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msgid ""
"(BoolOpt) Should unused base images be removed? When set to True, the "
"interval at which base images are removed are set with the following two "
"settings. If set to False base images are never removed by Compute."
msgstr ""
"(BoolOpt) Apakah image dasar yang tidak terpakai harus dihapus? Bila diatur "
"ke True, interval dimana image dasar yang dihapus akan diatur dengan dua "
"pengaturan berikut. Jika diatur ke False, image dasar tidak pernah dihapus "
"oleh Compute."
msgid ""
"(IntOpt) Unused resized base images younger than this are not removed. "
"Default is 3600 seconds, or one hour."
msgstr ""
"(IntOpt) Image dasar ukurannya yang tidak terpakai lebih muda dari ini tidak "
"dihapus. Default adalah 3600 detik, atau satu jam."
msgid ""
"(IntOpt) Unused unresized base images younger than this are not removed. "
"Default is 86400 seconds, or 24 hours."
msgstr ""
"(IntOpt) Image dasar unresized yang tidak terpakai lebih muda dari ini tidak "
"dihapus. Default adalah 86400 detik, atau 24 jam."
msgid "(StrOpt) VM image preallocation mode:"
msgstr "(StrOpt) VM image preallocation mode:"
msgid "(Type) Description"
msgstr "(Tipe) deskripsi"
msgid "**To create a FreeBSD image**"
msgstr "**To create a FreeBSD image**"
msgid "**Volume-from-Image properties**"
msgstr "**Volume-from-Image properties**"
msgid "**What is a virtual machine image?**"
msgstr "**What is a virtual machine image?**"
msgid ""
"A UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud) tarball is a gzipped tarfile that contains "
"an AMI file, AKI file, and ARI file."
msgstr ""
"Sebuah tarball UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud) adalah tarfile gzip yang berisi "
"file AMI, file AKI, dan file ARI."
msgid "A docker container format."
msgstr "Sebuah format kontainer docker."
msgid ""
"A full treatment of Oz is beyond the scope of this document, but we will "
"provide an example. You can find additional examples of Oz template files on "
"GitHub at `rcbops/oz-image-build/tree/master/templates <"
"rcbops/oz-image-build/tree/master/templates>`_. Here's how you would create "
"a CentOS 6.4 image with Oz."
msgstr ""
"Perlakukan penuh Oz adal di luar lingkup dokumen ini, tetapi kami akan "
"memberikan contoh. Anda dapat menemukan contoh tambahan dari file template "
"Oz pada GitHub di `rcbops/oz-image-build/tree/master/templates <https://"
">`_. Berikut adalah "
"bagaimana Anda akan membuat image CentOS 6.4 dengan Oz."
msgid ""
"A kernel file that the hypervisor will load initially to boot the image. For "
"a Linux machine, this would be a ``vmlinuz`` file."
msgstr ""
"Sebuah file kernel dimana hypervisor akan memuat pada saat awal untuk boot "
"image. Untuk mesin Linux, file kernel ini akan menjadi file ``vmlinuz``."
msgid ""
"A potential consumer provides the producer with the consumer's project ID. "
"Optionally, the producer might request the consumer's email address for "
"notification purposes, but this is outside the scope of the API."
msgstr ""
"Sebuah konsumen potensial memberikan produsen dengan ID proyek konsumen. "
"Secara opsional, produser mungkin meminta alamat email konsumen untuk tujuan "
"pemberitahuan, tetapi ini adalah di luar lingkup API."
msgid ""
"A single property and its primitive constraints. Each property can only be a "
"primitive type. For example, string, integer, number, boolean, or array."
msgstr ""
"Properti tunggal dan mempunyai primitive constraint (pembatas primitif). "
"Setiap properti hanya dapat menjadi tipe primitif. Misalnya, string, "
"integer, number (angka), boolean, atau array."
msgid ""
"A virtual machine image is a single file which contains a virtual disk that "
"has a bootable operating system installed on it."
msgstr ""
"Virtual machine image adalah file tunggal yang berisi disk virtual yang "
"memiliki sistem operasi bootable yang diinstal di atasnya."
msgid "AKI (Amazon Kernel Image)"
msgstr "AKI (Amazon Kernel Image)"
msgid "AKI/AMI/ARI"
msgstr "AKI/AMI/ARI"
msgid "AMI (Amazon Machine Image)"
msgstr "AMI (Amazon Machine Image)"
msgid "ARI (Amazon Ramdisk Image)"
msgstr "ARI (Amazon Ramdisk Image)"
msgid "Abstract"
msgstr "Abstrak"
msgid ""
"Accept the default keymap or select an appropriate mapping for your needs."
msgstr ""
"Terima keymap standar atau pilih pemetaan yang sesuai untuk kebutuhan Anda."
msgid "Accept the default network mirror."
msgstr "Terima network mirror default."
msgid "Access instance by using ssh public key (cloud-init)"
msgstr "Akses instance dengan menggunakan ssh public key (cloud-init)"
msgid "Access instance using ssh public key (``cloud-init``)"
msgstr "Akses instance menggunakan ssh public key (``cloud-init``)"
msgid ""
"After Oz completes the initial OS install using the kickstart file, it "
"customizes the image with an update. It also removes any reference to the "
"eth0 device that libvirt creates while Oz does the customizing, as specified "
"in the ``command`` section of the XML file."
msgstr ""
"Setelah Oz melengkapi install OS awal menggunakan file kickstart, Oz itu "
"menyesuaikan image dengan pembaruan. Ini juga menghilangkan setiap referensi "
"untuk perangkat eth0 yang dibuat libvirt saat Oz menyesuaikannya, "
"sebagaimana yang ditentukan dalam bagian ``command`` dari file XML ini."
msgid ""
"After the installation program starts, choose your preferred language and "
"click :guilabel:`Continue` to get to the installation summary. Accept the "
msgstr ""
"Setelah program penginstalan dimulai, pilih bahasa pilihan Anda dan klik :"
"guilabel: `Continue` untuk sampai ke ringkasan instalasi. Terima default"
msgid ""
"After you exit, you can open a shell to complete manual configuration steps. "
"Select :guilabel:`Yes` to make a few OpenStack-specific changes:"
msgstr ""
"Setelah Anda keluar, Anda dapat membuka shell untuk menyelesaikan langkah "
"konfigurasi manual. Pilih :guilabel:`Yes` untuk membuat beberapa perubahan "
msgid ""
"All associated properties for an image can be displayed using the :command:"
"`openstack image show` command. For example:"
msgstr ""
"Semua properti terkait untuk image dapat ditampilkan dengan menggunakan "
"perintah :command:`openstack image show`. Sebagai contoh:"
msgid "An Amazon kernel image."
msgstr "An Amazon kernel image."
msgid "An Amazon machine image."
msgstr "An Amazon machine image."
msgid "An Amazon ramdisk image."
msgstr "An Amazon ramdisk image."
msgid ""
"An OVF package can be distributed in different ways. For example, it could "
"be distributed as a set of discrete files, or as a tar archive file with an "
"``.ova`` (open virtual appliance/application) extension."
msgstr ""
"Paket OVF dapat didistribusikan dengan cara yang berbeda. Sebagai contoh, "
"paket OVF dapat didistribusikan sebagai satu set file diskrit, atau sebagai "
"file arsip tar dengan ekstensi ``.ova`` (open virtual appliance/application)."
msgid "An OVF package in a tarfile."
msgstr "Paket OVF dalam tarfile."
msgid ""
"An OpenStack Compute cloud is not very useful unless you have virtual "
"machine images (which some people call \"virtual appliances\"). This guide "
"describes how to obtain, create, and modify virtual machine images that are "
"compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"Cloud OpenStack Compute tidak sangat berguna kecuali jika Anda memiliki "
"gambar mesin virtual (yang beberapa orang menyebutnya \"virtual appliances"
"\"). Panduan ini menjelaskan cara untuk mendapatkan, membuat, dan "
"memodifikasi gambar mesin virtual yang kompatibel dengan OpenStack."
msgid ""
"An archive format for the data contents of an optical disc, such as CD-ROM."
msgstr "Format arsip untuk isi data di disk optik, seperti CD-ROM."
msgid ""
"An instance must interact with the metadata service to perform several tasks "
"on start up. For example, the instance must get the ssh public key and run "
"the user data script. To ensure that the instance performs these tasks, use "
"one of these methods:"
msgstr ""
"Sebuah instance harus berinteraksi dengan layanan metadata untuk melakukan "
"beberapa tugas pada start up. Misalnya, instance harus mendapatkan ssh "
"public key dan menjalankan skrip data pengguna. Untuk memastikan bahwa "
"instance melakukan tugas ini, gunakan salah satu metode ini:"
msgid ""
"An instance must interact with the metadata service to perform several tasks "
"on start up. For example, the instance must get the ssh public key and run "
"the user data script. To ensure that the instance performs these tasks, use "
"the ``cloud-init`` package."
msgstr ""
"Instance harus berinteraksi dengan layanan metadata untuk melakukan beberapa "
"tugas saat memulai. Misalnya, instance harus mendapatkan kunci publik ssh "
"dan menjalankan skrip data pengguna. Untuk memastikan bahwa instance "
"melakukan tugas ini, gunakan paket ``cloud-init``."
msgid ""
"An optional ramdisk file mounted at boot time. For a Linux machine, this "
"would be an ``initrd`` file."
msgstr ""
"Sebuah ramdisk file opsional dipasang pada saat boot. Untuk mesin Linux, "
"ramdisk file ini akan menjadi file ``initrd``."
msgid ""
"An unstructured disk image format; if you have a file without an extension "
"it is possibly a raw format."
msgstr ""
"Sebuah format image disk tidak terstruktur; jika Anda memiliki file tanpa "
"perpanjangan, file itu mungkin memiliki format baku."
msgid "Argument to qemu-img"
msgstr "Argumen untuk qemu-img"
msgid ""
"As the OpenStack metadata service is compatible with version 2009-04-04 of "
"the Amazon EC2 metadata service, consult the Amazon EC2 documentation on "
"`Using Instance Metadata <"
"AWSEC2/2009-04-04/UserGuide/ AESDG-chapter-instancedata.html>`_ for details "
"on how to get user data."
msgstr ""
"Sebagai layanan OpenStack metadata menjadi kompatibel dengan versi "
"2009/04/04 layanan metadata Amazon EC2, cari keterangan dokumentasi Amazon "
"EC2 di `Using Instance Metadata <"
"AWSEC2/2009-04-04/UserGuide/ AESDG-chapter-instancedata.html>`_ untuk "
"rincian tentang bagaimana mendapatkan data pengguna."
msgid "Associates the definitions with different types of resources."
msgstr "Kaitkan definisi dengan berbagai tipe sumber daya."
msgid ""
"Assume that the name of your virtual machine image is ``ubuntu-14.04``, "
"which you need to know when you use :command:`virsh` commands to manipulate "
"the state of the image."
msgstr ""
"Asumsikan bahwa nama image mesin virtual Anda adalah ``ubuntu-14.04``, "
"dimana Anda perlu ketahui ketika Anda menggunakan perintah :command:`virsh` "
"untuk memanipulasi keadaan image."
msgid ""
"Assume that you have a CentOS qcow2 image called ``centos63_desktop.img``. "
"Mount the image in read-write mode as root, as follows:"
msgstr ""
"Asumsikan bahwa Anda telah memiliki sebuah image qcow2 CentOS disebut "
"``centos63_desktop.img``. Mount image dalam modus read-write sebagai root, "
"sebagai berikut:"
msgid "Assume that:"
msgstr "Asumsikan bahwa:"
msgid ""
"Assuming the first block device (``/dev/nbd0``) is not currently in use, we "
"can expose the disk partitions using the :command:`qemu-nbd` and :command:"
"`partprobe` commands. As root:"
msgstr ""
"Dengan asumsi perangkat blok pertama (``/dev/nbd0``) tidak sedang digunakan, "
"kita dapat mengekspos partisi disk menggunakan perintah :command:`qemu-nbd` "
"dan :command:`partprobe`. Sebagai root:"
msgid ""
"At the initial Installer boot menu, choose the :guilabel:`Install CentOS 7` "
"option. After the installation program starts, choose your preferred "
"language and click :guilabel:`Continue` to get to the installation summary. "
"Accept the defaults."
msgstr ""
"Pada menu Installer boot awal, pilih opsi :guilabel:`Install CentOS 7`. "
"Setelah program penginstalan dimulai, pilih bahasa pilihan Anda dan klik :"
"guilabel: `Continue` untuk sampai ke ringkasan instalasi. Terima default"
msgid ""
"At the initial Installer boot menu, choose the :guilabel:`Install` option. "
"Step through the installation prompts, the defaults should be fine."
msgstr ""
"Pada menu Installer boot awal, pilih opsi :guilabel:`Install`. Ikuti langkah "
"seluruh petunjuk instalasi, default seharusnya berjalan baik."
msgid "Automatic updates"
msgstr "Pembaruan otomatis"
msgid ""
"Because 86400 seconds (24 hours) is the default time for "
"``remove_unused_original_minimum_age_seconds``, you can either wait for that "
"time interval to see the base image removed, or set the value to a shorter "
"time period in the ``nova.conf`` file. Restart all nova services after "
"changing a setting in the ``nova.conf`` file."
msgstr ""
"Karena 86400 detik (24 jam) adalah waktu default untuk "
"``remove_unused_original_minimum_age_seconds``, Anda dapat menunggu interval "
"waktu untuk melihat image dasar yang dihapus, atau mengatur nilai untuk "
"periode waktu yang lebih singkat dalam file ``nova.conf``. Restart semua "
"layanan nova setelah mengubah pengaturan di file ``nova.conf``."
msgid ""
"Because VNC is a standard protocol, there are multiple clients available "
"that implement the VNC spec, including `TigerVNC <"
"apps/mediawiki/tigervnc/ index.php?title=Welcome_to_TigerVNC>`_ (multiple "
"platforms), `TightVNC <>`_ (multiple platforms), "
"`RealVNC <>`_ (multiple platforms), `Chicken <http://"
">`_ (Mac OS X), `Krde <http://userbase.kde."
"org/Krdc>`_ (KDE), `Vinagre <>`_ (GNOME)."
msgstr ""
"Karena VNC adalah protokol standar, ada beberapa klien yang ada yang "
"menerapkan spec VNC, termasuk `TigerVNC <"
"mediawiki/tigervnc/ index.php?title=Welcome_to_TigerVNC>`_ (multiple "
"platforms), `TightVNC <>`_ (multiple platforms), "
"`RealVNC <>`_ (multiple platforms), `Chicken <http://"
">`_ (Mac OS X), `Krde <http://userbase.kde."
"org/Krdc>`_ (KDE), `Vinagre <>`_ (GNOME)."
msgid ""
"Because qcow2 is sparse, qcow2 images are typically smaller than raw images. "
"Smaller images mean faster uploads, so it is often faster to convert a raw "
"image to qcow2 for uploading instead of uploading the raw file directly."
msgstr ""
"Karena qcow2 menjadi tipis (sparse), image qcow2 biasanya lebih kecil dari "
"image mentah. Image yang lebih kecil berarti upload lebih cepat, sehingga "
"seringkali lebih cepat untuk mengkonversi image baku menjadi qcow2 untuk "
"peng-upload-an dari pada peng-upload-an file baku langsung."
msgid ""
"Because raw images do not support snapshots, OpenStack Compute will "
"automatically convert raw image files to qcow2 as needed."
msgstr ""
"Karena image baku tidak mendukung jepretan (snapshots), OpenStack Compute "
"akan secara otomatis mengkonversi file image baku untuk menjadi qcow2 yang "
msgid ""
"Because the default does not work, you must select manual partitioning. The "
"partition editor should list only one block device. If you use virtio for "
"the disk device driver, it is named ``vtbd0``. Select this device and run "
"the :command:`create` command three times:"
msgstr ""
"Karena default tidak bekerja, Anda harus memilih partisi manual. Editor "
"partisi hanya mendaftar satu perangkat blok. Jika Anda menggunakan virtio "
"untuk driver perangkat disk, ia dinamai ``vtbd0``. Pilih perangkat ini dan "
"menjalankan perintah tiga kali :command:`create`:"
msgid ""
"Because the goal is to make the smallest possible base image, this example "
"uses the network installation ISO. The Ubuntu 64-bit 14.04 network "
"installation ISO is at the `Ubuntu download page <"
msgstr ""
"Karena tujuannya adalah untuk membuat image dasar terkecil mungkin, contoh "
"ini menggunakan ISO instalasi jaringan. ISO instalasi jaringan Ubuntu 64-bit "
"14.04 berada di `Ubuntu download page <"
msgid ""
"Before starting a virtual machine with libvirt, verify that the libvirt "
"``default`` network has started. This network must be active for your "
"virtual machine to be able to connect out to the network. Starting this "
"network will create a Linux bridge (usually called ``virbr0``), iptables "
"rules, and a dnsmasq process that will serve as a DHCP server."
msgstr ""
"Sebelum memulai mesin virtual dengan libvirt, lakukan verifikasi bahwa "
"jaringan ``default`` libvirt telah dimulai. Jaringan ini harus aktif untuk "
"mesin virtual Anda untuk dapat terhubung ke jaringan. Pembuakaan jaringan "
"ini akan menciptakan sebuah jembatan Linux (biasanya disebut `` virbr0``), "
"aturan iptables, dan proses dnsmasq yang akan berfungsi sebagai server DHCP."
msgid ""
"By default, files are loaded from and exported to the Image service's ``/etc/"
"glance/metadefs`` directory."
msgstr ""
"Secara default, file dimuat dari dan diekspor ke directori layanan Image ``/"
msgid ""
"By using the same hypervisor, you can ensure that you emulate the same "
"devices that exist in production. However, if you use full hardware "
"virtualization instead of paravirtualization, you do not need to use the "
"same hypervisor; you must use the same type of virtualized hardware because "
"FreeBSD device names are related to their drivers. If the name of your root "
"block device or primary network interface in production differs than the "
"names used during image creation, errors can occur."
msgstr ""
"Dengan menggunakan hypervisor yang sama, Anda dapat memastikan bahwa Anda "
"meniru perangkat yang sama dengan yang ada di produksi. Namun, jika Anda "
"menggunakan virtualisasi hardware penuh bukannya paravirtualization, Anda "
"tidak perlu menggunakan hypervisor yang sama; Anda harus menggunakan jenis "
"yang sama dari perangkat keras virtualisasi karena nama perangkat FreeBSD "
"terkait dengan driver mereka. Jika nama perangkat blok akar atau antarmuka "
"jaringan utama dalam produksi berbeda dari nama yang digunakan selama "
"pembuatan image, kesalahan bisa terjadi."
