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msgid "(RADOS)"
msgstr "(RADOS)"
msgid ""
"**CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux:**"
msgstr ""
"**CentOS、Fedora、Red Hat Enterprise Linux:**"
msgid ""
"**openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:**"
msgstr ""
"**openSUSE、SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:**"
msgid "0-9"
msgstr "0-9"
msgid "6to4"
msgstr "6to4"
msgid "A"
msgstr "A"
msgid "A BLOB of data held by Object Storage; can be in any format."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage により保持されるデータの BLOB。あらゆる形式の可能性がある。"
msgid ""
"A Block Storage component that creates, attaches, and detaches persistent "
"storage volumes."
msgstr ""
"永続ストレージボリュームを作成、接続、切断する Block Storage コンポーネント。"
msgid ""
"A Block Storage component that oversees and coordinates storage volume "
msgstr ""
"ストレージボリュームの操作を監督、調整する、Block Storage のコンポーネント。"
msgid "A Block Storage node that runs the cinder-volume daemon."
msgstr "cinder-volume デーモンを実行する Block Storage ノード。"
msgid ""
"A Block Storage volume plug-in that enables communication with the Xen "
"Storage Manager API."
msgstr ""
"Xen Storage Manager API と通信できる Block Storage ボリュームプラグイン。"
msgid ""
"A Ceph component that communicates with external clients, checks data state "
"and consistency, and performs quorum functions."
msgstr ""
"する、Ceph コンポーネント。"
msgid ""
"A Compute RabbitMQ message queue that remains active when the server "
msgstr ""
"サーバーの再起動時に有効なままとなる、Compute RabbitMQ メッセージキュー。"
msgid ""
"A Compute RabbitMQ setting that determines whether a message exchange is "
"automatically created when the program starts."
msgstr ""
"Compute の RabbitMQ の設定。"
msgid ""
"A Compute back-end database table that contains the current workload, amount "
"of free RAM, and number of VMs running on each host. Used to determine on "
"which host a VM starts."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A Compute component that determines where VM instances should start. Uses "
"modular design to support a variety of scheduler types."
msgstr ""
"仮想マシンインスタンスが起動する場所を決める、Compute のコンポーネント。さま"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that enables OpenStack to communicate with Amazon EC2."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack が Amazon EC2 を利用できるようにするための Compute のコンポーネン"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that manages IP address allocation, firewalls, and other "
"network-related tasks. This is the legacy networking option and an "
"alternative to Networking."
msgstr ""
"IP アドレス割り当て、ファイアウォール、その他ネットワーク関連タスクを管理す"
"る Compute のコンポーネント。レガシーネットワークのオプション。Networking の"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that provides dnsmasq and radvd and sets up forwarding "
"to and from cloudpipe instances."
msgstr ""
"dnsmasq と radvd を提供し、cloudpipe インスタンスとの転送処理をセットアップす"
"る、Compute のコンポーネント。"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that provides users access to the consoles of their VM "
"instances through VNC or VMRC."
msgstr ""
"ユーザーが VNC や VMRC 経由で仮想マシンインスタンスのコンソールにアクセスでき"
"るようにする Compute のコンポーネント。"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that, along with the notification system, collects "
"meters and usage information. This information can be used for billing."
msgstr ""
"通知システムと一緒に動作し、計測項目と使用状況を収集する、Compute のコンポー"
msgid ""
"A Compute daemon that orchestrates the network configuration of nodes, "
"including IP addresses, VLANs, and bridging. Also manages routing for both "
"public and private networks."
msgstr ""
"IP アドレス、VLAN、ブリッジなど、ードのネットワーク設定をオーケストレーショ"
"ンする Compute のデーモン。また、パブリックネットワークとプライベートネット"
msgid ""
"A Compute networking method where the OS network configuration information "
"is injected into the VM image before the instance starts."
msgstr ""
"インスタンスの起動前に、OS のネットワーク設定情報を仮想マシンイメージ内に注入"
"する、Compute のネットワーク方式。"
msgid ""
"A Compute option that enables parent cells to pass resource requests to "
"child cells if the parent cannot provide the requested resource."
msgstr ""
"事を可能にする Compute のオプション。"
msgid ""
"A Compute process that determines the suitability of the VM instances for a "
"job for a particular host. For example, not enough RAM on the host, too many "
"CPUs on the host, and so on."
msgstr ""
"断する、Compute の処理。例えば、ホストのメモリー不足、ホストの CPU 過剰など。"
msgid "A Debian-based Linux distribution."
msgstr "Debian ベースの Linux ディストリビューション。"
msgid "A Java program that can be embedded into a web page."
msgstr "Web ページの中に組み込める Java プログラム。"
msgid "A Linux distribution compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr "OpenStack と互換性のある Linux ディストリビューション。"
msgid "A Linux distribution that is compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr "OpenStack と互換性のある Linux ディストリビューション。"
msgid "A Networking extension that provides perimeter firewall functionality."
msgstr "境界ファイアウォール機能を提供する Networking 拡張。"
msgid ""
"A Networking plug-in for Cisco devices and technologies, including UCS and "
msgstr "UCS や Nexus などの Cisco デバイスや技術の Networking プラグイン。"
msgid ""
"A SQLite database that contains Object Storage accounts and related metadata "
"and that the accounts server accesses."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage のアカウントと関連メタデータを保持し、アカウントサーバーがアク"
"セスする、SQLite データベース。"
msgid ""
"A SQLite database that stores Object Storage containers and container "
"metadata. The container server accesses this database."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage コンテナーとコンテナーメタデータを保存する SQLite データベー"
msgid ""
"A Shared File Systems service that provides a stable RESTful API. The "
"service authenticates and routes requests throughout the Shared File Systems "
"service. There is python-manilaclient to interact with the API."
msgstr ""
"安定版の RESTful API を提供する Shared File Systems サービス。 Shared File "
"Systems サービスへのすべてのリクエストの認証と転送を行う。この API と通信する"
"ための python-manilaclient が提供されています。"
msgid ""
"A VM image that does not save changes made to its volumes and reverts them "
"to their original state after the instance is terminated."
msgstr ""
msgid "A VM instance that runs on a host."
msgstr "ホストで動作する仮想マシンインスタンス。"
msgid ""
"A VM state where no changes occur (no changes in memory, network "
"communications stop, etc); the VM is frozen but not shut down."
msgstr ""
"変更が発生しない (メモリーの変更なし、ネットワーク通信の停止など)、仮想マシン"
msgid ""
"A Windows project providing guest initialization features, similar to cloud-"
msgstr "cloud-init 同様のゲスト初期化機能を提供する Windows プロジェクト。"
msgid ""
"A XenAPI component that provides a pluggable interface to support a wide "
"variety of persistent storage back ends."
msgstr ""
"能なインターフェースを提供する XenAPI コンポーネント。"
msgid ""
"A bit is a single digit number that is in base of 2 (either a zero or one). "
"Bandwidth usage is measured in bits per second."
msgstr ""
"ビットは、2 を基数とする単一のデジタル数値 (0 または 1)。帯域使用量は、ビット"
"毎秒 (bps) で計測される。"
msgid ""
"A blob of data that the user can specify when they launch an instance. The "
"instance can access this data through the metadata service or config drive. "
"Commonly used to pass a shell script that the instance runs on boot."
msgstr ""
"インスタンス起動時にユーザが指定できる BLOB データ。インスタンスはこのデータ"
msgid ""
"A cinder component that interacts with back-end storage to manage the "
"creation and deletion of volumes and the creation of compute volumes, "
"provided by the cinder-volume daemon."
msgstr ""
"エンドのストレージと相互作用する cinder のコンポーネント。cinder-volume デー"
msgid ""
"A collection of command-line tools for administering VMs; most are "
"compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"仮想マシンを管理するためのコマンドラインツール群。ほとんどは OpenStack と互換"
msgid ""
"A collection of components that provides object storage within Ceph. Similar "
"to OpenStack Object Storage."
msgstr ""
"Ceph 内にオブジェクトストレージを提供するコンポーネント群。OpenStack Object "
"Storage に似ている。"
msgid ""
"A collection of files for a specific operating system (OS) that you use to "
"create or rebuild a server. OpenStack provides pre-built images. You can "
"also create custom images, or snapshots, from servers that you have "
"launched. Custom images can be used for data backups or as \"gold\" images "
"for additional servers."
msgstr ""
"イルの集合。OpenStack は構築済みイメージを提供する。起動したサーバーからカス"
msgid "A collection of hypervisors grouped together through host aggregates."
msgstr "ホストアグリゲートにより一緒にグループ化されたハイパーバイザーの集合。"
msgid ""
"A collection of servers that can share IPs with other members of the group. "
"Any server in a group can share one or more public IPs with any other server "
"in the group. With the exception of the first server in a shared IP group, "
"servers must be launched into shared IP groups. A server may be a member of "
"only one shared IP group."
msgstr ""
"グループの他のメンバーと IP を共有できるサーバー群。グループ内のサーバーは、"
"そのグループ内の他のサーバーと 1 つ以上のパブリック IP を共有できる。共有 IP "
"グループにおける 1 番目のサーバーを除き、サーバーは共有 IP グループの中で起動"
"する必要がある。サーバーは、共有 IP グループ 1 つだけのメンバーになれる。"
msgid ""
"A collection of specifications used to access a service, application, or "
"program. Includes service calls, required parameters for each call, and the "
"expected return values."
msgstr ""
msgid "A comment with additional information that explains a part of the text."
msgstr "本文を補足する説明コメントです。"
msgid ""
"A community project may be elevated to this status and is then promoted to a "
"core project."
msgstr ""
msgid "A compute service that creates VPNs on a per-project basis."
msgstr "プロジェクトごとの VPN を作成するコンピュートのサービス。"
msgid ""
"A configurable option within Object Storage to automatically delete objects "
"after a specified amount of time has passed or a certain date is reached."
msgstr ""
"めの Object Storage の設定オプション。"
msgid ""
"A content delivery network is a specialized network that is used to "
"distribute content to clients, typically located close to the client for "
"increased performance."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A controlled reboot where a VM instance is properly restarted through "
"operating system commands."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A daemon that listens to a queue and carries out tasks in response to "
"messages. For example, the cinder-volume worker manages volume creation and "
"deletion on storage arrays."
msgstr ""
"cinder-volume ワーカーは、ストレージにおけるボリュームの作成と削除を管理しま"
msgid "A database engine supported by the Database service."
msgstr "Database サービスがサポートしているデータベースエンジン。"
msgid ""
"A default role in the Compute RBAC system that can quarantine an instance in "
"any project."
msgstr ""
"あらゆるプロジェクトにあるインスタンスを検疫できる、Compute RBAC システムにお"
msgid ""
"A device that moves data in the form of blocks. These device nodes interface "
"the devices, such as hard disks, CD-ROM drives, flash drives, and other "
"addressable regions of memory."
msgstr ""
"スク、CD-ROM ドライブ、フラッシュドライブ、その他のアドレス可能なメモリの範囲"
msgid ""
"A directory service, which allows users to login with a user name and "
"password. It is a typical source of authentication tokens."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A discrete OpenStack environment with dedicated API endpoints that typically "
"shares only the Identity (keystone) with other regions."
msgstr ""
"専用の API エンドポイントを持つ、分離した OpenStack 環境。一般的に Identity "
"(keystone) のみを他のリージョンと共有する。"
msgid "A disk storage protocol tunneled within Ethernet."
msgstr "Ethernet 内をトンネルされるディスクストレージプロトコル。"
msgid ""
"A distributed memory object caching system that is used by Object Storage "
"for caching."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage がキャッシュのために使用する、メモリーオブジェクトの分散キャッ"
msgid ""
"A distributed, highly fault-tolerant file system designed to run on low-cost "
"commodity hardware."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A domain within a parent domain. Subdomains cannot be registered. Subdomains "
"enable you to delegate domains. Subdomains can themselves have subdomains, "
"so third-level, fourth-level, fifth-level, and deeper levels of nesting are "
msgstr ""
"ンを委譲できる。サブドメインは、サブドメインを持てるので、第 3 階層、第 4 階"
"層、第 5 階層と深い階層構造にできる。"
msgid ""
"A driver for the Modular Layer 2 (ML2) neutron plug-in that provides layer-2 "
"connectivity for virtual instances. A single OpenStack installation can use "
"multiple mechanism drivers."
