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msgid ""
"**CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux:**"
msgstr ""
"**CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux:**"
msgid "**Ubuntu:**"
msgstr "**Ubuntu:**"
msgid ""
"**openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:**"
msgstr ""
"**openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:**"
msgid "0-9"
msgstr "0-9"
msgid "6to4"
msgstr "6to4"
msgid "A"
msgstr "A"
msgid "A BLOB of data held by Object Storage; can be in any format."
msgstr "对象存储服务持有的二进制大对象BLOB数据可以是任何格式。"
msgid ""
"A Block Storage component that creates, attaches, and detaches persistent "
"storage volumes."
msgstr "块存储组件,用来创建、附加和取消附加具有持久性的存储卷。"
msgid ""
"A Block Storage component that oversees and coordinates storage volume "
msgstr "一个 Block Storage 组件,用来监督和协调存储卷的操作。"
msgid ""
"A Block Storage volume plug-in that enables communication with the Xen "
"Storage Manager API."
msgstr "一个 Block Storage 卷插件,用来启用和 Xen Storage Manager API 的交流。"
msgid ""
"A Ceph component that communicates with external clients, checks data state "
"and consistency, and performs quorum functions."
msgstr "与外部客户端通信检查数据状态和一致性且执行quorum功能的Ceph组件。"
msgid ""
"A Compute RabbitMQ message queue that remains active when the server "
msgstr "当服务器重启时计算服务RabbitMQ消息队列保持激活状态。"
msgid ""
"A Compute RabbitMQ setting that determines whether a message exchange is "
"automatically created when the program starts."
msgstr ""
"一个计算服务的RabbitMQ 设置,用来指示在程序启动时,是否自动创建一个消息交换。"
msgid ""
"A Compute back-end database table that contains the current workload, amount "
"of free RAM, and number of VMs running on each host. Used to determine on "
"which host a VM starts."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A Compute component that determines where VM instances should start. Uses "
"modular design to support a variety of scheduler types."
msgstr "聚丁虚机实例从何处启动的计算服务组件。使用模块设计来支持多种调度类型。"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that enables OpenStack to communicate with Amazon EC2."
msgstr "一个使OpenStack可与亚马逊EC2通信的计算服务组件。"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that manages IP address allocation, firewalls, and other "
"network-related tasks. This is the legacy networking option and an "
"alternative to Networking."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A Compute component that provides dnsmasq and radvd and sets up forwarding "
"to and from cloudpipe instances."
msgstr "提供dnsmasq和radvd并创建到和从clouudpipe实例的转发的计算服务组件。"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that provides users access to the consoles of their VM "
"instances through VNC or VMRC."
msgstr ""
"一个 Compute 组件,用来为用户提供通过 VNC 或 VMRC 访问虚拟机实例控制台的功"
msgid ""
"A Compute component that, along with the notification system, collects "
"meters and usage information. This information can be used for billing."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A Compute daemon that orchestrates the network configuration of nodes, "
"including IP addresses, VLANs, and bridging. Also manages routing for both "
"public and private networks."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A Compute networking method where the OS network configuration information "
"is injected into the VM image before the instance starts."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A Compute option that enables parent cells to pass resource requests to "
"child cells if the parent cannot provide the requested resource."
msgstr "一个可让父cell在无法提供所需资源的情况下传递请求到子cell的计算选项。"
msgid ""
"A Compute process that determines the suitability of the VM instances for a "
"job for a particular host. For example, not enough RAM on the host, too many "
"CPUs on the host, and so on."
msgstr ""
msgid "A Java program that can be embedded into a web page."
msgstr "嵌入到web页面中的Java程序"
msgid "A Linux distribution compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr "一个与OpenStack兼容的Linux发行版。"
msgid "A Linux distribution that is compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr "OpenStack兼容的一个Linux发行版。"
msgid "A Networking extension that provides perimeter firewall functionality."
msgstr "提供外围防火墙功能的一个网络扩展。"
msgid ""
"A Networking plug-in for Cisco devices and technologies, including UCS and "
msgstr "支持 Cisco 设备和技术的网络插件,包括 UCS 和 Nexus。"
msgid ""
"A SQLite database that contains Object Storage accounts and related metadata "
"and that the accounts server accesses."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A SQLite database that stores Object Storage containers and container "
"metadata. The container server accesses this database."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A Shared File Systems service that provides a stable RESTful API. The "
"service authenticates and routes requests throughout the Shared File Systems "
"service. There is python-manilaclient to interact with the API."
msgstr ""
"一个提供稳定RESTful API的文件共享系统。服务通过文件共享系统服务来认证和路由请"
msgid ""
"A VM image that does not save changes made to its volumes and reverts them "
"to their original state after the instance is terminated."
msgstr "一个不保存对其卷改变并在实例终结后将其回复到初始状态的虚机镜像。"
msgid ""
"A VM state where no changes occur (no changes in memory, network "
"communications stop, etc); the VM is frozen but not shut down."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A Windows project providing guest initialization features, similar to cloud-"
msgstr "一个Windows项目提供来宾初始化功能这跟云的初始化类似。"
msgid ""
"A XenAPI component that provides a pluggable interface to support a wide "
"variety of persistent storage back ends."
msgstr "一个为支持多种持续化存储后端提供插件式接口的XenAPI组件。"
msgid ""
"A blob of data that the user can specify when they launch an instance. The "
"instance can access this data through the metadata service or config drive. "
"Commonly used to pass a shell script that the instance runs on boot."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A cinder component that interacts with back-end storage to manage the "
"creation and deletion of volumes and the creation of compute volumes, "
"provided by the cinder-volume daemon."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A collection of command-line tools for administering VMs; most are "
"compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr "一批用以管理虚机的命令行工具大多数和OpenStack兼容。"
msgid ""
"A collection of components that provides object storage within Ceph. Similar "
"to OpenStack Object Storage."
msgstr "在Ceph中提供对象存储的组件集合。与OpenStack对象存储服务类似。"
msgid ""
"A collection of files for a specific operating system (OS) that you use to "
"create or rebuild a server. OpenStack provides pre-built images. You can "
"also create custom images, or snapshots, from servers that you have "
"launched. Custom images can be used for data backups or as \"gold\" images "
"for additional servers."
msgstr ""
"一个特定操作系统OS的文件集它被用来创建或重新构建一个服务器。OpenStack "
"用来进行数据备份,或作为额外服务器的 \"gold\" 镜像。"
msgid "A collection of hypervisors grouped together through host aggregates."
msgstr "通过主机聚合现实的一组hypervisor集合。"
msgid ""
"A collection of servers that can share IPs with other members of the group. "
"Any server in a group can share one or more public IPs with any other server "
"in the group. With the exception of the first server in a shared IP group, "
"servers must be launched into shared IP groups. A server may be a member of "
"only one shared IP group."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A collection of specifications used to access a service, application, or "
"program. Includes service calls, required parameters for each call, and the "
"expected return values."
msgstr ""
msgid "A comment with additional information that explains a part of the text."
msgstr "一段评论,其中包含了对部分文字进行解释说明的附加信息。"
msgid ""
"A community project may be elevated to this status and is then promoted to a "
"core project."
msgstr "一个社区项目可能会先被升级到这个状态,然后再被升级到一个核心项目。"
msgid "A compute service that creates VPNs on a per-project basis."
msgstr "一个计算服务在每个基础项目中创建VPN。"
msgid ""
"A configurable option within Object Storage to automatically delete objects "
"after a specified amount of time has passed or a certain date is reached."
msgstr "对象存储中用于在一定时间后或到达特定日期后自动删除对象的配置选项。"
msgid ""
"A content delivery network is a specialized network that is used to "
"distribute content to clients, typically located close to the client for "
"increased performance."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A controlled reboot where a VM instance is properly restarted through "
"operating system commands."
msgstr "一次虚机实例通过操作系统命令正确重启的控制重启。"
msgid ""
"A daemon that listens to a queue and carries out tasks in response to "
"messages. For example, the cinder-volume worker manages volume creation and "
"deletion on storage arrays."
msgstr ""
"用来监听消息队列并对消息做出响应的一个守护进程。例如cinder-volume worker "
msgid "A database engine supported by the Database service."
msgstr "一个被数据库服务所支持的数据库引擎。"
msgid ""
"A directory service, which allows users to login with a user name and "
"password. It is a typical source of authentication tokens."
msgstr "一个目录服务,允许用户通过用户名和密码登陆。是认证令牌的典型源。"
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"A discrete OpenStack environment with dedicated API endpoints that typically "
"shares only the Identity (keystone) with other regions."
msgstr ""
msgid "A disk storage protocol tunneled within Ethernet."
msgstr "基于以太网实现的磁盘存储协议。"
msgid ""
"A distributed memory object caching system that is used by Object Storage "
"for caching."
msgstr "对象存储服务用于缓存的一种分布式内存对象缓存系统。"
msgid ""
"A domain within a parent domain. Subdomains cannot be registered. Subdomains "
"enable you to delegate domains. Subdomains can themselves have subdomains, "
"so third-level, fourth-level, fifth-level, and deeper levels of nesting are "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A driver for the Modular Layer 2 (ML2) neutron plug-in that provides layer-2 "
"connectivity for virtual instances. A single OpenStack installation can use "
"multiple mechanism drivers."
msgstr ""
"为虚拟实例提供2层连接的Modular Layer 2 (ML2) neutron插件的驱动器。单次"
msgid ""
"A feature of Compute that allows the unprivileged \"nova\" user to run a "
"specified list of commands as the Linux root user."
msgstr ""
"允许无特权的 \"nova\"用户以Linux root用户身份运行一列特定命令的计算服务特性。"
msgid ""
"A feature of the load-balancing service. It attempts to force subsequent "
"connections to a service to be redirected to the same node as long as it is "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A file sharing protocol. It is a public or open variation of the original "
"Server Message Block (SMB) protocol developed and used by Microsoft. Like "
"the SMB protocol, CIFS runs at a higher level and uses the TCP/IP protocol."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A file system designed to aggregate NAS hosts, compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr "一种设计为聚合NAS主机的文件系统兼容于OpenStack。"
msgid ""
"A file used to customize a Compute instance. It can be used to inject SSH "
"keys or a specific network configuration."
msgstr "用于定制计算服务实例的文件。它可被用于注射SSH密钥或特定网络配置。"
msgid ""
"A generic term for virtualization of network functions such as switching, "
"routing, load balancing, and security using a combination of VMs and "
"overlays on physical network infrastructure."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A great way to get answers and insights is to post your question or "
"problematic scenario to the OpenStack mailing list. You can learn from and "
"help others who might have similar issues. To subscribe or view the "
"archives, go to the `general OpenStack mailing list <http://lists.openstack."