msgid ""
"Canonical maintains an official set of `Ubuntu-based images <http://cloud-"
msgstr ""
"Canonical memelihara pengaturan resmi `Ubuntu-based images <http://cloud-"
msgid "CentOS"
msgstr "CentOS"
msgid "CentOS directory: ``centos/7/os/x86_64``"
msgstr "Direktori CentOS: ``centos/7/os/x86_64``"
msgid "Change the Ethernet status"
msgstr "Ubah status Ethernet"
msgid ""
"Choose :guilabel:`OpenSSH server` so that you will be able to SSH into the "
"virtual machine when it launches inside of an OpenStack cloud."
msgstr ""
"Pilih :guilabel: `OpenSSH server` sehingga Anda akan dapat SSH ke mesin "
"virtual ketika peluncran dalam cloud OpenStack."
msgid "Choose the ISO image you want to download."
msgstr "Pilih citra ISO yang ingin anda unduh."
msgid "CirrOS (test)"
msgstr "CirrOS (test)"
msgid ""
"CirrOS is a minimal Linux distribution that was designed for use as a test "
"image on clouds such as OpenStack Compute. You can download a CirrOS image "
"in various formats from the `CirrOS download page <http://download.cirros-"
msgstr ""
"CirrOS adalah distribusi Linux minimal yang dirancang untuk digunakan "
"sebagai image tes di cloud seperti OpenStack Compute. Anda dapat men-"
"download image CirrOS dalam berbagai format dari `CirrOS download page "
msgid "Clean up (remove MAC address details)"
msgstr "Bersihkan (hapus detail alamat MAC)"
msgid "Clean up when you are done:"
msgstr "Bersihkan setelah Anda selesai:"
msgid ""
"Click one of the ``HTTP`` links in the right-hand column next to one of the "
msgstr ""
"Klik salah satu link ``HTTP`` di kolom right-hand di sebelah salah satu "
msgid ""
"Click the :guilabel:`Create a new virtual machine` button at the top-left, "
"or go to :menuselection:`File --> New Virtual Machine`. Then, follow the "
msgstr ""
"Klik tombol :guilabel:`Create a new virtual machine` di kiri atas, atau "
"buka: menuelection:` File -> New Virtual Machine`. Lalu, ikuti instruksinya."
msgid "Click the ``isos/`` folder link."
msgstr "Klik link folder ``isos/``"
msgid "Click the ``x86_64/`` folder link for 64-bit images."
msgstr "Klik link folder ``x86_64/`` untuk image 64-bit."
msgid ""
"Click the folder link of the CentOS version that you want to use. For "
"example, ``7/``."
msgstr ""
"Klik link folder dari versi CentOS dimana Anda ingin gunakan. Misalnya, ``7/"
msgid ""
"Click the netinstall ISO image that you want to download. For example, "
"``CentOS-7-x86_64-NetInstall-1611.iso`` is a good choice because it is a "
"smaller image that downloads missing packages from the Internet during "
msgstr ""
"Klik netinstall ISO image yang ingin anda download. Misalnya, ``CentOS-7-"
"x86_64-NetInstall-1611.iso`` adalah pilihan yang baik karena ini adalah "
"gambar yang lebih kecil yang mendownload paket hilang dari Internet saat "
msgid ""
"Cloudbase Solutions hosts `Windows Cloud Images <"
"windows-cloud-images/>`_ that runs on Hyper-V, KVM, and XenServer/XCP."
msgstr ""
"Cloudbase Solutions menjadi host `Windows Cloud Images <"
"windows-cloud-images/>`_ yang berjalan pada Hyper-V, KVM, dan XenServer/XCP."
msgid "Common disk format supported by many common virtual machine monitors."
msgstr "Format disk umum yang didukung oleh banyak monitor mesin virtual umum."
msgid ""
"Common image properties are also specified in the ``/etc/glance/schema-image."
"json`` file. For a complete list of valid property keys and values, refer to "
"the `Useful image properties <"
msgstr ""
"Properti image umum juga ditentukan dalam file ``/etc/glance/schema-image."
"json``. Untuk daftar lengkap kunci dan nilai properti yang valid, lihat "
"`Useful image properties <"
msgid ""
"Communications between the image producer and the consumer, such as those "
"described in this example, must be arranged independently of the OpenStack "
"Image API. The consumer and producer can send notifications by using email, "
"phone, Twitter, or other channels."
msgstr ""
"Komunikasi antara produsen image dan konsumen, seperti yang dijelaskan dalam "
"contoh ini, harus diatur secara independen dari OpenStack Image API. "
"Konsumen dan produsen dapat mengirim pemberitahuan dengan menggunakan email, "
"telepon, Twitter, atau saluran lainnya."
msgid ""
"Complete the VirtIO drivers installation by running the following command:"
msgstr "Lengkapi instalasi driver VirtIO dengan menjalankan perintah berikut:"
msgid ""
"Compute's ``ImagePropertiesFilter`` value is specified in the "
"``enabled_filters`` value in the ``[filter_scheduler]`` section of the ``/"
"etc/nova/nova.conf`` file."
msgstr ""
"Nilai ``ImagePropertiesFilter`` Compute ditentukan dalam nilai "
"``enabled_filters`` di bagian ``[filter_scheduler]`` pada file ``/etc/nova/"
msgid "Configuration option=Default value"
msgstr "Configuration option=Default value"
msgid "Configure cloud-init to fetch metadata"
msgstr "Konfigurasi cloud-init untuk mengambil metadata"
msgid "Configure console"
msgstr "Mengkonfigurasi konsol"
msgid ""
"Configure the primary network interface to use DHCP. In this example, which "
"uses a virtio network device, this interface is named ``vtnet0``."
msgstr ""
"Lakukan konfigurasi antarmuka jaringan utama untuk menggunakan DHCP. Dalam "
"contoh ini, contoh menggunakan perangkat jaringan virtio, antarmuka ini "
"bernama ``vtnet0``."
msgid "Configure to fetch metadata"
msgstr "Konfigurasi untuk mengambil metadata"
msgid "Consider using other mirrors as an alternative to ````."
msgstr ""
"Pertimbangkan untuk menggunakan mirror lainnya sebagai alternatif untuk "
msgid "Container formats"
msgstr "Format kontainer"
msgid "Contains metadata definitions."
msgstr "Isi (contain) definisi metadata."
msgid "Contents"
msgstr "Contents (isi)"
msgid "Converting between image formats"
msgstr "Konversi antara format image"
msgid ""
"Converting images from one format to another is generally straightforward."
msgstr "Mengkonversi image dari satu format ke yang lain umumnya mudah."
msgid "Create a 15 GB qcow2 image:"
msgstr "Buat image qcow2 15 GB:"
msgid ""
"Create a new LVM partition with the additional space. For example, ``parted /"
"dev/sda --script \"mkpart lvm ...\"``."
msgstr ""
"Buat partisi LVM baru dengan ruang tambahan. Sebagai contoh, ``parted /dev/"
"sda --script \"mkpart lvm ...\"``."
msgid "Create a new physical volume. For example, ``pvcreate /dev/sda6``."
msgstr "Buat volume fisik baru. Sebagai contoh, ``pvcreate /dev/sda6``."
msgid ""
"Create a template file called ``centos64.tdl`` with the following contents. "
"The only entry you will need to change is the ``<rootpw>`` contents."
msgstr ""
"Buat file template yang disebut ``centos64.tdl`` dengan konten berikut. Satu-"
"satunya entri yang perlu Anda ubah adalah isi ``<rootpw> ``."
msgid "Create images manually"
msgstr "Membuat image secara manual"
msgid "Create two partitions:"
msgstr "Buat dua partisi:"
msgid ""
"Creating a new image is a step done outside of your OpenStack installation. "
"You create the new image manually on your own system and then upload the "
"image to your cloud."
msgstr ""
"Pembuatan image baru merupakan langkah yang dilakukan di luar instalasi "
"OpenStack Anda. Anda membuat image baru secara manual pada sistem Anda "
"sendiri dan kemudian meng-upload image ke cloud Anda."
msgid "Debian"
msgstr "Debian"
msgid ""
"Depending on the version of CentOS, the net installer requires the user to "
"specify either a URL or the web site and a CentOS directory that corresponds "
"to one of the CentOS mirrors. If the installer asks for a single URL, a "
"valid URL might be ````."
msgstr ""
"Tergantung pada versi CentOS, installer bersih mengharuskan pengguna untuk "
"menentukan URL atau situs web dan direktori CentOS yang sesuai dengan salah "
"satu mirror CentOS. Jika installer meminta URL tunggal, URL yang valid "
"mungkin ada di ````."
msgid ""
"Depending on your distribution, the simplest way to support this is to "
"install in your image:"
msgstr ""
"Bergantung pada distribusi Anda, cara termudah untuk mendukungnya adalah "
"memasang di image Anda:"
msgid ""
"Describes a group of one to many properties and their primitive constraints. "
"Each property in the group can only be a primitive type. For example, "
"string, integer, number, boolean, or array."
msgstr ""
"Menggambarkan satu kelompok ke banyak properti dan primitive constraint "
"(pembatas primitif) mereka. Setiap properti dalam kelompok hanya dapat "
"menjadi tipe primitif. Misalnya, string, integer, number (angka), boolean, "
"atau array."
msgid "Detach the CD-ROM and reboot"
msgstr "Lepaskan CD-ROM dan reboot"
msgid ""
"Detect if any additional space is available on the disk. For example, parse "
"the output of ``parted /dev/sda --script \"print free\"``."
msgstr ""
"Lakkan deteksi jika ada ruang tambahan tersedia pada disk. Misalnya, "
"mengurai output ``parted /dev/sda --script \"print free\"``."
msgid "Disable firewall"
msgstr "Firewall nonaktif"
msgid "Disable the zeroconf route"
msgstr "Nonaktifkan rute zeroconf"
msgid "Disk and container formats for images"
msgstr "Format disk dan kontainer untuk image"
msgid "Disk formats"
msgstr "Format disk"
msgid ""
"Disk partitioning is a critical element of the image creation process and "
"the auto-generated default partitioning scheme does not work with ``bsd-"
"cloudinit`` at this time."
msgstr ""
"Partisi disk adalah elemen penting dari proses pembuatan image dan susunan "
"partisi yang auto-generated tidak bekerja dengan ``bsd-cloudinit`` saat ini."
msgid "Disk partitions and resize root partition on boot (``cloud-init``)"
msgstr ""
"Partisi disk dan mengubah ukuran partisi root pada boot (``cloud-init``)"
msgid "Disk partitions and resize root partition on boot (cloud-init)"
msgstr "Partisi disk dan mengubah ukuran partisi root pada boot (cloud-init)"
msgid "Diskimage-builder"
msgstr "Diskimage-builder"
msgid ""
"Do not attempt to use these tools to modify an image that is attached to a "
"running virtual machine. These tools are designed only to modify the images "
"that are not currently running."
msgstr ""
"Jangan mencoba untuk menggunakan alat ini untuk memodifikasi image yang "
"terpasang ke mesin virtual yang berjalan. Alat-alat ini dirancang hanya "
"untuk memodifikasi image yang tidak sedang berjalan."
msgid "Download a CentOS install ISO"
msgstr "Download sebuah file ISO install CentOS"
msgid "Download a Fedora install ISO"
msgstr "Unduh pemasang Fedora ISO"
msgid ""
"Download a Windows Server 2012 installation ISO. Evaluation images are "
"available on the `Microsoft website <"
"evalcenter/ evaluate-windows-server-2012>`_ (registration required)."
msgstr ""
"Download ISO instalasi Windows Server 2012. Image evaluasi tersedia di "
"`Microsoft website < evaluate-"
"windows-server-2012>`_ (pendaftaran diperlukan)."
msgid "Download an Ubuntu installation ISO"
msgstr "Download ISO instalasi Ubuntu"
msgid "Download and install the ``Cloudbase-Init``:"
msgstr "Download dan instal ``Cloudbase-Init``:"
msgid ""
"Download the latest ``bsd-cloudinit-installer``. The download commands "
"differ between FreeBSD 10.1 and 9.2 because of differences in how the :"
"command:`fetch` command handles HTTPS URLs."
msgstr ""
"Lakukan download ``bsd-cloudinit-installer`` terkini. Perintah download "
"berbeda antara FreeBSD 10.1 dan 9.2 karena perbedaan dalam bagaimana "
"perintah :command:`fetch` menangani HTTPS URL."
msgid ""
"Download the signed VirtIO drivers ISO from the `Fedora website <https://"
msgstr ""
"Unduh driver Virtio yang sudah ditandatangani ISO dari `Fedora website "
msgid ""
"During the installation, remember to set the root password when prompted."
msgstr "Selama instalasi, ingatlah untuk mengatur password root saat diminta."
msgid ""
"Edit the ``/etc/default/grub`` file and configure the ``GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX`` "
"option. Delete the ``rhgb quiet`` and add ``console=tty0 "
"console=ttyS0,115200n8`` to the option."
msgstr ""
"Edit file ``/etc/default/grub`` dan konfigurasi opsi ``GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX``. "
"Hapus ``rhgb quiet`` dan tambah ``console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8`` ke "
msgid ""
"Edit the ``/etc/default/grub`` file and configure the ``GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX`` "
"option. Delete the ``rhgb quiet`` and add ``console=tty0 "
"console=ttyS0,115200n8`` to the option. For example:"
msgstr ""
"Edit file ``/etc/default/grub`` dan konfigurasi opsi ``GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX``. "
"Hapus ``rhgb quiet`` dan tambahkan ``console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8`` "
"untuk pilihan. Sebagai contoh:"
msgid "Enable the VirtIO drivers."
msgstr "Aktifkan driver VirtIO."
msgid "Ensure image writes boot log to console"
msgstr "Pastikan image menulis catatan booting (boot log) ke konsol"
msgid "Ensure ssh server runs"
msgstr "Pastikan server ssh berjalan"
msgid ""
"Ensure that the Ethernet setting is ``ON``. Additionally, make sure that "
"``IPv4 Settings' Method`` is ``Automatic (DHCP)``, which is the default."
msgstr ""
"Pastikan pengaturan Ethernet adalah ``ON``. Selain itu, pastikan bahwa "
"``IPv4 Settings' Method`` adalah ``Automatic (DHCP) ``, yang merupakan "
msgid "Example guestfish session"
msgstr "Example guestfish session"
msgid "Example: CentOS image"
msgstr "Contoh: image CentOS"
msgid "Example: Fedora image"
msgstr "Contoh: image Fedora"
msgid "Example: FreeBSD image"
msgstr "Contoh: image FreeBSD"
msgid "Example: Microsoft Windows image"
msgstr "Contoh: image Microsoft Windows"
msgid "Example: Ubuntu image"
msgstr "Contoh: image Ubuntu"
msgid ""
"Extend the logical volume contained the root partition by the amount of "
"space. For example, ``lvextend /dev/mapper/node-root /dev/sda6``."
msgstr ""
"Perluas volume logis yang terkandung partisi root dengan luasan ruang. "
"Sebagai contoh, ``lvextend /dev/mapper/node-root /dev/sda6``."
msgid ""
"Extend the volume group with this physical partition. For example, "
"``vgextend vg00 /dev/sda6``."
msgstr ""
"Perluas (extend) kelompok volume dengan partisi fisik ini. Sebagai contoh, "
"``vgextend vg00 /dev/sda6``."
msgid "Fedora"
msgstr "Fedora"
msgid "Final config"
msgstr "Config akhir"
msgid ""
"First partition: A 64 kB ``freebsd-boot`` partition with no mount point."
msgstr "Partisi pertama: Partisi ``freebsd-boot`` 64 kB tanpa mount point."
msgid "First, we use :command:`virt-filesystems` to identify the partitions:"
msgstr ""
"Pertama, kita menggunakan :command:`virt-filesystems` untuk mengidentifikasi "
msgid "Follow these steps to prepare the installation:"
msgstr "Ikuti langkah ini untuk mempersiapkan instalasi:"
msgid ""
"For a Linux-based image to have full functionality in an OpenStack Compute "
"cloud, there are a few requirements. For some of these, you can fulfill the "
"requirements by installing the `cloud-init <https://cloudinit.readthedocs."
"org/en/latest/>`_ package. Read this section before you create your own "
"image to be sure that the image supports the OpenStack features that you "
"plan to use."
msgstr ""
"Untuk image berbasis Linux untuk memiliki fungsi penuh dalam cloud OpenStack "
"Compute, ada beberapa persyaratan. Untuk itui, Anda dapat memenuhi "
"persyaratan dengan menginstal paket `cloud-init <https://cloudinit."
">`_. Baca bagian ini sebelum Anda membuat image "
"Anda sendiri untuk memastikan bahwa image mendukung fitur OpenStack dimana "
"Anda berencana untuk menggunakannya."
msgid ""
"For example, the ``Netinstall Image`` is a good choice because it is a "
"smaller image that downloads missing packages from the Internet during "
msgstr ""
"Misalnya, ``Netinstall Image`` adalah pilihan yang baik karena ini adalah "
"image yang lebih kecil yang mendownload paket hilang dari Internet saat "
msgid ""
"For example, to mount the root partition from our ``centos63_desktop.qcow2`` "
"image to ``/mnt``, we can do:"
msgstr ""
"Misalnya, untuk me-mount partisi root dari image kami ``centos63_desktop."
