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# directories to be set up
declare -A DIRECTORIES=(
# books to be built
declare -A BOOKS=(
["id"]="image-guide install-guide networking-guide user-guide"
["ja"]="ha-guide image-guide install-guide networking-guide ops-guide user-guide"
["zh_CN"]="install-guide user-guide"
# draft books
declare -A DRAFTS=(
["id"]="install-guide networking-guide"
["ja"]="install-guide networking-guide"
# Where does the top-level pom live?
# Set to empty to not copy it.
# Location of doc dir
# Books with special handling.
# Values need to match content in
# project-config/jenkins/scripts/
declare -A SPECIAL_BOOKS=(
# This needs special handling, handle it with the RST tools.
# Do not translate for now, we need to fix our scripts first to
# generate the content properly.
# Do not translate
# Skip old arch design, will be archived