"org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/openstack>`_. If you are interested in the "
"other mailing lists for specific projects or development, refer to `Mailing "
"Lists <>`_."
msgstr ""
"相同问题的人。如果要提交或者查看存档文件,请访问`通用OpenStack 邮件列表 "
"定项目或者开发工作的邮件列表感兴趣,请参见`邮件列表清单 <https://wiki."
msgid ""
"A group of fixed and/or floating IP addresses that are assigned to a project "
"and can be used by or assigned to the VM instances in a project."
msgstr "一组可用的浮动IP地址可被分配到项目中即为项目中的虚拟机实例分配。"
msgid ""
"A group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side "
"to create asynchronous web applications. Used extensively in horizon."
msgstr "用于客户端建立异步web应用的web开发技术。在Horizon项目中用到。"
msgid ""
"A group of related button types within horizon. Buttons to start, stop, and "
"suspend VMs are in one class. Buttons to associate and disassociate floating "
"IP addresses are in another class, and so on."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A group of users; used to isolate access to Compute resources. An "
"alternative term for a project."
msgstr "一组用户;用于隔离对计算服务资源的访问。一个项目的别称。"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in April "
"2012, the fifth release of OpenStack. It included Compute (nova 2012.1), "
"Object Storage (swift 1.4.8), Image (glance), Identity (keystone), and "
"Dashboard (horizon). Essex is the code name for the fifth release of "
"OpenStack. The design summit took place in Boston, Massachusetts, US and "
"Essex is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
"算服务nova 2012.1对象存储swift 1.4.8镜像服务glance身份验证"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in February "
"of 2011. It included only Compute (nova) and Object Storage (swift). Bexar "
"is the code name for the second release of OpenStack. The design summit took "
"place in San Antonio, Texas, US, which is the county seat for Bexar county."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in the fall "
"of 2011, the fourth release of OpenStack. It included Compute (nova 2011.3), "
"Object Storage (swift 1.4.3), and the Image service (glance). Diablo is the "
"code name for the fourth release of OpenStack. The design summit took place "
"in the Bay Area near Santa Clara, California, US and Diablo is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
"算服务nova 2011.3对象存储swift 1.4.3和镜像服务glance。Diablo"
msgid ""
"A grouped release of projects related to OpenStack that came out in the fall "
"of 2012, the sixth release of OpenStack. It includes Compute (nova), Object "
"Storage (swift), Identity (keystone), Networking (neutron), Image service "
"(glance), and Volumes or Block Storage (cinder). Folsom is the code name for "
"the sixth release of OpenStack. The design summit took place in San "
"Francisco, California, US and Folsom is a nearby city."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A high availability system design approach and associated service "
"implementation ensures that a prearranged level of operational performance "
"will be met during a contractual measurement period. High availability "
"systems seek to minimize system downtime and data loss."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A horizon component that stores and tracks client session information. "
"Implemented through the Django sessions framework."
msgstr "一个存储和跟踪客户端会话信息的horizon组件。通过Django会话框架实现。"
msgid ""
"A hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds (private, community or "
"public) that remain distinct entities but are bound together, offering the "
"benefits of multiple deployment models. Hybrid cloud can also mean the "
"ability to connect colocation, managed and/or dedicated services with cloud "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A kind of web service API that uses REST, or Representational State "
"Transfer. REST is the style of architecture for hypermedia systems that is "
"used for the World Wide Web."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A lightweight SQL database, used as the default persistent storage method in "
"many OpenStack services."
msgstr "一个轻量SQL数据库被很多OpenStack服务用作默认持续化存储方法。"
msgid ""
"A list of API endpoints that are available to a user after authentication "
"with the Identity service."
msgstr "完成身份认证服务认证后用户可以查询API终点列表。"
msgid ""
"A list of URL and port number endpoints that indicate where a service, such "
"as Object Storage, Compute, Identity, and so on, can be accessed."
msgstr ""
msgid "A list of VM images that are available through Image service."
msgstr "镜像服务可以提供的一组虚拟机镜像列表。"
msgid ""
"A list of permissions attached to an object. An ACL specifies which users or "
"system processes have access to objects. It also defines which operations "
"can be performed on specified objects. Each entry in a typical ACL specifies "
"a subject and an operation. For instance, the ACL entry ``(Alice, delete)`` "
"for a file gives Alice permission to delete the file."
msgstr ""
"作。对于实例文件的ACL条目``(Alice, delete)``给Alice删除这个文件权限。"
msgid ""
"A load balancer is a logical device that belongs to a cloud account. It is "
"used to distribute workloads between multiple back-end systems or services, "
"based on the criteria defined as part of its configuration."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A logical set of devices, such as web servers, that you group together to "
"receive and process traffic. The load balancing function chooses which "
"member of the pool handles the new requests or connections received on the "
"VIP address. Each VIP has one pool."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A mechanism that allows IPv6 packets to be transmitted over an IPv4 network, "
"providing a strategy for migrating to IPv6."
msgstr "一种可以在IPv4的网络中传输IPv6包的机制提供了一种迁移到IPv6的策略。"
msgid ""
"A mechanism that allows many resources (for example, fonts, JavaScript) on a "
"web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which "
"the resource originated. In particular, JavaScript's AJAX calls can use the "
"XMLHttpRequest mechanism."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A message that is stored both in memory and on disk. The message is not lost "
"after a failure or restart."
msgstr "在内存和磁盘中均被储存的消息。消息在故障和重启后不会丢失。"
msgid ""
"A message that is stored in memory and is lost after the server is restarted."
msgstr "存储于内存且在服务器重启后丢失的消息。"
msgid ""
"A method for making file systems available over the network. Supported by "
msgstr "使文件系统在网络可用的方法。被OpenStack所支持。"
msgid ""
"A method of operating system installation where a finalized disk image is "
"created and then used by all nodes without modification."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A method to establish trusts between identity providers and the OpenStack "
msgstr "一个在身份提供者和 OpenStack云间建立信任的方法。"
msgid ""
"A method to further subdivide availability zones into hypervisor pools, a "
"collection of common hosts."
msgstr "一种将可用区域重新分割为hypervisor池的方法即相同宿主机的集合。"
msgid ""
"A minimal Linux distribution designed for use as a test image on clouds such "
"as OpenStack."
msgstr "在云环境例如OpenStack中用于测试镜像,按照最小的Linux发行版来设计。"
msgid ""
"A model that enables access to a shared pool of configurable computing "
"resources, such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services, "
"that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort "
"or service provider interaction."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A network authentication protocol which works on the basis of tickets. "
"Kerberos allows nodes communication over a non-secure network, and allows "
"nodes to prove their identity to one another in a secure manner."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A network protocol used by a network client to obtain an IP address from a "
"configuration server. Provided in Compute through the dnsmasq daemon when "
"using either the FlatDHCP manager or VLAN manager network manager."
msgstr ""
"用FlatDHCP manager或VLAN manager network manager时在计算Compute中提供。"
msgid ""
"A network segment used for administration, not accessible to the public "
msgstr "用于管理的网段,不可被公共因特网访问。"
msgid ""
"A network segment used for instance traffic tunnels between compute nodes "
"and the network node."
msgstr "用于计算节点和网络节点间实例网络隧道的网络段。"
msgid ""
"A network virtualization technology that attempts to reduce the scalability "
"problems associated with large cloud computing deployments. It uses a VLAN-"
"like encapsulation technique to encapsulate Ethernet frames within UDP "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A node that runs Object Storage account, container, and object services."
msgstr "运行对象存储账户,容器和对象服务的节点。"
msgid ""
"A node that runs network, volume, API, scheduler, and image services. Each "
"service may be broken out into separate nodes for scalability or "
msgstr ""
"运行网络、卷、API 和镜像服务的节点。为了实现可扩展性或高可用性,每个服务可能"
msgid ""
"A node that runs the nova-compute daemon that manages VM instances that "
"provide a wide range of services, such as web applications and analytics."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A notification driver that monitors VM instances and updates the capacity "
"cache as needed."
msgstr "一个通知驱动管理虚机实例,并且根据需要更新缓存。"
msgid ""
"A number within a database that is incremented each time a change is made. "
"Used by Object Storage when replicating."
msgstr "数据库中每当改变发生便累加的数字。对象存储服务器复制时使用。"
msgid ""
"A package commonly installed in VM images that performs initialization of an "
"instance after boot using information that it retrieves from the metadata "
"service, such as the SSH public key and user data."
msgstr ""
msgid "A persistent storage method supported by XenAPI, such as iSCSI or NFS."
msgstr "由 XenAPI 支持的持久化存储方法,如 iSCSI 和 NFS。"
msgid "A person who plans, designs, and oversees the creation of clouds."
msgstr "对创建云环境进行规划、设计、监督的人。"
msgid ""
"A personality that a user assumes to perform a specific set of operations. A "
"role includes a set of rights and privileges. A user assuming that role "
"inherits those rights and privileges."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A physical or virtual device that provides connectivity to another device or "
msgstr "为其它设备或介质提供连接功能的一个物理或虚拟设备。"
msgid ""
"A physical or virtual network device that passes network traffic between "
"different networks."
msgstr "一个物理或虚拟的在不同网络间传递网络流量的网络设备。"
msgid ""
"A piece of software that makes available another piece of software over a "
msgstr "一部分软件通过网络可用于另外一部分软件。"
msgid ""
"A platform that provides a suite of desktop environments that users access "
"to receive a desktop experience from any location. This may provide general "
"use, development, or even homogeneous testing environments."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A point-in-time copy of an OpenStack storage volume or image. Use storage "
"volume snapshots to back up volumes. Use image snapshots to back up data, or "
"as \"gold\" images for additional servers."
msgstr ""
"据,或作为额外服务器的“金”镜像( \"gold\" images"
msgid ""
"A pre-made VM image that serves as a cloudpipe server. Essentially, OpenVPN "
"running on Linux."
msgstr "一个充当cloudpipe服务器的现成的虚机镜像OpenVPN在Linux上运行。"
msgid ""
"A program that keeps the Image service VM image cache at or below its "
"configured maximum size."
msgstr "一个用户使镜像服务虚机的镜像缓存不高于其配置最大值的程序。"
msgid ""
"A project that ports the shell script-based project named DevStack to Python."
msgstr "一个项目将DevStack从shell脚本移植到Python。"
msgid ""
"A record that specifies information about a particular domain and belongs to "
"the domain."
msgstr "一个具体说明特定域信息且属于该域的记录。"
msgid "A routing algorithm in the Compute RabbitMQ."
msgstr "一个计算服务RabbitMQ的路由算法。"
msgid ""
"A running VM, or a VM in a known state such as suspended, that can be used "
"like a hardware server."
msgstr "一个运行中,或状态已知如已暂停的,可被用作硬件服务器的虚机。"
msgid ""
"A scheduling method used by Compute that randomly chooses an available host "
"from the pool."
msgstr "一个被计算服务用来从宿主机池中随机选择可用宿主机的调度方式。"
msgid ""
"A set of OpenStack resources created and managed by the Orchestration "
"service according to a given template (either an AWS CloudFormation template "
"or a Heat Orchestration Template (HOT))."