"qcow2``` ke ``/mnt``, kita dapat melakukan:"
msgid "For example:"
msgstr "Sebagai contoh:"
msgid ""
"For information about the libvirt images in OpenStack, see `The life of an "
"OpenStack libvirt image from Pádraig Brady <"
msgstr ""
"Untuk informasi tentang image libvirt di OpenStack, lihat `The life of an "
"OpenStack libvirt image from Pádraig Brady <"
msgid ""
"For more information on configuring Grub, see the section called \":ref:"
msgstr ""
"Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang konfigurasi Grub, lihat bagian yang "
"disebut \":ref:`write-to-console`\"."
msgid ""
"For some types of changes, you may find it easier to mount the image's file "
"system directly in the guest. The ``guestmount`` program, also from the "
"libguestfs project, allows you to do so."
msgstr ""
"Untuk beberapa tipe perubahan, Anda mungkin akan lebih mudah untuk me-mount "
"langsung sistem file image di guest. Program ``guestmount``, juga dari "
"proyek libguestfs, memungkinkan Anda untuk melakukannya."
msgid ""
"For the :command:`nova console-log` command to work properly on CentOS 7, "
"you might need to do the following steps:"
msgstr ""
"Untuk perintah :command: `nova console-log` untuk bekerja dengan baik di "
"CentOS 7, Anda mungkin perlu melakukan langkah-langkah berikut:"
msgid ""
"For the :command:`nova console-log` command to work properly on Fedora, you "
"might need to do the following steps:"
msgstr ""
"Untuk perintah :command: `nova console-log` untuk bekerja dengan baik di "
"Fedora, Anda mungkin perlu melakukan langkah-langkah berikut:"
msgid ""
"For the instance to access the metadata service, you must disable the "
"default zeroconf route:"
msgstr ""
"Supaya instance dapat mengakses layanan metadata, Anda harus menonaktifkan "
"rute zeroconf default:"
msgid ""
"FreeBSD 9.2 :command:`fetch` does not support peer-verification for https. "
"For FreeBSD 9.2, run this command:"
msgstr ""
"FreeBSD 9.2 :command:`fetch` tidak mendukung peer-verification untuk https. "
"Untuk FreeBSD 9.2, jalankan perintah ini:"
msgid "From inside the instance, as root:"
msgstr "Dari dalam instance, sebagai root:"
msgid "From inside the instance, run as root:"
msgstr "Dari dalam instance, jalankan sebagai root:"
msgid ""
"From the list of services to start on boot, you must select :guilabel:`ssh`. "
"Optionally, select other services."
msgstr ""
"Dari daftar layanan untuk memulai boot, Anda harus memilih :guilabel:`ssh`. "
"Secara opsional, pilih layanan lainnya."
msgid ""
"Further customization could be accomplished by setting environment variables "
"or adding elements to the command-line:"
msgstr ""
"Kustomisasi lebih lanjut dapat dicapai dengan menetapkan variabel lingkungan "
"atau menambahkan elemen ke command-line:"
msgid "Get images"
msgstr "Dapatkan images"
msgid "Get the installer ISO:"
msgstr "Dapatkan ISO installer:"
msgid "Go further with guestfish"
msgstr "Melangkah lebih jauh dengan guestfish"
msgid ""
"Here is an example of how to use :command:`virt-resize` to resize an image. "
"Assume we have a 16 GB Windows image in qcow2 format that we want to resize "
"to 50 GB."
msgstr ""
"Berikut adalah contoh bagaimana menggunakan :command:`virt-resize` untuk "
"mengubah ukuran image. Anggaplah kita memiliki image Windows 16 GB dalam "
"format qcow2 dimana kita ingin mengubah ukuran menjadi 50 GB."
msgid "Hostname"
msgstr "Hostname"
msgid "ISO"
msgstr "ISO"
msgid ""
"If ``console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8`` does not appear, you must modify "
"your grub configuration. In general, you should not update the ``grub.cfg`` "
"directly, since it is automatically generated. Instead, you should edit the "
"``/etc/default/grub`` file and modify the value of the "
msgstr ""
"Jika ``console = tty0 console = ttyS0,115200n8`` tidak muncul, Anda harus "
"memodifikasi konfigurasi grub Anda. Secara umum, Anda seharusnya tidak "
"mengupdate ``grub.cfg`` secara langsung, karena dibuat secara otomatis. "
"Sebagai gantinya, Anda harus mengedit file ``/etc/default/grub`` dan "
"mengubah nilai variabel ``GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT``:"
msgid ""
"If both the XenAPI agent and ``cloud-init`` are present in an image, ``cloud-"
"init`` handles ssh-key injection. The system assumes ``cloud-init`` is "
"present when the image has the ``cloud_init_installed`` property."
msgstr ""
"Jika agen XenAPI dan ``cloud-init`` berada dalam image, ``cloud-init`` akan "
"menangani injeksi ssh-key. Sistem ini mengasumsikan bahwa ``cloud-init`` ada "
"ketika image memiliki ``properti cloud_init_installed``."
msgid ""
"If prompted about which type of devices your installation uses, choose :"
"guilabel:`Virtio Block Device`."
msgstr ""
"Jika diminta tentang tipe perangkat yang digunakan instalasimu, pilih :"
"guilabel:`Virtio Block Device`."
msgid ""
"If the account you use to ssh into your server does not have permissions to "
"run libvirt, but has sudo privileges, do:"
msgstr ""
"Jika akun Anda gunakan untuk ssh ke server Anda tidak memiliki izin untuk "
"menjalankan libvirt, tetapi memiliki hak sudo, lakukan:"
msgid ""
"If the consumer subsequently wants to hide the image, the consumer uses the "
"OpenStack Image API to change the image member status to ``rejected``. If "
"the consumer wants to hide the image, but is open to the possibility of "
"being reminded by the producer that the image is available, the consumer "
"uses the OpenStack Image API to change the image member status back to "
"``pending``, by using the ``Update image member`` API operation."
msgstr ""
"Jika kemudian konsumen ingin menyembunyikan image, konsumen menggunakan "
"OpenStack Image API untuk mengubah status anggota image menjadi "
"``rejected``. Jika konsumen ingin menyembunyikan image, tetapi terbuka "
"kemungkinan untk diingatkan oleh produsen bahwa image tersedia, konsumen "
"dapat menggunakan OpenStack Image API untuk mengubah status anggota image "
"kembali ke ``pending``, dengan menggunakan operasi API ``Update image "
msgid ""
"If the consumer wants the image to appear in the image list, the consumer "
"uses the OpenStack Image API to change the image member status to "
"``accepted``, by using the ``Update image member`` API operation."
msgstr ""
"Jika konsumen ingin memunculkan image dalam daftar image, konsumen "
"menggunakan OpenStack Image API untuk mengubah status anggota image menjadi "
"``accepted``, dengan menggunakan operasi API ``Update image member``."
msgid ""
"If the image has multiple partitions, use :command:`kpartx` to expose the "
"partitions as separate devices (for example, ``/dev/mapper/loop0p1``), then "
"mount the partition that corresponds to the root file system:"
msgstr ""
"Jika image memiliki beberapa partisi, gunakan :command:`kpartx` untuk "
"mengekspos partisi sebagai perangkat terpisah (misalnya, ``/dev/mapper/"
"loop0p1``), kemudian mount partisi yang sesuai dengan sistem file root:"
msgid ""
"If the image has, say three partitions (/boot, /, swap), there should be one "
"new device created for each partition:"
msgstr ""
"Jika image memiliki, katakanlah tiga partisi (/boot, /, swap), harus ada "
"satu perangkat baru yang diciptakan untuk setiap partisi:"
msgid ""
"If the image has, say three partitions (/boot, /, swap), there should be one "
"new device created per partition:"
msgstr ""
"Jika image memiliki, katakanlah tiga partisi (/boot, /, swap), harus ada "
"satu perangkat baru yang dibuat per partisi:"
msgid ""
"If the image only has a single partition, you can mount the loop device "
msgstr ""
"Jika image hanya memiliki satu partisi, Anda dapat me-mount perangkat loop "
"secara langsung:"
msgid ""
"If the image partitions are managed with LVM, after you use :command:`qemu-"
"nbd` and :command:`partprobe`, you must use :command:`vgscan` and :command:"
"`vgchange -ay` in order to expose the LVM partitions as devices that can be "
msgstr ""
"Jika partisi image dikelola dengan LVM, setelah Anda menggunakan :command: "
"`qemu-nbd` dan :command:` partprobe`, Anda harus menggunakan :command:"
"`vgscan` dan :command:`vgchange -ay` dalam rangka untuk mengekspos partisi "
"LVM sebagai perangkat yang dapat dipasang:"
msgid ""
"If the image partitions are not managed with LVM, they can be mounted "
msgstr ""
"Jika partisi image tidak dikelola dengan LVM, mereka dapat dipasang langsung:"
msgid ""
"If the installer asks for web site name and CentOS directory separately, you "
"might enter:"
msgstr ""
"Jika installer meminta nama situs web dan direktori CentOS secara terpisah, "
"Anda dapat memasukkan: "
msgid ""
"If the network block device you selected was already in use, the initial :"
"command:`qemu-nbd` command will fail silently, and the ``/dev/nbd3p{1,2,3}`` "
"device files will not be created."
msgstr ""
"Jika perangkat blok jaringan dimana Anda pilih sudah digunakan, perintah "
"awal :command:`qemu-nbd` akan gagal secara diam-diam, dan file perangkat ``/"
"dev/nbd3p{1,2,3}`` tidak akan dibuat."
msgid "If the network is not active, start it by doing:"
msgstr "Jika jaringan tidak aktif, mulailah dengan melakukan ini:"
msgid ""
"If unsure, use the default partition scheme for the installer. While no "
"scheme is inherently better than another, having the partition that you want "
"to dynamically grow at the end of the list will allow it to grow without "
"crossing another partition's boundary."
msgstr ""
"Jika tidak yakin, gunakan skema partisi default untuk installer. Meskipun "
"tidak ada skema secara inheren lebih baik dari yang lain, pemilikan partisi "
"dimana Anda ingin tumbuh secara dinamis pada akhir daftar akan memungkinkan "
"untuk tumbuh tanpa melintasi batas partisi lainnya."
msgid ""
"If unsure, we recommend you use the installer's default partition scheme, "
"since there is no clear advantage to one scheme or another."
msgstr ""
"Jika tidak yakin, sebaiknya Anda menggunakan skema partisi default "
"installer, karena tidak ada keuntungan yang jelas untuk satu skema atau yang "
msgid ""
"If we did not know in advance what the mount point is in the guest, we could "
"use the ``-i`` (inspect) flag to tell guestmount to automatically determine "
"what mount point to use:"
msgstr ""
"Jika kita tidak tahu sebelumnya apakan mount point berada di guest, kita "
"bisa menggunakan ``-i`` (inspect) flag untuk memberitahu guestmount secara "
"otomatis untuk menentukan apakah mount point yang akan digunakan:"
msgid ""
"If you are building the image on a headless server, and you have an X server "
"on your local machine, you can launch :command:`virt-manager` using ssh X11 "
"forwarding to access the GUI. Since virt-manager interacts directly with "
"libvirt, you typically need to be root to access it. If you can ssh directly "
"in as root (or with a user that has permissions to interact with libvirt), "
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda sedang membangun image pada server tanpa kepala (headless server), "
"dan Anda memiliki server X pada komputer lokal Anda, Anda dapat memulai :"
"command:`virt-manager` menggunakan ssh X11 forwarding untuk mengakses GUI. "
"Sejak virt-manager berinteraksi langsung dengan libvirt, Anda biasanya perlu "
"menjadi root untuk mengaksesnya. Jika Anda bisa ssh langsung sebagai root "
"(atau dengan pengguna yang memiliki izin untuk berinteraksi dengan libvirt), "
msgid ""
"If you are not able to install the ``cloud-init`` package in your image, to "
"fetch the ssh public key and add it to the root account, edit the ``/etc/rc."
"d/rc.local`` file and add the following lines before the line ``touch /var/"
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda tidak dapat menginstal paket ``cloud-init`` dalam image Anda, "
"mengambil ssh kunci publik dan menambahkannya ke akun root, edit file ``/etc/"
"rc.d/rc.local`` dan tambahkan baris berikut sebelum baris ``touch /var/lock/"
msgid ""
"If you are unable or unwilling to install ``cloud-init`` inside the guest, "
"you can write a custom script to fetch the public key and add it to a user "
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda tidak dapat atau tidak mau memasang ``cloud-init`` dalam guest, "
"Anda dapat menulis skrip khusus untuk mengambil kunci publik dan "
"menambahkannya ke akun pengguna."
msgid ""
"If you are using :command:`virt-manager`, the commands should look something "
"like this:"
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda menggunakan :command:`virt-manager`, perintah harus terlihat "
"seperti ini:"
msgid ""
"If you can install the ``cloud-init`` and ``cloud-utils`` packages, we "
"recommend that when you create your images, you create a single ext3 or ext4 "
"partition (not managed by LVM)."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda bisa menginstal paket ``cloud-init`` dan ``cloud-utils``, kami "
"menyarankan agar saat Anda membuat image, Anda membuat partisi ext3 atau "
"ext4 tunggal (tidak dikelola oleh LVM)."
msgid ""
"If you cannot install ``cloud-init`` and ``cloud-tools`` inside of your "
"guest, and you want to support resize, you must write a script that your "
"image runs on boot to modify the partition table. In this case, we recommend "
"using LVM to manage your partitions. Due to a limitation in the Linux kernel "
"(as of this writing), you cannot modify a partition table of a raw disk that "
"has partitions currently mounted, but you can do this for LVM."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda tidak dapat menginstal ``cloud-init`` dan ``cloud-tools`` dalam "
"guest Anda, dan Anda ingin mendukung resize (perubahan ukuran), Anda harus "
"menulis skrip dimana image Anda berjalan pada boot untuk memodifikasi tabel "
"partisi. Dalam hal ini, kami sarankan menggunakan LVM untuk mengelola "
"partisi Anda. Karena keterbatasan dalam kernel Linux (seperti tulisan ini), "
"Anda tidak dapat mengubah tabel partisi dari disk baku (raw disk) yang "
"memiliki partisi saat dipasang, tetapi Anda dapat melakukan ini untuk LVM."
msgid ""
"If you cannot install ``cloud-initramfs-tools``, Robert Plestenjak has a "
"GitHub project called `linux-rootfs-resize <"
"linux-rootfs-resize>`_ that contains scripts that update a ramdisk by using "
"``growpart`` so that the image resizes properly on boot."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda tidak dapat menginstal ``cloud-initramfs-tools``, Robert "
"Plestenjak memiliki proyek GitHub disebut `linux-rootfs-resize <https://"
">`_ yang berisi script yang "
"memperbarui ramdisk dengan menggunakan ``growpart`` sehingga image dapat "
"mengubah ukuran secara benar pada boot."
msgid ""
"If you delete the network persistent rules files, you may get a ``udev "
"kernel`` warning at boot time, which is why we recommend replacing them with "
"empty files instead."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda menghapus file aturan kaku jaringan, Anda mungkin mendapatkan "
"peringatan ``udev kernel`` pada saat boot, itulah sebabnya mengapa kami "
"sarankan menggantinya dengan file kosong sebagai gantinya."
msgid ""
"If you do not have access to the libguestfs, you can mount image file "
"systems directly in the host using loop devices, kpartx, and network block "
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda tidak memiliki akses ke libguestfs, Anda dapat me-mount sistem "
"file image langsung di host menggunakan perangkat loop, kpartx, dan "
"perangkat blok jaringan (network block)."
msgid ""
"If you do not use LVM, you must modify the table to extend the existing root "
"partition to encompass this additional space."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda tidak menggunakan LVM, Anda harus memodifikasi tabel untuk "
"memperluas (extend) partisi root yang ada untuk mencakup ruang tambahan ini."
msgid ""
"If you do not wish to use :command:`virt-manager` (for example, you do not "
"want to install the dependencies on your server, you do not have an X server "
"running locally, the X11 forwarding over SSH is not working), you can use "
"the :command:`virt-install` tool to boot the virtual machine through libvirt "
"and connect to the graphical console from a VNC client installed on your "
"local machine."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda tidak ingin menggunakan :command: `virt-manager` (misalnya, Anda "
"tidak ingin menginstal dependensi di server Anda, Anda tidak memiliki server "
"X yang berjalan secara lokal, penerusan X11 di SSH tidak berfungsi) , Anda "
"bisa menggunakan alat :command: `virt-install` untuk mem-boot mesin virtual "
"melalui libvirt dan terhubung ke konsol grafis dari klien VNC yang terpasang "
"pada komputer lokal Anda."
msgid ""
"If you have a raw virtual machine image that is not using LVM to manage its "
"partitions, use the :command:`losetup` command to find an unused loop device."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda memiliki image mesin virtual yang masih baku yang tidak "
"menggunakan LVM untuk mengelola partisi nya, gunakan perintah :command:"
"`losetup` untuk menemukan perangkat loop yang tidak terpakai."
msgid ""
"If you leave out the ``-u`` flag, or you want to edit the file to do "
"additional customizations, you can use the :command:`oz-customize` command, "
"using the libvirt XML file that :command:`oz-install` creates. For example:"
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda meninggalkan keluar flag ``-u``, atau Anda ingin mengedit file "
"untuk melakukan kustomisasi tambahan, Anda dapat menggunakan perintah :"
"command:`oz-customize`, penggunaan file XML libvirt dimana :command:`oz-"
"install` membuatnya. Sebagai contoh:"
msgid ""
"If you modify this example, the root partition, which is mounted on ``/``, "
"must be the last partition on the drive so that it can expand at run time to "
"the disk size that your instance type provides. Also note that ``bsd-"
"cloudinit`` currently has a hard-coded assumption that this is the second "
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda mengubah contoh ini, partisi root, yang dipasang (mounted) di ``/ "
"``, harus menjadi partisi terakhir pada drive sehingga drive dapat "
"memperluasnya sejalan dengan perluasan disk dimana jenis instance Anda "
"menyediakannya. Juga perhatikan bahwa `` bsd-cloudinit`` saat ini memiliki "
"asumsi hard-coded dimana partisi root adalah partisi kedua."
msgid ""
"If you plan to create a virtual machine image on a machine that can run X11 "
"applications, the simplest way to do so is to use the :command:`virt-"
"manager` GUI, which is installable as the ``virt-manager`` package on both "
"Fedora-based and Debian-based systems. This GUI has an embedded VNC client "
"that will let you view and interact with the guest's graphical console."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda berencana untuk membuat image mesin virtual pada mesin yang dapat "
"menjalankan aplikasi X11, cara paling sederhana untuk melakukannya adalah "
"dengan menggunakan GUI :command: `virt-manager`, yang diinstal sebagai paket "
"``virt-manager`` pada sistem berbasis Fedora dan berbasis Debian. GUI ini "
"memiliki klien VNC yang tertanam dimana akan membiarkan Anda melihat dan "
"berinteraksi dengan konsol grafis guest."
msgid ""
"If you use LVM, you can add a new LVM entry to the partition table, create a "
"new LVM physical volume, add it to the volume group, and extend the logical "
"partition with the root volume."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda menggunakan LVM, Anda dapat menambahkan entri LVM baru ke dalam "
"tabel partisi, membuat volume fisik LVM baru, tambahkan ke grup volume, dan "
"memperluas partisi logical dengan root volume."
msgid ""
"If you use the :command:`virt-install` command, the commands should look "
"something like this:"
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda menggunakan perintah :command: `virt-install`, perintah harus "
"terlihat seperti ini:"
msgid ""
"If you use the OpenStack XenAPI driver, the Compute service automatically "
"adjusts the partition and file system for your instance on boot. Automatic "
"resize occurs if the following conditions are all true:"
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda menggunakan driver OpenStack XenAPI, layanan Compute secara "
"otomatis menyesuaikan partisi dan sistem file instance Anda pada saat boot. "
"Perubahan secara otomatis terjadi jika kondisi berikut ini semua benar:"
msgid ""
"If you want to modify this image to load the 8021q kernel at boot time, you "
"must create an executable script in the ``/etc/sysconfig/modules/`` "
"directory. You can use the :command:`touch` guestfish command to create an "
"empty file, the :command:`edit` command to edit it, and the :command:`chmod` "
"command to make it executable."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda ingin memodifikasi image ini untuk memuat kernel 8021q pada saat "
"boot, Anda harus membuat skrip yang dapat dieksekusi di direktori ``/etc/"
"sysconfig/modules/``. Anda dapat menggunakan perintah guestfish :command:"
"`touch` untuk membuat file kosong, perintah :command:`edit` untuk "
"mengeditnya, dan perintah :command:`chmod` untuk membuatnya executable."