msgstr ""
"仮想インスタンス向けに L2 接続性を提供する、ML2 neutron プラグイン向けのドラ"
"イバー。単一の OpenStack インストール環境が、複数のメカニズムドライバーを使用"
msgid ""
"A feature of Compute that allows the unprivileged \"nova\" user to run a "
"specified list of commands as the Linux root user."
msgstr ""
"非特権の「nova」ユーザーが Linux の root ユーザーとして指定したコマンド一覧を"
"実行できるようにする、Compute の機能。"
msgid ""
"A feature of the load-balancing service. It attempts to force subsequent "
"connections to a service to be redirected to the same node as long as it is "
msgstr ""
"負荷分散サービスの機能の 1 つ。ノードがオンラインである限り、強制的に一連の接"
msgid ""
"A file sharing protocol. It is a public or open variation of the original "
"Server Message Block (SMB) protocol developed and used by Microsoft. Like "
"the SMB protocol, CIFS runs at a higher level and uses the TCP/IP protocol."
msgstr ""
"ファイル共有プロトコル。 Microsoft が開発し使用している Server Message Block "
"(SMB) プロトコルが公開されオープンになったものです。 SMB プロトコルと同様"
"に、 CIFS は上位レイヤーで動作し、TCP/IP プロトコルを使用します。"
msgid ""
"A file system designed to aggregate NAS hosts, compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"NAS ホストを集約するために設計されたファイルシステム。OpenStack と互換性があ"
msgid ""
"A file used to customize a Compute instance. It can be used to inject SSH "
"keys or a specific network configuration."
msgstr ""
"Compute インスタンスをカスタマイズするために使用されるファイル。SSH 鍵や特定"
msgid ""
"A generic term for virtualization of network functions such as switching, "
"routing, load balancing, and security using a combination of VMs and "
"overlays on physical network infrastructure."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A great way to get answers and insights is to post your question or "
"problematic scenario to the OpenStack mailing list. You can learn from and "
"help others who might have similar issues. To subscribe or view the "
"archives, go to the `general OpenStack mailing list <http://lists.openstack."
"org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/openstack>`_. If you are interested in the "
"other mailing lists for specific projects or development, refer to `Mailing "
"Lists <>`_."
msgstr ""
"回答や洞察を得るための良い方法は、質問や問題のある状況を OpenStack メーリング"
"りできます。メーリングリストの購読やアーカイブの参照は `OpenStack 全般メーリ"
"ングリスト <>`_ "
"に興味がある場合は、 `メーリングリスト <"
"Mailing_Lists>`_ を参照してください。"
msgid ""
"A group of fixed and/or floating IP addresses that are assigned to a project "
"and can be used by or assigned to the VM instances in a project."
msgstr ""
"る、 Fixed IP アドレスと Floating IP アドレスのグループ。"
msgid ""
"A group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side "
"to create asynchronous web applications. Used extensively in horizon."
msgstr ""
"非同期 Web アプリケーションを作成する為にクライアント側で使用される相互関係の"
"ある Web 開発技術の集合。Horizon で広く使用されている。"
msgid ""
"A group of related button types within horizon. Buttons to start, stop, and "
"suspend VMs are in one class. Buttons to associate and disassociate floating "
"IP addresses are in another class, and so on."
msgstr ""
"Horizon 内で関連するボタン種別のグループ。仮想マシンを起動、停止、休止するボ"
"タンは、1 つのクラスにある。Floating IP アドレスを関連付ける、関連付けを解除"
msgid ""
"A group of users; used to isolate access to Compute resources. An "
"alternative term for a project."
msgstr ""
"ユーザーのグループ。Compute リソースへのアクセスを分離するために使用される。"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in April "
"2012, the fifth release of OpenStack. It included Compute (nova 2012.1), "
"Object Storage (swift 1.4.8), Image (glance), Identity (keystone), and "
"Dashboard (horizon). Essex is the code name for the fifth release of "
"OpenStack. The design summit took place in Boston, Massachusetts, US and "
"Essex is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
"2012年月に登場した OpenStack 関連プロジェクトのリリース。Compute (nova "
"2012.1), Object Storage (swift 1.4.8), Image (glance), Identity (keystone), "
"Dashboard (horizon) が含まれる。Essex は、OpenStack の 5 番目のリリースのコー"
"た。Essex はその近郊都市。"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in February "
"of 2011. It included only Compute (nova) and Object Storage (swift). Bexar "
"is the code name for the second release of OpenStack. The design summit took "
"place in San Antonio, Texas, US, which is the county seat for Bexar county."
msgstr ""
"2011 年 2 月に登場した OpenStack 関連プロジェクトのリリース。Compute (nova) "
"と Object Storage (swift) が含まれる。Bexar は OpenStack の 2 番目のコード"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in the fall "
"of 2011, the fourth release of OpenStack. It included Compute (nova 2011.3), "
"Object Storage (swift 1.4.3), and the Image service (glance). Diablo is the "
"code name for the fourth release of OpenStack. The design summit took place "
"in the Bay Area near Santa Clara, California, US and Diablo is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
"2011年秋に登場した OpenStack 関連プロジェクトのリリース。Compute (nova "
"2011.3)、Object Storage (swift 1.4.3)、Image service (glance) が含まれる。"
"Diablo は、OpenStack の 4 番目のリリースのコード名。デザインサミットは、アメ"
"Diablo はその近郊都市。"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in the fall "
"of 2012, the sixth release of OpenStack. It includes Compute (nova), Object "
"Storage (swift), Identity (keystone), Networking (neutron), Image service "
"(glance), and Volumes or Block Storage (cinder). Folsom is the code name for "
"the sixth release of OpenStack. The design summit took place in San "
"Francisco, California, US and Folsom is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
"2012年秋に登場した OpenStack 関連プロジェクトのリリース。Compute (nova), "
"Object Storage (swift), Identity (keystone), Networking (neutron), Image "
"service (glance)、Volumes 又は Block Storage (cinder) が含まれる。Folsom は、"
"OpenStack の 6 番目のリリースのコード名。デザインサミットは、アメリカ合衆国カ"
"リフォルニア州サンフランシスコで開催された。Folsom は、その近郊都市。"
msgid ""
"A high availability system design approach and associated service "
"implementation ensures that a prearranged level of operational performance "
"will be met during a contractual measurement period. High availability "
"systems seek to minimize system downtime and data loss."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A horizon component that stores and tracks client session information. "
"Implemented through the Django sessions framework."
msgstr ""
"クライアントセッションの保持と追跡を行う Horizon のコンポーネント。 Django の"
msgid ""
"A hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds (private, community or "
"public) that remain distinct entities but are bound together, offering the "
"benefits of multiple deployment models. Hybrid cloud can also mean the "
"ability to connect colocation, managed and/or dedicated services with cloud "
msgstr ""
"ハイブリッドクラウドは、複数のクラウド (プライベート、コミュニティー、パブ"
"リック) の組み合わせ。別々のエンティティーのままですが、一緒にまとめられる。"
msgid ""
"A kind of web service API that uses REST, or Representational State "
"Transfer. REST is the style of architecture for hypermedia systems that is "
"used for the World Wide Web."
msgstr ""
"REST を使用する Web サービス API の 1 種。REST は、WWW 向けに使用される、ハイ"
msgid ""
"A lightweight SQL database, used as the default persistent storage method in "
"many OpenStack services."
msgstr ""
"軽量 SQL データベース。多くの OpenStack サービスでデフォルトの永続ストレージ"
msgid ""
"A list of API endpoints that are available to a user after authentication "
"with the Identity service."
msgstr "Identity による認証後、ユーザーが利用可能な API エンドポイントの一覧。"
msgid ""
"A list of URL and port number endpoints that indicate where a service, such "
"as Object Storage, Compute, Identity, and so on, can be accessed."
msgstr ""
"URL やポート番号のエンドポイントの一覧。Object Storage、Compute、Identity な"
msgid "A list of VM images that are available through Image service."
msgstr "Image service 経由で利用可能な仮想マシンイメージの一覧。"
msgid ""
"A list of permissions attached to an object. An ACL specifies which users or "
"system processes have access to objects. It also defines which operations "
"can be performed on specified objects. Each entry in a typical ACL specifies "
"a subject and an operation. For instance, the ACL entry ``(Alice, delete)`` "
"for a file gives Alice permission to delete the file."
msgstr ""
"が行えるかを定義する。通常のアクセス制御リスト (ACL) の項目では対象項目と操作"
"を指定する。例えば、あるファイルに対して ``(Alice, delete)`` という ACL 項目"
"が定義されると、 Alice にファイルを削除する許可が付与される。"
msgid ""
"A list of projects that can access a given VM image within Image service."
msgstr ""
"Image サービス内で指定した仮想マシンイメージにアクセスできるプロジェクトの一"
msgid ""
"A load balancer is a logical device that belongs to a cloud account. It is "
"used to distribute workloads between multiple back-end systems or services, "
"based on the criteria defined as part of its configuration."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A logical set of devices, such as web servers, that you group together to "
"receive and process traffic. The load balancing function chooses which "
"member of the pool handles the new requests or connections received on the "
"VIP address. Each VIP has one pool."
msgstr ""
"Web サーバーなどのデバイスの論理的な集合。一緒にトラフィックを受け、処理する"
"ために、グループ化する。負荷分散機能は、プール内のどのメンバーが仮想 IP アド"
"レスで受信した新規リクエストや接続を処理するかを選択します。各仮想 IP は 1 つ"
msgid ""
"A mechanism that allows IPv6 packets to be transmitted over an IPv4 network, "
"providing a strategy for migrating to IPv6."
msgstr ""
"IPv6 パケットを IPv4 ネットワーク経由で送信するための機構。IPv6 に移行する手"
msgid ""
"A mechanism that allows many resources (for example, fonts, JavaScript) on a "
"web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which "
"the resource originated. In particular, JavaScript's AJAX calls can use the "
"XMLHttpRequest mechanism."
msgstr ""
"Web ページのさまざまなリソース (例: フォント、JavaScript) を、リソースのある"
"ドメインの外部から要求できるようになる機能。とくに、JavaScript の AJAX コール"
"が XMLHttpRequest 機能を使用できる。"
msgid ""
"A message that is stored both in memory and on disk. The message is not lost "
"after a failure or restart."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A message that is stored in memory and is lost after the server is restarted."
msgstr "メモリーに保存され、サービスの再起動後に失われるメッセージ。"
msgid ""
"A method for making file systems available over the network. Supported by "
msgstr ""
"ネットワーク経由でファイルシステムを利用可能にある方式。OpenStack によりサ"
msgid ""
"A method of VM live migration used by KVM to evacuate instances from one "
"host to another with very little downtime during a user-initiated "
"switchover. Does not require shared storage. Supported by Compute."
msgstr ""
"ンスタンスを退避するために、KVM により使用される仮想マシンのライブマイグレー"
"ションの方法。共有ストレージ不要。Compute によりサポートされる。"
msgid ""
"A method of operating system installation where a finalized disk image is "
"created and then used by all nodes without modification."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A method to establish trusts between identity providers and the OpenStack "
msgstr "認証プロバイダーと OpenStack クラウド間で信頼を確立する方法。"
msgid ""
"A method to further subdivide availability zones into hypervisor pools, a "
"collection of common hosts."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A minimal Linux distribution designed for use as a test image on clouds such "
"as OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack などのクラウドでテストイメージとして使用するために設計された最小の "
"Linux ディストリビューション。"
msgid ""
"A model that enables access to a shared pool of configurable computing "
"resources, such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services, "
"that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort "
"or service provider interaction."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A network authentication protocol which works on the basis of tickets. "
"Kerberos allows nodes communication over a non-secure network, and allows "
"nodes to prove their identity to one another in a secure manner."
msgstr ""
"チケットベースで機能するネットワーク認証プロトコル。 Kerberos により、安全で"
msgid ""
"A network protocol that configures devices that are connected to a network "
"so that they can communicate on that network by using the Internet Protocol "
"(IP). The protocol is implemented in a client-server model where DHCP "
"clients request configuration data, such as an IP address, a default route, "
"and one or more DNS server addresses from a DHCP server. A method to "
"automatically configure networking for a host at boot time. Provided by both "
"Networking and Compute."