msgstr ""
"一组由编排服务根据特定样板AWS CloudFormation样板或Heat Orchestration样板"
msgid ""
"A set of network traffic filtering rules that are applied to a Compute "
msgstr "适用于计算服务实例的一组网络流量过滤规则。"
msgid ""
"A set of segment objects that Object Storage combines and sends to the "
msgstr "一组由对象存储服务结合并发送给客户端的存储对象段。"
msgid ""
"A special Object Storage object that contains the manifest for a large "
msgstr "对象存储服务中一个特殊的含有用于大型存储对象的manifest的存储对象。"
msgid ""
"A special type of VM image that is booted when an instance is placed into "
"rescue mode. Allows an administrator to mount the file systems for an "
"instance to correct the problem."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A specification that, when implemented by a physical PCIe device, enables it "
"to appear as multiple separate PCIe devices. This enables multiple "
"virtualized guests to share direct access to the physical device, offering "
"improved performance over an equivalent virtual device. Currently supported "
"in OpenStack Havana and later releases."
msgstr ""
"当通过物理 PCIe 设备实现时,使其呈现出多个独立 PCIe 设备的规范。该规范使得多"
"规范在 OpenStack Havana 版本和后续发行版中被支持。"
msgid ""
"A standardized interface for managing compute, data, and network resources, "
"currently unsupported in OpenStack."
msgstr "用于管理计算数据和网络资源的标准化接口目前在OpenStack中不被支持。"
msgid ""
"A string of text provided to the client after authentication. Must be "
"provided by the user or process in subsequent requests to the API endpoint."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A subset of API calls that are accessible to authorized administrators and "
"are generally not accessible to end users or the public Internet. They can "
"exist as a separate service (keystone) or can be a subset of another API "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A system by which Internet domain name-to-address and address-to-name "
"resolutions are determined. DNS helps navigate the Internet by translating "
"the IP address into an address that is easier to remember. For example, "
"translating into All domains and their "
"components, such as mail servers, utilize DNS to resolve to the appropriate "
"locations. DNS servers are usually set up in a master-slave relationship "
"such that failure of the master invokes the slave. DNS servers might also be "
"clustered or replicated such that changes made to one DNS server are "
"automatically propagated to other active servers. In Compute, the support "
"that enables associating DNS entries with floating IP addresses, nodes, or "
"cells so that hostnames are consistent across reboots."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A system that provides services to other system entities. In case of "
"federated identity, OpenStack Identity is the service provider."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A tool to automate system configuration and installation on Debian-based "
"Linux distributions."
msgstr "在基于 Debian 的 Linux 发行版上进行自动化系统配置和安装的工具。"
msgid ""
"A tool to automate system configuration and installation on Red Hat, Fedora, "
"and CentOS-based Linux distributions."
msgstr ""
"一个在基于Red HatFedora和CentOS的Linux发行版中自动进行系统配置和安装的工"
msgid "A type of VM image that exists as a single, bootable file."
msgstr "一种存在于单个可启动文件中的虚拟机镜像。"
msgid ""
"A type of image file that is commonly used for animated images on web pages."
msgstr "一种常用于web页面上的动态图象的图象格式。"
msgid ""
"A type of reboot where a physical or virtual power button is pressed as "
"opposed to a graceful, proper shutdown of the operating system."
msgstr ""
msgid "A unique ID given to each replica of an Object Storage database."
msgstr "每个对象存储数据库副本的唯一ID。"
msgid ""
"A unit of storage within Object Storage used to store objects. It exists on "
"top of devices and is replicated for fault tolerance."
msgstr "对象存储中用于存储对象的存储单元。其存在于设备之上且为了容错性被复制。"
msgid ""
"A user-created Python module that is loaded by horizon to change the look "
"and feel of the dashboard."
msgstr "一个用户创建位于horizon的用于改变dashboard外观和感觉的Python模块。"
msgid ""
"A virtual network port within Networking; VIFs / vNICs are connected to a "
msgstr "一个网络服务中的虚拟网络端口VIFs/vNICs 都连接到这个端口。"
msgid ""
"A virtual network that provides connectivity between entities. For example, "
"a collection of virtual ports that share network connectivity. In Networking "
"terminology, a network is always a layer-2 network."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"A worker process that verifies the integrity of Object Storage objects, "
"containers, and accounts. Auditors is the collective term for the Object "
"Storage account auditor, container auditor, and object auditor."
msgstr ""
"用来验证对象存储对象、容器和帐号的完整性的 worker 进程。在这里,审计是对 "
"Object Storage 的帐号审计、容器审计和对象审计的总称。"
msgid ""
"A wrapper used by the Image service that contains a VM image and its "
"associated metadata, such as machine state, OS disk size, and so on."
msgstr ""
msgid "API endpoint"
msgstr "API 终点"
msgid "API extension"
msgstr "API扩展"
msgid "API extension plug-in"
msgstr "API扩展插件"
msgid "API key"
msgstr "API键值"
msgid "API server"
msgstr "API服务器"
msgid "API token"
msgstr "API令牌"
msgid ""
"API used to access OpenStack Networking. Provides an extensible architecture "
"to enable custom plug-in creation."
msgstr "用于访问OpenStack网络服务的API。提供启动客户界面插件创建的可拓展架构。"
msgid "API version"
msgstr "API版本"
msgid "ATA over Ethernet (AoE)"
msgstr "ATA以太网(AoE)"
msgid ""
"AWS CloudFormation allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) users to create and "
"manage a collection of related resources. The Orchestration service supports "
"a CloudFormation-compatible format (CFN)."
msgstr ""
"AWS CloudFormation 允许 AWS 用户创建并管理一个相关资源的集合。Orchestration "
"服务支持CFN CloudFormation 兼容格式CloudFormation-compatible format。"
msgid "AWS CloudFormation template"
msgstr "AWS CloudFormation 模板"
msgid ""
"Absolute limit on the amount of network traffic a Compute VM instance can "
"send and receive."
msgstr "一个计算服务虚机实例可以发送和接受的网络流量的绝对限制值。"
msgid "Active Directory"
msgstr "活动目录"
msgid ""
"Acts as the gatekeeper to Object Storage and is responsible for "
"authenticating the user."
msgstr "用作对象存储服务网守且负责认证用户。"
msgid "Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)"
msgstr "地址解析协议(ARP)"
msgid "Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)"
msgstr "高级消息队列协议(AMQP)"
msgid "Advanced RISC Machine (ARM)"
msgstr "先进精简指令集机器(ARM)"
msgid ""
"All OpenStack core projects are provided under the terms of the Apache "
"License 2.0 license."
msgstr "所有的OpenStack核心项目均在Apache许可证2.0下提供。"
msgid "Alphanumeric ID assigned to each Identity service role."
msgstr "分配给每个身份验证服务角色的数字字母组成的ID。"
msgid "Alternative term for a Networking plug-in or Networking API extension."
msgstr "和网络插件或网络API扩展相关的术语。"
msgid ""
"Alternative term for an API extension or plug-in. In the context of Identity "
"service, this is a call that is specific to the implementation, such as "
"adding support for OpenID."
msgstr ""
msgid "Alternative term for an API token."
msgstr "API令牌相关的术语。"
msgid "Alternative term for an Identity service catalog."
msgstr "身份验证服务目录的别称。"
msgid "Alternative term for an Object Storage authorization node."
msgstr "对象存储授权节点的别称。"
msgid "Alternative term for an admin API."
msgstr "管理员API的别称。"
msgid "Alternative term for the Identity service catalog."
msgstr "身份验证服务目录的别称。"
msgid "Amazon Kernel Image (AKI)"
msgstr "Amazon内核镜像(AKI)"
msgid "Amazon Machine Image (AMI)"
msgstr "亚马逊机器镜像(AMI)"
msgid "Amazon Ramdisk Image (ARI)"
msgstr "亚马逊内存盘镜像(ARI)"
msgid ""
"An API endpoint used for both service-to-service communication and end-user "
msgstr "用于服务到服务间通信和终端用户交互的 API 终点。"
msgid ""
"An API on a separate endpoint for attaching, detaching, and creating block "
"storage for compute VMs."
msgstr "独立终点上用于为计算虚机附加卸载和创建块存储的API。"
msgid ""
"An Amazon EBS storage volume that contains a bootable VM image, currently "
"unsupported in OpenStack."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An Amazon EC2 concept of an isolated area that is used for fault tolerance. "
"Do not confuse with an OpenStack Compute zone or cell."
msgstr ""
"Amazon EC2 概念里的一个隔离区域,被用于容错。请不要和 OpenStack Compute "
"zone 或 cell 混淆。"
msgid ""
"An IP address that a project can associate with a VM so that the instance "
"has the same public IP address each time that it boots. You create a pool of "
"floating IP addresses and assign them to instances as they are launched to "
"maintain a consistent IP address for maintaining DNS assignment."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An IP address that can be assigned to a VM instance within the shared IP "
"group. Public IP addresses can be shared across multiple servers for use in "
"various high-availability scenarios. When an IP address is shared to another "
"server, the cloud network restrictions are modified to enable each server to "
"listen to and respond on that IP address. You can optionally specify that "
"the target server network configuration be modified. Shared IP addresses can "
"be used with many standard heartbeat facilities, such as keepalive, that "
"monitor for failure and manage IP failover."
msgstr ""
msgid "An IP address that is accessible to end-users."
msgstr "对端用户可访问的IP地址。"
msgid ""
"An IP address that is associated with the same instance each time that "
"instance boots, is generally not accessible to end users or the public "
"Internet, and is used for management of the instance."
msgstr ""
"在一个实例每次引导时都和它相关联的一个 IP 地址。它通常不能被最终用户或公共互"
msgid ""
"An IP address used for management and administration, not available to the "
"public Internet."
msgstr "用于管理和维护的 IP 地址,在公共网络中不可用。"
msgid ""
"An IP address, typically assigned to a router, that passes network traffic "
"between different networks."
msgstr "一个在不同网络间传递网络流量的IP地址尤指分配给路由器的IP地址。"
msgid ""
"An Identity API v3 entity. Represents a collection of projects, groups and "
"users that defines administrative boundaries for managing OpenStack Identity "
"entities. On the Internet, separates a website from other sites. Often, the "
"domain name has two or more parts that are separated by dots. For example, "
",,, or Also, a domain is an "
"entity or container of all DNS-related information containing one or more "
msgstr ""
"一个身份验证服务API v3 实体。代表定义了管理OpenStack身份验证实体的管理边界的"
msgid ""
"An Identity service API endpoint that is associated with one or more "
msgstr "关联到一或者多个项目的认证服务API终点。"
msgid ""
"An Identity service feature that enables services, such as Compute, to "
"automatically register with the catalog."
msgstr "一个使服务可以,如计算服务,自动登记目录的注册身份验证服务特性。"
msgid ""
"An Identity service that lists API endpoints that are available to a user "
"after authentication with the Identity service."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An Identity v3 API entity. Represents a collection of users that is owned by "
"a specific domain."
msgstr "一个身份验证服务v3 API实体。代表所属某域的一个用户集合。"
msgid ""
"An Image service container format that indicates that no container exists "
"for the VM image."