msgid ""
"If you've created a VDI image using VirtualBox, you can convert it to raw "
"format using the ``VBoxManage`` command-line tool that ships with "
"VirtualBox. On Mac OS X, and Linux, VirtualBox stores images by default in "
"the ``~/VirtualBox VMs/`` directory. The following example creates a raw "
"image in the current directory from a VirtualBox VDI image."
msgstr ""
"Jika Anda telah membuat image VDI menggunakan VirtualBox, Anda dapat "
"mengkonversikan ke format baku (raw) menggunakan alat command-line "
"``VBoxManage`` yang dikirimkan dengan VirtualBox. Pada Mac OS X, dan Linux, "
"VirtualBox menyimpan image secara default di direktori ``~/ VirtualBox VMs/"
"``. Contoh berikut membuat image baku di direktori saat ini dari image "
"VirtualBox VDI."
msgid ""
"If your deployment uses QEMU or KVM, we recommend using the images in qcow2 "
"format. The most recent 64-bit qcow2 image as of this writing is "
"`cirros-0.4.0-x86_64-disk.img <"
msgstr ""
"Jika penerapan Anda menggunakan QEMU atau KVM, sebaiknya gunakan image dalam "
"format qcow2. Image qcow2 64-bit terbaru pada penulisan ini adalah "
"`cirros-0.4.0-x86_64-disk.img <"
msgid ""
"If your deployment uses QEMU or KVM, we recommend using the images in qcow2 "
"format. The most recent version of the 64-bit QCOW2 image for Ubuntu 16.04 "
"is `xenial-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img <"
msgstr ""
"Jika deployment (pengerahan) Anda menggunakan QEMU atau KVM, kami "
"menyarankan untuk menggunakan image dalam format qcow2. Versi terbaru dari "
"image QCOW2 64-bit untuk Ubuntu 16.04 adalah `xenial-server-cloudimg-amd64-"
"disk1.img <"
msgid ""
"If your image uses ``grub2`` as the boot loader, there should be a line in "
"the grub configuration file. For example, ``/boot/grub/grub.cfg``, which "
"looks something like this:"
msgstr ""
"Jika image Anda menggunakan ``grub2`` sebagai boot loader, baris grub ini "
"harus ada di file konfigurasi grub. Sebagai contoh,``/boot/grub/grub.cfg``, "
"yang terlihat seperti ini:"
msgid ""
"If your partitions are managed with LVM, use :command:`losetup` and :command:"
"`kpartx` commands as in the previous example to expose the partitions to the "
msgstr ""
"Jika partisi Anda dikelola dengan LVM, penggunaan perintah :command:"
"`losetup` and :command:`kpartx` seperti dalam contoh sebelumnya untuk "
"mengekspos partisi ke host."
msgid "Image cache management configuration options"
msgstr "Opsi konfigurasi manajemen cache image"
msgid ""
"Image consumers can boot from any image shared by the image producer, "
"regardless of the member status, as long as the consumer knows the image ID."
msgstr ""
"Konsumen image dapat boot dari setiap image bersama dengan produser image, "
"terlepas dari status anggota, asalkan konsumen mengetahui ID image."
msgid ""
"Image consumers change their own member status, but they may not add or "
"remove themselves as an image member."
msgstr ""
"Konsumen image mengubah status anggota mereka sendiri, tetapi mereka mungkin "
"tidak menambah atau menghapus diri sebagai anggota image."
msgid "Image format"
msgstr "Format image"
msgid "Image is complete"
msgstr "Image lengkap"
msgid "Image metadata"
msgstr "Metadata image"
msgid ""
"Image metadata can help end users determine the nature of an image, and is "
"used by associated OpenStack components and drivers which interface with the "
"Image service."
msgstr ""
"Metadata image dapat membantu end user menentukan sifat dari suatu image, "
"dan metadata image digunakan oleh komponen OpenStack terkait dan driver "
"untuk antarmuka yang berhubungan dengan layanan Image."
msgid ""
"Image producers add members to images, or remove members from images, but "
"they may not modify the member status of an image member."
msgstr ""
"Produsen image menambahkan anggota ke image, atau menghapus anggota dari "
"image, tetapi mereka mungkin tidak mengubah status anggota dari anggota "
msgid ""
"Image producers and consumers are both OpenStack users, or projects. Image "
"producers create and share images with image consumers, allowing the "
"consumers to use the shared image when booting a server. The producer shares "
"an image with the consumer by making the consumer a member of that image. "
"The consumer then accepts or rejects the image by changing the image member "
"status. After it is accepted, the image appears in the consumer's image "
"list. As long as the consumer is a member of the image, the consumer can use "
"the image, regardless of the image member status, if the consumer knows the "
"image ID."
msgstr ""
"Produsen image dan konsumen adalah kedua pengguna OpenStack, atau proyek. "
"Produsen image membuat dan berbagi image dengan konsumen image, yang "
"memungkinkan konsumen untuk menggunakan image bersama saat booting server. "
"Produsen berbagai image dengan konsumen dengan pembuatan konsumen anggota "
"dari image itu. Konsumen kemudian menerima atau menolak image dengan "
"mengubah status anggota image. Setelah itu diterima, image akan muncul di "
"daftar image konsumen. Selama konsumen menjadi anggota dari image, konsumen "
"dapat menggunakan image, terlepas dari status anggota image, selama konsumen "
"mengetahui ID image."
msgid ""
"Image producers and consumers have different abilities and responsibilities "
"regarding image sharing, which the following list shows."
msgstr ""
"Produsen image dan konsumen memiliki kemampuan yang berbeda dan tanggung "
"jawab mengenai pembagian image, dimana daftar berikut menunjukkan."
msgid ""
"Image producers and consumers view the status of image members. When listing "
"image members, the producers see all the image members, and the consumers "
"see only themselves."
msgstr ""
"Produsen image dan konsumen melihat status anggota image. Ketika mendaftar "
"anggota image, produsen melihat semua anggota image, dan konsumen hanya "
"melihat diri mereka."
msgid "Image requirements"
msgstr "Persyaratan image"
msgid "Image sharing"
msgstr "Berbagi image"
msgid ""
"Images are arranged by Ubuntu release, and by image release date, with "
"``current`` being the most recent. For example, the page that contains the "
"most recently built image for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus is `Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "
"(Xenial Xerus) Daily Build <"
">`_. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to the images that can be "
"downloaded directly."
msgstr ""
"Images are arranged by Ubuntu release, and by image release date, with "
"``current`` being the most recent. For example, the page that contains the "
"most recently built image for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus is `Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "
"(Xenial Xerus) Daily Build <"
">`_. Gulir (scroll) ke bawah halaman sampai link ke image yang dapat "
"didownload secara langsung."
msgid ""
"In FreeBSD 10.1 the :command:`fetch` command verifies SSL peers by default, "
"so you need to install the ``ca_root_nss`` package that contains certificate "
"authority root certificates and tell :command:`fetch` where to find them. "
"For FreeBSD 10.1 run these commands:"
msgstr ""
"Dalam FreeBSD 10.1 perintah :command:`fetch` memverifikasi SSL peer secara "
"default, sehingga Anda perlu menginstal paket ``ca_root_nss`` yang berisi "
"certificate authority (CA) root certificates (sertifikat root CA) dan "
"memberitahu :command:`fetch` dimana menemukan mereka. Untuk FreeBSD 10,1 "
"jalankan perintah ini:"
msgid "In a CentOS cloud image, the login account is ``centos``."
msgstr "Dalam CentOS cloud image, akun login adalah ``centos``."
msgid ""
"In a CirrOS image, the login account is ``cirros``. The password is "
msgstr ""
"Dalam image CirrOS, akun login adalah ``cirros``. Kata sandinya adalah "
msgid "In a Debian image, the login account is ``debian``."
msgstr "Dalam image Debian, akun login adalah ``debian``."
msgid "In a Fedora cloud image, the login account is ``fedora``."
msgstr "Dalam image cloud Fedora, akun login adalah ``fedora``."
msgid "In a RHEL cloud image, the login account is ``cloud-user``."
msgstr "Dalam image cloud RHEL, akun login adalah ``cloud-user``."
msgid ""
"In addition to the ssh public key, an image might need additional "
"information from OpenStack, such as to povide user data to instances, that "
"the user submitted when requesting the image. For example, you might want to "
"set the host name of the instance when it is booted. Or, you might wish to "
"configure your image so that it executes user data content as a script on "
msgstr ""
"Selain kunci publik ssh, image mungkin memerlukan informasi tambahan dari "
"OpenStack, seperti memasukkan data pengguna kepada instance, yang dikirimkan "
"pengguna saat meminta image. Misalnya, Anda mungkin ingin menetapkan nama "
"host instance saat di-boot. Atau, Anda mungkin ingin mengkonfigurasi image "
"Anda sehingga konten data pengguna dijalankan sebagai script saat booting."
msgid "In an Ubuntu cloud image, the login account is ``ubuntu``."
msgstr "Dalam image cloud Ubuntu, akun login adalah ``ubuntu``."
msgid "In an openSUSE cloud image, the login account is ``opensuse``."
msgstr "Dalam sebuah openSUSE cloud image, akun login adalah ``opensuse``."
msgid ""
"In general, we recommend that you disable any firewalls inside of your image "
"and use OpenStack security groups to restrict access to instances. The "
"reason is that having a firewall installed on your instance can make it more "
"difficult to troubleshoot networking issues if you cannot connect to your "
msgstr ""
"Secara umum, kami menyarankan Anda menonaktifkan firewall apapun di dalam "
"image Anda dan gunakan kelompok keamanan OpenStack untuk membatasi akses ke "
"instance. Alasannya adalah bahwa kepemilikan firewall yang terpasang pada "
"instance Anda dapat membuatnya lebih sulit untuk memecahkan masalah jaringan "
"jika Anda tidak dapat terhubung ke instance Anda."
msgid ""
"In order for the root partition to properly resize, install the ``cloud-"
"utils-growpart`` package, which contains the proper tools to allow the disk "
"to resize using cloud-init."
msgstr ""
"Agar partisi root dapat disesuaikan dengan benar, pasang paket ``cloud-utils-"
"growpart``, yang berisi alat yang tepat agar disk dapat diubah ukurannya "
"menggunakan cloud-init."
msgid ""
"In the :guilabel:`configuration options` window, change the following "
msgstr ""
"Dalam jendela :guilabel:`configuration options`, ubahlah pengaturan berikut:"
msgid ""
"In the OpenStack Image API, the image member status serves three purposes:"
msgstr "Dalam OpenStack Image API, status anggota image melayani tiga tujuan:"
msgid "In the ``/var/log/compute/compute.log`` file, look for the identifier:"
msgstr ""
"Dalam file ``/var/log/compute/compute.log``, carilah pengenal (identifier):"
msgid ""
"In the example above, the guest ``centos`` uses VNC display ``:1``, which "
"corresponds to TCP port ``5901``. You should be able to connect a VNC client "
"running on your local machine to display ``:1`` on the remote machine and "
"step through the installation process."
msgstr ""
"Pada contoh di atas, guest ``centos`` menggunakan layar VNC ``:1`` , yang "
"sesuai dengan port TCP ``5901``. Anda harus bisa menghubungkan klien VNC "
"yang berjalan di komputer lokal Anda untuk menampilkan ``:1`` pada mesin "
"remote dan masuk melalui proses instalasi."
msgid ""
"In the previous example, you paused the instance, ejected the disk, and "
"unpaused the instance. In theory, you could have ejected the disk at the :"
"guilabel:`Installation complete` screen. However, our testing indicates that "
"the Ubuntu installer locks the drive so that it cannot be ejected at that "
msgstr ""
"Dalam contoh sebelumnya, Anda memberhentikan instance, mengeluarkan disk, "
"dan membatalkan jeda instance. Secara teori, Anda bisa mengeluarkan disk "
"pada layar :guilabel:`Installation complete`. Namun, pengujian kami "
"menunjukkan bahwa installer Ubuntu mengunci drive sehingga tidak bisa "
"dikeluarkan pada saat itu."
msgid ""
"In this case, it is the ``/dev/sda2`` partition that we want to resize. We "
"create a new qcow2 image and use the :command:`virt-resize` command to write "
"a resized copy of the original into the new image:"
msgstr ""
"Dalam hal ini, itu adalah `` / dev / sda2`` partisi yang ingin kita resize. "
"Kami menciptakan image qcow2 baru dan menggunakan perintah :command:`virt-"
"resize` untuk menulis salinan image asli yang telah berubah ukurannya "
"menjadi image baru:"
msgid ""
"In this example, ``/dev/loop0`` is free. Associate a loop device with the "
"raw image:"
msgstr ""
"Dalam contoh ini, ``/dev/loop0`` bebas. Kaitkan perangkat loop dengan image "
msgid "Install GRUB boot loader"
msgstr "Menginstal GRUB boot loader"
msgid ""
"Install ``sudo`` and configure the ``freebsd`` user to have passwordless "
msgstr ""
"Install ``sudo`` dan mengkonfigurasi pengguna ``freebsd`` untuk memiliki "
"akses passwordless:"
msgid ""
"Install a ``cloud-init`` RPM, which is a port of the Ubuntu `cloud-init "
"<>`_ package. This is the recommended "
msgstr ""
"Instal RPM ``cloud-init``, yang merupakan port dari Ubuntu paket `cloud-init "
"<>`_. Ini adalah pendekatan yang "
msgid "Install cloud-init"
msgstr "Instal cloud-init"
msgid "Install cloud-utils-growpart to allow partitions to resize"
msgstr ""
"Instal cloud-utils-growpart untuk memungkinkan partisi untuk mengubah ukuran"
msgid "Install the ACPI service"
msgstr "Menginstal layanan ACPI"
msgid "Install the ``cloud-init`` package:"
msgstr "Instal paket ``cloud-init``:"
msgid "Introduction"
msgstr "Pengantar"
msgid ""
"Issue this command to download and install the latest ``bsd-cloudinit`` "
"package, and install the necessary prerequisites."
msgstr ""
"Keluarkan perintah ini untuk men-download dan menginstal paket ``bsd-"
"cloudinit`` terbaru, dan menginstal prasyarat yang diperlukan."
msgid ""
"It uses a predefined set of kickstart (Red Hat-based systems) and preseed "
"files (Debian-based systems) for operating systems that it supports, and it "
"can also be used to create Microsoft Windows images."
msgstr ""
"Ini menggunakan seperangkat kickstart yang telah ditentukan sebelumnya "
"(sistem berbasis Red Hat) dan file yang sudah dipasangkan (sistem berbasis "
"Debian) untuk sistem operasi yang didukungnya, dan juga dapat digunakan "
"untuk membuat image Microsoft Windows."
msgid "KIWI"
msgstr "KIWI"
msgid ""
"KVM with virtio drivers is used as the virtualization platform because that "
"is the most widely used among OpenStack operators. If you use a different "
"platform for your cloud virtualization, use that same platform in the image "
"creation step."
msgstr ""
"KVM dengan driver virtio digunakan sebagai platform virtualisasi karena itu "
"adalah yang paling banyak digunakan di antara operator OpenStack. Jika Anda "
"menggunakan platform yang berbeda untuk virtualisasi cloud Anda, gunakan "
"platform yang sama dalam langkah pembuatan image."
msgid ""
"Launch a VM on your local workstation. Use the same hypervisor, virtual "
"disk, and virtual network drivers as you use in your production environment."
msgstr ""
"Luncurkan VM pada workstation lokal Anda. Gunakan hypervisor, disk virtual, "
"dan driver virtual jaringan yang sama dimana Anda gunakan dalam lingkungan "
"produksi Anda."
msgid "Linux"
msgstr "Linux"
msgid "Log in as administrator and start a command window."
msgstr "Login sebagai administrator dan mulai jendela perintah."
msgid ""
"Log in as root to the CentOS guest and run the following commands to install "
"the ACPI service and configure it to start when the system boots:"
msgstr ""
"Masuk sebagai root ke CentOS guest dan jalankan perintah berikut untuk "
"menginstal layanan ACPI dan konfigurasikan untuk memulai saat sistem boot:"
msgid ""
"Log in as root to the Fedora guest and run the following commands to install "
"the ACPI service and configure it to start when the system boots:"
msgstr ""
"Masuk sebagai root ke Fedora guest dan jalankan perintah berikut untuk "
"menginstal layanan ACPI dan konfigurasikan untuk memulai saat sistem boot:"
msgid "Log in to newly created image"
msgstr "Log in image yang baru dibuat"
msgid "Loop devices, kpartx, network block devices"
msgstr "Perangkat loop, kpartx, perangkat network block"
msgid "Make a virtual drive:"
msgstr "Buat drive virtual:"
msgid "Manage the image cache"
msgstr "Mengelola cache image"
msgid ""
"Metadata can also determine the scheduling of hosts. If the ``property`` "
"option is set on an image, and Compute is configured so that the "
"``ImagePropertiesFilter`` scheduler filter is enabled (default), then the "
"scheduler only considers compute hosts that satisfy that property."
msgstr ""
"Metadata juga dapat menentukan penjadwalan host. Jika opsi ``property`` "
"diatur pada image, dan Compute dikonfigurasi supaya penyaring scheduler "
"``ImagePropertiesFilter`` diaktifkan (default), maka scheduler ini "
"menganggap hanya host komputasi yang memenuhi properti itu."
msgid "Metadata definition service"
msgstr "Layanan definisi metadata"
msgid "Microsoft Hyper-V uses the VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) format for images."
msgstr ""
"Microsoft Hyper-V menggunakan format VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) untuk image."
msgid "Microsoft Windows"
msgstr "Microsoft Windows"
msgid "Minimize boot delay:"
msgstr "Meminimalkan booting delay:"
msgid "Modify a single file inside of an image"
msgstr "Memodifikasi file tunggal dalam image"
msgid "Modify images"
msgstr "Memodifikasi image"
msgid ""
"Modify the ``/etc/rc.local`` file to fetch desired information from the "
"metadata service, as described in the next section."
msgstr ""
"Modifikasi file ``/etc/rc.local`` untuk mengambil informasi yang diinginkan "
"dari layanan metadata, seperti yang akan dijelaskan di bagian selanjutnya."
