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Anne Gentle ef44487101 Indicate bindep is for Linux only
Also adds link to issue tracking for a Mac bindep solution.

Change-Id: Ia7434fd556c510231a8e9e05c9715c13893715c5
2017-03-08 13:43:41 +00:00
Anne Gentle e83d3baffc Does not build PDF by default with tox -e docs
* Will build PDF by default when using publish though.

Change-Id: I3fc45c4ff657a394316a0bc5d71b2260507b80b3
2017-03-01 20:20:27 +09:00
Andreas Jaeger 2774316c83 Remove Jenkins mention
OpenStack CI does not use Jenkins anymore, generalize the wording.

Change-Id: I44c2e1f0c2e9f4dc97a553a6706275067bb104f4
2017-02-26 21:44:26 +02:00
Andreas Jaeger b06db69322 Document bindep usage
We use bindep to install our requirements, explain how to use it.

Also, add the bindep tox environment.

See also

Change-Id: Ief208e5649223d9d3577ee0a30afdc7db35a86a9
2017-02-24 18:38:46 +00:00
Ian Y. Choi 27b4230489 [README] Explains how to build PDFs
Change-Id: I6c4ff72c69c9a9877a8466fffe1a74a3e820f8d7
Implements: blueprint build-pdf-from-rst-guides
2017-02-21 08:41:53 -05:00
Anne Gentle fc89f3ebd2 Document how to build from old copies of the openstack-manuals repo
Also minor change to README.rst to not start sentence with a lowercase.

Change-Id: I434948da91e15cbce9feab270372b34ddf8f6a1c
2017-02-09 14:47:55 -06:00
KATO Tomoyuki 108c17a774 Use https instead of http for openstack sites
Change-Id: I85b773045b30b93183ef0daa3bb5afb26d193a08
2017-01-31 07:36:48 +09:00
Anne Gentle 44efc50ac5 Adds new CONTRIBUTING.txt and updates README.rst
* In response to openstack-dev ML thread at
* Proof-of-concept that we would get both a GitHub UI addition of a linked
CONTRIBUTING file as well as a Sphinx include directive in the more detailed
contributor guide.

Change-Id: Ibe4c46faa25697eac4819d8ff1b2722fe58f23bf
2017-01-11 11:47:29 +00:00
Flavio Percoco e73cf31813 Show team and repo badges on README
This patch adds the team's and repository's badges to the README file.
The motivation behind this is to communicate the project status and
features at first glance.

For more information about this effort, please read this email thread:

To see an example of how this would look like check:


Change-Id: I28487d4403825604a6c7e298ddf06e2dde4ee5df
2016-11-25 14:45:33 +01:00
KATO Tomoyuki 7494461c72 Cleanup README
Change-Id: I9e1ff4d53ad8aab78a5e99657ec6465868fbae77
2016-10-14 11:16:07 +09:00
wangqi 75fa296d09 just drop the 's' of Installation Guides in README.rst
Change-Id: If5ff51ef3da02c2431af6ab7e33964501237e6ea
2016-06-07 17:14:00 +08:00
Christian Berendt 66375a8ccd Cleanup README file
* remove deprecated tox environments
* remove deprecated Maven instructions
* cleanup syntax

Change-Id: I6b52a658ebd650f8a300a96d4bca200ba7ce687b
2016-05-18 12:22:16 +02:00
venkatamahesh eecafd59c1 [ha-guide] Changes after ha-guide is merged to manuals
Change-Id: Ibe0a5332405dab784d47d8d507b56a481b4b7602
2016-05-05 21:12:50 +05:30
venkatamahesh d3eda06967 [README] Add operations guide to list of guides
Change-Id: I0ed95e240e7ba2122ea577992162246f394818de
2016-05-02 10:32:52 +05:30
Jenkins 6e40770c88 Merge "Add 'generated files' section to contributor guide" 2016-04-13 13:51:04 +00:00
Peter Stachowski 1d1a0a8f57 Add 'generated files' section to contributor guide
Instructions for regenerating CLI reference files was
missing from the contributor guide.  This has been
added.  A reference to the document location was
added to the README.rst file.

Change-Id: I4af156ebbd9ddc08c1c80c1ebad6d05203caba91
2016-04-13 12:59:22 +00:00
Jiří Suchomel 2fd6bf3923 Update SUSE versions
Update existing OBS repository locations for openSUSE Leap 42.1
and SLES 12 SP1.