msgstr "镜像服务容器格式表明对于虚拟机镜像没有容器存在。"
msgid ""
"An Image service that provides VM image metadata information to clients."
msgstr "一个提供虚机镜像元数据信息给客户端的镜像服务。"
msgid ""
"An Internet Protocol (IP) address configured on the load balancer for use by "
"clients connecting to a service that is load balanced. Incoming connections "
"are distributed to back-end nodes based on the configuration of the load "
msgstr ""
msgid "An L2 network segment within Networking."
msgstr "网络服务中的一个L2网段。"
msgid "An Object Storage component that collects meters."
msgstr "一个收集计量的对象存储组件。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage component that copies an object to remote partitions for "
"fault tolerance."
msgstr "为了容错性而将对象复制到远程分区的对象存储服务组件。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage component that copies changes in the account, container, "
"and object databases to other nodes."
msgstr "一个复制账户,容器,和对象数据库中改变到其他节点的对象存储组件。"
msgid "An Object Storage component that is responsible for managing objects."
msgstr "负责管理对象的对象存储组件。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage component that provides account services such as list, "
"create, modify, and audit. Do not confuse with OpenStack Identity service, "
"OpenLDAP, or similar user-account services."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An Object Storage large object that has been broken up into pieces. The re-"
"assembled object is called a concatenated object."
msgstr ""
"concatenated object。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage middleware component that enables creation of URLs for "
"temporary object access."
msgstr "可为暂时的对象访问创建 URLs 的对象存储服务中间件组件。"
msgid "An Object Storage node that provides authorization services."
msgstr "提供授权服务的对象存储节点。"
msgid ""
"An Object Storage node that provides container services, account services, "
"and object services; controls the account databases, container databases, "
"and object storage."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An Object Storage worker that scans for and deletes account databases and "
"that the account server has marked for deletion."
msgstr "对象存储维护者从数据库中查找并删除账户,账户的服务器标注已删除。"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack grouped release of projects that came out in the spring of "
"2011. It included Compute (nova), Object Storage (swift), and the Image "
"service (glance). Cactus is a city in Texas, US and is the code name for the "
"third release of OpenStack. When OpenStack releases went from three to six "
"months long, the code name of the release changed to match a geography "
"nearest the previous summit."
msgstr ""
"在 2011 年春发布的一组包括多个项目的 OpenStack 版本。它包括 Computenova、"
"Object Storageswift和 Image 服务glance。Cactus 是位于美国德克萨斯州的"
"一个城市,它被用来作为 OpenStack 第三个发行版本的代码。在 OpenStack 的发行周"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack service, such as Compute, Object Storage, or Image service. "
"Provides one or more endpoints through which users can access resources and "
"perform operations."
msgstr ""
msgid "An OpenStack-supported hypervisor."
msgstr "一个被 OpenStack 所支持的 hypervisor。"
msgid ""
"An OpenStack-supported hypervisor. KVM is a full virtualization solution for "
"Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-"
"V), ARM, IBM Power, and IBM zSeries. It consists of a loadable kernel "
"module, that provides the core virtualization infrastructure and a processor "
"specific module."
msgstr ""
"下有CPU虚拟扩展 (Intel VT 或 AMD-V)所支持其他平台诸如ARM,IBM PowerIBM "
msgid "An administrator who has access to all hosts and instances."
msgstr "有所有宿主机和实例访问权限的管理员。"
msgid ""
"An administrator-defined token used by Compute to communicate securely with "
"the Identity service."
msgstr "一个计算服务用来与身份验证服务安全通信的管理员定义令牌。"
msgid ""
"An alpha-numeric string of text used to access OpenStack APIs and resources."
msgstr "用于访问OpenStack APIs和资源的数字字母文本字符串。"
msgid ""
"An application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory "
"information services over an IP network."
msgstr "一个用于通过IP网络访问和维护分布式目录信息服务的应用协议。"
msgid ""
"An application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia "
"information systems. It is the foundation of data communication for the "
"World Wide Web. Hypertext is structured text that uses logical links "
"(hyperlinks) between nodes containing text. HTTP is the protocol to exchange "
"or transfer hypertext."
msgstr ""
"HTTP 是一个用于分布的,协作的,超媒体信息系统的应用层协议。它是环球信息网数据"
msgid ""
"An application that runs on the back-end server in a load-balancing system."
msgstr "运行于负载均衡系统中的后端服务器上的应用程序。"
msgid ""
"An authentication facility within Object Storage that enables Object Storage "
"itself to perform authentication and authorization. Frequently used in "
"testing and development."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An easy method to create a local LDAP directory for testing Identity and "
"Compute. Requires Redis."
msgstr "创建本地LDAP目录来测试身份验证服务和计算服务的简单方式。需要Redis。"
msgid ""
"An element of the Compute RabbitMQ that comes to life when a RPC call is "
"executed. It connects to a direct exchange through a unique exclusive queue, "
"sends the message, and terminates."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An element of the Compute capacity cache that is calculated based on the "
"number of build, snapshot, migrate, and resize operations currently in "
"progress on a given host."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An encrypted communications protocol for secure communication over a "
"computer network, with especially wide deployment on the Internet. "
"Technically, it is not a protocol in and of itself; rather, it is the result "
"of simply layering the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on top of the TLS "
"or SSL protocol, thus adding the security capabilities of TLS or SSL to "
"standard HTTP communications. Most OpenStack API endpoints and many inter-"
"component communications support HTTPS communication."
msgstr ""
"传输从而将TLS或SSL的安全能力加到了标准HTTP通信中。大多数OpenStack API入口和"
msgid ""
"An entity that maps Object Storage data to partitions. A separate ring "
"exists for each service, such as account, object, and container."
msgstr ""
msgid "An extra but helpful piece of practical advice."
msgstr "一个额外但有用的特定建议。"
msgid "An iSCSI authentication method supported by Compute."
msgstr "一个由计算服务支持的iSCSI认证方式。"
msgid ""
"An in-progress specification for cloud management. Currently unsupported in "
msgstr "一个在进行中的云管理规格。目前在OpenStack中未被支持。"
msgid ""
"An interface that is plugged into a port in a Networking network. Typically "
"a virtual network interface belonging to a VM."
msgstr "插入网络服务网络端口中的借口。通常一个虚拟网络接口属于虚机。"
msgid ""
"An object state in Object Storage where a new replica of the object is "
"automatically created due to a drive failure."
msgstr ""
msgid "An object within Object Storage that is larger than 5 GB."
msgstr "对象存储服务中大于5GB的存储对象。"
msgid "An open source LDAP server. Supported by both Compute and Identity."
msgstr "一个开源DLAP服务器。计算服务和身份验证服务均支持。"
msgid "An open source SQL toolkit for Python, used in OpenStack."
msgstr "Python的开源SQL数据包在OpenStack中被使用。"
msgid ""
"An operating system configuration management tool supporting OpenStack "
msgstr "操作系统配置管理工具支持OpenStack的部署。"
msgid ""
"An operating system configuration-management tool supported by OpenStack."
msgstr "一个OpenStack支持的操作系统配置管理工具。"
msgid "An operating system instance running under the control of a hypervisor."
msgstr "在 hypervisor 控制下运行的操作系统。"
msgid ""
"An operating system instance that runs on top of a hypervisor. Multiple VMs "
"can run at the same time on the same physical host."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An option within Compute that enables administrators to create and manage "
"users through the ``nova-manage`` command as opposed to using the Identity "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"An option within Image service so that an image is deleted after a "
"predefined number of seconds instead of immediately."
msgstr "一个镜像服务中的选项,为了让镜像在预设秒数后被删除而非立刻删除。"
msgid "Anvil"
msgstr "Anvil"
msgid ""
"Any business that provides Internet access to individuals or businesses."
msgstr "任何向个人或商业单位提供因特网访问的运营商。"
msgid ""
"Any client software that enables a computer or device to access the Internet."
msgstr "任何可以使计算机或设备访问因特网的客户端软件。"
msgid "Any compute node that runs the network worker daemon."
msgstr "任何运行着网络工作守护进程的计算节点。"
msgid ""
"Any deployment-specific information is helpful, such as whether you are "
"using Ubuntu 14.04 or are performing a multi-node installation."
msgstr ""
"任何特别的部署信息都是有用的。例如用户使用的是Ubuntu 14.04,或者多节点安装。"
msgid ""
"Any kind of text that contains a link to some other site, commonly found in "
"documents where clicking on a word or words opens up a different website."
msgstr ""
msgid "Any node running a daemon or worker that provides an API endpoint."
msgstr "任何提供API终点的运行着守护进程或任务的节点。"
msgid ""
"Any piece of hardware or software that wants to connect to the network "
"services provided by Networking, the network connectivity service. An entity "
"can make use of Networking by implementing a VIF."
msgstr ""
"需要连接到网络服务的所有硬件和软件都由 Networking 服务,即网络连接服务提供。"
"一个实体可以通过实施 VIF 来使用 Networking 服务。"
msgid ""
"Any user, including the ``root`` user, can run commands that are prefixed "
"with the ``$`` prompt."
msgstr "任何用户,包括 ``root`` 用户,都可以运行以 ``$`` 符号开头的命令。"
msgid "Apache"
msgstr "Apache"
msgid ""
"Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework that supports data-"
"intensive distributed applications."
msgstr "一个开源软件框架,支持数据密集分布式处理。"
msgid "Apache License 2.0"
msgstr "Apache许可证 2.0"
msgid "Apache Web Server"
msgstr "Apache Web服务器"
msgid "Appendix"
msgstr "附录"
msgid "Application Catalog service (murano)"
msgstr "应用目录服务(murano)"
msgid "Application Programming Interface (API)"
msgstr "应用程序接口(API)"
msgid "Application Service Provider (ASP)"
msgstr "应用服务提供商(ASP)"
msgid ""
"Association of an interface ID to a logical port. Plugs an interface into a "
msgstr "将接口ID和逻辑端口关联起来。即将接口插入到端口。"
msgid "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)"
msgstr "异步JavaScript和XML(AJAX)"
msgid ""
"Attachment point where a virtual interface connects to a virtual network."
msgstr "虚拟接口连接虚拟网络的连接点。"
msgid "Austin"
msgstr "Austin"
msgid "AuthN"
msgstr "AuthN"
msgid "AuthZ"
msgstr "AuthZ"
msgid ""
"Authentication and identity service by Microsoft, based on LDAP. Supported "
"in OpenStack."
msgstr "由微软提供的认证和验证服务基于LDAP支持OpenStack。"
msgid "Authentication method that uses keys rather than passwords."
msgstr "使用密钥而非密码的认证方法。"
msgid ""
"Authentication method that uses two or more credentials, such as a password "
"and a private key. Currently not supported in Identity."
msgstr ""
msgid "Auto ACK"
msgstr "自动ACK"
msgid ""
"Automated software test suite designed to run against the trunk of the "
"OpenStack core project."
