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  Joe Savak 12d9dde5ff bug 944097 adding apache license to openstack-manuals repo 9 years ago
  Tyler North 3aad9dbe45 bug 923273 edited the url 9 years ago
  Jenkins 4fe8df8ccb Merge "Provide updated install info for Fedora and EPEL." 9 years ago
  Jenkins ed996c3abf Merge "Updates the docs for using cloudpipe" 9 years ago
  Jenkins 0c2d348c0f Merge "Update the formatting of README" 9 years ago
  termie d7b3191ccb Update the formatting of README 9 years ago
  Vishvananda Ishaya 9af26f8c02 Updates the docs for using cloudpipe 9 years ago
  Russell Bryant ed645bc97f Provide updated install info for Fedora and EPEL. 9 years ago
  Russell Bryant 46d6759a0c Fix a couple of small content issues. 9 years ago
  Russell Bryant de3a12e103 Docbook element usage update of computeinstall.xml. 9 years ago
  Russell Bryant 526b313e76 Formatting changes only. 9 years ago
  Jesse Andrews f3e064c824 Use 3 columns instead of 2 + wall of text 9 years ago
  Jenkins b163bb855d Merge "Fix bug #928977 : Wrong glance endpoint services" 9 years ago
  James E. Blair eb4c05d77b Whitespace change. 9 years ago
  Jenkins 0330454d5f Merge "Fixes bug 891768. Fix git url to horizon project" 9 years ago
  Jenkins 7548e332ea Merge "Q-Admin: Essex-4 update" 9 years ago
  Anthony Young d1e1b85719 Add explanation on how to install maven on Ubuntu :) 9 years ago
  Jenkins 734d438594 Merge "add index pages of docs.openstack.org" 9 years ago
  Xiaohua Guan 9f750aac7e Update section "Deployment Tool for OpenStack using Puppet". Modified contents related to comments of https://review.openstack.org/1607. 9 years ago
  Jesse Andrews bde55c000b add index pages of docs.openstack.org 9 years ago
  Russell Bryant a05b789972 Silly reformatting. 9 years ago
  Jenkins b3a2a6e2fb Merge "Removed Hyper-V documentation, as it is no longer part of the code." 9 years ago
  Jenkins 1ba7adc462 Merge "standardize capitalization: ReST -> REST" 9 years ago
  razique 2141767576 Fix bug #928977 : Wrong glance endpoint services 9 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 1779db4ee4 Q-Admin: Essex-4 update 9 years ago
  Jenkins 30a754c281 Merge "Fix bug #912107" 9 years ago
  Brian Lamar 664fa2f8f1 Removed Hyper-V documentation, as it is no longer part of the code. 9 years ago
  Jesse Andrews b6a28b0093 standardize capitalization: ReST -> REST 9 years ago
  Jenkins 721b256f52 Merge "Fix bug #814149" 9 years ago
  Jenkins 50365c7cc9 Merge "Update volume attachments" 9 years ago
  annegentle 7decec8598 Fixes bug 941892 9 years ago
  annegentle 25e8c5d201 Fixes bug 899186, problems with markup meant lines went off the page in PDF 9 years ago
  annegentle 022328798b Adds version number to Image API calls, fixing bug 940416 9 years ago
  Brian Waldon eb2e571a46 Update volume attachments 9 years ago
  razique b6a1b7322f Fix bug #912107 9 years ago
  Brian Waldon 9810d21336 Adding volume-api wadl 9 years ago
  razique 8213ca2dde Fix bug #814149 9 years ago
  Jenkins e5945bab97 Merge "Fixed nova-manage floating command syntax." 9 years ago
  Jenkins e0acd60397 Merge "Fix the description of the --vnc_enabled option" 9 years ago
  Lorin Hochstein 701cf19ef8 Fixed nova-manage floating command syntax. 9 years ago
  dcramer fc23ef2833 Minor fixes for some validation errors in the wadls 9 years ago
  Adrian Smith 02c85ee7d5 Fixes bug 891768. Fix git url to horizon project 9 years ago
  annegentle 4c1d3f18ab Fixes bug 933842, API Quick Start mentioned free cloud 9 years ago
  Alvaro Lopez Garcia cf176808d1 Fix the description of the --vnc_enabled option 9 years ago
  annegentle ae53e96cbe Changes to TryStack endpoint for Compute API 9 years ago
  annegentle aef56ae791 More parameter cleanup and change to pom to pick up latest snapshot 9 years ago
  annegentle ca49ee5042 Adds example to identity authenticate command, needs debugging 9 years ago
  annegentle 4b0ab21f2c Adds api site including WADLs for Compute, Identity, and Image APIs 9 years ago
  annegentle 158a25d7da Change so section numbering is turned off in API Quick Start 9 years ago
  annegentle ad810e0b52 Removed intro text for even quicker quick start 9 years ago