msgid "Modify the partition table to make it aware of the additional space:"
msgstr ""
"Lakukan modifikasi tabel partisi dengan memperhatikan akan ruang tambahan:"
msgid "More parameters can be added to further customize the image:"
msgstr ""
"Lebih banyak parameter dapat ditambahkan untuk menyesuaikan image lebih "
msgid "Mount a qcow2 image (with LVM)"
msgstr "Mount image qcow2 (dengan LVM)"
msgid "Mount a qcow2 image (without LVM)"
msgstr "Mount image qcow2 (tanpa LVM)"
msgid "Mount a raw image (with LVM)"
msgstr "Mount image baku (dengan LVM)"
msgid "Mount a raw image (without LVM)"
msgstr "Mount image baku (tanpa LVM)"
msgid ""
"Mounting untrusted guest images using the tools described in this section is "
"a security risk, always use libguestfs tools such as guestfish and "
"guestmount if you have access to them. See `A reminder why you should never "
"mount guest disk images on the host OS <"
"posts/2013/02/20/ a-reminder-why-you-should-never-mount-guest-disk-images-on-"
"the-host-os/>`_ by Daniel Berrangé for more details."
msgstr ""
"Mounting (pemasangan) image guest yang tidak dipercaya menggunakan alat yang "
"dijelaskan dalam bagian ini memiliki resiko keamanan, gunakanlah selalu alat "
"libguestfs seperti guestfish dan guestmount jika Anda memiliki akses kepada "
"mereka. Lihat `A reminder why you should never mount guest disk images on "
"the host OS < a-reminder-why-you-"
"should-never-mount-guest-disk-images-on-the-host-os/>`_ oleh Daniel Berrangé "
"untuk lebih jelasnya."
msgid "Namespace"
msgstr "Namespace"
msgid ""
"Navigate to the `CentOS mirrors <>`_ "
msgstr ""
"Arahkan ke halaman `CentOS mirrors <"
msgid ""
"Navigate to the `Download Fedora Server page <"
"server/download/>`_ for a Fedora Server ISO image."
msgstr ""
"Kunjungi `Laman unduhan Fedora Server <"
"download/>`_ untuk citra ISO Fedora Server."
msgid "Network adapter to configure: ``Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet Adapter``"
msgstr ""
"Adapter jaringan untuk mengkonfigurasi: ``Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet Adapter``"
msgid ""
"Next, update the grub configuration. On Debian-based operating systems such "
"as Ubuntu, run this command:"
msgstr ""
"Selanjutnya, perbarui konfigurasi grub. Pada sistem operasi berbasis Debian "
"seperti Ubuntu, jalankan perintah ini:"
msgid ""
"Next, we want to delete a file. We can use the :command:`rm` guestfish "
"command, which works the same way it does in a traditional shell."
msgstr ""
"Selanjutnya, kita ingin menghapus file. Kita dapat menggunakan perintah "
"guestfish :command:`rm`, yang bekerjanya sama dengan cara kerja di shell "
msgid ""
"Next, you need to use the :command:`vgscan` command to identify the LVM "
"volume groups and then the :command:`vgchange` command to expose the volumes "
"as devices:"
msgstr ""
"Selanjutnya, Anda perlu menggunakan perintah :command:`vgscan` untuk "
"mengidentifikasi kelompok volume LVM dan kemudian perintah :command:"
"`vgchange` untuk mengekspos volume sebagai perangkat:"
msgid "No hard-coded MAC address information"
msgstr "Tidak informasi alamat MAC hard-coded"
msgid "No storage provisioning occurs up front."
msgstr "Tidak ada pengadaan storage terjadi di depan."
msgid "Non-Xen with cloud-init/cloud-tools: one ext3/ext4 partition (no LVM)"
msgstr ""
"Non-Xen dengan cloud-init/cloud-tools: satu partisi ext3/ext4 (tanpa LVM)"
msgid "Non-Xen without cloud-init/cloud-tools: LVM"
msgstr "Non-Xen tanpa cloud-init/cloud-tools: LVM"
msgid ""
"Now that the image is ready to be uploaded to the Image service, you no "
"longer need to have this virtual machine image managed by libvirt. Use the :"
"command:`virsh undefine vm-image` command to inform libvirt:"
msgstr ""
"Sekarang bahwa image siap untuk di-upload ke layanan Image, Anda tidak lagi "
"perlu memiliki image mesin virtual ini yang dikelola oleh libvirt. Gunakan "
"perintah :command:`virsh undefine vm-image` untuk menginformasikan libvirt:"
msgid ""
"Now that you can upload the image to the Image service, you no longer need "
"to have this virtual machine image managed by libvirt. Use the :command:"
"`virsh undefine vm-image` command to inform libvirt:"
msgstr ""
"Sekarang Anda dapat meng-upload image ke layanan Image, Anda tidak lagi "
"perlu memiliki image mesin virtual ini yang dikelola oleh libvirt. Gunakan "
"perintah :command:`virsh undefine vm-image` untuk menginformasikan libvirt:"
msgid "OVF"
msgstr "OVF"
msgid "Object"
msgstr "Obyek"
msgid ""
"On Fedora-based systems, such as RHEL and CentOS, and on openSUSE, run this "
msgstr ""
"Pada sistem berbasis Fedora, seperti RHEL dan CentOS, dan pada openSUSE, "
"jalankan perintah ini:"
msgid "Once done, we unmount:"
msgstr "Setelah selesai, kita unmount:"
msgid ""
"Once mounted, we could do things like list the installed packages using rpm:"
msgstr ""
"Setelah di-mount, kita bisa melakukan berbagai hal seperti mendaftar paket "
"yang diinstal dengan menggunakan rpm:"
msgid ""
"Once the installation is completed, the VM restarts. Define a password for "
"the administrator when prompted."
msgstr ""
"Setelah instalasi selesai, VM restart. Tentukan password untuk administrator "
"saat diminta."
msgid "Once you are done, to clean up:"
msgstr "Setelah Anda selesai, untuk membersihkannya:"
msgid ""
"Once you have obtained a virtual machine image, you may want to make some "
"changes to it before uploading it to the Image service. Here we describe "
"several tools available that allow you to modify images."
msgstr ""
"Setelah Anda telah memperoleh image mesin virtual, Anda mungkin ingin "
"membuat beberapa perubahan sebelum meng-upload ke layanan Image. Di sini "
"kami menjelaskan beberapa alat yang tersedia yang memungkinkan Anda untuk "
"memodifikasi image."
msgid ""
"OpenStack Compute does not currently have support for OVF packages, so you "
"will need to extract the image file(s) from an OVF package if you wish to "
"use it with OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"OpenStack Compute saat ini tidak memiliki dukungan untuk paket OVF, sehingga "
"Anda akan perlu untuk mengambil file image dari paket OVF jika Anda ingin "
"menggunakannya dengan OpenStack."
msgid "OpenStack Virtual Machine Image Guide"
msgstr ""
"OpenStack Virtual Machine Image Guide (panduan image mesin virtual OpenStack)"
msgid "Optionally, add users."
msgstr "Secra opsional, tambahkan pengguna."
msgid ""
"Optionally, the producer notifies the consumer that the image has been "
"shared and provides the image's ID (UUID)."
msgstr ""
"Secara psional, produser memberitahu konsumen bahwa image telah dibagikan "
"dan memberikan ID image itu (UUID)."
msgid "Oz"
msgstr "Oz"
msgid ""
"Oz will invoke libvirt to boot the image inside of KVM, then Oz will ssh "
"into the instance and perform the customizations."
msgstr ""
"Oz akan memanggil libvirt untuk boot image dalam KVM, kemudian oz akan ssh "
"ke instance dan melakukan kustomisasi."
msgid "Packer"
msgstr "Packer"
msgid ""
"Paravirtualized Xen support in Linux kernel (Xen hypervisor only with Linux "
"kernel version < 3.0)"
msgstr ""
"Paravirtualized Xen mendukung Linux kernel (Xen hypervisor hanya dengan "
"Linux kernel version < 3.0)"
msgid "Paravirtualized Xen support in the kernel (Xen hypervisor only)"
msgstr "Paravirtualized Xen mendukung dalam kernel (hanya Xen hypervisor)"
msgid "Partition the disks"
msgstr "Partisi disk"
msgid "Point the installer to a CentOS web server"
msgstr "Arahkan installer ke web server CentOS"
msgid "Power off the system:"
msgstr "Matikan sistem:"
msgid ""
"Prior to Linux kernel version 3.0, the mainline branch of the Linux kernel "
"did not have support for paravirtualized Xen virtual machine instances (what "
"Xen calls DomU guests). If you are running the Xen hypervisor with "
"paravirtualization, and you want to create an image for an older Linux "
"distribution that has a pre 3.0 kernel, you must ensure that the image boots "
"a kernel that has been compiled with Xen support."
msgstr ""
"Sebelum Linux kernel versi 3.0, percabangan utama kernel Linux tidak "
"memiliki dukungan untuk instance mesin virtual paravirtualized Xen (dimana "
"Xen memanggil DomU guest). Jika Anda menjalankan hypervisor Xen dengan "
"paravirtualization, dan Anda ingin membuat image untuk distribusi Linux yang "
"lebih tua yang memiliki kernel sebelum 3.0, Anda harus memastikan bahwa "
"image boot kernel yang telah dikompilasi dengan dukungan Xen."
msgid "Process user data and other metadata (``cloud-init``)"
msgstr "Proses data pengguna dan metadata lainnya (``cloud-init``)"
msgid "Process user data and other metadata (cloud-init)"
msgstr "Proses pengguna data dan metadata lainnya (cloud-init)"
msgid "Property"
msgstr "Properti"
msgid ""
"Provide a host name for your image. If you use ``bsd-cloudinit``, it "
"overrides this value with the name provided by OpenStack when an instance "
"boots from this image."
msgstr ""
"Berikan nama host untuk image Anda. Jika Anda menggunakan ``bsd-cloudinit``, "
"nama ini akan menimpa nilai nama yang diberikan oleh OpenStack ketika sebuah "
"instance boot dari image ini."
msgid "QCOW2"
msgstr "QCOW2"
msgid "QCOW2 (KVM, Xen)"
msgstr "QCOW2 (KVM, Xen)"
msgid "QED (KVM)"
msgstr "QED (KVM)"
msgid "Raw"
msgstr "Raw"
msgid "Red Hat Enterprise Linux"
msgstr "Red Hat Enterprise Linux"
msgid ""
"Red Hat maintains official Red Hat Enterprise Linux cloud images. A valid "
"Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription is required to download these images."
msgstr ""
"Red Hat memelihara image cloud resmi Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Langganan Red "
"Hat Enterprise Linux valid diwajibkan untuk men-download image ini."
msgid ""
"Remove the HWADDR line from ``/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0`` on "
"Fedora-based images."
msgstr ""
"Hapus baris HWADDR dari ``/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0`` image "
"berbasis Fedora."
msgid ""
"Replace ``/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules`` with an empty file "
"(contains network persistence rules, including MAC address)."
msgstr ""
"Ganti ``/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules`` dengan file kosong "
"(berisi aturan kaku (persistence rule) jaringan, termasuk alamat MAC)."
msgid ""
"Replace ``/lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules`` with an "
"empty file (this generates the file above)."
msgstr ""
"Ganti ``/lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules`` dengan file "
"kosong (file ini menghasilkan file di atas)."
msgid "Resize an image"
msgstr "Mengubah ukuran image"
msgid ""
"Resize the root file system. For example, ``resize2fs /dev/mapper/node-"
msgstr ""
"Ubah ukuran sistem file root. Sebagai contoh, ``resize2fs /dev/mapper/node-"
msgid "Resize the root volume file system."
msgstr "Mengubah ukuran sistem akar berkas volume."
msgid "Resource type association"
msgstr " Asosiasi tipe sumber daya"
msgid "Review the Ethernet status"
msgstr "Ulas status Ethernet"
msgid ""
"Run the :command:`osinfo-query os` command to see a range of allowed ``--os-"
"variant`` options."
msgstr ""
"Jalankan perintah :command:`osinfo-query os` untuk melihat rentang opsi yang "
"diperbolehkan ``--os-variant``."
msgid ""
"Run the following command to convert a vmdk image file to a qcow2 image file."
msgstr ""
"Jalankan perintah berikut untuk mengkonversi file image vmdk untuk file "
"image qcow2."
msgid ""
"Run the following command to convert a vmdk image file to a raw image file."
msgstr ""
"Jalankan perintah berikut untuk mengkonversi file image vmdk untuk file "
"image mentah."
msgid "Run the following command to save the changes:"
msgstr "Jalankan perintah berikut untuk menyimpan perubahan:"
msgid ""
"Run the following commands from the host to eject the disk and reboot using "
"``virsh``, as root. If you are using ``virt-manager``, the commands below "
"will work, but you can also use the GUI to detach and reboot it by manually "
"stopping and starting."
msgstr ""
"Jalankan perintah berikut dari host untuk mengeluarkan disk dan reboot "
"menggunakan ``virsh``, sebagai root. Jika Anda menggunakan ``virt-manager``, "
"perintah di bawah ini akan bekerja, tetapi Anda juga dapat menggunakan GUI "
"untuk melepaskan dan reboot dengan menghentikan dan memulai secara manual."
msgid ""
"Run the following commands in the host as root to start up the machine again "
"as paused, eject the disk and resume. If you are using ``virt-manager``, you "
"may use the GUI instead."
msgstr ""
"Jalankan perintah berikut dalam host sebagai root untuk memulai mesin lagi "
"setelah berhenti (paused), keluarkan disk dan lanjutkan. Jika Anda "
"menggunakan ``virt-manager``, Anda dapat menggunakan GUI sebagai gantinya."
msgid "Run the installer:"
msgstr "Jalankan installer:"
msgid "SSH server running"
msgstr "SSH server running"
msgid ""
"SUSE maintains official SUSE Linux Enterprise Server cloud images. Go to "
"` <>`_ and search for ``SUSE Linux "
"Enterprise Server 15 JeOS``."
msgstr ""
"SUSE memelihara image cloud SUSE Linux Enterprise Server resmi. Kunjungi "
"ke` <>`_ dan cari ``SUSE Linux "
"Enterprise Server 15 JeOS``."
msgid ""
"Second partition: A ``freebsd-ufs`` partition with a mount point of ``/`` "
"with all remaining free space."
msgstr ""
"Kedua partisi: Partisi `` freebsd-ufs`` dengan mount point dari ``/ `` "
"dengan semua sisa ruang bebas ."
msgid ""
"See `CentOS mirror page <>`_ to get "
"a full list of mirrors, click on the ``HTTP`` link of a mirror to retrieve "
"the web site name of a mirror."
msgstr ""
"Lihat `CentOS mirror page <>`_ untuk "
"mendapatkan daftar mirror penuh, klik pada link mirror ``HTTP`` untuk "
"mengambil nama situs web untuk mirror."
msgid ""
"Select :guilabel:`Create` to create a partition table. This action is the "
"default when no partition table exists. Then, select :guilabel:`GPT GUID "
"Partition Table` from the list. This choice is the default."
msgstr ""
"Pilih :guilabel:`Create` untuk membuat tabel partisi. Tindakan ini menjadi "
"default bila tidak ada tabel partisi dijumpai. Kemudian, pilih :guilabel:"
"`GPT GUID Partition Table` dari daftar. Pilihan ini adalah default."
msgid ""
"Select :guilabel:`Finish` and then :guilabel:`Commit` to commit your changes."
msgstr ""
"Pilih :guilabel:`Finish` dan kemudian :guilabel:`Commit` untuk melakukan "
msgid ""
"Select :guilabel:`Yes` when asked about installing the GRUB boot loader to "
"the master boot record."
msgstr ""
"Pilih :guilabel:`Yes` ketika ditanya tentang menginstal GRUB boot loader ke "
"master boot record."
msgid "Select a mirror"
msgstr "Pilih mirror"
msgid "Select a root password."
msgstr "Pilih password root."
msgid "Select installation option"
msgstr "Pilih opsi instalasi"
msgid "Select software to install"
msgstr "Pilih perangkat lunak untuk dipasang"
msgid "Select the CMOS time zone."
msgstr "Pilih zona waktu CMOS."
msgid ""
"Select the defaults for all of the remaining options. When the installation "
"is complete, you will be prompted to remove the CD-ROM."
msgstr ""
"Pilih default untuk semua pilihan yang tersisa. Ketika instalasi selesai, "
"Anda akan diminta untuk mengeluarkan CD-ROM."
msgid "Select the time zone appropriate to your environment."
msgstr "Pilih zona waktu yang sesuai dengan lingkungan Anda."
msgid "Serial port for logging: ``COM1``"
msgstr "Port serial untuk logging: ``COM1``"
msgid "Set the disk format for your image to one of the following values:"
msgstr "Atur format disk untuk image Anda ke salah satu nilai berikut:"
msgid "Set the root password"
msgstr "Tetapkan kata sandinya"
msgid "Set up disk partitioning."
msgstr "Atur partisi disk."
msgid "Set up the console:"
msgstr "Atur konsol:"
msgid "Sharing an image"
msgstr "Berbagai image"
msgid "Shut down the instance"
msgstr "Matikan instance"
msgid "Software selection: OpenSSH server"
msgstr "Pemilihan software: OpenSSH server"
msgid ""
"Some VNC clients replace : (colon) with ; (semicolon) and _ (underscore) "
"with - (hyphen). If editing a file over a VNC session, make sure it is http: "
"not http; and authorized_keys not authorized-keys."
msgstr ""
"Beberapa klien VNC menggantikan : (colon) dengan ; (semicolon) and _ "
"(underscore) dengan - (hyphen). Jika mengedit file selama sesi VNC, pastikan "
"penggantian karakter itu seperti http: tidak http; dan authorized_keys tidak "
msgid ""
"Some VNC clients replace the colon (``:``) with a semicolon (``;``) and the "
"underscore (``_``) with a hyphen (``-``). Make sure to specify ``http:`` and "
"not ``http;``. Make sure to specify ``authorized_keys`` and not ``authorized-"
msgstr ""
"Beberapa klien VNC menggantikan colon (``:``) dengan semicolon (``;``) dan "
"underscore (``_``) dengan hyphen (``-``). Pastikan untuk menentukan ``http:"
"`` dan bukan ``http;``. Pastikan untuk menentukan ``authorized_keys`` dan "
"bukan ``authorized-keys``."
msgid ""
"Sometimes you must modify a virtual machine image to remove any traces of "
"the MAC address that was assigned to the virtual network interface card when "
"the image was first created. This is because the MAC address is different "
"when the virtual machine images boots. This example shows how to use the "
"``guestfish`` to remove references to the old MAC address by deleting the ``/"
"etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules`` file and removing the ``HWADDR`` "
"line from the ``/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0`` file."
