Fix exclusion of ha-guide

The section that is commented out should include the description of the
ha-guide, currently that line of text appears in the wrong context under
the Admin guide.

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Dr. Jens Harbott 9 months ago
parent 62a0b3abb5
commit 65fdd57841

@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
<p>Manage and troubleshoot an OpenStack cloud</p>
<!-- TODO(jaegerandi): Enable once we have content again
<a href="/ha-guide/">High Availability Guide</a>
<p>Install and configure OpenStack for high availability</p>
<a href="/security-guide/">Security Guide</a>
<p>Guidelines and scenarios for creating more secure OpenStack clouds</p>
<a href="/image-guide/">Virtual Machine Image Guide</a><a href="/image-guide/ImageGuide.pdf">[PDF]</a>