msgstr "旨在对OpenStack核心项目主干运行的自动化软件测试套件。"
msgid "B"
msgstr "B"
msgid "Bare Metal service (ironic)"
msgstr "裸金属服务(ironic)"
msgid ""
"Be sure to include the software and package versions that you are using, "
"especially if you are using a development branch, such as, ``\"Kilo release"
"\" vs git commit bc79c3ecc55929bac585d04a03475b72e06a3208``."
msgstr ""
"请确保包括了你正在使用的软件和包版本信息,尤其如果你正在使用如``\"Kilo "
"release\" vs git commit bc79c3ecc55929bac585d04a03475b72e06a3208``的开发中的"
msgid ""
"Belongs to a particular domain and is used to specify information about the "
"domain. There are several types of DNS records. Each record type contains "
"particular information used to describe the purpose of that record. Examples "
"include mail exchange (MX) records, which specify the mail server for a "
"particular domain; and name server (NS) records, which specify the "
"authoritative name servers for a domain."
msgstr ""
msgid "Bexar"
msgstr "Bexar"
msgid "Block Storage API"
msgstr "块存储API"
msgid ""
"Block storage that is simultaneously accessible by multiple clients, for "
"example, NFS."
msgstr "可被多客户端同时访问的块存储系统例如NFS。"
msgid "Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)"
msgstr "边界网关协议(BGP)"
msgid ""
"Both Image service and Compute support encrypted virtual machine (VM) images "
"(but not instances). In-transit data encryption is supported in OpenStack "
"using technologies such as HTTPS, SSL, TLS, and SSH. Object Storage does not "
"support object encryption at the application level but may support storage "
"that uses disk encryption."
msgstr ""
msgid "Both a VM container format and disk format. Supported by Image service."
msgstr "虚拟机的容器格式和磁盘格式都被镜像服务支持。"
msgid ""
"Builds and manages rings within Object Storage, assigns partitions to "
"devices, and pushes the configuration to other storage nodes."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Can concurrently use multiple layer-2 networking technologies, such as "
"802.1Q and VXLAN, in Networking."
msgstr "在网络服务中可以同时使用多个2层网络技术如802.1Q和VXLAN。"
msgid ""
"Causes the network interface to pass all traffic it receives to the host "
"rather than passing only the frames addressed to it."
msgstr "引发网络接口传递所有其接受的流量到宿主机而非仅向其传递帧地址。"
msgid "CentOS"
msgstr "CentOS"
msgid ""
"Ceph component that enables a Linux block device to be striped over multiple "
"distributed data stores."
msgstr "使Linux块设备在多分布数据存储上采用带状设置的Ceph组件。"
msgid "Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)"
msgstr "询问握手认证协议CHAP"
msgid ""
"Checks for and deletes unused VMs; the component of Image service that "
"implements delayed delete."
msgstr "检查并删除空闲虚机;镜像服务中实现延迟删除的组件。"
msgid ""
"Checks for missing replicas and incorrect or corrupted objects in a "
"specified Object Storage account by running queries against the back-end "
"SQLite database."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Checks for missing replicas or incorrect objects in specified Object Storage "
"containers through queries to the SQLite back-end database."
msgstr ""
msgid "Chef"
msgstr "Chef"
msgid ""
"Choosing a host based on the existence of a GPU is currently unsupported in "
msgstr "基于GPU的存在选择宿主机目前在OpenStack不被支持。"
msgid "CirrOS"
msgstr "CirrOS"
msgid ""
"Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) is a specification for audit event "
"data. CADF is supported by OpenStack Identity."
msgstr ""
"云计算审计数据联盟Cloud Auditing Data Federation简称 CADF是一个审计事件"
"数据的规格标准。OpenStack Identity 支持 CADF。"
msgid "Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI)"
msgstr "云基础设施管理接口CIMI"
msgid ""
"Collection of Compute components that represent the global state of the "
"cloud; talks to services, such as Identity authentication, Object Storage, "
"and node/storage workers through a queue."
msgstr ""
"代表云全局状态的 Compute 组件的集合。它会通过队列和其它服务(如 Identity 验"
"证、对象计算、节点/存储 worker进行交流。"
msgid ""
"Collective name for the Object Storage object services, container services, "
"and account services."
msgstr "对象存储中的对象服务,容器服务以及账户服务的集合名称。"
msgid ""
"Collective term for Object Storage components that provide additional "
msgstr "提供额外功能的对象存储组件的集合名词。"
msgid ""
"Collective term for a group of Object Storage components that processes "
"queued and failed updates for containers and objects."
msgstr "处理容器和对象的升级队列中和失败情况的对象存储组件群组的集合名词。"
msgid ""
"Combination of a URI and UUID used to access Image service VM images through "
"the image API."
msgstr ""
"通过镜像 API 访问 Image 服务的虚拟机镜像时使用的一个 URI 和 UUID 的组合。"
msgid "Command prompts"
msgstr "命令提示符"
msgid ""
"Community project that captures Compute AMQP communications; useful for "
msgstr "抓取计算服务AMQP通信的社区项目对调试有用。"
msgid ""
"Community project that uses shell scripts to quickly build complete "
"OpenStack development environments."
msgstr "使用shell脚本快速搭建完整OpenStack开发环境的社区项目。"
msgid "Community support"
msgstr "社区支持"
msgid ""
"Companies that rent specialized applications that help businesses and "
"organizations provide additional services with lower cost."
msgstr "公司租用特定的应用程序,以低成本的方式,为业务和组织提供增值服务。"
msgid ""
"Component of Identity that provides a rule-management interface and a rule-"
"based authorization engine."
msgstr "身份验证服务中提供规则管理接口和基于规则的认证引擎的组件。"
msgid ""
"Computer that provides explicit services to the client software running on "
"that system, often managing a variety of computer operations. A server is a "
"VM instance in the Compute system. Flavor and image are requisite elements "
"when creating a server."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Configurable option within Object Storage to limit database writes on a per-"
"account and/or per-container basis."
msgstr "对象存储服务中按每个账户和/或每个容器来限制数据库写入的可配置选项。"
msgid ""
"Configuration setting within RabbitMQ that enables or disables message "
"acknowledgment. Enabled by default."
msgstr "RabbitMQ内启用或禁用消息确认功能的参数设置。默认启用。"
msgid ""
"Connected to by a direct consumer in RabbitMQ—Compute, the message can be "
"consumed only by the current connection."
msgstr "被一个计算服务RabbitMQ中的直接消费者连接信息仅可通过当前连接被使用。"
msgid ""
"Contains configuration information that Object Storage uses to reconfigure a "
"ring or to re-create it from scratch after a serious failure."
msgstr "含有对象存储用来配置或在严重故障后重新创建环链的配置信息。"
msgid ""
"Contains information about a user as provided by the identity provider. It "
"is an indication that a user has been authenticated."
msgstr ""
"含有身份提供者identity provider所提供的用户信息。其是用户已被验证的标示。"
msgid ""
"Contains the locations of all Object Storage partitions within the ring."
msgstr "包含着环链中所有对象存储分区的位置。"
msgid "Contractual obligations that ensure the availability of a service."
msgstr "确保服务可用性的合同义务。"
msgid "Conventions"
msgstr "约定"
msgid ""
"Converts an existing server to a different flavor, which scales the server "
"up or down. The original server is saved to enable rollback if a problem "
"occurs. All resizes must be tested and explicitly confirmed, at which time "
"the original server is removed."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Creates a full Object Storage development environment within a single VM."
msgstr "在一个虚机内创建一个完全的对象存储开发环境。"
msgid "Critical information about the risk of data loss or security issues."
msgstr "关于数据丢失或安全问题相关风险的关键信息。"
msgid "Custom modules that extend some OpenStack core APIs."
msgstr "扩展OpenStack核心API的自定义模块。"
msgid "D"
msgstr "D"
msgid "DHCP agent"
msgstr "DHCP代理"
msgid "DNS record"
msgstr "DNS 记录"
msgid ""
"Daemon that provides DNS, DHCP, BOOTP, and TFTP services for virtual "
msgstr "为虚拟网络提供DNSDHCPBOOTP和TFTP服务的守护进程。"
msgid ""
"Data that is only known to or accessible by a user and used to verify that "
"the user is who he says he is. Credentials are presented to the server "
"during authentication. Examples include a password, secret key, digital "
"certificate, and fingerprint."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Defines resources for a cell, including CPU, storage, and networking. Can "
"apply to the specific services within a cell or a whole cell."
msgstr ""
"定义一个 cell 的资源,包括 CPU、存储和网络。可以被应用到一个 cell 中的特定服"
"务,也可以在整个 cell 中起作用。"
msgid ""
"Denial of service (DoS) is a short form for denial-of-service attack. This "
"is a malicious attempt to prevent legitimate users from using a service."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Depending on context, the core API is either the OpenStack API or the main "
"API of a specific core project, such as Compute, Networking, Image service, "
"and so on."
msgstr ""
"取决于上下文核心API指的是OpenStack API或某个特定核心项目如计算网络镜"
msgid ""
"Describes the parameters of the various virtual machine images that are "
"available to users; includes parameters such as CPU, storage, and memory. "
"Alternative term for flavor."
msgstr ""
msgid "Desktop-as-a-Service"
msgstr "桌面即服务"
msgid ""
"Determines whether back-end members of a VIP pool can process a request. A "
"pool can have several health monitors associated with it. When a pool has "
"several monitors associated with it, all monitors check each member of the "
"pool. All monitors must declare a member to be healthy for it to stay active."
msgstr ""
msgid "DevStack"
msgstr "DevStack"
msgid "Diablo"
msgstr "Diablo"
msgid ""
"Disk-based data storage generally represented as an iSCSI target with a file "
"system that supports extended attributes; can be persistent or ephemeral."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Disk-based virtual memory used by operating systems to provide more memory "
"than is actually available on the system."
msgstr "被操作系统用来提供比系统实际可用更多内存的基于磁盘的虚拟内存。"
msgid "Distributed block storage system for QEMU, supported by OpenStack."
msgstr "QEMU 的分布式块存储系统,该系统在 OpenStack 中被支持。"
msgid ""
"Distributes partitions proportionately across Object Storage devices based "
"on the storage capacity of each device."
msgstr "依照每个设备的存储能力按比例的分配对象存储的分区。"
msgid "Django"
msgstr "Django"
msgid "Documentation"
msgstr "文档"
msgid "Documentation feedback"
msgstr "文档反馈"
msgid "Dynamic HyperText Markup Language (DHTML)"
msgstr "动态超文本标记语言DHTML"
msgid "E"
msgstr "E"
msgid "EC2"
msgstr "EC2"
msgid ""
"Either a soft or hard reboot of a server. With a soft reboot, the operating "
"system is signaled to restart, which enables a graceful shutdown of all "
"processes. A hard reboot is the equivalent of power cycling the server. The "
"virtualization platform should ensure that the reboot action has completed "
"successfully, even in cases in which the underlying domain/VM is paused or "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Enables Compute and Networking integration, which enables Networking to "
"perform network management for guest VMs."