msgstr ""
"ネットワークに接続されたデバイスが、そのネットワーク上で IP を使用して通信で"
"ルは、クライアントサイドモデルで実装されている。DHCP クライアントは、IP アド"
"レス、デフォルトルート、1 つ以上の DNS サーバーアドレス設定データを要求する。"
"起動時にホストのネットワーク設定を自動的に行う手段である。 Networking と "
"Compute の両サービスで提供されている。"
msgid ""
"A network protocol used by a network client to obtain an IP address from a "
"configuration server. Provided in Compute through the dnsmasq daemon when "
"using either the FlatDHCP manager or VLAN manager network manager."
msgstr ""
"管理サーバーから IP アドレスを取得するために、ネットワーククライアントにより"
"使用されるネットワークプロトコル。FlatDHCP マネージャーや VLAN マネージャー使"
"用時、dnsmasq デーモン経由で Compute で提供される。"
msgid ""
"A network protocol used by network devices for control messages. For "
"example, :command:`ping` uses ICMP to test connectivity."
msgstr ""
"ば、:command:`ping` は接続性をテストするために ICMP を使用する。"
msgid "A network segment typically used for instance Internet access."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A network segment used for administration, not accessible to the public "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A network segment used for instance traffic tunnels between compute nodes "
"and the network node."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A network virtualization technology that attempts to reduce the scalability "
"problems associated with large cloud computing deployments. It uses a VLAN-"
"like encapsulation technique to encapsulate Ethernet frames within UDP "
msgstr ""
"するためのネットワーク仮想化技術。VLAN のようなカプセル化技術を使用して、"
"Ethernet フレームを UDP パケット内にカプセル化する。"
msgid "A node that provides the Object Storage proxy service."
msgstr "Object Storage プロキシサービスを提供するノード。"
msgid ""
"A node that runs Object Storage account, container, and object services."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage のアカウントサービス、コンテナーサービス、オブジェクトサービス"
msgid ""
"A node that runs network, volume, API, scheduler, and image services. Each "
"service may be broken out into separate nodes for scalability or "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A node that runs the nova-compute daemon that manages VM instances that "
"provide a wide range of services, such as web applications and analytics."
msgstr ""
"nova-compute デーモン、Web アプリケーションや分析のような幅広いサービスを提供"
msgid ""
"A notification driver that monitors VM instances and updates the capacity "
"cache as needed."
msgstr ""
"VM インスタンスを監視し、必要に応じて容量キャッシュを更新する通知ドライバ。"
msgid ""
"A number within a database that is incremented each time a change is made. "
"Used by Object Storage when replicating."
msgstr ""
"変更が行われる度に増加するデータベース内の数値。Object Storage が複製を行う際"
msgid ""
"A package commonly installed in VM images that performs initialization of an "
"instance after boot using information that it retrieves from the metadata "
"service, such as the SSH public key and user data."
msgstr ""
"メタデータサービスから取得した、SSH 公開鍵やユーザーデータなどの情報を使用し"
msgid "A persistent storage method supported by XenAPI, such as iSCSI or NFS."
msgstr "iSCSI や NFS など、XenAPI によりサポートされる永続ストレージ方式。"
msgid "A person who plans, designs, and oversees the creation of clouds."
msgstr "クラウドの作成を計画、設計および監督する人。"
msgid ""
"A personality that a user assumes to perform a specific set of operations. A "
"role includes a set of rights and privileges. A user assuming that role "
"inherits those rights and privileges."
msgstr ""
msgid "A physical computer, not a VM instance (node)."
msgstr "物理コンピューター。仮想マシンインスタンス (ノード) ではない。"
msgid ""
"A physical or virtual device that provides connectivity to another device or "
msgstr "他のデバイスやメディアに接続する物理デバイスまたは仮想デバイス。"
msgid ""
"A physical or virtual network device that passes network traffic between "
"different networks."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A piece of software that makes available another piece of software over a "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A platform that provides a suite of desktop environments that users access "
"to receive a desktop experience from any location. This may provide general "
"use, development, or even homogeneous testing environments."
msgstr ""
msgid "A plug-in for the OpenStack Dashboard (horizon)."
msgstr "OpenStack Dashboard (horizon) のプラグイン。"
msgid ""
"A point-in-time copy of an OpenStack storage volume or image. Use storage "
"volume snapshots to back up volumes. Use image snapshots to back up data, or "
"as \"gold\" images for additional servers."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack ストレージボリュームやイメージの、ある時点でのコピー。ストレージの"
msgid ""
"A pre-made VM image that serves as a cloudpipe server. Essentially, OpenVPN "
"running on Linux."
msgstr ""
"cloudpipe サーバとしてサービスを行う為の、予め用意された VM イメージ。本質的"
"には Linux 上で実行される OpenVPN。"
msgid ""
"A process that is created when a RPC call is executed; used to push the "
"message to the topic exchange."
msgstr ""
"RPC コールが実行されるときに作成されるプロセス。メッセージをトピック交換者に"
msgid ""
"A process that runs in the background and waits for requests. May or may not "
"listen on a TCP or UDP port. Do not confuse with a worker."
msgstr ""
"バックグラウンドで動作し、リクエストを待機するプロセス。TCP ポートや UDP ポー"
msgid ""
"A program that keeps the Image service VM image cache at or below its "
"configured maximum size."
msgstr ""
"Image service の仮想マシンイメージキャッシュを設定した最大値以下に保つプログ"
msgid ""
"A programming language that is used to create systems that involve more than "
"one computer by way of a network."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A project that ports the shell script-based project named DevStack to Python."
msgstr ""
"DevStack という名前のシェルスクリプトベースのプロジェクトを Python に移植する"
msgid "A recommended architecture for an OpenStack cloud."
msgstr "OpenStack クラウドの推奨アーキテクチャー。"
msgid ""
"A record that specifies information about a particular domain and belongs to "
"the domain."
msgstr "特定のドメインに関する情報を指定し、ドメインに所属するレコード。"
msgid ""
"A remote, mountable file system in the context of the :term:`Shared File "
"Systems service<Shared File Systems service (manila)>`. You can mount a "
"share to, and access a share from, several hosts by several users at a time."
msgstr ""
":term:`Shared File Systems サービス <Shared File Systems service (manila)>` "
msgid "A routing algorithm in the Compute RabbitMQ."
msgstr "Compute RabbitMQ におけるルーティングアルゴリズム。"
msgid ""
"A routing table that is created within the Compute RabbitMQ during RPC "
"calls; one is created for each RPC call that is invoked."
msgstr ""
"RPC コール中に Compute RabbitMQ 内で作成されるルーティングテーブル。関連する"
"各 RPC コールに対して作成されるもの。"
msgid ""
"A running VM, or a VM in a known state such as suspended, that can be used "
"like a hardware server."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A scheduling method used by Compute that randomly chooses an available host "
"from the pool."
msgstr ""
"利用可能なホストをプールからランダムに選択する、Compute により使用されるスケ"
msgid "A scripting language that is used to build web pages."
msgstr "Web ページを構築するために使用されるスクリプト言語。"
msgid ""
"A security model that focuses on data confidentiality and controlled access "
"to classified information. This model divides the entities into subjects and "
"objects. The clearance of a subject is compared to the classification of the "
"object to determine if the subject is authorized for the specific access "
"mode. The clearance or classification scheme is expressed in terms of a "
msgstr ""
"ティーモデル。このモデルは、エンティティーをサブジェクト (主体) とオブジェク"
"ト (対象) に分ける。サブジェクトが特定のアクセスモードを許可されるかどうかを"
msgid ""
"A set of OpenStack resources created and managed by the Orchestration "
"service according to a given template (either an AWS CloudFormation template "
"or a Heat Orchestration Template (HOT))."
msgstr ""
"指定されたテンプレート (AWS CloudFormation テンプレートまたは Heat "
"Orchestration Template (HOT)) に基づいて、Orchestration により作成、管理され"
"る OpenStack リソース群。"
msgid ""
"A set of network traffic filtering rules that are applied to a Compute "
msgstr ""
"Compute のインスタンスに適用される、ネットワーク通信のフィルタリングルールの"
msgid ""
"A set of segment objects that Object Storage combines and sends to the "
msgstr ""
"Object Storage が結合し、クライアントに送信する、オブジェクトの断片の塊。"
msgid ""
"A special Object Storage object that contains the manifest for a large "
msgstr ""
"大きなオブジェクト向けのマニフェストを含む、特別な Object Storage のオブジェ"
msgid ""
"A special type of VM image that is booted when an instance is placed into "
"rescue mode. Allows an administrator to mount the file systems for an "
"instance to correct the problem."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A specification that, when implemented by a physical PCIe device, enables it "
"to appear as multiple separate PCIe devices. This enables multiple "
"virtualized guests to share direct access to the physical device, offering "
"improved performance over an equivalent virtual device. Currently supported "
"in OpenStack Havana and later releases."
msgstr ""
"物理 PCIe デバイスにより実装されるとき、複数の別々の PCIe デバイスとして見え"
msgid ""
"A standardized interface for managing compute, data, and network resources, "
"currently unsupported in OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"フェース。現在 OpenStack でサポートされない。"
msgid ""
"A string of text provided to the client after authentication. Must be "
"provided by the user or process in subsequent requests to the API endpoint."
msgstr ""
"認証後にクライアントに提供されるテキスト文字列。API エンドポイントに続くリク"
msgid ""
"A subset of API calls that are accessible to authorized administrators and "
"are generally not accessible to end users or the public Internet. They can "
"exist as a separate service (keystone) or can be a subset of another API "
msgstr ""
"ネットがアクセスできない、API コールのサブセット。専用のサービス (keystone) "
"が存在し、他の API (nova) のサブセットになる可能性がある。"
msgid ""
"A system by which Internet domain name-to-address and address-to-name "
"resolutions are determined. DNS helps navigate the Internet by translating "
"the IP address into an address that is easier to remember. For example, "
"translating into All domains and their "
"components, such as mail servers, utilize DNS to resolve to the appropriate "
"locations. DNS servers are usually set up in a master-slave relationship "
"such that failure of the master invokes the slave. DNS servers might also be "
"clustered or replicated such that changes made to one DNS server are "
"automatically propagated to other active servers. In Compute, the support "
"that enables associating DNS entries with floating IP addresses, nodes, or "
"cells so that hostnames are consistent across reboots."
msgstr ""
"システム。DNS は、IP アドレスを人間が覚えやすいアドレスに変換することにより、"
"インターネットを参照しやすくする。例えば、 を に変"
"換する。すべてのドメイン、メールサーバーなどのコンポーネントは、DNS を利用し"
"て、適切な場所を解決する。DNS サーバーは、マスターの障害がスレーブにより助け"
"られるよう、一般的にマスターとスレーブの関係で構築する。DNS サーバーは、ある "
"DNS サーバーへの変更が他の動作中のサーバーに自動的に反映されるよう、クラス"
"ター化やレプリケーションされることもある。 Compute では、 Floating IP アドレ"
"ス、ノード、セルを DNS エントリーに関連付けることができ、リブートの前後でホス"
msgid ""
"A system that provides services to other system entities. In case of "
"federated identity, OpenStack Identity is the service provider."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack Identity がサービスプロバイダーとなる。"
msgid ""
"A tool to automate system configuration and installation on Debian-based "
"Linux distributions."
msgstr ""
"Debian 系の Linux ディストリビューションでシステム設定やインストールを自動化"
msgid ""
"A tool to automate system configuration and installation on Red Hat, Fedora, "
"and CentOS-based Linux distributions."
msgstr ""
"Red Hat、Fedora、CentOS 系の Linux ディストリビューションにおいて、システム設"
msgid "A type of VM image that exists as a single, bootable file."
msgstr "単独の、ブート可能なファイルとして存在する仮想マシンイメージの形式。"
msgid ""
"A type of image file that is commonly used for animated images on web pages."
msgstr "Web ページのアニメーション画像によく使用される画像ファイルの形式。"
msgid ""
"A type of reboot where a physical or virtual power button is pressed as "
"opposed to a graceful, proper shutdown of the operating system."