Change-Id: If978ec39dfd2695e570bf73742372b244d6dfa7f
2016-03-17 10:25:48 +01:00
venkatamahesh 5fab4e5bd9 [README] Remove Admin user guide from readme file
Change-Id: I3cc8f27a3b7e3786bb6006cb8441e2dbe575f9f7
2016-04-06 21:18:27 +05:30
venkatamahesh 80d420ee60 [README] Update the name of the guide
Change-Id: I9c7e30b47102652b7046eba47ab1dbf24dd37407
2016-04-02 11:17:09 +05:30
Vikram Hosakote 0878caedd5 openstack-manuals/README.rst has wrong path for

Fixed the glossary PDF file's path generated by mvn in README.rst.

Change-Id: Id5992a1ce34a74be640c1b33bb610605e8baaadd
2016-02-12 04:17:21 +00:00
KATO Tomoyuki 0b28e35206 Rewrite README for RST guides
At now, all guide are in RST format, except for glossary.
To reflect the situation, rewrite README.
Also, refer contributor guide for details.

Change-Id: If3c6434e582912edf226e3484f289355de632f19
2016-01-16 10:10:32 +09:00
KATO Tomoyuki 1f005801a5 [www] Update the links to Virtual Machine Image Guide
also, update the DocBook example to CLI Reference.

Change-Id: I5e0ac56fa5cc03e0fc79122b59d96af142e5a214
2016-01-06 22:05:57 +09:00
venkatamahesh e0e9c6a939 Update the documentation contributor guide link
Change-Id: I148e468b97c89a5a01cb9a3246f75e5b3f5b7e25
2015-12-10 14:31:41 +00:00
Xi Yang 7e4c47a579 Update guides in README.rst
The networking guide does not present in the manuals
list in the README.rst. Also, the list contained two
obsolete guides.

Update the list.

Change-Id: I9e48a23f5974ec9218d278b79eeca453a1e5ae2a
2015-11-29 06:35:22 +00:00
Akihiro Motoki d77dd9bb2e Update RST build instructions in README
Change-Id: I301edb870a16521a1c34f61c0bcd6ba4928306e5
2015-10-17 23:15:47 +09:00
Andreas Jaeger 25d1b7d617 Remove DocBook XML files for Install Guide
Remove DocBook XML files and rename directory from install-guide-rst to

Adjust everything so that publishing works.
Update README to remove DocBook XML Install Guide specific instructions.

Implements: blueprint installguide-liberty
Change-Id: If723c44c3c0383dc8ab8e53798d82e7f0ee2cc57
2015-08-19 16:35:31 +02:00
zhangguoqing 140f9dc81b Modified README about example of build specific guide
Change-Id: I549f3b2a98420b0ffcd92a472f866398c6635556
2015-05-03 15:16:04 +08:00
Andreas Jaeger 245a93598b Update Guides in README
Remove HA Guide, add HOT Guide and HOT reference.

Change-Id: Ic6b9e3880e4bb0812ba99459ac1b789b000cd480
2014-10-29 08:48:25 +01:00
Andreas Jaeger 06f99903e6 Update README.rst
Add more tox environments.

Change-Id: Ie7669d3e7ec9052d4ca987f0ed4d197d04ba6579
2014-10-13 16:42:04 +02:00
Christian Berendt 0d7d095ca1 Explain how to install maven on openSUSE
Change-Id: I5011238e102038198d139ad3620ded2d0eef0e53
2014-09-19 19:03:59 +02:00
Swapnil Kulkarni 2b34c69fe2 Update the yum install maven in README
Maven does not install on "yum install maven3" on Fedora20.
Searching for Maven3 package does not give any results.
The correct way to install Maven3 on Fedora is to
run "yum install maven" instead.
This installs Maven3 and its dependencies.

I think we need to update the documentation with that.

Change-Id: Iaf09e0ba8e293c27eaeb5d5c9b75ea18ab94c9e7
2014-08-12 11:34:17 +00:00
Andreas Jaeger 7d568249d1 Add Architecture Design Guide
Add Architecture Design Guide to various places.

Change-Id: I107ffb941b2abca7b17c0ad80735af4e7b6c4de3
2014-07-22 21:49:02 +02:00
Gauvain Pocentek 04384198f7 Update the list of guides in README.rst
Remove the security and training guides.
Add the CLI and config references.
Sort the list

Remove mention of gating tools.