msgstr "启动计算服务和网络服务的整合,使得网络服务可以为客户虚机提供网络管理。"
msgid ""
"Enables Compute to communicate with NetApp storage devices through the "
"NetApp OnCommand Provisioning Manager."
msgstr "使计算服务通过网域按需资源调配管理器与网域存储设备通信。"
msgid ""
"Enables Networking to distribute incoming requests evenly between designated "
msgstr "启动网络服务来在指定实例间平均分发正在进入请求。"
msgid ""
"Enables a Linux bridge to understand a Networking port, interface "
"attachment, and other abstractions."
msgstr "使能Linux桥以理解网络服务端口加载接口和其他抽象概念。"
msgid "Essex"
msgstr "Essex"
msgid "Eucalyptus Kernel Image (EKI)"
msgstr "Eucalyptus内核镜像(EKI)"
msgid ""
"Extension to iptables that allows creation of firewall rules that match "
"entire \"sets\" of IP addresses simultaneously. These sets reside in indexed "
"data structures to increase efficiency, particularly on systems with a large "
"quantity of rules."
msgstr ""
"iptables 的一个扩展,它允许创建同时匹配整个 IP 地址“集sets”的防火墙规则。"
msgid "F"
msgstr "F"
msgid ""
"Facility in Compute that allows each virtual machine instance to have more "
"than one VIF connected to it."
msgstr "计算服务中允许每个虚机实例都连接到多个VIF的设备。"
msgid ""
"Feature in modern Ethernet networks that supports frames up to approximately "
"9000 bytes."
msgstr "现代以太网网络中支持高达约9000字节帧数的特性。"
msgid ""
"Feature of certain network interface drivers that combines many smaller "
"received packets into a large packet before delivery to the kernel IP stack."
msgstr ""
msgid "Fedora"
msgstr "Fedora"
msgid ""
"File system option that enables storage of additional information beyond "
"owner, group, permissions, modification time, and so on. The underlying "
"Object Storage file system must support extended attributes."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Filtering tool for a Linux bridging firewall, enabling filtering of network "
"traffic passing through a Linux bridge. Used in Compute along with "
"arptables, iptables, and ip6tables to ensure isolation of network "
msgstr ""
msgid "Folsom"
msgstr "Folsom"
msgid ""
"For IaaS, ability for a regular (non-privileged) account to manage a virtual "
"infrastructure component such as networks without involving an administrator."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"For the available OpenStack documentation, see ` <https://"
msgstr ""
"如果需要可用的OpenStack文档请查看` <https://docs."
msgid "G"
msgstr "G"
msgid ""
"Generally, extra properties on an Image service image to which only cloud "
"administrators have access. Limits which user roles can perform CRUD "
"operations on that property. The cloud administrator can configure any image "
"property as protected."
msgstr ""
msgid "Give a clear, concise summary."
msgstr "提供清晰、简洁的语法。"
msgid ""
"Gives guest VMs exclusive access to a PCI device. Currently supported in "
"OpenStack Havana and later releases."
msgstr ""
"给予客户虚拟机专用的PCI设备访问方式。目前在OpenStack Havana和后续发行版中支"
msgid "Glossary"
msgstr "术语表"
msgid "GlusterFS"
msgstr "GlusterFS"
msgid "Grizzly"
msgstr "Grizzly"
msgid "Hadoop"
msgstr "Hadoop"
msgid "Havana"
msgstr "Havana"
msgid "Heat Orchestration Template (HOT)"
msgstr "Heat编排模板(HOT)"
msgid "Heat input in the format native to OpenStack."
msgstr "OpenStack本地格式用于Heat的输入。"
msgid "Helpful information that prevents the user from making mistakes."
msgstr "为防止用户犯错误而提供的帮助信息。"
msgid ""
"High-availability mode for legacy (nova) networking. Each compute node "
"handles NAT and DHCP and acts as a gateway for all of the VMs on it. A "
"networking failure on one compute node doesn't affect VMs on other compute "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"High-performance 64-bit file system created by Silicon Graphics. Excels in "
"parallel I/O operations and data consistency."
msgstr ""
"Silicon Graphics 创建的高性能 64 位文件系统。适用于并行 I/O 操作和数据一致"
msgid "Hyper-V"
msgstr "Hyper-V"
msgid "IP address"
msgstr "IP地址::"
msgid "Icehouse"
msgstr "Icehouse"
msgid ""
"If Object Storage finds objects, containers, or accounts that are corrupt, "
"they are placed in this state, are not replicated, cannot be read by "
"clients, and a correct copy is re-replicated."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"If a requested resource such as CPU time, disk storage, or memory is not "
"available in the parent cell, the request is forwarded to its associated "
"child cells. If the child cell can fulfill the request, it does. Otherwise, "
"it attempts to pass the request to any of its children."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"If a requested resource, such as CPU time, disk storage, or memory, is not "
"available in the parent cell, the request is forwarded to associated child "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Impassable limits for guest VMs. Settings include total RAM size, maximum "
"number of vCPUs, and maximum disk size."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"In Compute and Block Storage, the ability to set resource limits on a per-"
"project basis."
msgstr "在计算服务和块存储服务中,按每个项目来设置资源限制的能力。"
msgid ""
"In Compute, conductor is the process that proxies database requests from the "
"compute process. Using conductor improves security because compute nodes do "
"not need direct access to the database."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"In OpenStack Identity, entities represent individual API consumers and are "
"owned by a specific domain. In OpenStack Compute, a user can be associated "
"with roles, projects, or both."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"In OpenStack, the API version for a project is part of the URL. For example, "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"In a high-availability setup with an active/active configuration, several "
"systems share the load together and if one fails, the load is distributed to "
"the remaining systems."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"In a high-availability setup with an active/passive configuration, systems "
"are set up to bring additional resources online to replace those that have "
msgstr "在高可用设置主动/被动配置,系统会启动额外的资源来代替失效的节点。"
msgid ""
"In the context of Object Storage, this is a process that is not terminated "
"after an upgrade, restart, or reload of the service."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"In the context of the Identity service, the worker process that provides "
"access to the admin API."
msgstr "在认证服务上下文中工作者进程提供管理API的访问。"
msgid ""
"Interactions and processes that are obfuscated from the user, such as "
"Compute volume mount, data transmission to an iSCSI target by a daemon, or "
"Object Storage object integrity checks."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Interface within Networking that enables organizations to create custom plug-"
"ins for advanced features, such as QoS, ACLs, or IDS."
msgstr ""
msgid "Java"
msgstr "Java"
msgid "JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)"
msgstr "JavaScript 对象表示法JSON"
msgid "Juno"
msgstr "Juno"
msgid "K"
msgstr "K"
msgid "Kerberos"
msgstr "Kerberos"
msgid "Kickstart"
msgstr "Kickstart"
msgid "Kilo"
msgstr "Kilo"
msgid "L"
msgstr "L"
msgid ""
"LBaaS feature that provides availability monitoring using the ``ping`` "
"command, TCP, and HTTP/HTTPS GET."
msgstr ""
"负载均衡即服务中使用``ping``命令TCP和HTTP/HTTPS GET来提供高可用监控的特性。"
msgid "Launchpad"
msgstr "Launchpad"
msgid "Layer-2 (L2) agent"
msgstr "2层 (L2) 代理服务"
msgid "Layer-2 network"
msgstr "2层网络"
msgid "Layer-3 (L3) agent"
msgstr "3层 (L3) 代理服务"
msgid "Layer-3 network"
msgstr "三层网络"
msgid "Liberty"
msgstr "Liberty"
msgid "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)"
msgstr "轻量目录访问协议LDAP"
msgid "Linux Bridge neutron plug-in"
msgstr "Linux Bridge neutron插件"
msgid "Linux bridge"
msgstr "Linux bridge"
msgid "Linux containers (LXC)"
msgstr "Linux容器LXC"
msgid ""
"Linux kernel feature that provides independent virtual networking instances "
"on a single host with separate routing tables and interfaces. Similar to "
"virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) services on physical network equipment."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Linux kernel security module that provides the mechanism for supporting "
"access control policies."
msgstr "提供支持访问控制政策机制的Linux内核安全模块。"
msgid "Lists allowed commands within the Compute rootwrap facility."
msgstr "列出计算服务rootwrap内的被允许命令。"
msgid ""
"Lists containers in Object Storage and stores container information in the "
"account database."
msgstr "列出对象存储的容器,且保存容器信息到账户数据库。"
msgid "Logical Volume Manager (LVM)"
msgstr "逻辑卷管理器LVM"
msgid ""
"Logical groupings of related code, such as the Block Storage volume manager "
"or network manager."
msgstr "相关代码的逻辑分组,如块存储服务卷管理器或我尼格罗管理器。"
msgid ""
"Lower power consumption CPU often found in mobile and embedded devices. "
"Supported by OpenStack."
msgstr ""
msgid "M"
msgstr "M"
msgid ""
"MD5 hash of an object within Object Storage, used to ensure data integrity."
msgstr "对象存储中一个对象的MD5哈希用来确保数据完整性。"
msgid "Maps Object Storage partitions to physical storage devices."
msgstr "将对象存储分区映射到物理存储设备。"
msgid ""
"Massively scalable distributed storage system that consists of an object "
"store, block store, and POSIX-compatible distributed file system. Compatible "
"with OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"可大规模进行扩展的分布式存储系统。它包括一个对象存储、块存储以及 POSIX 兼容的"
"分布式文件系统。其与OpenStack 兼容。"
msgid ""
"Maximum frame or packet size for a particular network medium. Typically 1500 "
"bytes for Ethernet networks."
msgstr "对于特定网络介质其最大的帧或封包大小。对于以太网网络来说是1500字节。"
msgid ""
"Mechanism in IP networks to detect end-to-end MTU and adjust packet size "
msgstr "IP网络中检测端对端最大传输信元并相应的调试包大小的机制。"
msgid ""
"Message exchange that is cleared when the service restarts. Its data is not "
"written to persistent storage."
msgstr "当服务重启消息交换被清除。其数据没有被写入持久化存储。"
msgid ""
"Message queue software supported by OpenStack. An alternative to RabbitMQ. "
"Also spelled 0MQ."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack 支持的消息队列软件。它可以作为 RabbitMQ 的替代软件。也被拼写为 "
msgid ""
"Message queue software supported by OpenStack; an alternative to RabbitMQ."
msgstr "OpenStack支持的消息队列软件RabbitMQ的替代软件。"
msgid ""
"Message queue that is cleared when the service restarts. Its data is not "
"written to persistent storage."
msgstr "当服务重启消息队列被清除。其数据没有被写入持久化存储中。"
msgid ""
"Method to access VM instance consoles using a web browser. Supported by "
msgstr "使用web浏览器访问虚机实例控制台的方法。由计算服务支持。"
msgid ""
"Modular system that allows the underlying message queue software of Compute "
"to be changed. For example, from RabbitMQ to ZeroMQ or Qpid."