msgstr ""
msgid "A unique ID given to each replica of an Object Storage database."
msgstr "Object Storage データベースの各レプリカに与えられる一意な ID。"
msgid ""
"A unit of storage within Object Storage used to store objects. It exists on "
"top of devices and is replicated for fault tolerance."
msgstr ""
"オブジェクトを保存するために使用される、Object Storage 内の保存単位。デバイス"
msgid ""
"A user-created Python module that is loaded by horizon to change the look "
"and feel of the dashboard."
msgstr ""
"ダッシュボードのルックアンドフィールを変更する為に Horizon がロードする、ユー"
"ザが作成した Python モジュール。"
msgid ""
"A virtual network port within Networking; VIFs / vNICs are connected to a "
msgstr ""
"Networking 内の仮想ネットワークポート。仮想インターフェースや仮想 NIC は、"
msgid ""
"A virtual network that provides connectivity between entities. For example, "
"a collection of virtual ports that share network connectivity. In Networking "
"terminology, a network is always a layer-2 network."
msgstr ""
"を共有する仮想ポート群。Networking の用語では、ネットワークは必ず L2 ネット"
msgid "A web framework used extensively in horizon."
msgstr "Horizon 中で広く使用される Web フレームワーク。"
msgid ""
"A worker process that verifies the integrity of Object Storage objects, "
"containers, and accounts. Auditors is the collective term for the Object "
"Storage account auditor, container auditor, and object auditor."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage のオブジェクト、コンテナー、アカウントの完全性を検証するワー"
"カープロセス。auditor は、Object Storage アカウント auditor、コンテナー "
"auditor、オブジェクト auditor の総称。"
msgid ""
"A wrapper used by the Image service that contains a VM image and its "
"associated metadata, such as machine state, OS disk size, and so on."
msgstr ""
"仮想マシンイメージ、および、マシンの状態や OS ディスク容量などの関連メタデー"
"タを含む、Image service により使用されるラッパー。"
msgid "API endpoint"
msgstr "API エンドポイント"
msgid "API extension"
msgstr "API 拡張"
msgid "API extension plug-in"
msgstr "API 拡張プラグイン"
msgid "API key"
msgstr "API キー"
msgid "API server"
msgstr "API サーバー"
msgid "API token"
msgstr "API トークン"
msgid ""
"API used to access OpenStack Networking. Provides an extensible architecture "
"to enable custom plug-in creation."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack Networking にアクセスするために利用する API。独自プラグインを作成で"
msgid "API version"
msgstr "API バージョン"
msgid "ATA over Ethernet (AoE)"
msgstr "ATA over Ethernet (AoE)"
msgid ""
"AWS CloudFormation allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) users to create and "
"manage a collection of related resources. The Orchestration service supports "
"a CloudFormation-compatible format (CFN)."
msgstr ""
"AWS CloudFormation を使うと、Amazon Web Services (AWS) ユーザーは関連するリ"
"ソース群の作成、管理が可能。オーケストレーションサービスは CloudFormation 互"
"換形式 (CFN) をサポートしている。"
msgid "AWS CloudFormation template"
msgstr "AWS CloudFormation テンプレート"
msgid ""
"Absolute limit on the amount of network traffic a Compute VM instance can "
"send and receive."
msgstr ""
"Compute の仮想マシンインスタンスが送受信できるネットワーク通信量の絶対制限。"
msgid "Active Directory"
msgstr "Active Directory"
msgid ""
"Acts as the gatekeeper to Object Storage and is responsible for "
"authenticating the user."
msgstr "Object Storage へのゲートとして動作する。ユーザーの認証に責任を持つ。"
msgid "Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)"
msgstr "Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)"
msgid "Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)"
msgstr "Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)"
msgid "Advanced RISC Machine (ARM)"
msgstr "Advanced RISC Machine (ARM)"
msgid ""
"All OpenStack core projects are provided under the terms of the Apache "
"License 2.0 license."
msgstr ""
"すべての OpenStack コアプロジェクトは Apache License 2.0 ライセンスの条件で提"
msgid "Alphanumeric ID assigned to each Identity service role."
msgstr "各 Identity service ロールに割り当てられる英数 ID。"
msgid "Alternative name for the :term:`Image API`."
msgstr ":term:`Image API` の別名。"
msgid "Alternative name for the Block Storage API."
msgstr "Block Storage API の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a Networking plug-in or Networking API extension."
msgstr "Networking プラグインや Networking API 拡張の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a RabbitMQ message exchange."
msgstr "RabbitMQ メッセージ交換の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a VM image."
msgstr "VM イメージの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a VM instance type."
msgstr "VM インスタンスタイプの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a VM or guest."
msgstr "仮想マシンやゲストの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a cloud controller node."
msgstr "クラウドコントローラーノードの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a cloudpipe."
msgstr "cloudpipe の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a fixed IP address."
msgstr "Fixed IP アドレスの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a flavor ID."
msgstr "フレーバー ID の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a non-durable exchange."
msgstr "非永続交換の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a non-durable queue."
msgstr "非永続キューの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a virtual network."
msgstr "仮想ネットワークの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for a volume plug-in."
msgstr "ボリュームプラグインの別名。"
msgid ""
"Alternative term for an API extension or plug-in. In the context of Identity "
"service, this is a call that is specific to the implementation, such as "
"adding support for OpenID."
msgstr ""
"API 拡張やプラグインの別名。Identity service では、OpenID のサポートの追加な"
msgid "Alternative term for an API token."
msgstr "API トークンの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for an Identity service catalog."
msgstr "Identity サービスカタログの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for an Identity service default token."
msgstr "Identity service デフォルトトークンの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for an Object Storage authorization node."
msgstr "Object Storage 認可ノードの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for an admin API."
msgstr "管理 APIadmin APIの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for an ephemeral volume."
msgstr "エフェメラルボリュームの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for an image."
msgstr "イメージの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for instance UUID."
msgstr "インスタンス UUID の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for non-durable."
msgstr "非永続の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for project."
msgstr "プロジェクトの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for the :term:`Compute API <Compute API (nova API)>`."
msgstr ":term:`Compute API <Compute API (nova API)>` の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for the Identity service API."
msgstr "Identity service API の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for the Identity service catalog."
msgstr "Identity サービスカタログの別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for the Image service :term:`image registry`."
msgstr ":term:`イメージレジストリー <image registry>` の別名。"
msgid "Alternative term for the Image service registry."
msgstr "Image service レジストリの別名。"
msgid "Amazon Kernel Image (AKI)"
msgstr "Amazon Kernel Image (AKI)"
msgid "Amazon Machine Image (AMI)"
msgstr "Amazon Machine Image (AMI)"
msgid "Amazon Ramdisk Image (ARI)"
msgstr "Amazon Ramdisk Image (ARI)"
msgid ""
"An API endpoint used for both service-to-service communication and end-user "
msgstr ""
"サービス間通信やエンドユーザーの操作などに使用される API エンドポイント。"
msgid ""
"An API on a separate endpoint for attaching, detaching, and creating block "
"storage for compute VMs."
msgstr ""
"コンピュート VM 用のブロックストレージの作成、接続、接続解除を行うための API "
msgid "An API that is accessible to projects."
msgstr "プロジェクトにアクセス可能な API。"
msgid ""
"An Amazon EBS storage volume that contains a bootable VM image, currently "
"unsupported in OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"ブート可能な仮想マシンイメージを含む Amazon EBS ストレージボリューム。現在 "
"OpenStack では未サポート。"
msgid ""
"An Amazon EC2 concept of an isolated area that is used for fault tolerance. "
"Do not confuse with an OpenStack Compute zone or cell."
msgstr ""
"耐障害性のために使用されるエリアを分離する Amazon EC2 の概念。OpenStack "
"Compute のゾーンやセルと混同しないこと。"
msgid ""
"An HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail proxy server, and a generic TCP/UDP "
"proxy server."
msgstr ""
"HTTP プロキシーサーバー、リバースプロキシーサーバー、メールプロキシーサー"
"バー、汎用 TCP/UDP プロキシーサーバー。"
msgid ""
"An IP address that a project can associate with a VM so that the instance "
"has the same public IP address each time that it boots. You create a pool of "
"floating IP addresses and assign them to instances as they are launched to "
"maintain a consistent IP address for maintaining DNS assignment."
msgstr ""
"インスタンスを起動するたびに同じパブリック IP アドレスを持てるように、プロ"
"ジェクトが仮想マシンに関連付けられる IP アドレス。DNS 割り当てを維持するため"
"に、Floating IP アドレスのプールを作成し、インスタンスが起動するたびにそれら"
"をインスタンスに割り当て、一貫した IP アドレスを維持します。"
msgid ""
"An IP address that can be assigned to a VM instance within the shared IP "
"group. Public IP addresses can be shared across multiple servers for use in "
"various high-availability scenarios. When an IP address is shared to another "
"server, the cloud network restrictions are modified to enable each server to "
"listen to and respond on that IP address. You can optionally specify that "
"the target server network configuration be modified. Shared IP addresses can "
"be used with many standard heartbeat facilities, such as keepalive, that "
"monitor for failure and manage IP failover."
msgstr ""
"共有 IP グループ内の仮想マシンインスタンスに割り当てられる IP アドレス。パブ"
"リック IP アドレスは、さまざまな高可用性のシナリオで使用するために複数サー"
"バーにまたがり共有できる。IP アドレスが別のサーバーと共有されるとき、クラウド"
"のネットワーク制限が変更され、各サーバーがリッスンでき、その IP アドレスに応"
"を指定できる。共有 IP アドレスは、keepalive などの多くの標準的なハートビート"
"機能と一緒に使用でき、エラーをモニターし、IP のフェイルオーバーを管理しる。"
msgid "An IP address that is accessible to end-users."
msgstr "エンドユーザがアクセス可能な IP アドレス。"
msgid ""
"An IP address that is associated with the same instance each time that "
"instance boots, is generally not accessible to end users or the public "
"Internet, and is used for management of the instance."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An IP address used for management and administration, not available to the "
"public Internet."
msgstr ""
"管理のために使用される IP アドレス。パブリックなインターネットから利用できま"
msgid ""
"An IP address, typically assigned to a router, that passes network traffic "
"between different networks."
msgstr ""
"異なるネットワーク間でネットワーク通信を中継する、IP アドレス。一般的にはルー"
msgid ""
"An Identity API v3 entity. Represents a collection of projects, groups and "
"users that defines administrative boundaries for managing OpenStack Identity "
"entities. On the Internet, separates a website from other sites. Often, the "
"domain name has two or more parts that are separated by dots. For example, "
",,, or Also, a domain is an "
"entity or container of all DNS-related information containing one or more "
msgstr ""
"Identity API v3 のエンティティー。プロジェクト、グループ、ユーザーの集合体"
"で、 OpenStack Identity のエンティティー管理において管理境界を定義するための"
"くの場合、ドメイン名はドット区切りの 2 以上の部分から構成される。例えば、 "
",,, など。また、ドメインは、DNS "
"関連情報のエンティティーや 1 つ以上のレコードを持つ DNS 関連の情報の入れ物を"
msgid ""
"An Identity service API access token that is associated with a specific "
msgstr ""
"特定のプロジェクトに関連付けられた Identity サービス API アクセストークン。"
msgid ""
"An Identity service API endpoint that is associated with one or more "
msgstr ""
"1 つ以上のプロジェクトと関連付けられた Identity サービス API エンドポイント。"
msgid ""
"An Identity service component that manages and validates tokens after a user "
"or project has been authenticated."
msgstr ""
"ユーザーやプロジェクトが認証された後、トークンを管理し、検証する Identity の"
msgid ""
"An Identity service feature that enables services, such as Compute, to "
"automatically register with the catalog."
msgstr ""
"自動的にカタログに登録するために、Compute などのサービスを有効化する、"
"Identity の機能。"
msgid ""
"An Identity service that lists API endpoints that are available to a user "
"after authentication with the Identity service."
msgstr ""
"ユーザーが Identity で認証後、利用可能な API エンドポイントを一覧表示する、"
"Identity のサービス。"
msgid ""
"An Identity service token that is not associated with a specific project and "
"is exchanged for a scoped token."
