OpenStack Manuals
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Mitaka release

  • Tracking of release notes in the releasenotes directory.

Configuration Reference

  • Completed RST conversion.
  • Documented Message service (zaqar).

High Availability Guide

  • Added the Highly available Shared File Systems API section.
  • Improved Pacemaker/Corosync cluster installation and configuration details.
  • Documented the Pacemaker cluster manager and Keepalived architecture details and limitations.
  • Added the MariaDB Galera cluster installation, configuration, and management details.
  • Improved the RabbitMQ section.

Installation Guide

  • Updated configuration for all services.
  • Added Shared File Systems (manila) content.
  • Added Database service (trove) content.

Networking Guide

  • Documentation of some of the new features in Mitaka.
  • New content including documentation for LBaaS, DNS integration, and macvtap ml2 driver.

Operations Guide

  • Added the Shared File Systems chapter.

User Guides

  • Reorganised the Admin User Guide content together with the Cloud Admin Guide content to create a new Administrator Guide.
  • Approximately one third of the Administrator Guide chapters received a thorough edit for style and consistency, following the contributor guide standard.
  • Troubleshooting chapters now have consistent formatting, which is a step toward improved troubleshooting sections.
  • The Admin User Guide content has been removed from OpenStack Docs since all files have been reorganised into the Administrator Guide.

Virtual Machine Image Guide

  • Completed RST conversion.

Command-Line Interface Reference

  • Completed RST conversion.
  • Documented that individual CLIs are deprecated in favor of the common OpenStack client.
  • Marked Identity API v2 as deprecated.
  • Added senlin, monasca, and cloudkitty clients.
  • Removed tuskar client because of retirement.

Architecture Design Guide

  • Completed RST conversion.

API Guides

  • New, cleaner landing page.
  • API Quick Start converted to RST with theme styling to match.
  • Compute API Guide now built from nova source tree.
  • Built draft swagger files.
  • Created templates for writing API guides for projects teams available in projects repositories.
  • Released fairy-slipper, a migration tool for WADL to RST plus API reference information.

Training Guides

  • Added the Upstream Training Archives (the list of past global and local Upstream Training events).
  • Added the bug report links to each slide and the landing page.
  • Enabled translation.


  • Japanese
    • Published the Networking Guide.
    • Published the Upstream Training.
  • Korean
    • Published the Upstream Training.
  • German
    • Published the Upstream Training.