msgstr ""
"Kadang-kadang Anda harus mengubah image mesin virtual untuk menghilangkan "
"jejak dari alamat MAC yang ditugaskan untuk interface card jaringan virtual "
"ketika image pertama kali diciptakan. Penghilangan jejak ini karena alamat "
"MAC ini berbeda ketika image mesin virtual boot. Contoh ini menunjukkan "
"bagaimana menggunakan ``guestfish`` untuk menghapus referensi ke alamat MAC "
"lama dengan menghapus file ``/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules`` dan "
"menghapus baris ``HWADDR`` dari file ``/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-"
msgid ""
"Specifies the access controls for everything defined in the namespace. These "
"access controls determine who can define and use the definitions in the "
msgstr ""
"Tentukan kontrol akses untuk segala sesuatu yang didefinisikan dalam "
"namespace. Kontrol akses ini mentapkan siapa yang dapat menentukan dan "
"menggunakan definisi dalam namespace."
msgid ""
"Specifies the relationship between resource types and the namespaces that "
"are applicable to them. This information can be used to drive UI and CLI "
"views. For example, the same namespace of objects, properties, and tags may "
"be used for images, snapshots, volumes, and flavors. Or a namespace may only "
"apply to images."
msgstr ""
"Tentukan hubungan antara tipe sumber daya dan namespace yang berlaku untuk "
"mereka. Informasi ini dapat digunakan untuk menggerakkan tampilan UI dan "
"CLI. Misalnya, namespace yang sama dari objek, properti, dan tag dapat "
"digunakan untuk image, snapshot (foto), volume, dan flavor. Atau namespace "
"hanya berlaku untuk image."
msgid ""
"Start the Windows Server 2012 installation with the :command:`virt-install` "
msgstr ""
"Mulailah instalasi Windows Server 2012 dengan perintah :command:`virt-"
msgid "Start the installation process"
msgstr "Memulai proses instalasi"
msgid ""
"Start the installation process by using either :command:`virt-manager` or :"
"command:`virt-install` as described in the previous section. If you use :"
"command:`virt-install`, do not forget to connect your VNC client to the "
"virtual machine."
msgstr ""
"Mulailah proses instalasi dengan menggunakan :command:`virt-manager` atau :"
"command:`virt-install` seperti yang dijelaskan di bagian sebelumnya. Jika "
"Anda menggunakan :command:`virt-install`, jangan lupa untuk menghubungkan "
"klien VNC Anda ke mesin virtual."
msgid ""
"Start the installation process using either the :command:`virt-manager` or "
"the :command:`virt-install` command as described previously. If you use the :"
"command:`virt-install` command, do not forget to connect your VNC client to "
"the virtual machine."
msgstr ""
"Mulai proses instalasi dengan perintah :command:`virt-manager` ataupun :"
"command:`virt-install` seperti yang dijelaskan sebelumnya. Jika Anda "
"menggunakan perintah :command:`virt-install`, jangan lupa hubungkan klien "
"VNC Anda ke mesin virtual."
msgid "Step through the install"
msgstr "Ikuti seluruh langkah instalasi"
msgid ""
"Step through the install, using the default options. When prompted for a "
"user name, the default (``ubuntu``) is fine."
msgstr ""
"Ikuti seluruh langkah instalasi, menggunakan opsi default. Ketika diminta "
"untuk nama pengguna, default (``ubuntu``) ini baik-baik saja."
msgid "Step through the installation"
msgstr "Langkah keseluruhan instalasi"
msgid ""
"Step through the installation, using the default options. The simplest thing "
"to do is to choose the ``Minimal Install`` install, which installs an SSH "
msgstr ""
"Lakukan sekuruh langkah instalasi, gunakan opsi default. Hal paling "
"sederhana untuk dilakukan adalah memilih instal ``Minimal Install``, yang "
"menginstal server SSH."
msgid "Storage devices"
msgstr "Perangkat penyimpanan"
msgid ""
"Storage is fully allocated at instance start. The ``$instance_dir/`` images "
"are `fallocated <"
"fallocate.2.html>`_ to immediately determine if enough space is available, "
"and to possibly improve VM I/O performance due to ongoing allocation "
"avoidance, and better locality of block allocations."
msgstr ""
"Penyimpanan sepenuhnya dialokasikan pada instance awal. Image ``"
"$instance_dir/`` adalah `fallocated <"
"online/pages/man2/fallocate.2.html>`_ untuk segera menentukan apakah cukup "
"ruang tersedia, dan untuk kemungkinan meningkatkan kinerja VM I/O karena "
"menghindari alokasi yang sedang berlangsung, dan lokalitas yang lebih baik "
"dari alokasi blok."
msgid "Support for snapshots."
msgstr "Dukungan untuk jepretan (snapshot)"
msgid "Supported by VirtualBox virtual machine monitor and the QEMU emulator."
msgstr "Didukung oleh monitor mesin virtual VirtualBox dan emulator QEMU."
msgid ""
"Supported by the QEMU emulator that can expand dynamically and supports Copy "
"on Write."
msgstr ""
"Didukung oleh emulator QEMU yang dapat memperluas secara dinamis dan "
"mendukung Copy on Write."
msgid ""
"The :command:`cloud-init` script starts on instance boot and will search for "
"a metadata provider to fetch a public key from. The public key will be "
"placed in the default user account for the image."
msgstr ""
"Skrip :command:`cloud-init` memulai pada instance boot dan akan mencari "
"penyedia metadata untuk mengambil kunci publik. Kunci publik akan "
"ditempatkan di akun pengguna default untuk image."
msgid ""
"The :command:`qemu-img convert` command can do conversion between multiple "
"formats, including ``qcow2``, ``qed``, ``raw``, ``vdi``, ``vhd``, and "
msgstr ""
"Perintah :command:`qemu-img convert` dapat melakukan konversi antar berbagai "
"format, termasuk ``qcow2``, ``qed``, ``raw``, ``vdi``, ``vhd``, and ``vmdk``."
msgid "The CentOS project maintains official images for direct download."
msgstr ""
"Proyek CentOS memelihara image resmi (official image) untuk mendownload "
"secara langsung. "
msgid ""
"The Fedora project maintains a list of official cloud images at `Fedora "
"download page <>`_."
msgstr ""
"Proyek Fedora menyimpan daftar image awan resmi di `Fedora download page "
msgid ""
"The Image service and other OpenStack projects do not currently support the "
"container format. It is safe to specify ``bare`` as the container format if "
"you are unsure."
msgstr ""
"Layanan Image dan proyek OpenStack lainnya saat ini tidak mendukung format "
"kontainer. Hal ini aman untuk menentukan ``bare`` sebagai format kontainer "
"jika Anda tidak merasa yakin."
msgid ""
"The Image service has predefined namespaces for the metadata definitions "
"catalog. To load files from this directory into the database:"
msgstr ""
"Layanan Image telah menyediakan namespace untuk katalog definisi metadata. "
"Untuk memuat file dari direktori ini ke dalam database:"
msgid ""
"The KVM hypervisor starts the virtual machine with the libvirt name, "
"``centos``, with 1024 MB of RAM. The virtual machine also has a virtual CD-"
"ROM drive associated with the ``/data/isos/CentOS-7-x86_64-NetInstall-1611."
"iso`` file and a local 10 GB hard disk in qcow2 format that is stored in the "
"host at ``/tmp/centos.qcow2``. It configures networking to use libvirt "
"default network. There is a VNC server that is listening on all interfaces, "
"and libvirt will not attempt to launch a VNC client automatically nor try to "
"display the text console (``--no-autoconsole``). Finally, libvirt will "
"attempt to optimize the configuration for a Linux guest running a CentOS 7 "
msgstr ""
"Hypervisor KVM memulai mesin virtual dengan nama libvirt, ``centos``, dengan "
"RAM 1024 MB. Mesin virtual juga memiliki drive CD-ROM virtual yang terkait "
"dengan file ``/data/isos/CentOS-7-x86_64-NetInstall-1611.iso`` dan hard disk "
"lokal 10 GB dalam format qcow2 yang tersimpan di host di ``/tmp/centos."
"qcow2``. Ini mengonfigurasi jaringan untuk menggunakan jaringan default "
"libvirt. Ada server VNC yang mendengarkan semua antarmuka, dan libvirt tidak "
"akan mencoba meluncurkan klien VNC secara otomatis atau mencoba menampilkan "
"konsol teks (`` --no-autoconsole``). Akhirnya, libvirt akan mencoba untuk "
"mengoptimalkan konfigurasi untuk Linux guest yang menjalankan distribusi "
"CentOS 7."
msgid "The OVF container format."
msgstr "Format kontainer OVF."
msgid ""
"The Ubuntu installer will ask how you want to manage upgrades on your "
"system. This option depends on your specific use case. If your virtual "
"machine instances will be connected to the Internet, we recommend \"Install "
"security updates automatically\"."
msgstr ""
"Ubuntu installer akan bertanya bagaimana Anda ingin mengelola upgrade pada "
"sistem Anda. Pilihan ini tergantung pada kasus penggunaan (use case) "
"spesifik Anda. Jika instance mesin virtual Anda akan terhubung ke Internet, "
"kami merekomendasikan \"Install security updates automatically\"."
msgid ""
"The VHD disk format, a common disk format used by virtual machine monitors "
"from VMware, Xen, Microsoft, VirtualBox, and others."
msgstr ""
"Format disk VHD, format disk yang umum digunakan oleh monitor mesin virtual "
"dari VMware, Xen, Microsoft, VirtualBox, dan lain-lain."
msgid ""
"The VHDX disk format, an enhanced version of the VHD format, which supports "
"larger disk sizes among other features."
msgstr ""
"Format disk VHDX, versi yang disempurnakan dari format VHD, yang mendukung "
"ukuran disk yang lebih besar disamping fitur-fitur lainnya."
msgid ""
"The `AKI/AMI/ARI <"
"html>`_ format was the initial image format supported by Amazon EC2. The "
"image consists of three files:"
msgstr ""
"Format `AKI/AMI/ARI <"
"html>`_ adalah format image awal yang didukung oleh Amazon EC2. Image "
"terdiri dari tiga file:"
msgid ""
"The `ISO <"
"htm>`_ format is a disk image formatted with the read-only ISO 9660 (also "
"known as ECMA-119) filesystem commonly used for CDs and DVDs. While we do "
"not normally think of ISO as a virtual machine image format, since ISOs "
"contain bootable filesystems with an installed operating system, you can "
"treat them the same as you treat other virtual machine image files."
msgstr ""
"Format `ISO <"
"Ecma-119.htm>`_ adalah disk image yang diformat dengan filesystem ISO 9660 "
"read-only (juga dikenal sebagai ECMA-119) yang biasa digunakan untuk CD dan "
"DVD. Sementara kita tidak biasanya berpikir tentang ISO sebagai format image "
"mesin virtual, karena ISO berisi filesystem bootable dengan sistem operasi "
"yang terpasang, Anda dapat memperlakukan mereka sama seperti Anda "
"memperlakukan file image mesin virtual lainnya."
msgid ""
"The `KIWI OS image builder <>`_ provides an "
"operating system image builder for various Linux supported hardware "
"platforms as well as for virtualization and cloud systems. It allows "
"building of images based on openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise, and Red Hat "
"Enterprise Linux. The `openSUSE Documentation <"
"#kiwi-doc>`_ explains how to use KIWI."
msgstr ""
"The `KIWI OS image builder <>`_ menyediakan "
"image builder sistem operasi untuk berbagai Linux yang didukung platform "
"perangkat keras serta untuk virtualisasi dan cloud sistem. Image builder ini "
"memungkinkan pembangunan image berdasarkan openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise, "
"dan Red Hat Enterprise Linux. `openSUSE Documentation <https://doc.opensuse."
"org/#kiwi-doc>`_ menjelaskan bagaimana menggunakan KIWI."
msgid ""
"The `QCOW2 <>`_ (QEMU copy-on-write "
"version 2) format is commonly used with the KVM hypervisor. It has some "
"additional features over the raw format, such as:"
msgstr ""
"Format (QEMU copy-on-write version 2) `QCOW2 <"
"QEMU/Images>`_ umumnya digunakan dengan hypervisor KVM. Format ini memiliki "
"beberapa fitur tambahan lebih dari format baku, seperti:"
msgid ""
"The ``-X`` flag passed to ssh will enable X11 forwarding over ssh. If this "
"does not work, try replacing it with the ``-Y`` flag."
msgstr ""
"Flag ``-X`` dilewatkan ke ssh akan mengaktifkan X11 forwarding lewat ssh. "
"Jika usaha ini tidak berhasil, cobalah menggantinya dengan flag ``-Y``."
msgid "The ``-d3`` flag tells Oz to show status information as it runs."
msgstr ""
"Flag ``-d3`` mengatakan bahwa Oz menampilkan status informasi sebagaimana Oz "
msgid ""
"The ``-f format`` flag is optional. If omitted, ``qemu-img`` will try to "
"infer the image format."
msgstr ""
"Flag ``-f format`` adalah opsional. Jika dihilangkan, ``qemu-img`` akan "
"mencoba untuk menduga format image."
msgid ""
"The ``-u`` tells Oz to do the customization (install extra packages, run the "
"commands) once it does the initial install."
msgstr ""
"``-u`` mengatakan bahwa Oz melakukan kustomisasi (menginstal paket tambahan, "
"menjalankan perintah) setelah Oz itu melakukan instalasi awal."
msgid ""
"The ``-x`` flag tells Oz what filename to use to write out a libvirt XML "
"file (otherwise it will default to something like "
msgstr ""
"Flag ``-x`` mengatakan Oz dengan nama file yang digunakan untuk menulis file "
"XML libvirt (jika tidak maka defaultnya akan ke sesuatu seperti "
msgid ""
"The ``cloud-init`` package automatically fetches the public key from the "
"metadata server and places the key in an account. Install ``cloud-init`` "
"inside the CentOS guest by running:"
msgstr ""
"Paket ``cloud-init`` secara otomatis mengambil kunci publik dari server "
"metadata dan menempatkan kunci di akun. Install ``cloud-init`` di dalam "
"CentOS guest dengan menjalankan:"
msgid ""
"The ``cloud-init`` package automatically fetches the public key from the "
"metadata server and places the key in an account. Install ``cloud-init`` "
"inside the Fedora guest by running:"
msgstr ""
"Paket ``cloud-init`` secara otomatis mengambil kunci publik dari server "
"metadata dan menempatkan kunci di akun. Install ``cloud-init`` di dalam "
"Fedora guest dengan menjalankan:"
msgid ""
"The ``cloud-init`` package automatically fetches the public key from the "
"metadata server and places the key in an account. The account varies by "
"distribution. On Ubuntu-based virtual machines, the account is called "
"``ubuntu``, on Fedora-based virtual machines, the account is called "
"``fedora``, and on CentOS-based virtual machines, the account is called "
msgstr ""
"Paket ``cloud-init`` secara otomatis mengambil kunci publik dari server "
"metadata dan menempatkan kunci di akun. Akunnya bervariasi menurut "
"distribusi. Pada mesin virtual berbasis Ubuntu, akun ini disebut ``ubuntu``, "
"pada mesin virtual berbasis Fedora, akunnya disebut ``fedora``, dan pada "
"mesin virtual berbasis CentOS, akun tersebut disebut ``centos` `."
msgid ""
"The ``guestfish`` program is a tool from the `libguestfs <http://libguestfs."
"org/>`_ project that allows you to modify the files inside of a virtual "
"machine image."
msgstr ""
"Program ``guestfish`` adalah alat dari proyek `libguestfs <http://libguestfs."
"org/>`_ yang memungkinkan Anda untuk memodifikasi file dalam image mesin "
msgid ""
"The ``raw`` image format is the simplest one, and is natively supported by "
"both KVM and Xen hypervisors. You can think of a raw image as being the bit-"
"equivalent of a block device file, created as if somebody had copied, say, "
"``/dev/sda`` to a file using the :command:`dd` command."
msgstr ""
"Format image ``raw`` adalah format yang paling sederhana, dan secara native "
"didukung oleh KVM dan Xen hypervisor. Anda bisa memikirkan imaga baku "
"sebagai bit-equivalent file perangkat blok, yang dibuat seolah-olah "
"seseorang telah disalinnya, katakanlah, ``/dev/sda`` ke file menggunakan "
"perintah :command:`dd`"
msgid ""
"The `libguestfs <>`_ project has a number of other "
"useful tools, including:"
msgstr ""
"Proyek `libguestfs <>`_ memiliki sejumlah alat yang "
"berguna lainnya, termasuk:"
msgid ""
"The account varies by distribution. On CentOS-based virtual machines, the "
"account is called ``centos``."
msgstr ""
"Akunnya bervariasi menurut distribusi. Pada mesin virtual berbasis CentOS, "
"akun tersebut disebut ``centos``."
msgid ""
"The account varies by distribution. On Fedora-based virtual machines, the "
"account is called ``fedora``."
msgstr ""
"Akunnya bervariasi menurut distribusi. Pada mesin virtual berbasis Fedora, "
"akun tersebut disebut ``fedora``."
msgid ""
"The account varies by distribution. On Ubuntu-based virtual machines, the "
"account is called ``ubuntu``. On Fedora-based virtual machines, the account "
"is called ``ec2-user``."
msgstr ""
"Akun bervariasi menurut distribusi. Pada mesin virtual berbasis Ubuntu, akun "
"ini disebut ``ubuntu``. Pada mesin virtual berbasis Fedora, akun ini disebut "
msgid ""
"The container format indicates whether the virtual machine image is in a "
"file format that also contains metadata about the actual virtual machine."
msgstr ""
"Format kontainer menunjukkan apakah image mesin virtual masih dalam format "
"file yang juga berisi metadata tentang mesin virtual yang sebenarnya."
msgid ""
"The default Ethernet setting is ``OFF``. Change the setting of the Ethernet "
"form ``OFF`` to ``ON``. In particular, ensure that ``IPv4 Settings' Method`` "
"is ``Automatic (DHCP)``, which is the default."
msgstr ""
"Pengaturan Ethernet standar adalah ``OFF``. Ubah pengaturan dari keadaan "
"Ethernet ``OFF`` ke ``ON``. Secara khusus, pastikan bahwa ``IPv4 Settings' "
"Method`` adalah ``Automatic (DHCP)``, yang merupakan default."
msgid "The default mirror proposed by the installer should be fine."
msgstr "Mirror default yang diusulkan oleh installer harus baik."
msgid ""
"The disk format of a virtual machine image is the format of the underlying "
"disk image. Virtual appliance vendors have different formats for laying out "
"the information contained in a virtual machine disk image."
msgstr ""
"Format disk image mesin virtual adalah format disk image yang mendasari. "
"Vendor alat virtual memiliki format yang berbeda untuk meletakkan informasi "
"yang terkandung dalam image disk mesin virtual."