msgstr ""
"れる、Identity のトークン。"
msgid ""
"An Identity v3 API entity. Represents a collection of users that is owned by "
"a specific domain."
msgstr ""
"Identity v3 API のエンティティーで、特定のドメイン内のユーザーの集合を表す。"
msgid "An Image service VM image that is available to all projects."
msgstr "すべてのプロジェクトが利用できる Image サービスの仮想マシンイメージ。"
msgid "An Image service VM image that is only available to specified projects."
msgstr ""
"指定したプロジェクトのみで利用可能な Image サービスの仮想マシンイメージ。"
msgid ""
"An Image service container format that indicates that no container exists "
"for the VM image."
msgstr ""
"仮想マシンイメージ用のコンテナーが存在しないことを意味する、Image service の"
msgid ""
"An Image service that provides VM image metadata information to clients."
msgstr ""
"クライアントに仮想マシンイメージメタデータ情報を提供する Image service。"
msgid ""
"An Internet Protocol (IP) address configured on the load balancer for use by "
"clients connecting to a service that is load balanced. Incoming connections "
"are distributed to back-end nodes based on the configuration of the load "
msgstr ""
"される IP アドレス。受信の接続が、負荷分散の設定に基づいて、バックエンドの"
msgid "An L2 network segment within Networking."
msgstr "Networking 内の L2 ネットワークセグメント。"
msgid "An Object Storage component that collects meters."
msgstr "計測項目を収集する Object Storage のコンポーネント。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage component that copies an object to remote partitions for "
"fault tolerance."
msgstr ""
"耐障害性のためにオブジェクトをリモートパーティションをコピーする Object "
"Storage コンポーネント。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage component that copies changes in the account, container, "
"and object databases to other nodes."
msgstr ""
"する Object Storage コンポーネント。"
msgid "An Object Storage component that is responsible for managing objects."
msgstr "オブジェクトの管理に責任を持つ Object Storage のコンポーネント。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage component that provides account services such as list, "
"create, modify, and audit. Do not confuse with OpenStack Identity service, "
"OpenLDAP, or similar user-account services."
msgstr ""
"一覧表示、作成、変更、監査などのアカウントサービスを提供する、Object Storage "
"のコンポーネント。OpenStack Identity、OpenLDAP、類似のユーザーアカウントサー"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage large object that has been broken up into pieces. The re-"
"assembled object is called a concatenated object."
msgstr ""
"部品に分割された Object Storage の大きなオブジェクト。再構築されたオブジェク"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage middleware component that enables creation of URLs for "
"temporary object access."
msgstr ""
"一時的なオブジェクトアクセスのために URL を作成できる Object Storage ミドル"
msgid "An Object Storage node that provides authorization services."
msgstr "認可サービスを提供する Object Storage ノード。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage node that provides container services, account services, "
"and object services; controls the account databases, container databases, "
"and object storage."
msgstr ""
"コンテナーサービス、アカウントサービス、オブジェクトサービスを提供する "
"Object Storage のノード。アカウントデータベース、コンテナーデータベース、オブ"
msgid "An Object Storage server that manages containers."
msgstr "コンテナーを管理する Object Storage サーバー。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage worker that scans for and deletes account databases and "
"that the account server has marked for deletion."
msgstr ""
"削除する、Object Storage のワーカー。"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack grouped release of projects that came out in the spring of "
"2011. It included Compute (nova), Object Storage (swift), and the Image "
"service (glance). Cactus is a city in Texas, US and is the code name for the "
"third release of OpenStack. When OpenStack releases went from three to six "
"months long, the code name of the release changed to match a geography "
"nearest the previous summit."
msgstr ""
"2011年春に登場した OpenStack 関連プロジェクトのリリース。Compute (nova)、"
"Object Storage (swift)、Image service (glance) が含まれる。Cactus は、アメリ"
"カ合衆国テキサス州の都市であり、OpenStack の 3 番目のリリースのコード名であ"
"る。OpenStack のリリース間隔が 3 か月から 6 か月になったとき、リリースのコー"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack service, such as Compute, Object Storage, or Image service. "
"Provides one or more endpoints through which users can access resources and "
"perform operations."
msgstr ""
"Compute、Object Storage、Image service などの OpenStack のサービス。ユーザー"
"がリソースにアクセスしたり、操作を実行したりできる 1 つ以上のエンドポイントを"
msgid "An OpenStack-provided image."
msgstr "OpenStack が提供するイメージ。"
msgid "An OpenStack-supported hypervisor."
msgstr "OpenStack がサポートするハイパーバイザーの1つ。"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack-supported hypervisor. KVM is a full virtualization solution for "
"Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-"
"V), ARM, IBM Power, and IBM zSeries. It consists of a loadable kernel "
"module, that provides the core virtualization infrastructure and a processor "
"specific module."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack がサポートするハイパーバイザー。KVM は、仮想化拡張 (Intel VT や "
"AMD-V) を持つ x86 ハードウェア、ARM、IBM Power、IBM zSeries 上の Linux 向けの"
msgid "An administrator who has access to all hosts and instances."
msgstr "すべてのホストやインスタンスへアクセス権を持つ管理者。"
msgid ""
"An administrator-defined token used by Compute to communicate securely with "
"the Identity service."
msgstr ""
"Identity と安全に通信するために Compute により使用される、管理者により定義さ"
msgid ""
"An alpha-numeric string of text used to access OpenStack APIs and resources."
msgstr "OpenStack API やリソースへのアクセスに使用される英数字文字列。"
msgid ""
"An alternative name for :term:`Networking API <Networking API (Neutron "
msgstr ":term:`Networking API <Networking API (Neutron API)>` の別名。"
msgid "An alternative term for :term:`project ID`."
msgstr ":term:`project ID` の別名。"
msgid ""
"An application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory "
"information services over an IP network."
msgstr ""
"IP ネットワーク上の分散ディレクトリー情報サービスへのアクセスと管理を行うため"
msgid ""
"An application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia "
"information systems. It is the foundation of data communication for the "
"World Wide Web. Hypertext is structured text that uses logical links "
"(hyperlinks) between nodes containing text. HTTP is the protocol to exchange "
"or transfer hypertext."
msgstr ""
"分散、協調、ハイパーメディア情報システム用のアプリケーションプロトコル。WWW "
"のデータ通信の基盤。ハイパーテキストは、ノード間でのテキストを含む論理リンク "
"(ハイパーリンク) を使った構造化テキストのことである。HTTP は、ハイパーテキス"
msgid ""
"An application that runs on the back-end server in a load-balancing system."
msgstr "負荷分散システムでバックエンドサーバーで動作するアプリケーション。"
msgid ""
"An authentication facility within Object Storage that enables Object Storage "
"itself to perform authentication and authorization. Frequently used in "
"testing and development."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage 自身が認証と認可を実行できるようになる、Object Storage 内の認"
msgid ""
"An easy method to create a local LDAP directory for testing Identity and "
"Compute. Requires Redis."
msgstr ""
"Identity と Compute のテスト目的でローカルな LDAP ディレクトリーを作成するた"
"めの簡易な方法。Redis が必要。"
msgid ""
"An element of the Compute RabbitMQ that comes to life when a RPC call is "
"executed. It connects to a direct exchange through a unique exclusive queue, "
"sends the message, and terminates."
msgstr ""
"RPC コールが実行されるとき、開始される Compute RabbitMQ の要素。一意な排他"
msgid ""
"An element of the Compute capacity cache that is calculated based on the "
"number of build, snapshot, migrate, and resize operations currently in "
"progress on a given host."
msgstr ""
"指定されたホスト上で現在進行中の build, snapshot, migrate, resize の操作数を"
"元に計算される、Compute のキャパシティキャッシュの1要素。"
msgid ""
"An encrypted communications protocol for secure communication over a "
"computer network, with especially wide deployment on the Internet. "
"Technically, it is not a protocol in and of itself; rather, it is the result "
"of simply layering the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on top of the TLS "
"or SSL protocol, thus adding the security capabilities of TLS or SSL to "
"standard HTTP communications. Most OpenStack API endpoints and many inter-"
"component communications support HTTPS communication."
msgstr ""
"シンプルに SSL/TLS プロトコルの上に Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) を重ね"
"ているものである。そのため、SSL や TLS プロトコルのセキュリティー機能を標準的"
"な HTTP 通信に追加したものである。ほとんどの OpenStack API エンドポイントや多"
"くのコンポーネント間通信で、 HTTPS 通信がサポートされている。"
msgid ""
"An entity in the context of the :term:`Shared File Systems service<Shared "
"File Systems service (manila)>` that encapsulates interaction with the "
"Networking service. If the driver you selected runs in the mode requiring "
"such kind of interaction, you need to specify the share network to create a "
msgstr ""
":term:`Shared File Systems サービス <Shared File Systems service (manila)>` "
"の意味合いにおいて、Networking サービスとのやり取りを抽象化するエンティ"
"ティー。選択したドライバーが Networking サービスとのやり取りを必要とするモー"
"ドで動作している場合、共有を作成する際に共有用ネットワーク (share network) を"
msgid ""
"An entity that maps Object Storage data to partitions. A separate ring "
"exists for each service, such as account, object, and container."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage データのパーティションへのマッピングを行う。アカウント、オブ"
msgid "An extra but helpful piece of practical advice."
msgstr "おまけですが、役に立つ実用的な助言です。"
msgid "An iSCSI authentication method supported by Compute."
msgstr "Compute によりサポートされる iSCSI の認証方式。"
msgid ""
"An in-progress specification for cloud management. Currently unsupported in "
msgstr "策定中のクラウド管理の仕様。現在、OpenStack では未サポート。"
msgid ""
"An integrated project that provides scalable and reliable Cloud Database-as-"
"a-Service functionality for both relational and non-relational database "
msgstr ""
"て、スケール可能かつ信頼できるクラウド Database-as-a-Service を提供する統合プ"
msgid ""
"An interface that is plugged into a port in a Networking network. Typically "
"a virtual network interface belonging to a VM."
msgstr ""
"Networking のネットワークにおけるポートに差し込まれるインターフェース。一般的"
msgid ""
"An object state in Object Storage where a new replica of the object is "
"automatically created due to a drive failure."
msgstr ""
"ドライブ故障により、オブジェクトの新しい複製が自動的に作成された、Object "
"Storage のオブジェクトの状態。"
msgid "An object within Object Storage that is larger than 5 GB."
msgstr "5 GB より大きい Object Storage 内のオブジェクト。"
msgid "An open source LDAP server. Supported by both Compute and Identity."
msgstr ""
"オープンソース LDAP サーバー。Compute と Identity によりサポートされる。"
msgid "An open source SQL toolkit for Python, used in OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack で使われている、オープンソースの Python 用 SQL ツールキット。"
msgid ""
"An open source community project by SUSE that aims to provide all necessary "
"services to quickly deploy and manage clouds."
msgstr ""
"の、SUSE によるオープンソースコミュニティープロジェクト。"
msgid ""
"An operating system configuration management tool supporting OpenStack "
msgstr ""
"OpenStack の導入をサポートするオペレーティングシステムの設定管理ツール。"
msgid ""
"An operating system configuration-management tool supported by OpenStack."
msgstr "OpenStackがサポートするオペレーティングシステム構成管理ツール。"
msgid "An operating system instance running under the control of a hypervisor."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An operating system instance that runs on top of a hypervisor. Multiple VMs "
"can run at the same time on the same physical host."
msgstr ""
"ホストで同時に複数の VM を実行できる。"
msgid ""
"An option within Compute that enables administrators to create and manage "
"users through the ``nova-manage`` command as opposed to using the Identity "
msgstr ""
"管理者が、Identity を使用する代わりに、 ``nova-manage`` コマンド経由でユー"
"ザーを作成および管理できる、Compute 内のオプション。"
msgid ""
"An option within Image service so that an image is deleted after a "
"predefined number of seconds instead of immediately."
msgstr ""
"Image service 内のオプション。"
msgid "Anvil"
msgstr "Anvil"
msgid ""
"Any business that provides Internet access to individuals or businesses."