msgstr ""
msgid "N"
msgstr "N"
msgid ""
"Network traffic between a user or client (north) and a server (south), or "
"traffic into the cloud (south) and out of the cloud (north). See also east-"
"west traffic."
msgstr ""
"云北向之间的流量。参照东西向流量east-west traffic。"
msgid "Notices"
msgstr "注意事项"
msgid "Notices take these forms:"
msgstr "注意事项采用以下形式:"
msgid ""
"Number that is unique to every computer system on the Internet. Two versions "
"of the Internet Protocol (IP) are in use for addresses: IPv4 and IPv6."
msgstr ""
"互联网中的每个计算机系统都具有的一个唯一的号码。现在IP 有两个版本在作为地址"
"使用IPv4 和 IPv6。"
msgid ""
"Object Storage middleware that uploads (posts) an image through a form on a "
"web page."
msgstr "对象存储服务中通过web页面上的表单上传发布镜像的中间件。"
msgid ""
"One of the RPC primitives used by the OpenStack message queue software. "
"Sends a message and does not wait for a response."
msgstr "一种RPC原语被OpenStack消息队列软件所使用。发送消息并且等待回应。"
msgid ""
"One of the RPC primitives used by the OpenStack message queue software. "
"Sends a message and waits for a response."
msgstr "一种RPC原语被OpenStack消息队列软件所使用。发送消息并且等待回应。"
msgid "One of the VM image disk formats supported by Image service."
msgstr "由镜像服务支持的虚机镜像磁盘格式之一。"
msgid ""
"One of the VM image disk formats supported by Image service; an unstructured "
"disk image."
msgstr "镜像服务所支持的虚机镜像磁盘格式之一是一个非结构化磁盘镜像。"
msgid ""
"One of the default roles in the Compute RBAC system and the default role "
"assigned to a new user."
msgstr "基于角色访问控制系统的一个默认角色并且该默认角色会被分配给新用户。"
msgid ""
"One of the default roles in the Compute RBAC system. Enables a user to add "
"other users to a project, interact with VM images that are associated with "
"the project, and start and stop VM instances."
msgstr ""
"计算服务 RBAC 系统中的一个默认角色之一。该角色可使一个用户将其他用户加入一个"
msgid ""
"One of the default roles in the Compute RBAC system. Enables the user to "
"allocate publicly accessible IP addresses to instances and change firewall "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"One of the default roles in the Compute RBAC system. Grants complete system "
msgstr "一个在计算RBAC系统的默认角色。赋予完全系统访问的权限。"
msgid "One of the hypervisors supported by OpenStack."
msgstr "一个被 OpenStack 所支持的 hypervisors 。"
msgid ""
"Open source GUI and CLI tools used for remote console access to VMs. "
"Supported by Compute."
msgstr "用于远程控制台访问虚机的开源GUI和CLI工具。被计算服务支持。"
msgid ""
"Open source tool used to access remote hosts through an encrypted "
"communications channel, SSH key injection is supported by Compute."
msgstr ""
msgid "Open vSwitch"
msgstr "Open vSwitch"
msgid ""
"Open vSwitch is a production quality, multilayer virtual switch licensed "
"under the open source Apache 2.0 license. It is designed to enable massive "
"network automation through programmatic extension, while still supporting "
"standard management interfaces and protocols (for example NetFlow, sFlow, "
"SPAN, RSPAN, CLI, LACP, 802.1ag)."
msgstr ""
"Open vSwitch是一款产品级的多层的虚拟交换机基于开源Apache2.0许可证分发。被"
"NetFlow, sFlow, SPAN, RSPAN, CLI, LACP, 802.1ag)。"
msgid "OpenLDAP"
msgstr "OpenLDAP"
msgid "OpenStack"
msgstr "OpenStack"
msgid ""
"OpenStack Networking agent that provides DHCP services for virtual networks."
msgstr "为虚拟网络提供DHCP服务的OpenStack网络服务代理。"
msgid ""
"OpenStack Networking agent that provides layer-2 connectivity for virtual "
msgstr "OpenStack网络服务中为虚拟网络提供2层连接的代理服务。"
msgid ""
"OpenStack Networking agent that provides layer-3 (routing) services for "
"virtual networks."
msgstr "OpenStack网络服务中为虚拟网络提供3层连接的代理服务。"
msgid "OpenStack code name"
msgstr "OpenStack代号"
msgid "OpenStack distribution packages"
msgstr "OpenStack分发包"
msgid ""
"OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, "
"storage, and networking resources throughout a data center, all managed "
"through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their "
"users to provision resources through a web interface. OpenStack is an open "
"source project licensed under the Apache License 2.0."
msgstr ""
msgid "OpenStack mailing lists"
msgstr "OpenStack 邮件列表"
msgid ""
"OpenStack project that provides a scalable data-processing stack and "
"associated management interfaces."
msgstr "提供可伸缩数据处理栈和关联管理接口的OpenStack项目。"
msgid ""
"OpenStack supports encryption technologies such as HTTPS, SSH, SSL, TLS, "
"digital certificates, and data encryption."
msgstr "OpenStack支持如HTTPSSSHTLS电子证书和数据加密等加密技术。"
msgid ""
"OpenStack-on-OpenStack program. The code name for the OpenStack Deployment "
msgstr "OpenStack-on-OpenStack程序为OpenStack开发程序使用的项目。"
msgid ""
"Opens all objects for an object server and verifies the MD5 hash, size, and "
"metadata for each object."
msgstr ""
"打开一个对象服务器的所有对象并为每个对象验证 MD5 哈希,大小,和元数据。"
msgid ""
"Organizes and stores objects in Object Storage. Similar to the concept of a "
"Linux directory but cannot be nested. Alternative term for an Image service "
"container format."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Pages that use HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets to enable users "
"to interact with a web page or show simple animation."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Part of the OpenStack :term:`Telemetry service <Telemetry service "
"(telemetry)>`; provides alarming functionality."
msgstr ""
"部分 OpenStack :term:`监测服务 <Telemetry service (telemetry)>`; 提供了报警功"
msgid ""
"Passed to API requests and used by OpenStack to verify that the client is "
"authorized to run the requested operation."
msgstr "用于API请求通过以及OpenStack用于验证客户端要运行请求操作的认证。"
msgid ""
"Passes requests from clients to the appropriate workers and returns the "
"output to the client after the job completes."
msgstr "将请求从客户端传递至合适的工作器并在工作完成后将输出返回至客户端。"
msgid "Physical host dedicated to running compute nodes."
msgstr "专用于运行计算节点的物理宿主机。"
msgid "Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)"
msgstr "平台即服务(PaaS)"
msgid ""
"Point in time since the last container and accounts database sync among "
"nodes within Object Storage."
msgstr "对象存储服务容器和账户数据库在各节点间的最后一次同步的时间点。"
msgid ""
"Principal communications protocol in the internet protocol suite for "
"relaying datagrams across network boundaries."
msgstr "互联网协议族中于网络边界间转发数据报文的首要通信协议。"
msgid "Programming language used extensively in OpenStack."
msgstr "OpenStack中大量使用的编程语言。"
msgid ""
"Project name for OpenStack Network Information Service. To be merged with "
msgstr "OpenStack网络信息服务的代号。即将合并到网络服务。"
msgid ""
"Projects represent the base unit of “ownership” in OpenStack, in that all "
"resources in OpenStack should be owned by a specific project. In OpenStack "
"Identity, a project must be owned by a specific domain."
msgstr ""
"特定项目拥有。在OpenStack身份验证服务中一个项目必须由一个域所拥有。 "
msgid ""
"Protocol that encapsulates a wide variety of network layer protocols inside "
"virtual point-to-point links."
msgstr "将点对点链接中的大多数种类网络层协议封装的协议。"
msgid ""
"Provide as much detail as possible in the description. Paste in your command "
"output or stack traces, links to screen shots, and any other information "
"which might be useful."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Provided by Compute in the form of cloudpipes, specialized instances that "
"are used to create VPNs on a per-project basis."
msgstr "由计算服务以cloudpipes形式提供用于按每个项目来创建VPN专用实例。"
msgid "Provided in Compute through the system usage data facility."
msgstr "由系统数据使用设备在计算服务中提供。"
msgid ""
"Provides a method of allocating space on mass-storage devices that is more "
"flexible than conventional partitioning schemes."
msgstr "提供在大存储设备分配空间的比传统分区方案更灵活的方法。"
msgid ""
"Provides an interface to the underlying Open vSwitch service for the "
"Networking plug-in."
msgstr "为网络服务插件提供潜在Open vSwitch服务接口。"
msgid ""
"Provides data redundancy and fault tolerance by creating copies of Object "
"Storage objects, accounts, and containers so that they are not lost when the "
"underlying storage fails."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Provides logical partitioning of Compute resources in a child and parent "
"relationship. Requests are passed from parent cells to child cells if the "
"parent cannot provide the requested resource."
msgstr ""
msgid "Provides support for NexentaStor devices in Compute."
msgstr "对计算服务中的 NexentaStor 设备提供支持。"
msgid ""
"Provides support for new and specialized types of back-end storage for the "
"Block Storage volume manager."
msgstr "为块存储卷管理器提供新的、特殊类型的后端存储支持。"
msgid ""
"QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer. One of "
"the hypervisors supported by OpenStack, generally used for development "
msgstr ""
msgid "Qpid"
msgstr "Qpid"
msgid "RAM filter"
msgstr "RAM过滤器"
msgid "RESTful"
msgstr "RESTful"
msgid "RabbitMQ"
msgstr "RabbitMQ"
msgid "Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)"
msgstr "红帽企业Linux(RHEL)"
msgid ""
"Reducing the size of files by special encoding, the file can be decompressed "
"again to its original content. OpenStack supports compression at the Linux "
"file system level but does not support compression for things such as Object "
"Storage objects or Image service VM images."
msgstr ""
msgid "Released as open source by NASA in 2010 and is the basis for Compute."
msgstr "由NASA于2010年作为开源项目发布且是OpenStack计算服务的基础。"
msgid ""
"Released as open source by Rackspace in 2010; the basis for Object Storage."
msgstr "由Rackspace正在2010年作为开源项目发布且是OpenStack对象存储服务的基础。"
msgid ""
"Removes all data on the server and replaces it with the specified image. "
"Server ID and IP addresses remain the same."
msgstr "清除服务器上所有数据并用特定镜像替代。服务器ID和IP地址不变。"
msgid "Represents a virtual, isolated OSI layer-2 subnet in Networking."
msgstr "在网络服务中代表一个虚拟隔离的OSI2层子网。"
msgid "Runs automated tests against the core OpenStack API; written in Rails."
msgstr "对OpenStack核心API运行自动化测试写入Rails中。"
msgid "SELinux"
msgstr "SELinux"
msgid ""
"SINA standard that defines a RESTful API for managing objects in the cloud, "
"currently unsupported in OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"定义了用于管理云中对象的RESTful API的SNIA标准目前在OpenStack中未被支持。"
msgid "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)"
msgstr "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)"
msgid ""
"Set of bits that make up a single character; there are usually 8 bits to a "
msgstr "单字符由一组位bits组成一个字节中通常有8位。"
msgid ""
"Setting for the Compute RabbitMQ message delivery mode; can be set to either "
"transient or persistent."
