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  Adam Spiers 4a53589fea www-generator.py: cache expensive repo/project metadata to disk 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger ac26723259 Cleanup .gitignore 4 years ago
  qiaomin 48bb37d6ef Add "*.swo" to ".gitignore" file 5 years ago
  KATO Tomoyuki 31b31410f9 Factor out Install Guide for Debian with debconf 5 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger ed100316b4 Convert glossary to RST 5 years ago
  venkatamahesh 8f87fb477a Delete unnecessary /generated/ from .gitignore 5 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger cbeb4d5c5b Revert "Add reno for release-notes" 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 9432a6da0c Add reno for release-notes 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 25d1b7d617 Remove DocBook XML files for Install Guide 6 years ago
  Brian Moss faead21540 Add build-debian to .gitignore 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 52bbdc220f [install-guide-rst] Set up conditionals for distros 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger b84857108c Build translated RST manuals 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger a8224a68b5 Add RST Glossary 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 5db746f9e8 User Guides: Rename playground-user-guide to user-guides 6 years ago
  Anne Gentle 07540b4cf0 Adds Admin User Guide build to tox file 6 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 1b74d7ca0d Fix RST translation 6 years ago
  Christian Berendt 40b657f993 Use a static site generator to generate content in www 7 years ago
  Gauvain Pocentek cb4075048f Includes a basic HOT template guide 7 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger b0350b7734 Move cli generated files out of common 7 years ago
  Nicholas Chase 0d21ce440d Convert HA Guide to XML 7 years ago
  Martin Lopes 614e0b2f06 Edits and shuffles FWaaS content 7 years ago
  Sascha Peilicke 69219536f6 Re-add .tx/config 7 years ago
  daisy-ycguo 81a8a03535 Remove folder .tx from git tree 7 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 0621858e3e doc-tools: Ignore build-*.log.gz 7 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger ad92297e4b Create tox jobs for translated manual 7 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 64f06adfba Ignore publish-docs directory 7 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger a6ff7c625c Cleanup gitignore a bit 7 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger a9f98d343d Setup for openstack-doc-tools 7 years ago
  Pranav Salunke 515aaee3f3 Modified GitIgnore File for Vagrant 8 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 40a73e6db8 Build all Install Guides and HA Guide in gates 8 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 96b72db1a8 Ignore emacs backup files 8 years ago
  Victor Rodionov 7c288dc20c Update Nexenta driver doc 8 years ago
  Dolph Mathews e073803fd5 Ignore vim swap files 9 years ago
  annegentle 916c3383b7 Fix doc bugs - 9 years ago
  Jesse Andrews b6a28b0093 standardize capitalization: ReST -> REST 9 years ago
  Lorin Hochstein 7e9de9b325 Added info on how to build docs to the README. 10 years ago
  Lorin Hochstein a184a65e06 Removed and ignored auto-generated files. 10 years ago
  annegentle acca546883 Adds keystone pom.xml file 10 years ago