msgstr "個人や組織にインターネットアクセスを提供する何らかのビジネス。"
msgid ""
"Any client software that enables a computer or device to access the Internet."
msgstr ""
msgid "Any compute node that runs the network worker daemon."
msgstr "ネットワークワーカーデーモンを実行するコンピュートノードすべて。"
msgid ""
"Any deployment-specific information is helpful, such as whether you are "
"using Ubuntu 14.04 or are performing a multi-node installation."
msgstr ""
"環境固有の情報が役に立ちます。例えば、Ubuntu 14.04 の利用有無、複数ノードのイ"
msgid ""
"Any kind of text that contains a link to some other site, commonly found in "
"documents where clicking on a word or words opens up a different website."
msgstr ""
"どこか別のサイトへのリンクを含む、ある種のテキスト。一般的に、別の Web サイト"
msgid "Any node running a daemon or worker that provides an API endpoint."
msgstr ""
"API エンドポイントを提供するデーモンまたはワーカーを実行するあらゆるノード。"
msgid ""
"Any piece of hardware or software that wants to connect to the network "
"services provided by Networking, the network connectivity service. An entity "
"can make use of Networking by implementing a VIF."
msgstr ""
"Networking により提供されるネットワークサービス、ネットワーク接続性サービスに"
"フェースを実装することにより Networking を使用できる。"
msgid ""
"Any user, including the ``root`` user, can run commands that are prefixed "
"with the ``$`` prompt."
msgstr ""
"``$`` プロンプトから始まるコマンドは、 ``root`` ユーザーを含むすべてのユー"
msgid "Apache"
msgstr "Apache"
msgid ""
"Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework that supports data-"
"intensive distributed applications."
msgstr ""
"Apache Hadoop は、データインテンシブな分散アプリケーションをサポートする、"
msgid "Apache License 2.0"
msgstr "Apache License 2.0"
msgid "Apache Web Server"
msgstr "Apache Web Server"
msgid "Application Catalog service (murano)"
msgstr "Application Catalog サービス (murano)"
msgid "Application Programming Interface (API)"
msgstr "Application Programming Interface (API)"
msgid "Application Service Provider (ASP)"
msgstr "Application Service Provider (ASP)"
msgid ""
"Association of an interface ID to a logical port. Plugs an interface into a "
msgstr ""
msgid "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)"
msgstr "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)"
msgid ""
"Attachment point where a virtual interface connects to a virtual network."
msgstr "仮想ネットワークへの仮想インタフェースの接続ポイント。"
msgid "Austin"
msgstr "Austin"
msgid "AuthN"
msgstr "AuthN"
msgid "AuthZ"
msgstr "AuthZ"
msgid ""
"Authentication and identity service by Microsoft, based on LDAP. Supported "
"in OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"Microsoft が提供する認証サービス。LDAP に基づいている。OpenStack でサポートさ"
msgid "Authentication method that uses keys rather than passwords."
msgstr "パスワードの代わりに鍵を使用する認証方式。"
msgid ""
"Authentication method that uses two or more credentials, such as a password "
"and a private key. Currently not supported in Identity."
msgstr ""
"パスワードと秘密鍵など、2 つ以上のクレデンシャルを使用する認証方式。Identity "
msgid "Auto ACK"
msgstr "自動 ACK"
msgid ""
"Automated software test suite designed to run against the trunk of the "
"OpenStack core project."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack コアプロジェクトの trunk ブランチに対してテストを実行するために設計"
msgid "B"
msgstr "B"
msgid "BMC (Baseboard Management Controller)"
msgstr "BMC (Baseboard Management Controller)"
msgid "Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery service (freezer)"
msgstr "Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery サービス (freezer)"
msgid "Bare Metal service (ironic)"
msgstr "Bare Metal サービス (ironic)"
msgid ""
"Be sure to include the software and package versions that you are using, "
"especially if you are using a development branch, such as, ``\"Kilo release"
"\" vs git commit bc79c3ecc55929bac585d04a03475b72e06a3208``."
msgstr ""
"ランチを使用している場合は、``\"Kilo release\" vs git commit "
"bc79c3ecc55929bac585d04a03475b72e06a3208`` などを明確にします。"
msgid "Bell-LaPadula model"
msgstr "Bell-LaPadula モデル"
msgid ""
"Belongs to a particular domain and is used to specify information about the "
"domain. There are several types of DNS records. Each record type contains "
"particular information used to describe the purpose of that record. Examples "
"include mail exchange (MX) records, which specify the mail server for a "
"particular domain; and name server (NS) records, which specify the "
"authoritative name servers for a domain."
msgstr ""
"かの種類の DNS レコードがある。各レコード種別は、そのレコードの目的を説明する"
"ために使用される特定の情報を含む。例えば、mail exchange (MX) レコードは、特定"
"のドメインのメールサーバーを指定する。name server (NS) レコードは、ドメインの"
msgid "Benchmark service (rally)"
msgstr "Benchmark サービス (rally)"
msgid "Bexar"
msgstr "Bexar"
msgid "Block Storage API"
msgstr "Block Storage API"
msgid "Block Storage service (cinder)"
msgstr "Block Storage サービス (cinder)"
msgid ""
"Block storage that is simultaneously accessible by multiple clients, for "
"example, NFS."
msgstr ""
"複数のクライアントにより同時にアクセス可能なブロックストレージ。例えば NFS。"
msgid "Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)"
msgstr "Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)"
msgid "Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)"
msgstr "Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)"
msgid ""
"Both Image service and Compute support encrypted virtual machine (VM) images "
"(but not instances). In-transit data encryption is supported in OpenStack "
"using technologies such as HTTPS, SSL, TLS, and SSH. Object Storage does not "
"support object encryption at the application level but may support storage "
"that uses disk encryption."
msgstr ""
"Image service と Compute は、どちらも仮想マシンイメージ (インスタンスではな"
"い) の暗号化をサポートする。転送中のデータ暗号は、HTTPS、SSL、TLS、SSH などの"
"技術を使用して、OpenStack においてサポートされる。Object Storage は、アプリ"
msgid "Both a VM container format and disk format. Supported by Image service."
msgstr ""
"仮想マシンのコンテナー形式とディスク形式の両方。Image service によりサポート"
msgid ""
"Builds and manages rings within Object Storage, assigns partitions to "
"devices, and pushes the configuration to other storage nodes."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage のリングの作成、管理を行い、パーティションのデバイスへの割り当"
msgid "C"
msgstr "C"
msgid "CALL"
msgstr "CALL"
msgid "CAST"
msgstr "CAST"
msgid "CRL"
msgstr "CRL"
msgid "Cactus"
msgstr "Cactus"
msgid ""
"Can concurrently use multiple layer-2 networking technologies, such as "
"802.1Q and VXLAN, in Networking."
msgstr ""
"Networking において、802.1Q や VXLAN などの複数の L2 ネットワーク技術を同時に"
msgid ""
"Causes the network interface to pass all traffic it receives to the host "
"rather than passing only the frames addressed to it."
msgstr ""
msgid "CentOS"
msgstr "CentOS"
msgid "Ceph"
msgstr "Ceph"
msgid ""
"Ceph component that enables a Linux block device to be striped over multiple "
"distributed data stores."
msgstr ""
"Linux ブロックデバイスが複数の分散データストアにわたり分割できるようにする、"
"Ceph のコンポーネント。"
msgid "CephFS"
msgstr "CephFS"
msgid "Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)"
msgstr "Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)"
msgid "Changes to these types of disk volumes are saved."
msgstr "この種類のディスクボリュームに変更すると、データが保存される。"
msgid ""
"Checks for and deletes unused VMs; the component of Image service that "
"implements delayed delete."
msgstr ""
"未使用の仮想マシンを確認し、削除する。遅延削除を実装する、Image service のコ"
msgid ""
"Checks for missing replicas and incorrect or corrupted objects in a "
"specified Object Storage account by running queries against the back-end "
"SQLite database."
msgstr ""
"バックエンドの SQLite データベースに問い合わせることにより、指定された "
"Object Storage のアカウントに、レプリカの欠損やオブジェクトの不整合・破損がな"
msgid ""
"Checks for missing replicas or incorrect objects in specified Object Storage "
"containers through queries to the SQLite back-end database."
msgstr ""
"SQLite バックエンドデータベースへの問い合わせにより、指定した Object Storage "
msgid "Chef"
msgstr "Chef"
msgid ""
"Choosing a host based on the existence of a GPU is currently unsupported in "
msgstr "GPU の有無によりホストを選択することは、現在 OpenStack で未サポート。"
msgid "CirrOS"
msgstr "CirrOS"
msgid "Cisco neutron plug-in"
msgstr "Cisco neutron プラグイン"
msgid "Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF)"
msgstr "Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF)"
msgid ""
"Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) is a specification for audit event "
"data. CADF is supported by OpenStack Identity."
msgstr ""
"Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) は、監査イベントデータの仕様である。"
"CADF は OpenStack Identity によりサポートされる。"
msgid "Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)"
msgstr ""
"クラウドデータ管理インターフェース (CDMI:Cloud Data Management Interface)"
msgid "Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI)"
msgstr "Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI)"
msgid "Cloudbase-Init"
msgstr "Cloudbase-Init"
msgid "Clustering service (senlin)"
msgstr "Clustering サービス (senlin)"
msgid "Code name for :term:`Workflow service <Workflow service (mistral)>`."
msgstr ":term:`Workflow サービス <Workflow service (mistral)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery service "
"<Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery service (freezer)>`."
msgstr ""
":term:`Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery サービス <Backup, Restore, and "
"Disaster Recovery service (freezer)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`Clustering service <Clustering service (senlin)>`."
msgstr ""
" :term:`Clustering サービス <Clustering service (senlin)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`Containers Infrastructure Management "
"service<Container Infrastructure Management service (magnum)>`."
msgstr ""
":term:`Containers Infrastructure Management サービス <Container "
"Infrastructure Management service (magnum)>` のコード名。"
msgid "Code name for the :term:`DNS service <DNS service (designate)>`."
msgstr ":term:`DNS サービス <DNS service (designate)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`Governance service <Governance service (congress)>`."
msgstr ""
":term:`Governance サービス <Governance service (congress)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`Infrastructure Optimization service <Infrastructure "
"Optimization service (watcher)>`."
msgstr ""
"term:`Infrastructure Optimization サービス <Infrastructure Optimization "
"service (watcher)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`Load-balancing service <Load-balancing service "
msgstr ""
":term:`Load-balancing サービス <Load-balancing service (octavia)>` のコード"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`NFV Orchestration service <NFV Orchestration "
"service (tacker)>`"
msgstr ""
":term:`NFV Orchestration サービス <NFV Orchestration service (tacker)>` の"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`Root Cause Analysis service <Root Cause Analysis "
"(RCA) service (Vitrage)>`."
msgstr ""
":term:`Root Cause Analysis サービス <Root Cause Analysis (RCA) service "
"(Vitrage)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Code name for the :term:`Software Development Lifecycle Automation service "
"<Software Development Lifecycle Automation service (solum)>`."
msgstr ""
":term:`Software Development Lifecycle Automation サービス <Software "
"Development Lifecycle Automation service (solum)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Code name of the :term:`Key Manager service <Key Manager service "
msgstr ""
":term:`Key Manager サービス <Key Manager service (barbican)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Codename for :term:`Block Storage service <Block Storage service (cinder)>`."
msgstr ""
":term:`Block Storage サービス <Block Storage service (cinder)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Codename for OpenStack :term:`Compute service <Compute service (nova)>`."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack :term:`Compute サービス <Compute service (nova)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Codename for OpenStack :term:`Database service <Database service (trove)>`."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack :term:`Database サービス <Database service (trove)>` のコード名。"
msgid "Codename for OpenStack :term:`Monitoring <Monitoring (monasca)>`."
msgstr "OpenStack :term:`Monitoring <Monitoring (monasca)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Codename for OpenStack :term:`Object Storage service<Object Storage service "
msgstr ""
"OpenStack :term:`Object Storage サービス <Object Storage service (swift)>` の"
msgid ""
"Codename for OpenStack :term:`Shared File Systems service<Shared File "
"Systems service (manila)>`."
msgstr ""
":term:`Shared File Systems サービス <Shared File Systems service (manila)>` "
msgid ""
"Codename for the :term:`Application Catalog service <Application Catalog "
"service (murano)>`."