msgstr "用于计算RabbiMQ消息传递模式设置。可以被设置为短暂或持续。"
msgid "Sheepdog"
msgstr "Sheepdog"
msgid "Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM)"
msgstr "简单云身份管理"
msgid ""
"Soft limit on the amount of network traffic a Compute VM instance can send "
"and receive."
msgstr "一个计算服务虚机实例可以发送和接受的网络流量的软限制值。"
msgid ""
"Software component providing the actual implementation for Networking APIs, "
"or for Compute APIs, depending on the context."
msgstr "为网络服务APIs或计算服务APIs提供实际实现的软件组件视上下文而定。"
msgid ""
"Software that arbitrates and controls VM access to the actual underlying "
msgstr "用来仲裁和控制虚拟机访问实际底层硬件的软件。"
msgid ""
"Software that enables multiple VMs to share a single physical NIC within "
msgstr "使多个虚机共享一个计算服务中的物理NIC的软件。"
msgid ""
"Software that runs on a host or node and provides the features and functions "
"of a hardware-based network switch."
msgstr "运行于一个宿主机或节点并提供基于硬件网络交换器特性和功能的软件。"
msgid "Some tips:"
msgstr "一些提示:"
msgid "Something you must be aware of before proceeding."
msgstr "在继续之前您必须了解的事项。"
msgid ""
"Specification for managing identity in the cloud, currently unsupported by "
msgstr "云身份管理的规范,目前还未被 OpenStack 支持。"
msgid ""
"Specifies additional requirements when Compute determines where to start a "
"new instance. Examples include a minimum amount of network bandwidth or a "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Specifies the authentication source used by Image service or Identity. In "
"the Database service, it refers to the extensions implemented for a data "
msgstr ""
msgid "Standard for packaging VM images. Supported in OpenStack."
msgstr "打包虚机镜像的标准。在OpenStack中支持。"
msgid ""
"Storage protocol similar in concept to TCP/IP; encapsulates SCSI commands "
"and data."
msgstr "与TCP/IP相似的存储协议用于封装SCSI命令和数据。"
msgid ""
"String of text known only by the user; used along with an access key to make "
"requests to the Compute API."
msgstr "仅用户知道的文本字符串与访问键一起使用向计算服务API发送请求。"
msgid "Subdivides physical CPUs. Instances can then use those divisions."
msgstr "再分割物理CPUs。实例之后便可使用这些分割部分。"
msgid "Supports interaction with VMware products in Compute."
msgstr "在计算服务中支持与VMware产品的交互。"
msgid ""
"Term used in the OSI network architecture for the data link layer. The data "
"link layer is responsible for media access control, flow control and "
"detecting and possibly correcting errors that may occur in the physical "
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"Term used in the OSI network architecture for the network layer. The network "
"layer is responsible for packet forwarding including routing from one node "
"to another."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The API used to access the OpenStack Identity service provided through "
msgstr "用来访问通过 keystone 提供的 OpenStack Identity 服务的 API。"
msgid "The Amazon commercial block storage product."
msgstr "亚马逊商用块存储产品。"
msgid ""
"The Apache Software Foundation supports the Apache community of open-source "
"software projects. These projects provide software products for the public "
msgstr ""
msgid "The Block Storage driver for the SolidFire iSCSI storage appliance."
msgstr "用于SolidFire iSCSI存储设备的块存储驱动器。"
msgid ""
"The Border Gateway Protocol is a dynamic routing protocol that connects "
"autonomous systems. Considered the backbone of the Internet, this protocol "
"connects disparate networks to form a larger network."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Compute RabbitMQ message exchange that remains active when the server "
msgstr "当服务器重启时计算服务RabbitMQ消息交换保持激活状态。"
msgid ""
"The Compute VM scheduling algorithm that attempts to start a new VM on the "
"host with the least amount of load."
msgstr "计算服务中试图在最小负载宿主机上启动新虚机的虚机调度算法。"
msgid ""
"The Compute component that chooses suitable hosts on which to start VM "
msgstr "选择在哪一个合适的宿主机启动虚机实例的计算服务组件。"
msgid ""
"The Compute component that contains a list of the current capabilities of "
"each host within the cell and routes requests as appropriate."
msgstr "在cell中包含当前每个宿主机的容量列表和路由的计算组件会酌情的发出请求。"
msgid ""
"The Compute component that gives IP addresses to authorized nodes and "
"assumes DHCP, DNS, and routing configuration and services are provided by "
"something else."
msgstr ""
"Compute 的一个组件,用来为授权的节点提供 IP 地址。它假定 DHCP、DNS 以及路由配"
msgid ""
"The Compute component that manages various network components, such as "
"firewall rules, IP address allocation, and so on."
msgstr "管理多种网络组件如防火墙规则IP地址分配等的计算服务组件。"
msgid ""
"The Compute component that provides dnsmasq (DHCP, DNS, BOOTP, TFTP) and "
"radvd (routing) services."
msgstr ""
"提供 dnsmasqDHCP、DNS、BOOTP、TFTP和 radvdrouting服务的计算组件。"
msgid ""
"The Compute component that runs on each compute node and manages the VM "
"instance lifecycle, including run, reboot, terminate, attach/detach volumes, "
"and so on. Provided by the nova-compute daemon."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Compute direct exchanges, fanout exchanges, and topic exchanges use this "
"key to determine how to process a message; processing varies depending on "
"exchange type."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Compute scheduling method that attempts to fill a host with VMs rather "
"than starting new VMs on a variety of hosts."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Compute service can send alerts through its notification system, which "
"includes a facility to create custom notification drivers. Alerts can be "
"sent to and displayed on the dashboard."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Compute service provides accounting information through the event "
"notification and system usage data facilities."
msgstr "计算服务通过事件通知和系统使用量数据提供账单信息。"
msgid "The Compute setting that enables or disables RAM overcommitment."
msgstr "启动和禁止RAM溢出的计算服务设置。"
msgid "The Identity component that provides high-level authorization services."
msgstr "身份认证组件提供高水准的认证服务"
msgid "The Identity service component that provides authentication services."
msgstr "提供认证服务的身份认证服务部件。"
msgid ""
"The Identity service endpoint template that contains services available to "
"all projects."
msgstr "认证服务终点模板包含了可用于所有项目的服务。"
msgid "The Launchpad bugs area"
msgstr "控制台bugs区"
msgid ""
"The Network Controller provides virtual networks to enable compute servers "
"to interact with each other and with the public network. All machines must "
"have a public and private network interface. A VLAN network is a private "
"network interface, which is controlled by the ``vlan_interface`` option with "
"VLAN managers."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Network Controller provides virtual networks to enable compute servers "
"to interact with each other and with the public network. All machines must "
"have a public and private network interface. A private network interface can "
"be a flat or VLAN network interface. A flat network interface is controlled "
"by the flat_interface with flat managers. A VLAN network interface is "
"controlled by the ``vlan_interface`` option with VLAN managers."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Network Controller provides virtual networks to enable compute servers "
"to interact with each other and with the public network. All machines must "
"have a public and private network interface. The public network interface is "
"controlled by the ``public_interface`` option."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The Object Storage back-end process that creates and manages object replicas."
msgstr "创造和管理对象副本的对象存储后端进程。"
msgid ""
"The Object Storage component that provides container services, such as "
"create, delete, list, and so on."
msgstr "对象存储组件提供了容器服务,例如创建,删除,列表等等。"
msgid ""
"The Object Storage context of an account. Do not confuse with a user account "
"from an authentication service, such as Active Directory, /etc/passwd, "
"OpenLDAP, OpenStack Identity, and so on."
msgstr ""
"AD /etc/passwd, OpenLDAP, OpenStack认证等等。"
msgid "The OpenStack IRC channel"
msgstr "The OpenStack 在线聊天室频道"
msgid ""
"The OpenStack community values your set up and testing efforts and wants "
"your feedback. To log a bug, you must `sign up for a Launchpad account "
"<>`_. You can view existing bugs and report bugs "
"in the Launchpad Bugs area. Use the search feature to determine whether the "
"bug has already been reported or already been fixed. If it still seems like "
"your bug is unreported, fill out a bug report."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The OpenStack configuration files use an INI format to describe options and "
"their values. It consists of sections and key value pairs."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack 配置文件使用 INI 格式来描述选项以及它们的值。它由配置段和“键/值”对"
msgid "The OpenStack documentation uses several typesetting conventions."
msgstr "OpenStack文档使用了多个约定的字体集。"
msgid ""
"The OpenStack service that provides a simple YAML-based language to write "
"workflows (tasks and transition rules) and a service that allows to upload "
"them, modify, run them at scale and in a highly available manner, manage and "
"monitor workflow execution state and state of individual tasks."
msgstr ""
msgid "The OpenStack wiki"
msgstr "OpenStack 维基百科"
msgid "The Xen administrative API, which is supported by Compute."
msgstr "Xen 管理的 API由 Compute 提供。"
msgid ""
"The `OpenStack wiki <>`_ contains a broad range "
"of topics but some of the information can be difficult to find or is a few "
"pages deep. Fortunately, the wiki search feature enables you to search by "
"title or content. If you search for specific information, such as about "
"networking or OpenStack Compute, you can find a large amount of relevant "
"material. More is being added all the time, so be sure to check back often. "
"You can find the search box in the upper-right corner of any OpenStack wiki "
msgstr ""
"`OpenStack百科<>`_ 中包含了比较广的话题范围但其中"
msgid ""
"The ``nova-network`` worker daemon; provides services such as giving an IP "
"address to a booting nova instance."
msgstr ""
"``nova-network``工作器守护进程; 提供如将一个IP地址分配给正在启动nova实例等服"
msgid ""
"The ``root`` user must run commands that are prefixed with the ``#`` prompt. "
"You can also prefix these commands with the :command:`sudo` command, if "
"available, to run them."
msgstr ""
"以 ``#`` 符号开头的命令必须由 ``root`` 用户执行。如果有权限,您也可以在这些命"
"令前加 :command:`sudo` 命令来执行。"
msgid ""
"The ability to encrypt data at the file system, disk partition, or whole-"
"disk level. Supported within Compute VMs."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The ability to start new VM instances based on the actual memory usage of a "
"host, as opposed to basing the decision on the amount of RAM each running "
"instance thinks it has available. Also known as RAM overcommit."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The ability to start new VM instances based on the actual memory usage of a "
"host, as opposed to basing the decision on the amount of RAM each running "
"instance thinks it has available. Also known as memory overcommit."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The ability within Compute to move running virtual machine instances from "
"one host to another with only a small service interruption during switchover."
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"The act of verifying that a user, process, or client is authorized to "
"perform an action."
msgstr "验证用户、进程或客户端有权利进行某个操作的行为。"
msgid ""
"The amount of available data used by communication resources, such as the "
"Internet. Represents the amount of data that is used to download things or "