msgid ""
"The disk is not detected by default by the Windows installer. When requested "
"to choose an installation target, click :guilabel:`Load driver` and browse "
"the file system to select the ``E:\\virtio-win-0.1XX\\viostor\\2k12\\amd64`` "
"folder. The Windows installer displays a list of drivers to install. Select "
"the :guilabel:`VirtIO SCSI` and :guilabel:`network drivers` and continue the "
msgstr ""
"Disk tidak terdeteksi secara default oleh pemasang Windows. Saat diminta "
"memilih target pemasangan, click :guilabel:`Load driver` dan telusuri sistem "
"file untuk memilih folder ``E:\\virtio-win-0.1XX\\viostor\\2k12\\amd64``. "
"Pemasang Windows menampilkan daftar driver yang akan diinstal. Pilih :"
"guilabel:`VirtIO SCSI` dan :guilabel:`network drivers` dan lanjutkan "
msgid "The disk on the image has only one partition."
msgstr "Disk pada image hanya memiliki satu partisi."
msgid ""
"The easiest way to support this type of functionality is to install the "
"``cloud-init`` package into your image, which is configured by default to "
"treat user data as an executable script, and sets the host name."
msgstr ""
"Cara termudah untuk mendukung tipe fungsi adalah dengan menginstal paket "
"``cloud-init`` ke image Anda, dimana image dikonfigurasi secara default "
"untuk memperlakukan data pengguna sebagai skrip executable, dan menetapkan "
"nama host."
msgid ""
"The file ``/root/`` will recieve 2 environment variable: "
"``BODI_CHROOT_PATH`` path where the image is mounted, and ``BODI_RELEASE`` "
"which is the name of the Debian release that is being bootstraped. Here's an "
"example for customizing the motd:"
msgstr ""
"File `` / root /`` akan menerima 2 variabel lingkungan: "
"jalur ``BODI_CHROOT_PATH`` tempat image dipasang, dan `` BODI_RELEASE`` "
"yang merupakan nama rilis Debian yang merupakan sedang bootstraped. Berikut "
"ini contoh untuk menyesuaikan motd:"
msgid "The file system for the image fills the original size of the image."
msgstr "Sistem file untuk image mengisi ukuran image asli."
msgid "The file system on the one partition is ext3 or ext4."
msgstr "Sistem file pada satu partisi adalah ext3 atau ext4."
msgid "The following command uses the minimum amount of RAM, which is 256 MB:"
msgstr ""
"Perintah berikut menggunakan jumlah minimum RAM, jumlah itu adalah 256 MB:"
msgid ""
"The following example shows how to use the :command:`qemu-img` command to "
"create an empty image file, and :command:`virt-install` command to start up "
"a virtual machine using that image file. As root:"
msgstr ""
"Contoh berikut menunjukkan bagaimana menggunakan perintah :command:`qemu-"
"img` untuk membuat file image kosong, dan perintah :command:`virt-install` "
"untuk memulai mesin virtual menggunakan file image. Sebagai root:"
msgid ""
"The following figure shows a completed partition table with a 1 GB virtual "
msgstr ""
"Gambar berikut menunjukkan tabel partisi lengkap dengan disk virtual 1 GB:"
msgid ""
"The following procedure is a workflow for image sharing after image creation."
msgstr ""
"Prosedur berikut adalah alur kerja untuk berbagi image setelah penciptaan "
msgid "The image does not have a container or metadata envelope."
msgstr "Image tidak memiliki amplop kontainer atau metadata."
msgid ""
"The installer allows you to choose a host name. The default (``localhost."
"localdomain``) is fine. You install the ``cloud-init`` package later, which "
"sets the host name on boot when a new instance is provisioned using this "
msgstr ""
"Installer memungkinkan Anda memilih nama host. Default (``localhost."
"localdomain``) baik-baik saja. Anda menginstal paket ``cloud-init`` nanti, "
"yang menetapkan nama host saat boot saat instance baru disiapkan menggunakan "
"image ini."
msgid ""
"The installer may ask you to choose a host name. The default (``ubuntu``) is "
"fine. We will install the cloud-init package later, which will set the host "
"name on boot when a new instance is provisioned using this image."
msgstr ""
"Installer akan meminta Anda untuk memilih nama host. Default (``ubuntu``) "
"akan baik-baik saja. Kami akan menginstal paket cloud-init kemudian, dimana "
"kami akan mengatur nama host pada boot ketika image baru ditetapkan "
"menggunakan image ini."
msgid "The member status can be used to filter the consumer's image list."
msgstr "Status anggota dapat digunakan untuk menyaring daftar image konsumen."
msgid ""
"The member status controls whether image appears in the consumer's image "
"list. If the image member status is ``accepted``, the image appears in the "
"consumer's image list. Otherwise, the image does not appear in the image "
"list. The image may still be used as long as the consumer knows the image ID."
msgstr ""
"Status anggota mengontrol apakah image akan muncul di daftar image konsumen. "
"Jika status anggota image adalah `` accepted``, imageakan muncul di daftar "
"image konsumen. Jika tidak, image tidak muncul dalam daftar image. Image "
"masih dapat digunakan asalkan konsumen mengetahui ID image."
msgid ""
"The member status lets the producer know whether the consumer has seen and "
"acted on the shared image. If the status is ``accepted`` or ``rejected``, "
"the consumer has definitely seen the shared image. If the status is "
"``pending``, the consumer may not be aware that an image was shared."
msgstr ""
"Status anggota memungkinkan produsen mengetahui apakah konsumen telah "
"melihat dan bertindak pada image bersama. Jika status adalah ``accepted`` "
"atau ``rejected``, konsumen pasti telah melihat image bersama. Jika status "
"adalah ``pending``, konsumen mungkin tidak menyadari bahwa image telah "
msgid ""
"The minimum supported disk size for FreeBSD is 1 GB. Because the goal is to "
"make the smallest possible base image, the example uses that minimum size. "
"This size is sufficient to include the optional ``doc``, ``games``, and "
"``lib32`` collections. To include the ``ports`` collection, add another 1 "
"GB. To include ``src``, add 512 MB."
msgstr ""
"Ukuran disk minimum dukungan untuk FreeBSD adalah 1 GB. Karena tujuannya "
"adalah untuk membuat image dasar sekecil mungkin, contoh ini menggunakan "
"ukuran minimum itu. Ukuran ini cukup untuk mencakup opsional ``doc``, "
"``games``, dan koleksi ``lib32``. Untuk menyertakan koleksi ``ports``, "
"tambahkan lagi 1 GB. Untuk menyertakan ``src``, tambahkan 512 MB."
msgid ""
"The name of your virtual machine image is ``centos``; you need this name "
"when you use :command:`virsh` commands to manipulate the state of the image."
msgstr ""
"Nama image mesin virtual Anda adalah ``centos``; Anda perlu nama ini ketika "
"Anda menggunakan perintah :command: `virsh` untuk memanipulasi keadaan image."
msgid ""
"The name of your virtual machine image is ``fedora``; you need this name "
"when you use :command:`virsh` commands to manipulate the state of the image."
msgstr ""
"Nama image mesin virtual Anda adalah ``fedora``; Anda memerlukan nama ini "
"saat Anda menggunakan perintah :command:`virsh` untuk memanipulasi keadaan "
msgid ""
"The object may optionally define required properties under the semantic "
"understanding that if you use the object, you should provide all required "
msgstr ""
"Objek secara opsional dapat mendefinisikan properti yang diperlukan di bawah "
"pemahaman semantik bahwa jika Anda menggunakan objek, Anda harus menyediakan "
"semua properti yang dibutuhkan."
msgid ""
"The openSUSE community provides images for `openSUSE <https://software."
msgstr ""
"Komunitas openSUSE menyediakan image untuk `openSUSE <https://software."
msgid ""
"The operating system records the MAC address of the virtual Ethernet card in "
"locations such as ``/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0`` during the "
"instance process. However, each time the image boots up, the virtual "
"Ethernet card will have a different MAC address, so this information must be "
"deleted from the configuration file."
msgstr ""
"Sistem operasi mencatat alamat MAC dari kartu Ethernet virtual di lokasi "
"seperti ``/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0`` selama proses "
"instance. Namun, setiap kali image boot up, kartu Ethernet virtual akan "
"memiliki alamat MAC yang berbeda, jadi informasi ini harus dihapus dari file "
msgid ""
"The operating system records the MAC address of the virtual Ethernet card in "
"locations such as ``/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules`` during the "
"installation process. However, each time the image boots up, the virtual "
"Ethernet card will have a different MAC address, so this information must be "
"deleted from the configuration file."
msgstr ""
"Sistem operasi mencatat alamat MAC dari kartu Ethernet virtual dalam lokasi "
"seperti ``/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules`` selama proses "
"instalasi. Namun, setiap kali image boot up, kartu Ethernet virtual akan "
"memiliki alamat MAC yang berbeda, sehingga informasi ini harus dihapus dari "
"file konfigurasi."
msgid ""
"The partition table for the image describes the original size of the image."
msgstr "Tabel partisi untuk image menggambarkan ukuran image asli."
msgid ""
"The previous script only gets the ssh public key from the metadata server. "
"It does not get user data, which is optional data that can be passed by the "
"user when requesting a new instance. User data is often used to run a custom "
"script when an instance boots."
msgstr ""
"Skrip sebelumnya hanya mendapatkan ssh public key dari server metadata. "
"Tidak mendapatkan data pengguna, yang merupakan data opsional yang dapat "
"dilalui oleh pengguna ketika meminta instance baru. Data pengguna sering "
"digunakan untuk menjalankan skrip khusus ketika sebuah instance melakukan "
msgid ""
"The producer posts the availability of specific images for consumers to "
msgstr ""
"Produser menampilkan (post) ketersediaan image tertentu bagi konsumen untuk "
msgid ""
"The producer shares the image with the consumer, by using the ``Create "
"image member`` API operation."
msgstr ""
"Produser berbagi image dengan konsumen, dengan menggunakan operasi API "
"``Create image member``."
msgid ""
"The simplest way to obtain a virtual machine image that works with OpenStack "
"is to download one that someone else has already created. Most of the images "
"contain the ``cloud-init`` package to support the SSH key pair and user data "
"injection. Because many of the images disable SSH password authentication by "
"default, boot the image with an injected key pair. You can ``SSH`` into the "
"instance with the private key and default login account. See `Configure "
"access and security for instances <"
"user/configure-access-and-security-for-instances.html>`_ for more "
"information on how to create and inject key pairs with OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"Cara termudah untuk mendapatkan image mesin virtual yang bekerja dengan "
"OpenStack adalah mendownload yang telah dibuat orang lain. Sebagian besar "
"image berisi paket ``cloud-init`` untuk mendukung pasangan kunci SSH dan "
"injeksi data pengguna. Karena banyak image yang menonaktifkan otentikasi "
"kata sandi SSH secara default, boot image dengan pasangan kunci yang "
"disuntikkan. Anda bisa `` SSH`` masuk ke instance dengan kunci private dan "
"akun login default. Lihat `Configure access and security for instances "
"security-for-instances.html>`_ untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang cara "
"membuat dan menyuntikkan pasangan kunci dengan OpenStack."
msgid ""
"The size of the disk in a virtual machine image is determined when you "
"initially create the image. However, OpenStack lets you launch instances "
"with different size drives by specifying different flavors. For example, if "
"your image was created with a 5 GB disk, and you launch an instance with a "
"flavor of ``m1.small``. The resulting virtual machine instance has, by "
"default, a primary disk size of 20 GB. When the disk for an instance is "
"resized up, zeros are just added to the end."
msgstr ""
"Ukuran disk pada image mesin virtual ditentukan saat Anda awalnya membuat "
"image. Namun, OpenStack memungkinkan Anda meluncurkan instance dengan drive "
"ukuran berbeda dengan menentukan rasa yang berbeda. Misalnya, jika image "
"Anda dibuat dengan disk 5 GB, dan Anda meluncurkan sebuah instance dengan "
"rasa ``m1.small``. Contoh mesin virtual yang dihasilkan memiliki, secara "
"default, ukuran disk utama sebesar 20 GB. Ketika disk untuk sebuah instance "
"diubah ukurannya, angka nol akan ditambahkan sampai akhir."
msgid ""
"The typical way that users access virtual machines running on OpenStack is "
"to ssh using public key authentication. For this to work, your virtual "
"machine image must be configured to download the ssh public key from the "
"OpenStack metadata service or config drive, at boot time."
msgstr ""
"Cara khas dimana pengguna mengakses mesin virtual yang berjalan pada "
"OpenStack adalah dengan penggunaan ssh dalam otentikasi kunci publik. Untuk "
"dapat berjalan, image mesin virtual Anda harus dikonfigurasi untuk men-"
"download kunci publik ssh dari layanan metadata OpenStack atau drive yang "
"terkonfigurasi, pada saat boot."
msgid ""
"The underlying image file that you created with the :command:`qemu-img "
"create` command is ready to be uploaded. For example, you can upload the ``/"
"tmp/centos.qcow2`` image to the Image service by using the :command:"
"`openstack image create` command. For more information, see the `python-"
"openstackclient command list <"
msgstr ""
"File gambar yang mendasari yang Anda buat dengan perintah :command:`qemu-img "
"create` siap di upload. Misalnya, Anda bisa mengupload image ``/tmp/centos."
"qcow2`` ke layanan Image dengan menggunakan perintah :command:`openstack "
"image create`. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat `python-openstackclient "
"command list <"
msgid ""
"The underlying image file that you created with the :command:`qemu-img "
"create` command is ready to be uploaded. For example, you can upload the ``/"
"tmp/fedora.qcow2`` image to the Image service by using the :command:"
"`openstack image create` command. For more information, see the `python-"
"openstackclient command list <"
msgstr ""
"File image yang mendasari yang Anda buat dengan perintah :command:`qemu-img "
"create` siap di upload Misalnya, Anda bisa mengupload image ``/tmp/fedora."
"qcow2`` ke layanan Image dengan menggunakan perintah :command:`openstack "
"image create`. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat `python-openstackclient "
"command list <"
msgid ""
"The underlying image file that you created with the :command:`qemu-img "
"create` command, such as ``/tmp/trusty.qcow2``, is now ready for uploading "
"to the Image service by using the :command:`openstack image create` command. "
"For more information, see the `Glance User Guide <"
msgstr ""
"File image yang mendasari yang Anda buat dengan perintah :command:`qemu-img "
"create`, seperti ``/tmp/trusty.qcow2``, sekarang siap untuk upload ke "
"layanan Image dengan menggunakan perintah :command:`openstack image create`. "
"Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat `Glance User Guide <https://docs."
msgid ""
"The version of Hyper-V that ships with Microsoft Server 2012 uses the newer "
"`VHDX <>`_ format, "
"which has some additional features over VHD such as support for larger disk "
"sizes and protection against data corruption during power failures."
msgstr ""
"Versi Hyper-V yang memuat (ship) dengan Microsoft Server 2012 menggunakan "
"format baru `VHDX <"
"aspx>` _ , yang memiliki beberapa fitur tambahan melebihi dari VHD sebagai "
"dukungan untuk ukuran disk yang lebih besar dan perlindungan terhadap data "
"corruption selama gangguan listrik."
msgid ""
"The virtualized CMOS almost always stores its time in UTC, so unless you "
"know otherwise, select UTC."
msgstr ""
"CMOS virtual hampir selalu menyimpan waktu dalam UTC, jadi kalau Anda ragu, "
"pilih UTC."
msgid "Then we set to executable:"
msgstr "Kemudian kita atur ke executable:"
msgid "Then, during the boot process, you must:"
msgstr "Kemudian, selama proses boot, Anda harus:"
msgid ""
"There are different options for partitioning the disks. The default "
"installation uses LVM partitions, and creates three partitions (``/boot``, "
"``/``, ``swap``), which works fine. Alternatively, you might want to create "
"a single ext4 partition that is mounted to ``/``, which also works fine."
msgstr ""
"Ada beberapa pilihan untuk partisi disk. Instalasi default menggunakan "
"partisi LVM, dan menciptakan tiga partisi (``/boot``, ``/``, ``swap``), "
"yang bekerja dengan baik. Atau, Anda mungkin ingin membuat partisi ext4 "
"tunggal yang dipasang untuk ``/ ``, yang juga bekerja dengan baik."
msgid ""
"There are different options for partitioning the disks. The default "
"installation will use LVM partitions, and will create three partitions (``/"
"boot``, ``/``, swap), and this will work fine. Alternatively, you may wish "
"to create a single ext4 partition, mounted to \"``/``\", should also work "
msgstr ""
"Ada berbagai pilihan untuk partisi disk. Instalasi default akan menggunakan "
"partisi LVM, dan akan menciptakan tiga partisi (``/boot``, ``/``, swap), "
"dan partisi ini akan bekerja dengan baik. Atau, Anda mungkin ingin membuat "
"partisi tunggal ext4, dipasang (mount) pada \"``/``\", juga akan bekerja "
"dengan baik."
msgid "There are several tools that are designed to automate image creation."
msgstr "Ada beberapa alat yang dirancang untuk mengotomatisasi pembuatan image"
msgid ""
"There is a known bug in Ubuntu 14.04; when you select ``Continue``, the "
"virtual machine will shut down, even though it says it will reboot."
msgstr ""
"Ada bug dikenal di Ubuntu 14.04; bila Anda memilih ``Continue``, mesin "
"virtual akan menutup, meskipun mengatakan akan reboot."
msgid ""
"There is a utility called :command:`virt-sysprep`, that performs various "
"cleanup tasks such as removing the MAC address references. It will clean up "
"a virtual machine image in place:"
msgstr ""
"Ada utilitas yang disebut :command:`virt-sysprep`, yang melakukan berbagai "
"tugas pembersihan seperti menghapus referensi alamat MAC. Utilitas Ini akan "
"membersihkan image mesin virtual di tempat:"
msgid ""
"There is an enormous amount of functionality in guestfish and a full "
"treatment is beyond the scope of this document. Instead, we recommend that "
"you read the `guestfs-recipes <"
"html>`_ documentation page for a sense of what is possible with these tools."
msgstr ""
"Ada sejumlah besar fungsi di guestfish dan perawatan penuh (full treatment) "
"adalah di luar lingkup dokumen ini. Sebaliknya, kami sarankan Anda membaca "
"halaman dokumentasi `guestfs-recipes <"
"recipes.1.html>`_ untuk rasa apapun yang mungkin dengan alat ini."
msgid ""
"Therefore, if you use Xen, we recommend that when you create your images, "
"you create a single ext3 or ext4 partition (not managed by LVM). Otherwise, "
"read on."
msgstr ""
"Oleh karena itu, jika Anda menggunakan Xen, kami sarankan bahwa ketika Anda "
"membuat image Anda, Anda membuat satu partisi ext3 atau ext4 (tidak dikelola "
"oleh LVM). Jika tidak, akan membaca terus."
msgid ""
"This Oz template specifies where to download the Centos 6.4 install ISO. Oz "
"will use the version information to identify which kickstart file to use. In "
"this case, it will be ` <"
"master/oz/auto/>`_. It adds EPEL as a repository and install the "
"``epel-release``, ``cloud-utils``, and ``cloud-init`` packages, as specified "
"in the ``packages`` section of the file."
msgstr ""
"Template Oz ini menetapkan dimana untuk men-download Centos 6.4 install ISO. "
"Oz akan menggunakan informasi versi untuk mengidentifikasi file kickstart "
"untuk digunakan. Dalam hal ini, template itu akan menjadi ` "
"<>`_. "
"Template menambahkan EPEL sebagai repositori dan menginstal paket ``epel-"
"release``, ``cloud-utils``, dan ``cloud-init``, sebagaimana ditetapkan dalam "
"bagian ``packages`` dari file."
msgid "This VM must also have Internet access to download packages."
msgstr "VM ini juga harus memiliki akses Internet untuk men-download paket."
msgid ""
"This example creates a Windows Server 2012 qcow2 image, using the :command:"
"`virt-install` command and the KVM hypervisor."
