Indicate bindep is for Linux only

Also adds link to issue tracking for a Mac bindep solution.

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@ -41,6 +41,12 @@ Various manuals are in subdirectories of the ``doc/`` directory.
Some pre-requisites are needed to build the guides. If you are using a Linux
operating system you can generate a report of missing local requirements with
the ``bindep`` command::
$ tox -e bindep
All guides are in the RST format. You can use ``tox`` to prepare
virtual environment and build all guides (HTML only):
@ -63,12 +69,6 @@ To build a specific guide with a PDF file, add a ``-pdf`` option like::
The generated PDF file will be copied to the root directory of the
generated HTML documentation.
To install all requirements to execute the commands above, on Linux you can
check the output of the ``bindep`` command. This tool reports missing
requirements for all build targets::
$ tox -e bindep
If you get this message `make: xelatex: No such file or directory` it means
your local environment does not have LaTeX installed. Read `Getting LaTeX
<>`_ for instructions.

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@ -18,6 +18,12 @@ automation of test activities.
Install dependencies for building documentation
.. note::
You cannot run :command:`tox -e bindep` on Mac OS X as it uses a Linux tool
to parse the information. `Issue logged here
* On Ubuntu or Debian:
.. code-block:: console