msgstr ""
":term:`Application Catalog サービス <Application Catalog service (murano)>` "
msgid ""
"Codename for the :term:`Bare Metal service <Bare Metal service (ironic)>`."
msgstr ":term:`Bare Metal サービス <Bare Metal service (ironic)>` のコード名。"
msgid "Codename for the :term:`Benchmark service<Benchmark service (rally)>`."
msgstr ":term:`Benchmark サービス <Benchmark service (rally)>` のコード名。"
msgid "Codename for the :term:`Dashboard <Dashboard (horizon)>`."
msgstr ":term:`Dashboard <Dashboard (horizon)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Codename for the :term:`Data Processing service<Data Processing service "
msgstr ""
":term:`Data Processing サービス <Data Processing service (sahara)>` のコード"
msgid "Codename for the :term:`Image service<Image service (glance)>`."
msgstr ":term:`Image サービス <Image service (glance)>` のコード名。"
msgid "Codename for the :term:`Message service <Message service (zaqar)>`."
msgstr ":term:`Message サービス <Message service (zaqar)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Codename for the :term:`Orchestration service <Orchestration service "
msgstr ""
":term:`Orchestration サービス <Orchestration service (heat)>` のコード名。"
msgid "Codename of the :term:`Identity service <Identity service (keystone)>`."
msgstr ":term:`Identity サービス <Identity service (keystone)>` のコード名。"
msgid ""
"Collection of Compute components that represent the global state of the "
"cloud; talks to services, such as Identity authentication, Object Storage, "
"and node/storage workers through a queue."
msgstr ""
"クラウドの全体状況を表す Compute コンポーネント群。キュー経由で、Identity の"
"認証、Object Storage、ード/ストレージワーカーなどのサービスと通信する。"
msgid ""
"Collective name for the Object Storage object services, container services, "
"and account services."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage のオブジェクトサービス、コンテナーサービス、アカウントサービス"
msgid ""
"Collective term for Object Storage components that provide additional "
msgstr "追加機能を提供する Object Storage のコンポーネントの総称。"
msgid ""
"Collective term for a group of Object Storage components that processes "
"queued and failed updates for containers and objects."
msgstr ""
"キュー済みや失敗した、コンテナーやオブジェクトに対する更新を処理する、Object "
"Storage のコンポーネントのグループの総称。"
msgid ""
"Combination of a URI and UUID used to access Image service VM images through "
"the image API."
msgstr ""
"Image API 経由で Image service の仮想マシンイメージにアクセスするために使用さ"
"れる、URI や UUID の組み合わせ。"
msgid "Command prompts"
msgstr "コマンドプロンプト"
msgid "Common Internet File System (CIFS)"
msgstr "Common Internet File System (CIFS)"
msgid "Common Libraries (oslo)"
msgstr "共通ライブラリー (oslo)"
msgid ""
"Community project that captures Compute AMQP communications; useful for "
msgstr ""
"Compute AMQP 通信をキャプチャーする、コミュニティーのプロジェクト。デバッグに"
msgid ""
"Community project that uses shell scripts to quickly build complete "
"OpenStack development environments."
msgstr ""
"シェルスクリプトを使用して、完全な OpenStack 導入環境を迅速に構築するためのコ"
msgid ""
"Community project used to run automated tests against the OpenStack API."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack API に対して自動テストを実行するために使用されるコミュニティープロ"
msgid "Community support"
msgstr "コミュニティーのサポート"
msgid ""
"Companies that rent specialized applications that help businesses and "
"organizations provide additional services with lower cost."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Component of Identity that provides a rule-management interface and a rule-"
"based authorization engine."
msgstr ""
"ルール管理インターフェースやルールベースの認可エンジンを提供する Identity の"
msgid "Compute service (nova)"
msgstr "Compute サービス (nova)"
msgid ""
"Computer that provides explicit services to the client software running on "
"that system, often managing a variety of computer operations. A server is a "
"VM instance in the Compute system. Flavor and image are requisite elements "
"when creating a server."
msgstr ""
"サーバーは、Compute システム上の仮想マシンインスタンスです。フレーバーとイ"
msgid ""
"Configurable option within Object Storage to limit database writes on a per-"
"account and/or per-container basis."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage 内の設定オプション。"
msgid ""
"Configuration setting within RabbitMQ that enables or disables message "
"acknowledgment. Enabled by default."
msgstr ""
"メッセージ ACK を有効化または無効化する、RabbitMQ 内の設定。デフォルトで有"
msgid ""
"Connected to by a direct consumer in RabbitMQ—Compute, the message can be "
"consumed only by the current connection."
msgstr ""
"RabbitMQ—Compute において直接利用者により接続される。メッセージは、現在の接続"
msgid "Container Infrastructure Management service (magnum)"
msgstr "コンテナー基盤管理サービス (magnum)"
msgid ""
"Contains configuration information that Object Storage uses to reconfigure a "
"ring or to re-create it from scratch after a serious failure."
msgstr ""
"リングを再設定するため、深刻な障害の後に最初から再作成するために、Object "
"Storage が使用する設定情報を含む。"
msgid ""
"Contains information about a user as provided by the identity provider. It "
"is an indication that a user has been authenticated."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Contains the locations of all Object Storage partitions within the ring."
msgstr "リング内にあるすべての Object Storage のパーティションの場所を含む。"
msgid "Contains the output from a Linux VM console in Compute."
msgstr "Compute の Linux 仮想マシンコンソールからの出力を含む。"
msgid "Contractual obligations that ensure the availability of a service."
msgstr "サービスの可用性を保証する契約上の義務。"
msgid "Conventions"
msgstr "表記規則"
msgid ""
"Converts an existing server to a different flavor, which scales the server "
"up or down. The original server is saved to enable rollback if a problem "
"occurs. All resizes must be tested and explicitly confirmed, at which time "
"the original server is removed."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Creates a full Object Storage development environment within a single VM."
msgstr "単一の仮想マシンに一通りの Object Storage 開発環境を作成すること。"
msgid "Critical information about the risk of data loss or security issues."
msgstr "データ損失やセキュリティー問題のリスクに関する致命的な情報です。"
msgid "Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)"
msgstr "Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)"
msgid "Crowbar"
msgstr "Crowbar"
msgid "Custom modules that extend some OpenStack core APIs."
msgstr "いくつかの OpenStack コア API を拡張するカスタムモジュール。"
msgid "D"
msgstr "D"
msgid "DHCP agent"
msgstr "DHCP エージェント"
msgid "DNS record"
msgstr "DNS レコード"
msgid "DNS service (designate)"
msgstr "DNS サービス (designate)"
msgid ""
"Daemon that provides DNS, DHCP, BOOTP, and TFTP services for virtual "
msgstr ""
"仮想ネットワーク向けに DNS、DHCP、BOOTP、TFTP サービスを提供するデーモン。"
msgid "Dashboard (horizon)"
msgstr "Dashboard (horizon)"
msgid "Data Processing service (sahara)"
msgstr "Data Processing サービス (sahara)"
msgid "Data loss prevention (DLP) software"
msgstr "情報漏えい防止 (DLP) ソフトウェア"
msgid ""
"Data that is only known to or accessible by a user and used to verify that "
"the user is who he says he is. Credentials are presented to the server "
"during authentication. Examples include a password, secret key, digital "
"certificate, and fingerprint."
msgstr ""
msgid "Database service (trove)"
msgstr "Database サービス (trove)"
msgid "Debian"
msgstr "Debian"
msgid ""
"Defines resources for a cell, including CPU, storage, and networking. Can "
"apply to the specific services within a cell or a whole cell."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Denial of service (DoS) is a short form for denial-of-service attack. This "
"is a malicious attempt to prevent legitimate users from using a service."
msgstr ""
"DoS は、サービス妨害攻撃の省略形である。正当なユーザーがサービスを使用するこ"
msgid ""
"Depending on context, the core API is either the OpenStack API or the main "
"API of a specific core project, such as Compute, Networking, Image service, "
"and so on."
msgstr ""
"コア API は、文脈に応じて OpenStack API または特定のコアプロジェクトのメイン "
"API を意味する。コアプロジェクトは、Compute、Networking、Image service などが"
msgid ""
"Describes the parameters of the various virtual machine images that are "
"available to users; includes parameters such as CPU, storage, and memory. "
"Alternative term for flavor."
msgstr ""
msgid "Desktop-as-a-Service"
msgstr "Desktop-as-a-Service"
msgid ""
"Determines whether back-end members of a VIP pool can process a request. A "
"pool can have several health monitors associated with it. When a pool has "
"several monitors associated with it, all monitors check each member of the "
"pool. All monitors must declare a member to be healthy for it to stay active."
msgstr ""
"仮想 IP プールのバックエンドメンバーがリクエストを処理できるかどうかを判断す"
msgid "DevStack"
msgstr "DevStack"
msgid ""
"Device plugged into a PCI slot, such as a fibre channel or network card."
msgstr ""
"ファイバーチャネルやネットワークカードなどの PCI スロット内に挿入されるデバイ"
msgid "Diablo"
msgstr "Diablo"
msgid ""
"Disables server-side message acknowledgment in the Compute RabbitMQ. "
"Increases performance but decreases reliability."
msgstr ""
"Compute RabbitMQ において、サーバーサイドメッセージ交換を無効化する。性能を向"
msgid "Discretionary Access Control (DAC)"
msgstr "任意アクセス制御 (DAC; Discretionary access control)"
msgid ""
"Disk-based data storage generally represented as an iSCSI target with a file "
"system that supports extended attributes; can be persistent or ephemeral."
msgstr ""
"ステムを持つ、iSCSI ターゲットとして利用される。永続的なものと一時的なものが"
msgid ""
"Disk-based virtual memory used by operating systems to provide more memory "
"than is actually available on the system."
msgstr ""
msgid "Distributed block storage system for QEMU, supported by OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack によりサポートされる、QEMU 用の分散ブロックストレージシステム。"
msgid ""
"Distributes partitions proportionately across Object Storage devices based "
"on the storage capacity of each device."
msgstr ""
"各デバイスのストレージキャパシティに基づき、Object Storage デバイスをまたがり"
msgid "Django"
msgstr "Django"
msgid "Documentation"
msgstr "ドキュメント"
msgid "Documentation feedback"
msgstr "ドキュメントへのフィードバック"
msgid "Domain Name System (DNS)"
msgstr "Domain Name System (DNS)"
msgid "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)"
msgstr "動的ホスト設定プロトコルDHCP"
msgid "Dynamic HyperText Markup Language (DHTML)"
msgstr "Dynamic HyperText Markup Language (DHTML)"
msgid "E"
msgstr "E"
msgid "EBS boot volume"
msgstr "EBS ブートボリューム"
msgid "EC2"
msgstr "EC2"
msgid "EC2 API"
msgstr "EC2 API"
msgid "EC2 Compatibility API"
msgstr "EC2 互換API"
msgid "EC2 access key"
msgstr "EC2 アクセスキー"
msgid "EC2 secret key"
msgstr "EC2 シークレットキー"
msgid "ESXi"
msgstr "ESXi"
msgid "ETag"
msgstr "ETag"
msgid ""
"Either a soft or hard reboot of a server. With a soft reboot, the operating "
"system is signaled to restart, which enables a graceful shutdown of all "
"processes. A hard reboot is the equivalent of power cycling the server. The "
"virtualization platform should ensure that the reboot action has completed "
"successfully, even in cases in which the underlying domain/VM is paused or "
msgstr ""
msgid "Elastic Block Storage (EBS)"
msgstr "Elastic Block Storage (EBS)"
msgid "Element of RabbitMQ that provides a response to an incoming MQ message."
msgstr "送信されてきた MQ メッセージに応答する RabbitMQ の要素。"
msgid ""
"Enables Compute and Networking integration, which enables Networking to "
"perform network management for guest VMs."
msgstr ""
"Compute と Networking の統合を可能にする。Networking がゲスト仮想マシン用の"
msgid ""
"Enables Compute to communicate with NetApp storage devices through the "
"NetApp OnCommand Provisioning Manager."