Change-Id: I5e30d079e934c5c8bf1d57d3fe98fb15178d87ab
2014-07-12 19:58:35 +02:00
Jenkins 6ff20f7c66 Merge "Fixing path" 2014-02-24 15:08:06 +00:00
Jamie Hannaford fedbd81357 Fixing path
Change-Id: I2407c26ef9ec83a5286f336c83bd2eaa750d0873
2014-02-24 13:24:24 +01:00
Vic Howard 2eab545c0f typos in readme.rst
Attempting to fix some minor typos in the
  readme.rst file.

  Closes-Bug: #1281408

Change-Id: I567c9cede5bb9548e2e87b48eb7f4eec8921953b
2014-02-18 00:11:25 -05:00
Gauvain Pocentek 272f148975 Fix bullet list format in README.rst
Change-Id: I8a6fa088efab2fe501c2d318dbee94ecf047e888
2014-02-02 10:44:49 +01:00
Andreas Jaeger 902b6ecd62 Enhance README with contribution information
Add some more information on how to contribute.

Change-Id: I25250223f2960265e901912a0efe236a483a501d
2014-01-05 11:04:29 +01:00
Andreas Jaeger 1e8be6e26f Enhance README to explain gating tests
Add a short section on tox and how its used for gating the tests

Change-Id: Id0f2d233aa7446113f93f23db69be0664b160f45
2014-01-02 17:01:48 +01:00
annegentle 6a36869cfb Modernizes the README now that we have Foundation membership
Change-Id: Idba3c3bf158732c6c465e7feb8eba4fcc04ac498
2013-12-11 12:19:56 -06:00
Andreas Jaeger b731d55a64 Update README.rst
Some parts where outdated, let's write this differently. Also, fix
spelling of OpenStack.

Change-Id: I97344264cd31e493644e8ab15f6c2a45fcb10dc6
2013-12-04 21:07:43 +01:00
annegentle 5bf36c39a9 Updates README to reflect current directory structure
Change-Id: Ic756beeb1a0175a710dc683d832ee9cddd7603d0
2013-09-11 21:16:50 -05:00
atul jha de18497c4c Check if Maven is building the docs
Change-Id: I472377236dc2e76579d48338bc1eeda0dbd407a1
2012-10-26 00:49:29 +05:30
annegentle 658341e34c Minor edit to README to trigger build.
Change-Id: I445254cdcbffaae367e8dc4814c6e6e5ce4f191d
2012-10-02 14:48:54 -05:00
Lorin Hochstein fa1c1c7075 More on fetching data from metadata server for Fedora images.
* Added links RPMs for Fedora port of cloud-init
 * Added links to Yahoo's Openstack-Condense (Condenser)
 * Added a link to to EC2 docs on metadata service.

Patchset 2 fixes typos - metad and wtih plus fixes typo in README.rst.
Patchset 3 removes files I didn't mean to add, sitemap.xml and updates to .htaccess.
Patchset 4 really removes .htaccess. Really.

Change-Id: I5d1d33a2a63c2bfe93f82783f30879900498e4c0
2012-07-11 16:14:23 -05:00
Florian Haas 75292dd9c1 README.rst: remove references to mvn invocations in doc/
The doc/ directory has no pom.xml, thus "mvn clean generate-sources"
can't work from there. Remove the reference.

Change-Id: Ie85ae010e74aa918e29a8f7aaa1f61011ff43285
2012-05-29 18:30:28 +02:00
Florian Haas f8f0ef168f README.rst: use correct Ubuntu/Debian package names for Maven
In the official Ubuntu and Debian package repos, there's no "maven3"
package. The Maven 3 package is just named "maven", and its predecessor
is "maven2". Fix up package names.

Change-Id: I95384a4eb7252fc62ebd7b3ada9f491b7386259b
2012-05-29 18:30:28 +02:00
Tom Fifield d792a043b1 bug 948242 make doc use 'Administration' consistently
Changes the title and reference to titles of documents previously called
 "Admin Guide/Manual" to be "Administration Guide/Manual", as suggested in
bug 948242

Patched to get the Quantum Administrator Manual title to wrap correctly in PDF output.

Change-Id: I360d74c5ad16650c7b838541bb976680c0297b26
2012-05-16 11:05:20 -05:00
annegentle 0904ff4617 Update readme with maven3
Change-Id: I0667f66e5edf0fa7764c2c39b89dbb814844167a
2012-03-09 22:56:23 -06:00
termie d7b3191ccb Update the formatting of README
Also fixes a typo.

Change-Id: I8cdaf12da12f2afd4f8c622ef3b938b3cec3471d
2012-03-06 15:34:54 -08:00