so on."
msgstr ""
msgid "The following Launchpad Bugs areas are available:"
msgstr "以下列出Launchpad Bug区"
@ -1567,6 +1940,17 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The persistent data store used to save and retrieve information for a "
"service, such as lists of Object Storage objects, current state of guest "
"VMs, lists of user names, and so on. Also, the method that the Image service "
"uses to get and store VM images. Options include Object Storage, local file "
"system, S3, and HTTP."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The practice of utilizing a secondary environment to elastically build "
"instances on-demand when the primary environment is resource constrained."
@ -1590,6 +1974,14 @@ msgid ""
"be associated with a fixed IP on a guest VM instance."
msgstr "将浮动IP从地址池中取出分配给客户虚拟机实例的进程。"
msgid ""
"The process that confirms that the user, process, or client is really who "
"they say they are through private key, secret token, password, fingerprint, "
"or similar method."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The project name for the Telemetry service, which is an integrated project "
"that provides metering and measuring facilities for OpenStack."
@ -1714,6 +2106,16 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Virtual network type that uses neither VLANs nor tunnels to segregate tenant "
"traffic. Each flat network typically requires a separate underlying physical "
"interface defined by bridge mappings. However, a flat network can contain "
"multiple subnets."
msgstr ""
"不使用 VLAN 和隧道技术进行租户网络分离的一个虚拟网络类型。每个扁平化网络通常"
msgid "WSGI middleware"
msgstr "WSGI中间件"

@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Virtual Machine Image Guide 0.9\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-07-14 06:08+0000\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-07-15 17:21+0000\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
@ -3355,19 +3355,6 @@ msgstr ""
"を明示的に設定する必要があります。OpenStack メタデータサーバーは、Amazon EC2 "
"のイメージにより使用される EC2 メタデータサービスを真似ています。"
msgid ""
"When converting an image file with Windows, ensure the virtio driver is "
"installed. Otherwise, you will get a blue screen when launching the image "
"due to lack of the virtio driver. Another option is to set the image "
"properties as below when you update the image in the Image service to avoid "
"this issue, but it will reduce performance significantly."
msgstr ""
"Windows のイメージファイルを変換するとき、virtio ドライバーがインストールされ"
"ていることを確認してください。そうでなければ、イメージの起動時に、virtio ドラ"
"題を避けるために Image サービスにあるイメージを更新するときに、イメージのプロ"
msgid ""
"When creating Block Storage volumes from images, also consider your "
"configured image properties. If you alter the core image properties, you "

@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Installation Guide 0.1\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-07-08 14:49+0000\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-07-15 17:21+0000\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
@ -4791,6 +4791,13 @@ msgstr ""
"Dashboard (horizon) は、クラウド管理者やユーザーがさまざまな OpenStack のリ"
msgid ""
"The Database service (trove) provides cloud provisioning functionality for "
"database engines."
msgstr ""
"Database サービス (trove) は、データベースエンジンをクラウドに展開する機能を"
msgid ""
"The Identity service authentication mechanism for services uses Memcached to "
"cache tokens. The memcached service typically runs on the controller node. "
@ -4956,6 +4963,15 @@ msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Orchestration service (heat) uses a `Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) "
"<>`_ "
"to create and manage cloud resources."
msgstr ""
"Orchestration サービス (heat) は、 `Heat オーケストレーションテンプレート "
"(HOT) <"
"html>`_ を使って、クラウドリソースの作成と管理を行います。"
msgid ""
"The Orchestration service uses templates to describe stacks. To learn about "
"the template language, see `the Template Guide <"

@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Installation Guide 0.1\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-07-15 05:09+0000\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-07-15 17:21+0000\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
@ -4811,6 +4811,13 @@ msgstr ""
"대시보드 (horizon) 는 클라우드 관리자와 사용자들이 다양한 OpenStack 자원과 서"
"비스를 관리 가능한 웹 인터페이스입니다."
msgid ""
"The Database service (trove) provides cloud provisioning functionality for "
"database engines."
msgstr ""
"데이터베이스 서비스 (trove) 는 데이터베이스 엔진을 위한 클라우드 프로비저닝 "
"기능을 제공합니다."
# auto translated by TM merge from project: openstack-manuals, version: stable-mitaka, DocId: doc/install-guide/source/locale/install-guide
msgid ""
"The Identity service authentication mechanism for services uses Memcached to "
@ -4979,6 +4986,15 @@ msgstr ""
"스를 포함합니다. 해당 프로젝트를 개별로 설치하거나 stand-alone 또는 연결된 엔"
"티티로 구성할 수 있습니다."
msgid ""
"The Orchestration service (heat) uses a `Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) "
"<>`_ "
"to create and manage cloud resources."
msgstr ""
"Orchestration 서비스 (heat)는 `Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) <http://"
">`_ 을 사용하"
"여 클라우드 자원을 생성 및 관리합니다."
# auto translated by TM merge from project: openstack-manuals, version: stable-liberty, DocId: doc/install-guide/source/locale/install-guide
msgid ""
"The Orchestration service uses templates to describe stacks. To learn about "

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# Akihiro Motoki <>, 2016. #zanata
# KATO Tomoyuki <>, 2016. #zanata
# Shu Muto <>, 2016. #zanata
# Yoshiki Eguchi <>, 2016. #zanata
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@ -9411,6 +9412,14 @@ msgstr "Red Hat Enterprise Linux"
msgid "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5"
msgstr "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5"
msgid ""
"Regardless of the overcommit ratio, an instance can not be placed on any "
"physical node with fewer raw (pre-overcommit) resources than the instance "
"flavor requires."
msgstr ""
msgid "Regions"
msgstr "リージョン"