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini membuat image qcow2 Windows Server 2012, dengan menggunakan: "
"perintah :command:`virt-install` dan hypervisor KVM."
msgid ""
"This example creates a generic, bootable Ubuntu image of the latest release."
msgstr "Contoh ini membuat image generik, Ubuntu bootable dari rilis terbaru."
msgid ""
"This example creates a minimal FreeBSD image that is compatible with "
"OpenStack and ``bsd-cloudinit``. The ``bsd-cloudinit`` program is "
"independently maintained and in active development. The best source of "
"information on the current state of the project is at `bsd-cloudinit <http://"
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini menciptakan image FreeBSD minimal yang kompatibel dengan "
"OpenStack dan ``bsd-cloudinit``. Program ``bsd-cloudinit`` secara independen "
"dipertahankan dan aktif dalam pembangunan. Sumber terbaik informasi tentang "
"keadaan saat ini untuk proyek ini berada di `bsd-cloudinit <http://pellaeon."
msgid ""
"This example creates the image as before, but for arm architecture. More "
"elements are available in the `git source directory <https://git.openstack."
"org/cgit/openstack/diskimage-builder/tree/elements>`_ and documented in the "
"`diskimage-builder elements documentation <"
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini menciptakan image seperti sebelumnya, tapi untuk arm "
"architecture. Lebih banyak elemen tersedia di `git source directory <https://"
">`_ dan "
"didokumentasikan di `diskimage-builder elements documentation <https://docs."
msgid ""
"This example installs an Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) image. To create an "
"image for a different version of Ubuntu, follow these steps with the noted "
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini akan menginstal image Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr). Untuk membuat "
"image versi yang berbeda dari Ubuntu, ikuti langkah berikut dengan perbedaan "
"yang perlu diperhatikan."
msgid ""
"This example shows how to create a FreeBSD 10 image. To create a FreeBSD 9.2 "
"image, follow these steps with the noted differences."
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini menunjukkan bagaimana untuk membuat image FreeBSD 10. Untuk "
"membuat image FreeBSD 9.2, ikuti langkah-langkah berikut dan perhatikan "
"perbedaan keduanya. "
msgid ""
"This example shows how to use :command:`virt-edit` to modify a file. The "
"command can take either a filename as an argument with the ``-a`` flag, or a "
"domain name as an argument with the ``-d`` flag. The following examples "
"shows how to use this to modify the ``/etc/shadow`` file in instance with "
"libvirt domain name ``instance-000000e1`` that is currently running:"
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini menunjukkan bagaimana menggunakan :command: `virt-edit` untuk "
"memodifikasi file. Perintah dapat mengambil nama file sebagai argumen dengan "
"flag ``-a``, ataupun nama domain sebagai argumen dengan flag ``-d``. Contoh "
"berikut menunjukkan bagaimana menggunakan ini untuk memodifikasi file ``/etc/"
"shadow`` dalam instance dengan nama domain libvirt ``instance-000000e1`` "
"yang saat ini sedang berjalan:"
msgid ""
"This example shows you how to install a CentOS image and focuses mainly on "
"CentOS 7. Because the CentOS installation process might differ across "
"versions, the installation steps might differ if you use a different version "
"of CentOS."
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini menunjukkan Anda bagaimana untuk menginstal image CentOS dan "
"berfokus terutama pada CentOS 7. Karena proses instalasi CentOS mungkin "
"berbeda di berbagai versi, langkah instalasi mungkin berbeda jika Anda "
"menggunakan versi yang berbeda dari CentOS."
msgid ""
"This example shows you how to install a Fedora image and focuses mainly on "
"Fedora 25. Because the Fedora installation process might differ across "
"versions, the installation steps might differ if you use a different version "
"of Fedora."
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini menunjukkan cara memasang image Fedora dan berfokus terutama pada "
"Fedora 25. Karena proses instalasi Fedora mungkin berbeda di seluruh versi, "
"langkah-langkah pemasangan mungkin berbeda jika Anda menggunakan versi "
"Fedora yang berbeda."
msgid ""
"This example will convert a raw image file named ``image.img`` to a qcow2 "
"image file."
msgstr ""
"Contoh ini akan mengkonversi file image mentah bernama ``image.img`` ke file "
"image qcow2."
msgid ""
"This guide describes how to obtain, create, and modify virtual machine "
"images that are compatible with OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"Panduan ini menjelaskan cara untuk mendapatkan, membuat, dan memodifikasi "
"image mesin virtual yang kompatibel dengan OpenStack."
msgid ""
"This hook script will conveniently be called at the correct moment of the "
"build process, when everything is installed, but before unmounting the "
msgstr ""
"Skrip kait ini akan dipanggil pada saat yang tepat dari proses build, ketika "
"semuanya diinstal, tetapi sebelum melepas partisi."
msgid "This is a virtual machine image in raw format, as described above."
msgstr ""
"Image Ini adalah image mesin virtual dalam format baku, seperti dijelaskan "
"di atas."
msgid ""
"This menu enables you to update previous settings. Check that the settings "
"are correct, and click :guilabel:`exit`."
msgstr ""
"Menu ini memungkinkan Anda untuk memperbarui pengaturan sebelumnya. Periksa "
"apakah pengaturan sudah benar, dan klik :guilabel:`exit`."
msgid ""
"This sets console output to go to the serial console, which is displayed by :"
"command:`nova consolelog`, and the video console for sites with VNC or Spice "
msgstr ""
"Pengaturan ini menetapkan keluaran konsol melalui konsol serial, yang "
"ditampilkan oleh :command:`nova consolelog`, dan konsol video untuk situs "
"dengan VNC atau Spice yang dikonfigurasi."
msgid "This starts a guestfish session."
msgstr "Disini memulai sesi guestfish."
msgid ""
"To allow the :term:`Cloudbase-Init` to run scripts during an instance boot, "
"set the PowerShell execution policy to be unrestricted:"
msgstr ""
"Untuk mengizinkan :term:`Cloudbase-Init` untuk menjalankan skrip selama "
"instance boot, menetapkan kebijakan eksekusi PowerShell untuk tidak dibatasi:"
msgid "To build an image, call the following script:"
msgstr "Untuk membangun image, panggil skrip berikut:"
msgid "To build an image, type this:"
msgstr "Untuk membuat image, ketikkan ini:"
msgid ""
"To create a new image, you will need the installation CD or DVD ISO file for "
"the guest operating system. You will also need access to a virtualization "
"tool. You can use KVM for this. Or, if you have a GUI desktop virtualization "
"tool (such as, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox), you can use that instead. "
"Convert the file to raw once you are done."
msgstr ""
"Untuk membuat image baru, Anda akan memerlukan CD instalasi atau file ISO "
"DVD untuk sistem operasi guest (tamu). Anda juga akan memerlukan akses ke "
"alat virtualisasi. Anda dapat menggunakan KVM untuk ini. Atau, jika Anda "
"memiliki alat virtualisasi desktop GUI (seperti, VMware Fusion atau "
"VirtualBox), Anda dapat menggunakannya. Lakukan konversi file ke raw (baku) "
"setelah Anda menyelesaikannya."
msgid ""
"To create an image for the Database service, see `Building Guest Images for "
"OpenStack Trove <"
msgstr ""
"Untuk membuat image untuk layanan Database, lihat `Building Guest Images for "
"OpenStack Trove <"
msgid ""
"To eject a disk by using the :command:`virsh` command, libvirt requires that "
"you attach an empty disk at the same target that the CD-ROM was previously "
"attached, which may be ``hda``. You can confirm the appropriate target using "
"the :command:`virsh dumpxml vm-image` command."
msgstr ""
"Untuk mengeluarkan disk dengan menggunakan perintah :command:`virsh`, "
"libvirt mengharuskan Anda memasang disk kosong pada target yang sama dengan "
"CD-ROM yang sebelumnya terpasang, yang mungkin adalah ``hda``. Anda bisa "
"mengkonfirmasi target yang sesuai dengan perintah :command:`virsh dumpxml vm-"
msgid ""
"To eject a disk using :command:`virsh`, libvirt requires that you attach an "
"empty disk at the same target that the CDROM was previously attached, which "
"should be ``hdc``. You can confirm the appropriate target using the :command:"
"`virsh dumpxml vm-image` command."
msgstr ""
"Untuk mengeluarkan disk gunakan :command:`virsh`, libvirt mengharuskan Anda "
"memasang disk kosong pada target yang sama dimana CDROM terpasang "
"sebelumnya, yang seharusnya ``hdc``. Anda dapat mengkonfirmasi sasaran yang "
"tepat menggunakan perintah :command:`virsh dumpxml vm-image`."
msgid ""
"To enable the hypervisor to reboot or shutdown an instance, you must install "
"and run the ``acpid`` service on the guest system."
msgstr ""
"Untuk mengaktifkan hypervisor untuk reboot atau shutdown suatu instance, "
"Anda harus menginstal dan menjalankan layanan ``acpid`` pada sistem guest."
msgid "To export the definitions in JSON format:"
msgstr "Untuk mengekspor definisi dalam format JSON:"
msgid ""
"To fetch the ssh public key and add it to the root account, edit the ``/etc/"
"rc.local`` file and add the following lines before the line ``touch /var/"
"lock/subsys/local``. This code fragment is taken from the `rackerjoe oz-"
"image-build CentOS 6 template < rackerjoe/oz-image-build/"
msgstr ""
"Untuk mengambil kunci publik ssh dan menambahkannya ke account root, edit "
"file ``/etc/rc.local`` dan tambahkan baris berikut sebelum baris ``touch /"
"var/lock/subsys/local``. Fragmen kode ini diambil dari `rackerjoe oz-image-"
"build CentOS 6 template < rackerjoe/oz-image-build/blob/"
msgid "To import it into libvirt with :command:`virsh`:"
msgstr "Mengimpornya ke libvirt dengan :command:`virsh`:"
msgid ""
"To install the operating system, complete the following steps inside the VM:"
msgstr "Untuk menginstal sistem operasi, lakukan langkah berikut dalam VM:"
msgid ""
"To keep things brief, we will sometimes use the term ``image`` instead of "
"virtual machine image."
msgstr ""
"Supaya menjadil singkat, kita kadang-kadang menggunakan istilah ``image`` "
"dari pada image mesin virtual."
msgid "To list the operating systems available to install:"
msgstr "Untuk daftar sistem operasi yang tersedia untuk menginstal:"
msgid "To mount the second partition, as root:"
msgstr "Untuk me-mount partisi kedua, sebagai root:"
msgid "To run this:"
msgstr "Untuk menjalankan ini:"
msgid ""
"To see how the settings affect the deletion of a running instance, check the "
"directory where the images are stored:"
msgstr ""
"To see how the settings affect the deletion of a running instance, check the "
"directory where the images are stored:"
msgid ""
"To set the metadata source to be used by the image run the :command:`dpkg-"
"reconfigure` command against the ``cloud-init`` package. When prompted "
"select the :guilabel:`EC2` data source:"
msgstr ""
"Untuk mengatur sumber metadata yang akan digunakan oleh image jalankan "
"perintah :command:`dpkg-reconfigure` terhadap paket ``cloud-init``. Ketika "
"diminta (prompt) pilihlah sumber data :guilabel:`EC2`:"
msgid "To unload the files from the database:"
msgstr "Untuk membongkar file dari database:"
msgid ""
"To verify that the libvirt ``default`` network is enabled, use the :command:"
"`virsh net-list` command and verify that the ``default`` network is active:"
msgstr ""
"Untuk memverifikasi bahwa jaringan ``default`` libvirt diaktifkan, gunakan "
"perintah :command:`virsh net-list` dan memverifikasi bahwa jaringan "
"``default`` aktif:"
msgid "Tool support for image creation"
msgstr "Alat yang mendukungan untuk pembuatan image"
msgid "UEC tarball"
msgstr "UEC tarball"
msgid "Ubuntu"
msgstr "Ubuntu"
msgid ""
"Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud refers to a discontinued Eucalyptus-based Ubuntu "
"cloud solution that has been replaced by the OpenStack-based Ubuntu Cloud "
msgstr ""
"Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud mengacu pada solusi cloud Eucalyptus-based Ubuntu "
"yang telah dihentikan kemudian digantikan oleh OpenStack-based Ubuntu Cloud "
msgid "Undefine the libvirt domain"
msgstr "Tak ada penetapan domain libvirt"
msgid ""
"Use :command:`virt-manager` or :command:`virt-viewer` to connect to the VM "
"and start the Windows installation."
msgstr ""
"Gunakan :command:`virt-manager` atau :command:`virt-viewer` untuk "
"menghubungkan ke VM dan memulai instalasi Windows."
msgid "Use cloud-init to fetch the public key"
msgstr "Gunakan cloud-init untuk mengambil kunci publik (public key)."
msgid ""
"Use options in the ``nova.conf`` file to control whether, and for how long, "
"unused base images are stored in the ``/var/lib/nova/instances/_base/``. If "
"you have configured live migration of instances, all your compute nodes "
"share one common ``/var/lib/nova/instances/`` directory."
msgstr ""
"Gunakan opsi di file ``nova.conf`` untuk mengontrol apakah, dan untuk berapa "
"lama, image dasar yang tidak digunakan disimpan dalam ``/var/lib/nova/"
"instances/_base/``. Jika Anda telah mengkonfigurasi migrasi langsung (live "
"migration) instance, semua node komputasi Anda akan berbagi dalam satu "
"kesamaan direktori ``/var/lib/nova/instances/``."
msgid ""
"Use the :command:`virsh vncdisplay vm-name` command to get the VNC port "
msgstr ""
"Gunakan perintah :command:`virsh vncdisplay vm-name` untuk mendapatkan nomor "
"port VNC."
msgid "Use the virt-manager X11 GUI"
msgstr "Gunakan virt-manager X11 GUI"
msgid "Use virt-install and connect by using a local VNC client"
msgstr "Gunakan virt-instal dan hubungkan dengan menggunakan klien VNC lokal"
msgid "Username: ``Administrator``"
msgstr "Username: ``Administrator``"
msgid "Using sparse representation, so the image size is smaller."
msgstr ""
"Penggunaan sparse representation (representasi yang tersebar)), sehingga "
"ukuran image menjadi lebih kecil."
msgid "VBoxManage: VDI (VirtualBox) to raw"
msgstr "VBoxManage: VDI (VirtualBox) ke raw (baku)"
msgid "VDI"
msgstr "VDI"
msgid "VDI (VirtualBox)"
msgstr "VDI (VirtualBox)"
msgid "VHD"
msgstr "VHD"
msgid "VHD (Hyper-V)"
msgstr "VHD (Hyper-V)"
msgid "VHDX"
msgstr "VHDX"
msgid "VMDK"
msgstr "VMDK"
msgid "VMDK (VMware)"
msgstr "VMDK (VMware)"
msgid ""
"VMware ESXi hypervisor uses the `VMDK <"
"web/sdk/60/vddk>`_ (Virtual Machine Disk) format for images."
msgstr ""
"Hypervisor VMware ESXi menggunakan format untuk image (Virtual Machine Disk) "
"`VMDK <>`_ "
msgid "VeeWee"
msgstr "VeeWee"
msgid "Verify the libvirt default network is running"
msgstr "Verifikasi jaringan default libvirt sedang berjalan"
msgid ""
"Virtual machine images come in different formats, some of which are "
"described below."
msgstr ""
"Virtual machine image datang dalam format yang berbeda, beberapa di "
"antaranya dijelaskan di bawah."
msgid ""
"VirtualBox uses the `VDI <"
"t=8046>`_ (Virtual Disk Image) format for image files. None of the OpenStack "
"Compute hypervisors support VDI directly, so you will need to convert these "
"files to a different format to use them with OpenStack."
msgstr ""
"VirtualBox menggunakan format (Virtual Disk Image) `VDI <https://forums."
">`_ untuk file image. Tak satu pun dari "
"OpenStack Compute dukungan hypervisors VDI langsung, sehingga Anda akan "
"perlu untuk mengkonversi file ke format yang berbeda untuk menggunakannya "
"dengan OpenStack."
msgid "Visit the `Fedora download site <>`_."
msgstr "Kunjungi `Laman unduh Fedora <>`_."
msgid "Wait for the machine shutdown."
msgstr "Tunggu shutdown mesin."
msgid "Wait until the installation is complete."
msgstr "Tunggu sampai penginstalan selesai."
msgid "We add the following line to the file and save it:"
msgstr "Kami tambahkan baris berikut ke file dan menyimpannya:"
msgid "We are done, so we can exit using the :command:`exit` command:"
msgstr ""
"Kita selesai, sehingga kita dapat keluar dengan menggunakan perintah :"
msgid ""
"We can now view the file systems in the image using the :command:`list-"
"filesystems` command:"
msgstr ""
"Kita sekarang dapat melihat file sistem pada image yang menggunakan "
"perintah :command:`list-filesystems`:"
msgid ""
"We do not recommend creating raw images by dd'ing block device files, we "
"discuss how to create raw images later."
msgstr ""
"Kami tidak menyarankan pembuatan image baku oleh dd'ing block device files, "
"kita membahas bagaimana membuat image raw kemudian."
msgid ""
"We must first use the :command:`run` command at the guestfish prompt before "
"we can do anything else. This will launch a virtual machine, which will be "
"used to perform all of the file manipulations."
msgstr ""
"Pertama kita harus menggunakan perintah :command:`run` pada prompt guestfish "
"sebelum kita dapat melakukan hal lain. Perintah ini akan meluncurkan mesin "
"virtual, yang akan digunakan untuk melakukan semua manipulasi file."
msgid "We need to moun