msgstr ""
"Compute が NetApp OnCommand Provisioning Manager 経由で NetApp ストレージデバ"
msgid ""
"Enables Networking to distribute incoming requests evenly between designated "
msgstr ""
"Networking により、受信リクエストを指定されたインスタンス間で均等に分散できる"
msgid ""
"Enables a Linux bridge to understand a Networking port, interface "
"attachment, and other abstractions."
msgstr ""
"Linux ブリッジが、Networking のポート、インターフェース接続、他の抽象化を理解"
msgid "Essex"
msgstr "Essex"
msgid "Eucalyptus Kernel Image (EKI)"
msgstr "Eucalyptus Kernel Image (EKI)"
msgid "Eucalyptus Machine Image (EMI)"
msgstr "Eucalyptus Machine Image (EMI)"
msgid "Eucalyptus Ramdisk Image (ERI)"
msgstr "Eucalyptus Ramdisk Image (ERI)"
msgid ""
"Extension to iptables that allows creation of firewall rules that match "
"entire \"sets\" of IP addresses simultaneously. These sets reside in indexed "
"data structures to increase efficiency, particularly on systems with a large "
"quantity of rules."
msgstr ""
"連続する IP アドレスの全体に一致するファイアウォールルールを作成できる、"
"iptables の拡張。これらのセットは、効率化するためにインデックス化されたデータ"
msgid "F"
msgstr "F"
msgid ""
"Facility in Compute that allows each virtual machine instance to have more "
"than one VIF connected to it."
msgstr ""
"Compute における機能。"
msgid "FakeLDAP"
msgstr "FakeLDAP"
msgid ""
"Feature in modern Ethernet networks that supports frames up to approximately "
"9000 bytes."
msgstr "約 9000 バイトまでのフレームをサポートする最近のイーサネット上の機能。"
msgid ""
"Feature of certain network interface drivers that combines many smaller "
"received packets into a large packet before delivery to the kernel IP stack."
msgstr ""
"カーネルの IP スタックに届ける前に、多くの小さな受信パケットを大きなパケット"
msgid "Fedora"
msgstr "Fedora"
msgid "Fibre Channel"
msgstr "ファイバーチャネル"
msgid "Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)"
msgstr "Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)"
msgid ""
"File system option that enables storage of additional information beyond "
"owner, group, permissions, modification time, and so on. The underlying "
"Object Storage file system must support extended attributes."
msgstr ""
"にする、ファイルシステムのオプション。Object Storage のバックエンドのファイル"
msgid ""
"Filtering tool for a Linux bridging firewall, enabling filtering of network "
"traffic passing through a Linux bridge. Used in Compute along with "
"arptables, iptables, and ip6tables to ensure isolation of network "
msgstr ""
"Linux ブリッジのファイアウォール用のフィルタリングツール。Linux ブリッジを通"
"に、OpenStack Compute において arptables、iptables、ip6tables と一緒に使用さ"
msgid "FireWall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)"
msgstr "FireWall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)"
msgid "Flat Manager"
msgstr "Flat マネージャー"
msgid "FlatDHCP Manager"
msgstr "FlatDHCP マネージャー"
msgid "Folsom"
msgstr "Folsom"
msgid ""
"For IaaS, ability for a regular (non-privileged) account to manage a virtual "
"infrastructure component such as networks without involving an administrator."
msgstr ""
"IaaS の場合、管理者が介することなく、通常の (特権を持たない) ユーザーがネット"
msgid ""
"For a given service, SFC is the abstracted view of the required service "
"functions and the order in which they are to be applied."
msgstr ""
"SFC は、指定されたサービスに対して、要求されたサービス機能および適用される順"
msgid ""
"For the available OpenStack documentation, see ` <https://"
msgstr ""
"利用可能な OpenStack ドキュメントは ` <https://docs."
">`_ を参照してください。"
msgid "FormPost"
msgstr "FormPost"
msgid "G"
msgstr "G"
msgid ""
"Generally, extra properties on an Image service image to which only cloud "
"administrators have access. Limits which user roles can perform CRUD "
"operations on that property. The cloud administrator can configure any image "
"property as protected."
msgstr ""
"クラウド管理者のみがアクセスできる、Image service のイメージの追加プロパ"
"ティー。どのユーザーロールがそのプロパティーにおいて CRUD 操作を実行できるか"
msgid "Give a clear, concise summary."
msgstr "明瞭で簡潔なまとめを。"
msgid ""
"Gives guest VMs exclusive access to a PCI device. Currently supported in "
"OpenStack Havana and later releases."
msgstr ""
"ゲスト仮想マシンが PCI デバイスに排他的にアクセスされる。OpenStack Havana 以"
msgid "Glossary"
msgstr "用語集"
msgid "GlusterFS"
msgstr "GlusterFS"
msgid "Governance service (congress)"
msgstr "Governance サービス (congress)"
msgid ""
"Governs the ability of subjects to access objects, while enabling users to "
"make policy decisions and assign security attributes. The traditional UNIX "
"system of users, groups, and read-write-execute permissions is an example of "
msgstr ""
"決定し、セキュリティー属性を割り当てられる。伝統的な UNIX システムのユー"
"ザー、グループ、読み書き権限が、DAC の例である。"
msgid "Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)"
msgstr "Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)"
msgid "Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)"
msgstr "Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)"
msgid "Green Threads"
msgstr "Green Threads"
msgid "Grizzly"
msgstr "Grizzly"
msgid "Group"
msgstr "グループ"
msgid "H"
msgstr "H"
msgid "HAProxy"
msgstr "HAProxy"
msgid "Hadoop"
msgstr "Hadoop"
msgid "Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)"
msgstr "Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)"
msgid "Havana"
msgstr "Havana"
msgid "Heat Orchestration Template (HOT)"
msgstr "Heat Orchestration Template (HOT)"
msgid "Heat input in the format native to OpenStack."
msgstr "OpenStack 固有形式の Heat の入力データ。"
msgid "Helpful information that prevents the user from making mistakes."
msgstr "ユーザーが間違いやすい箇所についてアドバイスです。"
msgid ""
"High-availability mode for legacy (nova) networking. Each compute node "
"handles NAT and DHCP and acts as a gateway for all of the VMs on it. A "
"networking failure on one compute node doesn't affect VMs on other compute "
msgstr ""
"レガシーネットワーク (nova) の高可用性モード。各コンピュートードは、NAT と "
"DHCP を処理し、すべての仮想マシンのゲートウェイとして動作する。あるコンピュー"
msgid ""
"High-performance 64-bit file system created by Silicon Graphics. Excels in "
"parallel I/O operations and data consistency."
msgstr ""
"Silicon Graphics 社により作成された、高性能な 64 ビットファイルシステム。並"
"列 I/O 処理とデータ一貫性に優れる。"
msgid "Host Bus Adapter (HBA)"
msgstr "Host Bus Adapter (HBA)"
msgid "Hyper-V"
msgstr "Hyper-V"
msgid "Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)"
msgstr "Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)"
msgid "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)"
msgstr "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)"
msgid "I"
msgstr "I"
msgid "ID number"
msgstr "ID 番号"
msgid "IETF"
msgstr "IETF"
msgid "INI format"
msgstr "INI 形式"
msgid ""
"IOPS are a common performance measurement used to benchmark computer storage "
"devices like hard disk drives, solid state drives, and storage area networks."
msgstr ""
"IOPS は、ハードディスク、SSD、SAN などのストレージデバイスをベンチマークする"
msgid "IP Address Management (IPAM)"
msgstr "IP Address Management (IPAM)"
msgid "IP address"
msgstr "IP アドレス"
msgid ""
"IPMI is a standardized computer system interface used by system "
"administrators for out-of-band management of computer systems and monitoring "
"of their operation. In layman's terms, it is a way to manage a computer "
"using a direct network connection, whether it is turned on or not; "
"connecting to the hardware rather than an operating system or login shell."
msgstr ""
"IPMI は、コンピューターシステムのアウトオブバンド管理、運用監視のために、シス"
msgid ""
"IQN is the format most commonly used for iSCSI names, which uniquely "
"identify nodes in an iSCSI network. All IQNs follow the pattern iqn.yyyy-mm."
"domain:identifier, where 'yyyy-mm' is the year and month in which the domain "
"was registered, 'domain' is the reversed domain name of the issuing "
"organization, and 'identifier' is an optional string which makes each IQN "
"under the same domain unique. For example, '"
msgstr ""
"IQN は iSCSI の名前として最も広く使われている形式で、 iSCSI ネットワークで一"
"意にノードを識別するのに使われます。すべての IQN は iqn.yyyy-mm.domain:"
"identifier という形式です。ここで、 'yyyy-mm' はそのドメインが登録された年と"
"月、 'domain' は発行組織の登録されたドメイン名、 'identifier' は同じドメイン"
"内の各 IQN 番号を一意なものにするためのオプション文字列です。例えば "
msgid "ISO9660"
msgstr "ISO9660"
msgid ""
"IaaS is a provisioning model in which an organization outsources physical "
"components of a data center, such as storage, hardware, servers, and "
"networking components. A service provider owns the equipment and is "
"responsible for housing, operating and maintaining it. The client typically "
"pays on a per-use basis. IaaS is a model for providing cloud services."
msgstr ""
"IaaS は、組織が、ストレージ、ハードウェア、サーバー、ネットワークといったデー"
"トは、一般的に使用量に応じて費用を払う。IaaS は、クラウドサービスを提供するモ"
msgid "Icehouse"
msgstr "Icehouse"
msgid "Identity API"
msgstr "Identity API"
msgid "Identity back end"
msgstr "Identity バックエンド"
msgid "Identity service (keystone)"
msgstr "Identity サービス (keystone)"
msgid "Identity service API"
msgstr "Identity service API"
msgid ""
"If Object Storage finds objects, containers, or accounts that are corrupt, "
"they are placed in this state, are not replicated, cannot be read by "
"clients, and a correct copy is re-replicated."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage が壊れたオブジェクト、コンテナー、アカウントを見つけた際に、そ"
msgid ""
"If a requested resource such as CPU time, disk storage, or memory is not "
"available in the parent cell, the request is forwarded to its associated "
"child cells. If the child cell can fulfill the request, it does. Otherwise, "
"it attempts to pass the request to any of its children."
msgstr ""
"CPU 時間、ディスクストレージ、メモリ等の要求されたリソースが親セルで利用不可"
msgid ""
"If a requested resource, such as CPU time, disk storage, or memory, is not "
"available in the parent cell, the request is forwarded to associated child "
msgstr ""
msgid "Image API"
msgstr "Image API"
msgid "Image service (glance)"
msgstr "Image サービス (glance)"
msgid ""
"Impassable limits for guest VMs. Settings include total RAM size, maximum "
"number of vCPUs, and maximum disk size."
msgstr ""
"ゲスト仮想マシンの超えられない制限。合計メモリー容量、最大仮想 CPU 数、最大"
msgid ""
"In Compute and Block Storage, the ability to set resource limits on a per-"
"project basis."
msgstr ""
"プロジェクト単位に使用できるリソース上限を設定できる、Compute と Block "
"Storage の機能。"
msgid ""
"In Compute, conductor is the process that proxies database requests from the "
"compute process. Using conductor improves security because compute nodes do "
"not need direct access to the database."
msgstr ""
"Compute において、コンピュートプロセスからのデータベース要求をプロキシーする"
msgid ""
"In Object Storage, tools to test and ensure dispersion of objects and "
"containers to ensure fault tolerance."
msgstr ""
"Object Storage で、フォールトトレラントの確認の為に、オブジェクトとコンテナの"
msgid ""
"In OpenStack Identity, entities represent individual API consumers and are "
"owned by a specific domain. In OpenStack Compute, a user can be associated "
"with roles, projects, or both."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack Identity では、エンティティーは個々の API 利用者を表す、特定のドメ"
"インに属する。OpenStack Compute では、ユーザーはロール、プロジェクトもしくは"
msgid ""
"In OpenStack, the API version for a project is part of the URL. For example, "
msgstr ""
"OpenStack では、プロジェクトの API バージョンが URL の一部となる。例: "
msgid ""
"In a high-availability setup with an active/active configuration, several "
"systems share the load together and if one fails, the load is distributed to "
"the remaining systems."
msgstr ""
msgid ""